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2019-07-24 03:13:01 UTC

and dumbledore supports the fake state of palestine

2019-07-24 03:19:48 UTC

Every day we stray further from God's light

2019-07-24 03:20:36 UTC


2019-07-24 03:30:03 UTC

2019-07-24 03:33:07 UTC

2019-07-24 03:34:20 UTC

2019-07-24 03:47:29 UTC

2019-07-24 03:50:04 UTC

2019-07-24 03:51:55 UTC

oh fuck

2019-07-24 03:52:03 UTC

that's from a hentai, isn't it?

2019-07-24 03:52:15 UTC

dont think so

2019-07-24 03:53:48 UTC


2019-07-24 03:53:56 UTC

Gas the kikes

2019-07-24 03:54:17 UTC

but i need that gas for those filthy millennials

2019-07-24 03:54:42 UTC

can jews be millennials ?

2019-07-24 03:54:49 UTC

Gas both of them

2019-07-24 03:54:55 UTC


2019-07-24 03:55:04 UTC

wtf is a zoomer

2019-07-24 03:55:10 UTC


2019-07-24 03:55:19 UTC

gas the kikes, gas the zoomers, gas the niggers

2019-07-24 03:55:30 UTC

gas the nazmutts

2019-07-24 03:55:32 UTC

gg ez

2019-07-24 03:55:35 UTC

2019-07-24 03:55:39 UTC

can we vote to exile her to cambodia

2019-07-24 03:55:50 UTC

Reported for being a nigger

2019-07-24 03:55:50 UTC


2019-07-24 03:55:54 UTC

wrong chat lmao

2019-07-24 03:56:23 UTC

Jarko kike confirmed

2019-07-24 03:58:22 UTC

2019-07-24 03:59:01 UTC

What if I want him to eat my ass?

2019-07-24 03:59:48 UTC


2019-07-24 04:00:25 UTC

2019-07-24 04:00:56 UTC

2019-07-24 04:01:17 UTC

@CatVanViver the character herself wasn't actually pregnant btw

2019-07-24 04:01:23 UTC

just pretending to be

2019-07-24 04:01:29 UTC


2019-07-24 04:01:48 UTC

says so on her page on the oreimo wiki

2019-07-24 04:01:52 UTC

But still funny

2019-07-24 04:02:34 UTC

>I am the.....**SAUCE MASTER**!

2019-07-24 04:03:21 UTC


2019-07-24 04:03:53 UTC

I autistically make it my job to find the sauce for very anime female that passes through these decrepit halls.

2019-07-24 04:04:03 UTC

More ew

2019-07-24 04:04:04 UTC

for I am...

2019-07-24 04:04:08 UTC


2019-07-24 04:04:20 UTC


2019-07-24 04:04:43 UTC

No sauce shall go untouched

2019-07-24 04:05:21 UTC


2019-07-24 04:05:27 UTC


2019-07-24 04:05:30 UTC


2019-07-24 04:05:50 UTC

I shall put a end to this

2019-07-24 04:06:26 UTC

My brothers in arms will stop you

2019-07-24 04:07:18 UTC


2019-07-24 04:07:23 UTC

war never changes

2019-07-24 04:07:28 UTC

but anime changes

2019-07-24 04:07:37 UTC


2019-07-24 04:07:55 UTC


2019-07-24 04:09:34 UTC

I use my gamer card, you are stuck at a gamer position for 5 minutes, I have stopped you for the time being. I will rally my forces in that time

