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aww yeah

any work prospects yet?

just hang out in the foreigner bars and ask around lol

they do penis inspections at immigration & customs

the mohel wasn't wearing his glasses

the TSA is gonna grab you and some big black woman with gap teeth is going to give you a full body cavity search

maybe she's an instagram model, Prince Ahmed is about to let her go on a shopping spree on his credit card and then shit all over her face

I've flown qatar airways before

I was next to the smelliest fucking arab

oh yeah?

did you at least give him a kiss after you were done

man, you're going to see some real characters in the foreigner bars..

it'll probably be mostly older dudes there

@TheBowlFather maybe I'll fly down there in summer

if you haven't gotten yourself deported by that time

aw man, I thought I had more of these in this folder

guess I'll have to go lurk /r9k/

man, I've been looking at tinder here..

I weep for this town

tinder here is like

obese women, "genderqueer" blue-haired monsters, and reasonably attractive trump-supporter women.. who happen to have a few kids

I've seen very few outside of these categories

nah I'm in Olympia still

for another week or so

I just drowned a mouse in bleach and beat it to death

jeez louise!

I hate doing these things but you know

I remember my time in Afghanistan.. one time I walked to the Pizza Hut and it was closed.. still have nightmares

Someone grab a rock

Raccoons are niggers

Hate them

Being able to read is gay as well

lol that [REDACTED] call

those dumbass brits in cambodia were whore-dancing in front of a temple or something

sex is gay

the virgin "muh principles," the chad riceburner

finngolian master race

I like niggers stink

you know what they say

burn the rice, feels real nice

no it's burn the rice, feels real nice

@neat good plan

I touched a boob one time

I touched the boob right on the areola

it was great


put your dick in a woman's vagina one day, it's only a matter of time before you're in a gay bathhouse

tru dat

doxxing anyone in this thing of ours is really not cool

>dissing bowlcut memes

nobody's doxxing anybody

imagine being Bart

don't have a cow, man

I did wrist today

post the original pls

(((shaking hands)))

Quite frigid, old chap!

why not all of the above

might as well

grill the hamburger

wake up to some irl brap-posting


she gets to BRRRRAAAAAPPPPP on your face every once in a while, so fucking what

that is precisely what I'm saying

enjoy the brappage

Michelle Obama-tier

I'm manlet but I could probably fuck this amazon lativian chick


I know three latvian girls

but only one of them lives in the same country as me

one time we were snugglin when singing karaoke.. she's prolly down

she's tall and skinny

but I'm like 5'8 and she's gotta be 6'0 lol

oh shit

I think she plays volleyball

awd wouldn't take me because I'm a riceburner

I'm not skinny

I'm a riceburner, I've never been diagnosed with autism, and 5'8 is still within the average range, so awd would never have me

what a strong womyn

I bet she can make some yuge BRAPs

I'd bet

I'm still in Olympia

for another week

it's 4:26 AM here

I found where my mom hid the booze

it's 926 PM in korea

you know what I really like about korea?

they basically keep the retards and mentally ill out of sight

mentally ill go into windowless institutions where they're never seen again

tards btfo

Lol same shit happened to me. Verify your number, goy!

I'm not willing to use my actual number so idk

Might use my korean number lol

a concentration ranch

agree so hard

sauerkraut rules, my man

yeah, relish is pretty nasty

I just don't like sweet pickles at all

I love regular pickles

my liver needs all the help it can get at this point

they can have their argument in the vc, we're having a great condiment chat up in here

god damn it, I didn't drink anything tonight, and now you mention booze and I'm fiending for it..

fuck it, getting a beer


anyone who doesn't like Anglin is ungrateful (i.e., a nigger)

yo niggers stink, where you staying in cambodia right now

burn the rice, feels real nice

the correct rhyme is "feels real nice"

yeah that's tru

if you fuck a muslim woman, she'll get honor-killed by her relatives

so it's a win-win


you can't knock up a sand nigger woman tho, too dangerous

it just creates a very smart jihadist

if you knock up a gook, you get a supreme gentleman

can't dodge the rodge

oh shit, don't make me start riceposting

hot arabs are relatively rare, I live in gookistan and holy shit

well koreans at least, in japan and china there's not nearly as many qts

in my experience

physically attractive..

that's not even true tho

did the police take you back to lucas' house

they aren't tho

I live in korea

yeah of the eyelid surgery

a lot of girls just do the eyelid surgery when they get lasik or whatever

poodles are popular there, you might be onto something

fake tits are rare in korea (though I did hook up with one lol), fake asses are unheard of

the fake tit korean girl I hooked up with was in the US navy

so was I at the time


(((read))) (((siege)))

but why don't they have khazar milkers

god, youtube has BLACK HISTORY MONTH in the corner

walking stick master race

yeah I think so lol

would you guys live in Frog Police

that apartment building is next to the police station in my city

later goyim

5 days or so

yeah I figured, it seems like that's the only place that has civilization

are you staying at a hotel or what

I'm on ranch too tbh

olive b <:ranch:375588455511490570>

>not eating dogs

I had fun in afghanistan

but I have ptsd because one time the dfac ran out of chicken wings

@Akashic Wrecker did Aziz's ever give you diarrhea?

Been down since yesterday

I heard Emily was in Korea now

Yeah maybe that was just a temporary thing

Ranch and vodka


Mike Enoch is the most ranchpilled person on earth besides eagleshigh

Why don't you start your own server then blitz

Blitz can't have coffee because it makes his tummy hurt

I've burned a bunch of rice and have no regrets 🍚 🀀

Big brains get the rock

Palpatine was the real hero

>not liking bacha bazi

I go to the casino with my mom too

Did that a few days ago

I know three Latvian qts

But theyre taller than my manlet self

Nah its expensive, far from where i live, and all the good events are sold out

I had planned on going but yeah

More trouble than it's worth lol

awww yeah

it's amazing they stayed in business this long

I know that feel

killer klowns from outer space

Sonic's arms are not freakin blue!

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