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2018-02-04 01:04:49 UTC


2018-02-04 01:04:59 UTC

Junkies get the fucking rope

2018-02-04 01:05:05 UTC

You've all drunk coffee and I know it

2018-02-04 01:05:07 UTC

Race mixers get the fucking rope

2018-02-04 01:05:19 UTC

Rip me I kissed a chinese girl once

2018-02-04 01:05:19 UTC

I was really drunk and let a half corn nigger girl jerk me off until i went soft and told her i couldnt do it

2018-02-04 01:05:24 UTC

when i was 20

2018-02-04 01:05:25 UTC


2018-02-04 01:05:26 UTC

Defending racemixers and junkies is just as bad as being a racemixer/junkie.

2018-02-04 01:05:33 UTC

when does one become a junkie

2018-02-04 01:05:39 UTC

Rope me daddy <:Daddy:406000576804028416>

2018-02-04 01:05:40 UTC

junkie = opiate addict

2018-02-04 01:05:44 UTC

that's as close to me being a race mixer if you are on FULL ON PURITY SPIRAL

2018-02-04 01:05:47 UTC

Guess I better rope myself

2018-02-04 01:05:49 UTC

sure, I was never that

2018-02-04 01:05:54 UTC

hang them

2018-02-04 01:06:15 UTC

junkies are some of the most pathetic creatures on the planet, down there with the gypsies and sodomites

2018-02-04 01:06:16 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ actually opioid is a better term to use

2018-02-04 01:06:18 UTC


2018-02-04 01:06:23 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ chill the fuck out man. Just because your country was sold out and betrayed and is literally burning down from the inside out, doesn't mean you should be a sourpuss all the time.

2018-02-04 01:06:42 UTC

Dude Teresa may is based idk what your on

2018-02-04 01:06:43 UTC

shut the fuck up dillon, go read siege or have your organisation collapse even further into irrelevancy and retardation

2018-02-04 01:06:43 UTC

Blitz just needs some good boipussy

2018-02-04 01:06:52 UTC

it groups in all the pharmaceuticals, and saying opiates doesn't include all the problem, not all of them are opiates

2018-02-04 01:06:56 UTC

Blitz, is this because some junkie girl rejected you or let you down?

2018-02-04 01:06:58 UTC

this is the chemist in me talking

2018-02-04 01:06:59 UTC
2018-02-04 01:07:08 UTC


2018-02-04 01:07:11 UTC

Kill junkies

2018-02-04 01:07:12 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ is just too exccited to come try to molest me

2018-02-04 01:07:13 UTC

no, I am sick of filthy race traitors like @Slayerworth Cuckington III and @Bowlfredo von Grossmann XIV

2018-02-04 01:07:28 UTC

I've burned a bunch of rice and have no regrets 🍚 🤤

2018-02-04 01:07:32 UTC

Wait, I thought Kelli or one of your girls was a junkie

2018-02-04 01:07:36 UTC

hey @Slayerworth Cuckington III does NOT need to be insulted

2018-02-04 01:07:41 UTC

also i think the steroids have finally kicked in full force and my dick is constantly twitching 😩

2018-02-04 01:07:49 UTC


2018-02-04 01:07:57 UTC

and lets stop talking shit to each other

2018-02-04 01:07:58 UTC

prime example

2018-02-04 01:08:01 UTC

ill start muting people

2018-02-04 01:08:05 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ you're funny as fuck dude.

2018-02-04 01:08:09 UTC

rice burners of the bowl patrol unite

2018-02-04 01:08:11 UTC

Patrick pls

2018-02-04 01:08:20 UTC

There is no Patrick

2018-02-04 01:08:38 UTC

You were complicit in the creation of this Siegewar

2018-02-04 01:08:39 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ bitch, lay off the soy and estrogen.

2018-02-04 01:08:43 UTC

Now you get to witness

2018-02-04 01:08:43 UTC


2018-02-04 01:08:50 UTC

I'm on the opposite of soy and estrogen, dillon fam

2018-02-04 01:08:57 UTC

Change your manpon.