2019-07-24 04:09:47 UTC

```Top-left is from page #9 of the Doujinshi called Unlove S (it's a parody of Unlight) on the NHentai site
Top-right is from page #12 of the original Hentai Manga called Limit Break (also on NHentai, btw)
Bottom-left is from page #21 of the Doujinshi called Kyunkyun Masenrei (It's a parody of Dokidoki Precure), coincidentally ALSO on the NHentai site.```

2019-07-24 04:10:15 UTC

my sauce-discerning skills have increased since I last used them.

2019-07-24 04:10:24 UTC


2019-07-24 04:10:49 UTC


2019-07-24 04:11:07 UTC

It took me like 2-3 hours to find all the sauces, though.

2019-07-24 04:11:14 UTC

*Incredible! A power such as this hasn't arisen for centuries!*

2019-07-24 04:11:26 UTC

those were some really fucking obscure hentai doujinshis

2019-07-24 04:11:29 UTC

I use my stereotypical France card, retreat in that time

2019-07-24 04:11:42 UTC

like....there were like two copies of each of them on Nhentai

2019-07-24 04:14:49 UTC

can't fucking stop watching

2019-07-24 04:17:13 UTC


2019-07-24 04:17:16 UTC


2019-07-24 04:17:19 UTC


2019-07-24 04:17:21 UTC


2019-07-24 04:17:41 UTC

Idk but it's gotta be better than that phishing attempt that dude up there just tried

2019-07-24 04:17:50 UTC

See what i did there

2019-07-24 04:18:16 UTC

what phishing attempt

2019-07-24 04:19:24 UTC

Some action on discordapp link posted above requested login, not about to click

2019-07-24 04:19:29 UTC
2019-07-24 04:20:31 UTC

>when someone says chris ray gun is racist

2019-07-24 04:20:40 UTC

What a horrible person

2019-07-24 04:20:48 UTC

Both of them

2019-07-24 04:23:38 UTC

Supposedly the girl on the right's bed was directly behind her

2019-07-24 04:23:50 UTC

Come on. They still have 8 left.

2019-07-24 04:24:33 UTC

Plus I will say there's a big difference between quickly dropping a cat and just yeeting it over your head.

2019-07-24 04:25:12 UTC

Yeah seriously

2019-07-24 04:25:19 UTC

Is the one one the left a thot and the one that spits vodka at the cat?

2019-07-24 04:25:25 UTC


2019-07-24 04:25:25 UTC


2019-07-24 04:25:31 UTC

Poor cat

2019-07-24 04:25:51 UTC

This means war

2019-07-24 04:26:13 UTC

I mean she also copystrikes people for complaining about her on Youtube

2019-07-24 04:26:13 UTC

Doom music?

2019-07-24 04:26:19 UTC

A brother in arms is in dire need of reinforcements

2019-07-24 04:26:20 UTC

so there's been a lot of reason to want her gone

2019-07-24 04:26:55 UTC


2019-07-24 04:27:15 UTC

what the fuck

2019-07-24 04:27:30 UTC

I don't.... understand....

2019-07-24 04:28:11 UTC

Just remember in this day and age enough normies use the internet to basically make it illegal to burn a thot

2019-07-24 04:28:12 UTC


2019-07-24 04:28:36 UTC

Back in the day nedm meant you're changing your name

2019-07-24 04:29:01 UTC

Cuz the internet was gonna do its thing

2019-07-24 04:29:29 UTC

Nowadays that's bad for business because halo effect

2019-07-24 04:30:26 UTC

It only counts if the outage mob cares or enough normies kick up a stink that the socialite class can't cape without collateral damage

2019-07-24 04:31:31 UTC

Otherwise go ahead and yeet that cat, you're a twitch darling

2019-07-24 04:36:29 UTC

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck oreimo is an anime about sibling romance if I remember correctly

2019-07-24 04:36:37 UTC

Yes, we know.

2019-07-24 04:36:47 UTC

<:ahegao:462286952335671296> <:pepegun:588019479401726001>

2019-07-24 04:37:26 UTC

>6-year-old girl fakes a pregnancy

2019-07-24 04:37:36 UTC

Oreimo is so vanilla. Go for Koi Kaze.

