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How can we prove we were vetted?

Don't say nigger

Mossad is watching us

White names can't react

Plus we don't have reactions

So is BigKK still in here and he is an admin?


I assumed so when you referred to him as a furfag

Is he butthurt about getting booted?

I'm glad he's finally out

I was triggered that he was allowed to be an admin, especially if the rumors about him are true

That is retarded if that's his logic

Tucker Carlson is the only good MSM anchor

altright.con is down too?

Hopefully that and DS come back

I love the stormer but even if you don't, it getting shut down is a victory for the left

It will embolden them to get other sites shoahed

Hello fellow white people

@Billy Ray Jenkins Are you the guy with all the yenta posts?

@brig I know him

@0823409823jsjsdf90723j2340sd he hasn’t burned rice in a few months

He told the gook to park her rickshaw elsewhere

@Fevs Hey mamzer

@Hand Banana We are disciples of St Roof


Loomer admitted to burning coal too

Oh hey it’s Colton

Guess what fam, I hate IE too now

I was in IE

But they kicked me out in a super Jewish way

Yeah I know

Dan Kleve got me kicked actually

He was acting as a spy for IE in other servers

But they kicked me out without even telling me I was kicked out

And wouldn’t give me an explanation

@Billy Ray Jenkins that’s not Heimbach

Fuck you’re right

I guess I feel bad for all the bantz he already gets about yenta posting

So TWP is working with Operation Homeland?

It’s like IE has brought everyone else together in hating them now

I joined them before I even knew about most of the other organizations. There’s a lot of good guys in there but now I see how shady and selfish the leadership is

They just want money and power

It bothered me how IE started to become so hostile to working with anyone that wasn’t a member

I kind of like the new IE fliers

I think now is the time to pump out all the IE fliers you can and post them

They’re already crumbling

Kleve is a spy for IE

@Alba it would be best to use Damigo and Patrick Casey (Reinhard Wolff) since they’re the leaders of IE right now

@Vic_Mackey I can’t read that

Too blurry

If people are going to burn flags, they should burn a bunch of Israeli ones in DC to protest Israeli and Jewish influence there

That too

Burn Kushner too

420 blaze that kush

No, he is deceptive

That faggot was ratting people out to IE leadership

Don’t trust him

Apparently he also stole from VA guys

It’s so they can get fucked in their ear lobes

Guys got arrested for beating that nigger with the maglite?

I like what you’re doing Heimbach

NWA was alright. They didn’t care if white people said nigger and Ice Cube called out their kike producer.

After Ice Cube left NWA he made a diss track about them and in it he says something about them doing whatever the Jew wanted

The virgin Fevs walk vs the chad Heimbach stroll

Is this IE or something?

The only optics we should be talking about are the ones that go on rifles

If you’re not memeing to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children you’re not even white

@Kombat-Unit#0484 as a twitter frog faggot I’m offended


I’m not a kekistani

I just happen to be using a groyper

I know I was joking

Those guys are cancer

Whoever runs this discord could make separate channels if you want

IE does more than intellectual masturbation

I know

I was making a joke

Who is a weeaboo pedophile?

VA was founded by some kid that then left and is now in IE

No infighting guys

Let’s all just shit on IE

>not listening to Burzum while you read SIEGE

Varg was the only member

Christianity is Semitic

Then our ancestors were Jews

Pagans didn’t need it

They were all white

@John Mosby You’re basically a Jew

I’m just shitposting

Religious fighting is dumb

I’m an esoteric bowlcutist

@Spiritchef#2826 did they use foreskins instead of pepperoni?

Oh I have

Judaism is truly a beautiful religion

With all the baby dick blood sucking and chicken twirling

Plus their language is very pleasing to the ears

But traps aren’t gay

Buts it’s not gay when the penis is feminine

Blaire White is so BASED

So doesn’t that mean her bf is gay?

That’s Patrick Casey, formerly known as Reinhard Wolff

There’s rumors he is

Idc either way though. He and Nathan are spiritual mamzers.


I want to get all the good guys out of there

And have them stop sending IE their money

IE doesn’t want to be seen with Spencer or Heimbach any more

IE has always been ran by Nathan

Never Spencer

Nathan needs the dues money to pay rent and buy cars

IE has no useful purpose anymore

Operation Homeland sounds like it’s going to be what IE should have been

The big problem now is that they’re hostile towards their own members

The leaders just want money and power

Heimbowl will take them all to church

Nathan Damigo is short. I don’t trust manlets.

Taking credit for my star? (((Shakin muh bowl)))


You cleaned it up and made it a PNG

Wtf is going on here?

Serious question: I need a better belt and inside waistband holster for a glock 19. Does anyone here carry and have recommendations for good belts and holsters?

