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why the hecky does this channel sometimes get "retired"

o, just wondering if the reason it gets purged every once in a while is because some galaxy brain floods the place with incindiaries

and I missed something

reminded me more of a daikon radish

Amaburi director died, no chance of seeing what happens to my mascot boies after s1.... rip


Texas is just dustbowl with no time limit

Lots of people come from Texas

Steers, queers....

That's about it though



I don't watch Infowars but i enjoy when politics and wrestling kayfabe combine


Homeless illusion jutsu

No u

I am defeated

Guess I'll just have to live with being gay......



then ingsoc

and also a huge critic of the very ideology he subscribed to

for good reason

and delineated between his own politics and totalitarianism

many of the problems he outlined are problems you see in the current left-wing movements in the west rn

when he fought in spain was exactly when he got sick of authoritarian leftism and the "intelligensia"

go read on "the prevention of literature"

anyway I'm feeling a bit peckish so that means it's now taco time

who wants a tacoe

big cronch style

no fuck off

do them offing themselves count like the way we count trans suicides cuz I'm p. sure an antifa guy got himself killed just the other day


taco delay <:sargone:465483910638469131>

Kinda chezzed that not all states have free healthcare for broke ppl

Or well anyone not making white collar salary

ACA was 10 years ago now, there's ppl who never had to put up with the bullshit of having to shop for an HMO

What'd i miss


Go home gender girl

Haha fuck

Idk but it's gotta be better than that phishing attempt that dude up there just tried

See what i did there

Some action on discordapp link posted above requested login, not about to click

Yeah seriously


Poor cat


Just remember in this day and age enough normies use the internet to basically make it illegal to burn a thot

Back in the day nedm meant you're changing your name

Cuz the internet was gonna do its thing

Nowadays that's bad for business because halo effect

It only counts if the outage mob cares or enough normies kick up a stink that the socialite class can't cape without collateral damage

Otherwise go ahead and yeet that cat, you're a twitch darling

It is now

Before it was zero tolerance afaik

You break dadt in the past and you could be discharged

I think they get busted too

It's basically codified homophobia

Which is silly but not necessarily offensive, they tried to be respectful

It didn't end up working out in the long run it seems


Guys are gonna talk about sex eventually, when a straight guy does it it might not seem like rubbing it in your face but maybe it does to a gay guy (and vice versa)

So i can see ppl breaking dadt who just want to be left alone or otherwise try to get out of a conversation they don't want to get any more awkward

These days I'd like to think ppl can handle it like adults without having to codify a policy whose lowest common denominator back in the day was your average homophobe

The radically centrist thing to do is settle one's prudishness towards others' attitudes on a man-to-man level

Gachimuchi style <:hypersmugon:544638648721604608>

I'll claim the opposite. Today's progressivism has a neo-puritan angle to it

The end of dadt to me makes me think that unresolvable issues with squad cohesion is no longer considered a major concern when it comes to individual homophobia

Speaking of furries,

Penis power

You know what makes me sad

Gay ppl being told they're trans for some reason if they're not

Or transbians who just have an autistic fixation on femininity

They still wanna dick a woman

Usually exclusively

You are the forgotten asian

30% of Canada

Drag is its own thing

Some trans ppl, specifically identitarians, see drag as a negative distraction

There is a lot of factional fighting

Some intersectionals want too bring in drag but i think people know enough about it to know it waters down their point

Drag is essentially crossdressing theater

It's frustrating because i used to think there was room for it but when people say it's inherently sexual and then ppl refuse to draw a line between the sexual and nonsexual parts I can totally see their point

It's not kabuki if you're pole dancing for bills

Like okay do you disapprove of crossplay at conventions

Some furry cons ban leather and bdsm gear in public areas

Idk if any anime cons ban crossdressing cosplay

The excuse is that kids could see

Uhh idk what the law states but this doesn't seem to be in consideration of local jurisdiction

What you're arguing is specious, you gotta connect the dots @Paige Hendrix

Pride parades are a motte and Bailey

Family friendly until they're not

The lobby wants to have it both ways


Be more specific

Indecent exposure maybe

Highly debatable in the case of private convention

That's where the line starts to blur

My point; tons of ppl crossplay with the purpose of being cheeky or campy and sometimes YES there's an element of sexual energy deliberately charged into it. Even I'd like to have fun tweaking ppl like this with my trappy bf who can pass in certain costumes, but the idea that "kids might be there" throws a wrench into the fun

Most people just ignore that when it comes to certain cons, and then others have to address the elephant in the room

We're talking two separate things

The things you mentioned maybe

Nothing to do with what I'm talking about though

Which was originally about drag culture

Crossdressing in general doesn't necessarily have the same stigma and i was trying to establish this point so ppl got it

Particularly in specific contexts the issue can be about as clear as mud

Certainly don't fucking put it in times square


That's what they should call it when big media takes money to peddle pedophile apologia

They're epsteining it

I'm setting that meme on the back burner until he gets metoo'd

Until then it's too partisan to touch

Here's been facing some raw attacks for decades now but they always seem to be coming from a disingenuous place