2019-07-24 04:37:45 UTC

It has little sister combined with pedo.

2019-07-24 04:38:11 UTC
2019-07-24 04:40:13 UTC

2019-07-24 04:43:52 UTC

Hmmm... a complete playlist? And none has been taken down?

2019-07-24 04:47:16 UTC

2019-07-24 04:47:54 UTC

cause i tried reasoning how trump's mannerisms aren't much worse than someone's older uncle or grandpa at Thanksgiving

2019-07-24 04:48:29 UTC

and how I understood the reasoning behind trump barring trans ppl from military service wasn't immoral discrimination, but rather he didn't want more mentally unstable people on the front lines

2019-07-24 04:49:49 UTC


2019-07-24 04:50:06 UTC

which tbh is more merciful than sending more people to die in fruitless wars imo

2019-07-24 04:50:09 UTC

you dont want people under constant need of medicine for mental issues handling military hardware?

2019-07-24 04:50:34 UTC

i guess that makes me literally Himmler lol

2019-07-24 04:50:43 UTC

You know making clear and sense arguments are wrong right, stupid head

2019-07-24 04:51:11 UTC


2019-07-24 04:51:12 UTC

im a manlet with massive eye problems and no matter how much i love my country even i wont want myself serving in the armed forces

2019-07-24 04:51:24 UTC

Your sooooooo dumb, how dare you be sense

2019-07-24 04:51:47 UTC

i went to a vision center to get my eyes checked earlier

2019-07-24 04:52:13 UTC

i guess my vision just wasn't woke enough

2019-07-24 04:52:22 UTC

or something witty along those lines

2019-07-24 04:52:30 UTC


2019-07-24 04:52:36 UTC

the new DLC for GTA 5

2019-07-24 04:52:43 UTC

likin it so far

2019-07-24 04:53:23 UTC

btw ameriburgers explain to me what "dont ask dont tell" actually does. for all i make of it you just dont ask people if theyre gay and dont tell people youre gay or something like that

2019-07-24 04:54:03 UTC

from what I can gather it's just a discretion policy

2019-07-24 04:54:08 UTC

It is now

2019-07-24 04:54:09 UTC

2019-07-24 04:54:16 UTC

Before it was zero tolerance afaik

2019-07-24 04:54:18 UTC

2019-07-24 04:54:29 UTC

just keeping gay stuff on the down low

2019-07-24 04:54:30 UTC

2019-07-24 04:54:41 UTC

You break dadt in the past and you could be discharged

2019-07-24 04:54:57 UTC

cause, well, what does letting people know you're gay have to do with serving your time?

2019-07-24 04:55:14 UTC

by you breaking dadt, what if its someone else who outed you

2019-07-24 04:55:28 UTC

I think they get busted too

2019-07-24 04:55:33 UTC

i guess you'd report it to your CO?

2019-07-24 04:56:17 UTC

It's basically codified homophobia

2019-07-24 04:56:41 UTC

Which is silly but not necessarily offensive, they tried to be respectful

2019-07-24 04:57:11 UTC

It didn't end up working out in the long run it seems

2019-07-24 04:57:14 UTC

i think its a misguided old rule, well meaning but misguided

2019-07-24 04:57:20 UTC


2019-07-24 04:58:11 UTC

Guys are gonna talk about sex eventually, when a straight guy does it it might not seem like rubbing it in your face but maybe it does to a gay guy (and vice versa)

2019-07-24 04:59:17 UTC

So i can see ppl breaking dadt who just want to be left alone or otherwise try to get out of a conversation they don't want to get any more awkward

2019-07-24 05:01:10 UTC

These days I'd like to think ppl can handle it like adults without having to codify a policy whose lowest common denominator back in the day was your average homophobe

2019-07-24 05:01:39 UTC

current_year politics is all about outdoing each others's extremeness

2019-07-24 05:02:29 UTC

oh wait i misunderstood the last part

2019-07-24 05:03:17 UTC