Because they say you’ll shoot your balls off?

My gun is definitely too big to carry like that

The guy at my local gun store recommended alien gear too

I’ve mostly been recommended alien gear and Galco

Do you use a regular belt or did you guy an actual gun belt?

Lol I have an old army trench coat already

That reminds me, I also want to put a scope on my mosin nagant. I’ve read reviews of some $50 scopes and half of them say it works great and the other half say they can’t stand up to the recoil.

I don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars to put a scope on a $300 rifle

The mosin prices have gone up

I think they’re also more expensive in California

A Finnish mosin would have cost me $420

@Bob Oliver So you have a rail for a mosin? How well did it work?

Is it one of those cheap ones that are only like $10 or a better one?

I was reading reviews and for some of them there were complaints that they would come loose after a few dozen rounds

I have a $30 muzzle brake on mine and it’s a full size 91/30

So if it worked on yours it should work fine for me

It looks like a nice mount

He does

Is TWP on Minecraft though? Notch has admitted to being a /pol/ browser.

Do any of you play Minecraft?

I got banned from the IE Minecraft server right after joining it

At the same time I got kicked from IE


I would have to grow my hair out for a while to get a Roof cut

I haven’t eaten any thing all day. I guess I can’t be a trad worker.

Yeah, Spencer doesn’t like them being fat

Buffet nationalism

If you don’t like tendies with ranch, you’re not white and are probably a faggot

Honey mustard can be good too

It needs niggers stink chasing the gook

Shit you’re right

He looks like he doesn’t eat enough

He barely even has a single chin

Do any of you goys eat at Golden Corral? There’s one near my house and I’ve never eaten there.

Is it worth eating there though or should I just go to a regular restaurant?


There probably will be

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) Ironically you sound like AWD when you say you want whites to die

Based pajeet

I hope he gets lots of bob and vagene

Falafel are the fried balls of mashed up chick peas

You’re talking about pita

What's good 😜 u candy cane cum guzzler 👅🎄DICKCEMBER🎄 is here and u know what that means ❄ HOE HOE HOE season has arrived 🎅 put on your rudolph pasties 🔴 pop ur peppermint pussy 🍬 and sit by the fireplace with some hot COCKLATE 🍆☕if u want to get RAWED 👉👌 under the mistletoe 🌿 this christmAss 🎁 send this to 15 of your sluttiest elves 👩👨 if u get 0 back 😔 ur an UGLY GRINCH👀 if u get 5 back 😌 ur a SEXY SNOWMAN ⛄⛄if u get 10 back 😘 ur a BAD JINGLE BELL BITCH 🔥🙌 SHARE in 69 😉💦 seconds or you won't be gettin dicked down 😱 in 2❕0❕1❕8

Saw it on Facebook

I think no one would care about you attacking IE besides IE

Woah, Billy talked about something other than yentas or vans

@MatthewHeimbach where do you stand on the YQ?

@Fevs you should have got a bowl cut fam

the ifunny watermark is part of the meme

Satan was the original national socialist

James Mason taught me about Satan during a naked blood orgy in the woods

Lucifer is the bringer of light and will lead us to victory against the Jews. That’s what Atomwaffen and Charles Manson taught me.

But apparently people in here think Atomwaffen are satanists and that’s hilarious

read SIEGE



Theres nothing wrong with lolis as long as they’re not anime

Just ask James Mason

Banging teenage thots is trad. Roy Moore is super trad.




This one is a weeb too


Don’t talk to a man like that

That’s not very trad

>ready to settle down at 22

These days it’s almost impossible to be able to start a family at that age

Unless you want to be on welfare like the niggers who pop out babies

But if you can find someone that’s 22 and able to settle down that’s good


Natural selection

I hope they were niggers

Those anti Semites muted me


Kill your mailman

Smoke meth

Hail Satan

Don’t @ me with your bullshit

That’s not activism, that’s just gay and pointless

Giving them a dozen bad reviews won’t stop the event

Am I being detained?

But antifa still will have the event

That’s what should be done

“As an equal opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, *redacted* is committed to creating an inclusive and effective teaching and working environment for all. What contributions are you most proud of that exemplify your awareness and sensitivity towards promoting an inclusionary environment? What have you learned working with diverse populations?”

How do I answer this question bowlthers?

Besides saying I’ve learned that mamzers must die

Hatefacts won’t get me the job

Why did BRJ leave?

I haven’t even read SIEGE yet and I know just from watching a 10 minute video of James Mason that he doesn’t advocate for violence right now because it accomplishes nothing

He needs the discount on fertilizer

How could he work at Home Depot without antifa getting him fired?

Or how could he even get hired in the first place

I would if I had (((Netflix)))

Oh it’s on Comcast on demand


I like how there’s 88 episodes

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