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2018-02-10 06:07:01 UTC


2018-02-10 06:07:08 UTC

Sheeeeeit me too

2018-02-10 06:07:22 UTC

did you ever go to my brothers place in the early 2000s?

2018-02-10 06:07:22 UTC

i went to lots of local punk shows plus hardcore and metal ones

2018-02-10 06:07:25 UTC

TWP is on the whipped cream paleo diet

2018-02-10 06:07:29 UTC


2018-02-10 06:07:40 UTC

TWP is on the Golden Corral diet

2018-02-10 06:07:42 UTC

mostly went to 930 club

2018-02-10 06:07:48 UTC

yea did that a lot too

2018-02-10 06:07:53 UTC

MBP was a venue in waldorf

2018-02-10 06:08:01 UTC

TWP is on the seafood diet. They see food, they eat it.

2018-02-10 06:08:08 UTC

Has bowlfred seen my Fevs fan fic?

2018-02-10 06:08:19 UTC

yea, i just skip over that

2018-02-10 06:08:36 UTC

Tubby Women's Party

2018-02-10 06:08:41 UTC

Read it and then read SIEGE

2018-02-10 06:08:43 UTC

i skip over all the fan fiction here tbh

2018-02-10 06:09:14 UTC

Tasting Wine Party

2018-02-10 06:09:21 UTC


2018-02-10 06:09:45 UTC

Traditionalist Whale Party

2018-02-10 06:11:00 UTC

Is it just me of does Hemibowl look like a fat dracula?

2018-02-10 06:11:21 UTC

I vant to suck your ranch

2018-02-10 06:12:03 UTC

you will see this coonery on any given street corner in dc

2018-02-10 06:12:07 UTC

He sleeps in a fridge not a coffin

2018-02-10 06:12:13 UTC

i paused it as soon as it played

2018-02-10 06:12:18 UTC

i can't endure that anymore

2018-02-10 06:12:26 UTC

i would hear it all the time when i lived in pg

2018-02-10 06:13:59 UTC

@Bowlfredo von Grossmann XIV you know about the gogo band called "mambo sauce?"

2018-02-10 06:14:08 UTC


2018-02-10 06:14:22 UTC

i used to hang out with niggers that listened to gogo

2018-02-10 06:14:23 UTC
2018-02-10 06:14:54 UTC

i listened to a lot of wpgc and wkys when i was in middle school smh

2018-02-10 06:15:03 UTC

even whur to hear the quiet storm

2018-02-10 06:15:07 UTC

the funniest thing in DC? All the niggers in suits with federal jobs acting like they do shit

2018-02-10 06:15:11 UTC


2018-02-10 06:15:33 UTC


2018-02-10 06:15:39 UTC


2018-02-10 06:16:39 UTC

Daily Widsom from eagleshigh

“Ranch. No I am not talking about a place where cowboys live. I am talking about the condiment, the salad dressing. Ranch Dressing is the greatest thing to ever exist, ever. If you don’t put in on everything and anything, you don’t know what you are missing. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Personally I will dip everything I have in ranch, or pour ranch on top of it. Turkey. Stuffing. Green Bean Casserole. Mashed Potatoes. Sweet Potato Casserole. Cranberry Sauce. Pumpkin Pie. If its something edible, you bet your ass I put ranch on it. It enhances the flavor and makes it much better. Yes, I put ranch on my Hush Puppies from Long John Silvers and my Stouffer’s Lasagna as well. Fuck A1, Ranch IS that important.”


2018-02-10 06:16:47 UTC

i listened to more of rare essense, byb and junkyard tho

2018-02-10 06:17:00 UTC

i was pretty judaized at one point

2018-02-10 06:17:39 UTC

I often listen to ranch core and sometimes some progressive ranch if the sun is setting slow.

2018-02-10 06:19:40 UTC

Mfw im hittin the crackpipe before sacrificing mamzers to satin


2018-02-10 06:20:52 UTC

satin? are you a faggot?