The radically centrist thing to do is settle one's prudishness towards others' attitudes on a man-to-man level

2019-07-24 05:03:35 UTC

woah that's real pragmatic of you

2019-07-24 05:03:40 UTC

Gachimuchi style <:hypersmugon:544638648721604608>

2019-07-24 05:03:50 UTC


2019-07-24 05:03:58 UTC


2019-07-24 05:04:01 UTC

Spar to the death like OG Star Trek

2019-07-24 05:04:10 UTC

there is a weirdly progressive angle to dadt though

2019-07-24 05:04:44 UTC

I'll claim the opposite. Today's progressivism has a neo-puritan angle to it

2019-07-24 05:04:54 UTC

having your identity revealed would probably end up with bullying by your squad and worst case scenario some psycho might **accidentally** commit friendly fire

2019-07-24 05:05:38 UTC

neo-puritan approach to things like jokes and sitting in a comfortable position

2019-07-24 05:05:42 UTC

2019-07-24 05:06:15 UTC

based centrist post-pepe post-ironic deep fried memer

2019-07-24 05:06:26 UTC

The end of dadt to me makes me think that unresolvable issues with squad cohesion is no longer considered a major concern when it comes to individual homophobia

2019-07-24 05:06:30 UTC

but wanting to normalize your degeneracy by constantly bashing it over people's heads

2019-07-24 05:06:41 UTC

rather than just

2019-07-24 05:06:49 UTC

doing it

2019-07-24 05:06:51 UTC


2019-07-24 05:07:23 UTC

idgaf where you stick your cock (as long as its not kids) (or real animals)

2019-07-24 05:07:30 UTC

Speaking of furries,

2019-07-24 05:07:36 UTC

the only way this issue can be solved is if were in a scifi setting where all soldiers get brainwashed to only focus on the war and nothing else, their identity, their families , their personality, all wiped clean

2019-07-24 05:07:53 UTC

2019-07-24 05:07:55 UTC

until then our armies are manned by people who have people problems

2019-07-24 05:07:57 UTC

i just don't need to be reminded that you have that power 24/7

2019-07-24 05:08:10 UTC

Penis power

2019-07-24 05:08:24 UTC


2019-07-24 05:08:26 UTC

just be gay

2019-07-24 05:08:33 UTC

or go be trans

2019-07-24 05:08:39 UTC

if you wanna normalize it, just go do it

2019-07-24 05:08:48 UTC

You know what makes me sad

2019-07-24 05:08:50 UTC

quit stopping to remind everyone that you exist

2019-07-24 05:08:55 UTC

we already know

2019-07-24 05:09:17 UTC

your very existence normalizes it and gets the job done (unless you're a sick fuck that wants to diddle kids/animals in which case please go commit slip n' slide)

2019-07-24 05:09:26 UTC

Gay ppl being told they're trans for some reason if they're not

2019-07-24 05:09:50 UTC

Or transbians who just have an autistic fixation on femininity

2019-07-24 05:10:00 UTC

people with identity problems **need** to feel more people around them are just like them, theyre subconciously seekign approval

2019-07-24 05:10:01 UTC

They still wanna dick a woman

2019-07-24 05:10:51 UTC

Usually exclusively

2019-07-24 05:10:57 UTC

like if im a flip identitarian id be obsessed with demanding hollywood cast more flip actors because im insecure being in a population where everyone else isnt a flip

2019-07-24 05:11:21 UTC

You are the forgotten asian

2019-07-24 05:11:23 UTC

hot take btw : i feel most trans trenders are just dudes with crossdressing fetishes who want to cash in on victum bux

2019-07-24 05:11:29 UTC

30% of Canada

2019-07-24 05:11:34 UTC

especially with drag queens

2019-07-24 05:11:43 UTC

Drag is its own thing

2019-07-24 05:12:04 UTC

Some trans ppl, specifically identitarians, see drag as a negative distraction

2019-07-24 05:12:16 UTC