Especially the stuff about his wife and kids

I think most ppl think he's got the creepy Uncle gene and hasn't been briefed on the optics

As in, he's the Uncle at the party mixing cosmopolitans and making dirty jokes that he laughs at more than everyone else but didn't stop to consider if it's ever making ppl uncomfortable

His inner monologue probably doesn't talk about stuff like "don't put your hands on someone else's kid like they're someone in your immediate family"

Just no self awareness in that regard

Which is also reflected in the "Uncle Joe" gaffes

Famous during the early Obama years

Just randomly saying shit that may be true but he wasn't supposed to say it straight

>Can't hate urself for being white if ur actually Irish
~~German~~ *not you*

Fucking identity politics, get a life lol

Okay tbf it used to be ez to pick on the Polish but even they have culture and if you live in Chicago you can't ignore that

Only the hot dogs <:sadgon:544640228166598657>

My bar for valid culture is if u can make me something good i can eat that i can't get elsewhere, "white" culture doesn't pass this test but all ethnicities that pass as white p. much do

It's cuz we're dancing around this conceit

Like white ppl are somehow unified or they should construct a unified identity; nah

That's just racial collectivism


Borscht no thanks, paczkis, okay

Gimme that shit

I'm p. much neo-American

Half Hispanic/Latino half some form of white trash with no chance of knowing familial origins since my actual given name is fake

No known bio family on father's side

Bigbrain's right about fathers being important, my dad bought 200% into that philosophy

Why is it the shitposters don't wake up until like noon

<:pepelaugh:544857300179877898> there's this

I wish my job was to sleep in

I don't think that pays well though

@Comando understood

I don't like this fetish


obviously the only way to get even is to start labelling things different

is either left or right a natural state of being or are they both different conceits we use to justify certain levels of control over people

moreover why generalize like that

same applies to ur killstreak

why are you trying to sell a product to a movement defined by people getting raped by hollywood dudes

I mean what are the logistics of that, how does the meeting for that go

"Hi I'd like to lose $8bn in the next quarter, what's the best way to do this while looking incompetent instead of malicious"

catgirls made my penis a furry

what do I look like, a trap


<:ahegon:566797166258028548> πŸ‘Œ

did anyone tune in for the 2 hour 'totally not twis' stream

I'm watching the vod cuz I had to go to the dollar store for salsa

it feels kinda weird, he hasn't been doin a whole lot of regular news for burger consumption for a while

>fist of the north star
roses are red, violets are blue

>tfw no one wants to bang a taiko like me

( β€’Μ€ Ο‰ ‒́ )✧


1 shooter is a madman, 3 shooters is a conspiracy, just saiyan

who do you think they were affiliated with

@ebinmemes22 you're a retard and I hope you're getting paid for that opinion

why shoot up a mall

I should say

why MULTIPLE shoot up a mall

if it's just 1 person it could be anything

that's fucking dumb

oh man

it's pretty unfortunate that in ultra texas the dude got 18 people before being taken

sam hyde again

do better ( β€’Μ€ Ο‰ ‒́ ) <-- the thing about being hispanic is that you can also be any number of the other races in that chart because you can just check a box, so the number of whites going down is only nonhispanic ones

which makes sense if you think about it cuz all you gotta do to check that box is have one hispanic parent or grandparent or great grandparent

and that gets you the minority banana sticker which does nothing cuz you don't get any oppression points for being hispanic unless you *really* lean into the bullshit

which means being latinx in california or something

The UK uses the imperial system they just fucking lie about it

And the US uses metric just not when it's inconvenient

Wow 28 degrees, what a hot day

It's almost 30% the billing point of water, everyone knows what that feels like because we've all stuck our hands in it

Similarly most recipes don't use weight because no one has scales in their kitchen so we use customary units

The *only* reason to use Fahrenheit is pretty much the most important one for normies and that's "how hot is it relative to my own body temperature"


@Engineered Eldritch Catgirl welcome back from gay baby jail

A real hacker

if it's not called soccer explain why soccer kid is only called soccer kid outside of north america

in america the game is known as kid kleets, or better known as "I never heard of that game"

Last Ramadan I had an interesting experience

I couldn't go to Walmart at 2am to beat the crowds and get good parking because it was still busy

Almost all the customers looked middle Eastern and most were couples

Yeah it's open 24h, where you from


Well there's a few 24h groceries here, Walmart is the only national one off the top of my head

For supermarket i mean

Nice to walk through a big open store and don't have to be bothered by anyone but it's also when the restock team is busiest

Cuz they can bring big pallets out without worrying about blocking aisles

Saw this at 3 different 24h chains so it seems pretty consistent

I imagine there's different stores for different purposes, the whole hypermarket thing is big here because there's a lot of open space and areas that have a level of development which can benefit from the infrastructure

"food deserts", they used to be called

So Walmart can move in and basically sell everything the ppl in an area used to have to travel an hour out to a city to get

But hypermarkets also exist in suburbs too, cuz first mover advantage...

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