2018-02-10 06:21:03 UTC

i sacrificed all my polyester this week

2018-02-10 06:21:11 UTC

i'm more hardcore than you

2018-02-10 06:21:21 UTC

Hail santin play seige

2018-02-10 06:21:36 UTC

Siege is a bad game and you should feel bad

2018-02-10 06:21:41 UTC

Its easy on my psoriasis

2018-02-10 06:21:45 UTC

@YUGE this song was always on the radio at night on whur

2018-02-10 06:22:05 UTC

i don't miss living in md, but i was there for 30 years

2018-02-10 06:22:12 UTC

Rip I should wasted hours of my life playing a broken mess made by frogs

2018-02-10 06:22:16 UTC

yuge part of my life

2018-02-10 06:22:43 UTC

It's not that game where I get to suicide vest a freeway so it's bad

2018-02-10 06:22:56 UTC

Ubisoft lied

2018-02-10 06:23:35 UTC

You'll faggots don't even mainline liquid Satan much

2018-02-10 06:23:49 UTC

liquid satan = soy milk

2018-02-10 06:23:50 UTC

I do a gram every hour

2018-02-10 06:24:08 UTC

I dry it out and rail it

2018-02-10 06:24:23 UTC

Cambodian THOT Patrol. These Asians are doing White Sharia better than Whites. Embarassing!!!!

2018-02-10 06:24:35 UTC

It's not an onion article

2018-02-10 06:25:16 UTC

They were taking weird sex pictures in front of a temple or something

2018-02-10 06:25:22 UTC

Oh no he tazed two yids

2018-02-10 06:25:28 UTC


2018-02-10 06:25:48 UTC

Sad that cambodia released them

2018-02-10 06:25:50 UTC

Logan Paul delivers sinister message to those threatening to shut down his YouTube channel.

2018-02-10 06:26:38 UTC

@Slayerworth Cuckington III what is liquid satan?

2018-02-10 06:26:43 UTC

mainlined heroin?

2018-02-10 06:27:07 UTC

Ranch, lemon juice and vitamin C

2018-02-10 06:27:18 UTC


2018-02-10 06:28:09 UTC

Liquid satan = kombucha

2018-02-10 06:28:16 UTC


2018-02-10 06:28:43 UTC

Heimbowl mainlines cherry pie

2018-02-10 06:28:48 UTC

chop dried ranch packets with razorblades and do rails of that stuff

2018-02-10 06:30:41 UTC

i'm coming up on ten years sober from drugs

2018-02-10 06:31:18 UTC

I'm coming up on 6

2018-02-10 06:31:32 UTC

should i break it on the 10 year anniversary, slam meth and go on a shooting spree to start rahowa? hypothetically speaking.

2018-02-10 06:31:42 UTC


2018-02-10 06:31:46 UTC

go hard

2018-02-10 06:31:54 UTC

in the paint

2018-02-10 06:32:21 UTC

ackchyually caffeine is a drug

2018-02-10 06:32:25 UTC

Get liquid meth in one of those cup holder hats.

2018-02-10 06:32:28 UTC

lol just kidding cia guys

2018-02-10 06:32:33 UTC

And then you have 2 hands.

2018-02-10 06:32:34 UTC

well, illicit drugs

2018-02-10 06:32:45 UTC

i have drank caffeine and alcohol in ten years

2018-02-10 06:32:57 UTC

Those don't count

2018-02-10 06:33:05 UTC

nicotine is a drug technically

2018-02-10 06:33:19 UTC

i haven't smoked in about 10 years too

2018-02-10 06:33:24 UTC

If your doing dopamine your degenerate

2018-02-10 06:33:26 UTC

weed or tobacco

2018-02-10 06:34:24 UTC

well u can't really "do" dopamine it is released naturally, but yeah don't accelerate it

2018-02-10 06:34:30 UTC

i drink my organic coffee with grass fed butter and mct oil blended into a buttery cappuccino. helps with suppressing your appetite and gives you loads of energy.