thats what i keep saying to my friends

2019-07-24 05:12:25 UTC

There is a lot of factional fighting

2019-07-24 05:12:28 UTC

isnt drag supposed to be the blackface of trans people?

2019-07-24 05:12:43 UTC

like they intentionally dress up like extravagant clowns

2019-07-24 05:13:09 UTC

the only thing that pisses me off is parents that enable their kids to do drag

2019-07-24 05:13:17 UTC

Some intersectionals want too bring in drag but i think people know enough about it to know it waters down their point

2019-07-24 05:13:43 UTC

and im genuiney confused is my sister, who is an otherwise perfectly functioning member of society, really loves watching this popular youtube series hosted by drag queens

2019-07-24 05:13:44 UTC

like idc if its adults that wanna dress up like autistic peacocks

2019-07-24 05:13:54 UTC

Drag is essentially crossdressing theater

2019-07-24 05:14:07 UTC

just leave the kids out of it man

2019-07-24 05:14:09 UTC


2019-07-24 05:14:30 UTC

thats just a recipe for disaster in the long run

2019-07-24 05:15:15 UTC

It's frustrating because i used to think there was room for it but when people say it's inherently sexual and then ppl refuse to draw a line between the sexual and nonsexual parts I can totally see their point

2019-07-24 05:15:37 UTC

It's not kabuki if you're pole dancing for bills

2019-07-24 05:15:42 UTC

the progressive stack mentality was destined to be taken over by the extremists

2019-07-24 05:16:03 UTC

the more extreme and fringe you are, the more it favors you through oppression points

2019-07-24 05:16:57 UTC

the fact that there are PARENTS out there (mainly looking at Desmond's parents) taking their drag kids to gay bars and strip clubs

2019-07-24 05:17:13 UTC

having em dance and sexualize themselves for money

2019-07-24 05:17:15 UTC

Like okay do you disapprove of crossplay at conventions

2019-07-24 05:17:15 UTC


2019-07-24 05:17:23 UTC


2019-07-24 05:17:23 UTC

so are his parents true believers or are they knowingly exploiting him

2019-07-24 05:17:39 UTC

Some furry cons ban leather and bdsm gear in public areas

2019-07-24 05:17:45 UTC


2019-07-24 05:17:52 UTC

true believers?

2019-07-24 05:18:02 UTC

like believe they're not doing anything wrong?

2019-07-24 05:18:06 UTC


2019-07-24 05:18:07 UTC

Idk if any anime cons ban crossdressing cosplay

2019-07-24 05:18:22 UTC

The excuse is that kids could see

2019-07-24 05:18:25 UTC

by law they are in the wrong

2019-07-24 05:18:27 UTC

i think places like bronycon does

2019-07-24 05:18:43 UTC

we're talking about child exploitation here

2019-07-24 05:18:54 UTC

which is against the law

2019-07-24 05:18:54 UTC

Uhh idk what the law states but this doesn't seem to be in consideration of local jurisdiction

2019-07-24 05:18:57 UTC

as much shit as they get, mainstream pony events prohibit the more sexual side of the fandom to participate in public events

2019-07-24 05:19:27 UTC

@Ayylmao unlike things like pride parades

2019-07-24 05:19:35 UTC

What you're arguing is specious, you gotta connect the dots @Paige Hendrix

2019-07-24 05:19:38 UTC

Pride < BronyCon

2019-07-24 05:19:50 UTC

2019-07-24 05:19:53 UTC

2019-07-24 05:19:56 UTC

Pride parades are a motte and Bailey

2019-07-24 05:20:15 UTC

Family friendly until they're not

2019-07-24 05:20:28 UTC

The lobby wants to have it both ways

2019-07-24 05:20:45 UTC

Child Endangerment laws

2019-07-24 05:20:51 UTC


2019-07-24 05:20:55 UTC

Be more specific

2019-07-24 05:21:17 UTC

Indecent exposure maybe

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