2018-02-10 06:34:51 UTC


2018-02-10 06:34:51 UTC

i know that caffeine doesn't give you energy

2018-02-10 06:34:59 UTC

but you know what i mean

2018-02-10 06:35:17 UTC

i bought mct oil to help with burning ketones and fat

2018-02-10 06:35:24 UTC

it has helped

2018-02-10 06:35:40 UTC

i've lost maybe 6 lbs in two weeks or so since using it

2018-02-10 06:35:57 UTC

i had plateaued before that at around 165-166 lbs

2018-02-10 06:36:09 UTC

well, with pants and shoes

2018-02-10 06:36:22 UTC

my scale and home might be off by a couple lbs

2018-02-10 06:36:57 UTC

I gained like 11 pounds during my ~6 weeks in the US :(

2018-02-10 06:36:59 UTC

i'm eating around the same amount i have been eating to get to that weight, some times intermittent fasting too with exercize

2018-02-10 06:37:09 UTC

The SAD will do that to you.

2018-02-10 06:37:23 UTC

I haven't been this in shape in maybe 5 years.

2018-02-10 06:37:35 UTC

I wore 31-30 jeans today

2018-02-10 06:38:18 UTC

trying to get to 10% body fat

2018-02-10 06:39:00 UTC

then hopefully i can afford to go to a gym or own a home workout set and eat lots to get mad gainz

2018-02-10 06:39:38 UTC

I don't have the space for any more stuff but the gym is full of faggots.

2018-02-10 06:41:52 UTC

they have a genuine powerlifting gym here in town

2018-02-10 06:42:05 UTC

run by military guy iirc

2018-02-10 06:42:46 UTC

Yea see you don't get cool shit like that in the UK at least from what I've seen.

2018-02-10 06:42:57 UTC

756 messages since i was here last, jump to present because I am fully intonated in the way of the bowl

2018-02-10 06:43:44 UTC

sup bowlthers

2018-02-10 06:44:02 UTC

<:heil:340800605981376522> 🎩
🍹 <:bowl:335707815664549898>

2018-02-10 06:44:39 UTC
2018-02-10 06:44:42 UTC

good to see

2018-02-10 06:44:57 UTC

last week there were 3 deaths to the jew flu

2018-02-10 06:45:11 UTC

today there are 60 children deaths to it alone

2018-02-10 06:45:20 UTC

and they are probably 99% white

2018-02-10 06:45:31 UTC

because whites probably get the jew vaccines

2018-02-10 06:45:37 UTC

only the poor go to barbershops. i have my own personal barber named jefferey.

2018-02-10 06:45:42 UTC


2018-02-10 06:45:45 UTC

you dont need a barber

2018-02-10 06:45:54 UTC

all you need is a bowl

2018-02-10 06:45:55 UTC

to have an undercut, yea i do

2018-02-10 06:45:57 UTC

and some scissors

2018-02-10 06:46:01 UTC

i can't do it myself

2018-02-10 06:46:03 UTC

where is your hat

2018-02-10 06:46:08 UTC

You fuckers type too fast

2018-02-10 06:46:18 UTC

i can no longer associate iwth you until you get a hat

2018-02-10 06:46:21 UTC

esquire = <:schlomo:336861922953527296>

2018-02-10 06:46:27 UTC


2018-02-10 06:46:33 UTC

I'm a pleb and I have a hat lol

2018-02-10 06:46:44 UTC

i dont expect some non hat plebian to understand my title

2018-02-10 06:46:50 UTC

Someone add the hat to my name

2018-02-10 06:46:59 UTC

I don’t know how to do it

2018-02-10 06:47:17 UTC

make me <@&335649595675770881> and ill make you a hat

2018-02-10 06:47:22 UTC

i cant do it because same level of auth

2018-02-10 06:47:47 UTC

i have a good story but as fast as I type im not goign to

2018-02-10 06:47:52 UTC

ill impart it in VC

2018-02-10 06:47:56 UTC

with photographic lulz

2018-02-10 06:48:23 UTC

its a boomer tale

2018-02-10 06:48:41 UTC

i spent an hour with a based boomer

2018-02-10 06:48:48 UTC

outside in sub freezing temps

2018-02-10 06:49:23 UTC
2018-02-10 06:49:25 UTC

we shared our life tribs

2018-02-10 06:49:46 UTC

we aligned on many estoteric levels

2018-02-10 06:49:56 UTC

IDK how to add the hat

2018-02-10 06:50:01 UTC

he had a lot of good info on christianity

2018-02-10 06:50:05 UTC

heres the good part

2018-02-10 06:50:20 UTC

after i imparted my tale, he compared me to st peter

2018-02-10 06:50:27 UTC

and then jesus himself

2018-02-10 06:50:46 UTC

then i insisted we go back inside so my BROKE ASS could buy him a drink

2018-02-10 06:50:48 UTC

i did

2018-02-10 06:50:52 UTC

heres the good part

2018-02-10 06:51:24 UTC

@Bowlfredo von Grossmann XIV just copy and paste it into your nickname

2018-02-10 06:51:31 UTC

i asked him (as I knew he would be) if he was aware of what the bible had to say about jews and israel

2018-02-10 06:51:37 UTC

and the end times

2018-02-10 06:51:46 UTC

he clammed up

2018-02-10 06:51:53 UTC

i pressed it

2018-02-10 06:52:00 UTC

he told me to get out of his face

2018-02-10 06:52:02 UTC

pic relaed

2018-02-10 06:52:04 UTC


2018-02-10 06:52:18 UTC

this is the picture of a BASTE BOOMER

2018-02-10 06:52:26 UTC

spoiler alert

2018-02-10 06:52:26 UTC

it says nothing about the jews going back to israel/palestine and regaining jerusalem

2018-02-10 06:52:29 UTC

they get the gas

2018-02-10 06:52:36 UTC

the bible, that is

2018-02-10 06:52:38 UTC

Blood libel is a real thing

2018-02-10 06:52:43 UTC

See leo frank

2018-02-10 06:52:49 UTC


2018-02-10 06:52:49 UTC

I finally finished building a new rifle part by part I haven't built before, and I'm told that I should have got a different grip on it

2018-02-10 06:52:51 UTC


2018-02-10 06:52:57 UTC

fucking internet

2018-02-10 06:53:05 UTC

that is the face of a "baste boomer" being triggered

2018-02-10 06:53:09 UTC

he was so good

2018-02-10 06:53:14 UTC

up until i asked him about the JQ

2018-02-10 06:53:20 UTC

red eyes lol

2018-02-10 06:53:21 UTC

i went to the bathroom and he was gone

2018-02-10 06:53:30 UTC

now bear in mind

2018-02-10 06:53:34 UTC

he just compared my life story to st peter

2018-02-10 06:53:40 UTC

and then JESUS himselfr

2018-02-10 06:53:46 UTC

i pressed him on JQ

2018-02-10 06:53:48 UTC

Also every month of passover sees an uptick in missing kids

2018-02-10 06:53:49 UTC

@everyone vc

2018-02-10 06:53:54 UTC


2018-02-10 06:53:59 UTC

i think not

2018-02-10 06:53:59 UTC

and thats the look of "get out of my face or willl punch you"

2018-02-10 06:54:13 UTC


2018-02-10 06:54:23 UTC

Hats all around

2018-02-10 06:54:38 UTC

"izreel is teh apple of God's eye. talk bad about her and God will curse you." - some obese ziocuck boomer pastor in texas

2018-02-10 06:55:30 UTC


2018-02-10 06:56:23 UTC

Atleast those church's are dying bowlfred

2018-02-10 06:56:49 UTC

i haven't done minor adjustments, bipod, backup sights and the scope yet, but that was a fun project

2018-02-10 06:57:08 UTC

Alot of them have been our biggest enemies

2018-02-10 06:57:11 UTC

Like in hunter

2018-02-10 06:57:18 UTC

Or irl cville

2018-02-10 06:57:48 UTC

The female pastor waving some asexual flag

2018-02-10 06:57:56 UTC

Needs to be burned on a pile of tires

2018-02-10 06:57:59 UTC

Real talk

2018-02-10 06:58:17 UTC

Christians are the enemy

2018-02-10 06:58:24 UTC

They’re worse than Jews

2018-02-10 06:59:01 UTC

Mainline protestantism needs to be completely destroyed, but thankfully its doing that to itself

2018-02-10 06:59:26 UTC

So is the Catholic Church

2018-02-10 06:59:31 UTC

None of these people's kids are gonna go to the mainline protestant churches

2018-02-10 06:59:59 UTC

We need to restore the Catholic church and burn this antipope at the stake

2018-02-10 07:00:02 UTC

Look at the based pope promoting gay sex and Muslim refugees

2018-02-10 07:00:34 UTC

you gun haters...

2018-02-10 07:00:57 UTC

Honestly the issue with christanity is is too weak to whatever cultural mores their fellow institutions demand

2018-02-10 07:00:58 UTC

I'd say it's a nice gun but I live in the UK so it's larping

2018-02-10 07:01:27 UTC


2018-02-10 07:01:50 UTC

Pretty much every church besides some orthdox ones

2018-02-10 07:01:57 UTC

Simply go with the flow

2018-02-10 07:02:04 UTC

Any resistance they put up is far and few

2018-02-10 07:02:07 UTC

And fleeting

2018-02-10 07:02:11 UTC

Christianity itself is egalitarian

2018-02-10 07:02:32 UTC

Not necessarily

2018-02-10 07:02:34 UTC

You can ideologically tweak it

2018-02-10 07:02:40 UTC

But so can your enemies

2018-02-10 07:03:03 UTC

It's a weakness when your enemies have it's ear

2018-02-10 07:03:49 UTC

Christianity doesn't do away with race, gender or social class.

2018-02-10 07:03:57 UTC

Galatians 3:28 has to do with salvation.

2018-02-10 07:04:12 UTC

Christianity isn't egalitarian but Islam sure as hell is

2018-02-10 07:04:25 UTC

Give not your sons to there daughters or there daughters too your sons

2018-02-10 07:04:40 UTC

only modern cucked christianity is egalitarian

2018-02-10 07:04:46 UTC

Frankly the issue isn't even what it truly is.

2018-02-10 07:04:52 UTC

It's what your enemies can tweak it as

2018-02-10 07:04:59 UTC









2018-02-10 07:05:08 UTC


2018-02-10 07:05:10 UTC

It has little to no immune system

2018-02-10 07:05:58 UTC


2018-02-10 07:06:37 UTC

Gonna be honnest guys this is going no-where

2018-02-10 07:06:40 UTC

@everyone vc

2018-02-10 07:06:52 UTC

Satanism is the only good religion

2018-02-10 07:07:28 UTC

>not following the noble eightfold path

2018-02-10 07:07:57 UTC

@GrapeJuice yeah but it's fun

2018-02-10 07:08:13 UTC

Satan was the first Anarchist rebelling against a Perfect Fascist Universal order

2018-02-10 07:08:34 UTC

Lol it is

2018-02-10 07:08:37 UTC

@GrapeJuice honestly Im not even arguing against it technically

2018-02-10 07:08:44 UTC

If it weren't for debating and conflict I would have died years ago, life is too boring without it

2018-02-10 07:08:54 UTC

But christians should accept the weakness of it that is being exploited

2018-02-10 07:08:57 UTC

But if Yahweh is the kike god and he rebelled against the kike god, he was the first national socialist

2018-02-10 07:09:07 UTC

In some cases the bible even kind of predicts that

2018-02-10 07:09:08 UTC

I'm a fedora but I like shilling for trad catholicism

2018-02-10 07:09:55 UTC

Accept and try and fix it when and if they take the church back

2018-02-10 07:10:10 UTC

So forever in the future,
Shall I battle as of yore,
Dying to be born a fighter,
But to don a bowl, once more

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