2018-02-04 01:08:58 UTC

just lean back and think of the ethnostate

2018-02-04 01:09:09 UTC


2018-02-04 01:09:16 UTC

@Lupus please tell me that is not a real invention because we're at the point where it could be

2018-02-04 01:09:18 UTC

lol well i am one of the SIEGE fags, i just was one of hte quieter ones

2018-02-04 01:09:21 UTC

both of you get the gas

2018-02-04 01:09:29 UTC
2018-02-04 01:09:30 UTC

i mainly was mad about being shit talked repeatedly

2018-02-04 01:09:36 UTC

I don't get how this is difficult

2018-02-04 01:09:39 UTC

It's pretty simple to do

2018-02-04 01:09:45 UTC

and got provoked as hell by it

2018-02-04 01:09:49 UTC

Time to shit in a hole

2018-02-04 01:10:02 UTC

Seige is not a play by play of the futute.

2018-02-04 01:10:05 UTC

1. Be National Socialist, therefore don't be a Christian
2. Don't defend race mixers, kill them.
3. Don't be a junkie
4. Go to the gym and eat clean
5. Read your damn books

2018-02-04 01:10:10 UTC

5 easy steps to not be a fuckup

2018-02-04 01:10:31 UTC

yet people somehow fail all 5

2018-02-04 01:10:31 UTC

what about niggas whomst don’t read siege 🤔🤔

2018-02-04 01:10:38 UTC

Look, I need a yes or no post from everyone on if you can crack your dick, and that is determining bans and mutes and so on guys

2018-02-04 01:10:44 UTC

this is how we are solving this

2018-02-04 01:10:45 UTC

niggas whomst've not readeth siege shalt be sieged

2018-02-04 01:10:56 UTC


2018-02-04 01:11:04 UTC

tell that to Goering

2018-02-04 01:11:07 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ books are for burning

2018-02-04 01:11:08 UTC

he was a junkie

2018-02-04 01:11:20 UTC


2018-02-04 01:11:34 UTC

hitler was an opioid addict for fucks sake

2018-02-04 01:11:37 UTC

I've never really liked Goering tbh

2018-02-04 01:11:41 UTC

Big brains get the rock

2018-02-04 01:11:50 UTC

@Akashic Wrecker I thought it was amphetamines.

2018-02-04 01:11:54 UTC

me irl watching siegefags vs nonsiegefags fight


2018-02-04 01:12:00 UTC


2018-02-04 01:12:19 UTC


2018-02-04 01:12:22 UTC

@White_PowerStroke(Dillon) there was a stimulant too, it might have been an amphetamine, or phenmetrazine, or something else

2018-02-04 01:12:23 UTC

they used heroin/morphine for **medical** reasons back then

2018-02-04 01:12:28 UTC

me IRL


2018-02-04 01:12:36 UTC

@neat it’s treason then

2018-02-04 01:12:39 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ there is no denail he was an addict

2018-02-04 01:12:40 UTC

asian traps are not gay

2018-02-04 01:12:42 UTC

@O.Staaf nice Spencer cosplay

2018-02-04 01:12:52 UTC


2018-02-04 01:13:04 UTC

you don't start needing regular injections for medical reasons

2018-02-04 01:13:09 UTC

@Shakal huwhat

2018-02-04 01:13:09 UTC

It's massively overhyped by the Jews the drug usage of the elite in the NSDAP

2018-02-04 01:13:20 UTC

dude, who cares is the point

2018-02-04 01:13:26 UTC

yeah so why bring it up

2018-02-04 01:13:28 UTC

@neat ffs can’t a nigga reference star wars

2018-02-04 01:13:37 UTC

like if hitler did lines of PCP ever weekend, BFD

2018-02-04 01:13:40 UTC

its jewish propaganda, and the shit they did use was for valid medical reasons

2018-02-04 01:13:43 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ they used them more recreationally, people just had better self control and purpose, but there were problems then too.

2018-02-04 01:13:46 UTC



2018-02-04 01:13:55 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ this is great, so now I am a race traitor because........what? u saying a burn the yenta or the rice or something?

2018-02-04 01:13:58 UTC

Palpatine was the real hero

2018-02-04 01:13:59 UTC

@Shakal we're smarter than this

2018-02-04 01:14:06 UTC

@Slayerworth Cuckington III you're a race traitor for defending a race traitor

2018-02-04 01:14:07 UTC

Hitler hit that yeet with PCP all day every day

2018-02-04 01:14:14 UTC

its pretty simple to understand

2018-02-04 01:14:17 UTC

I just meant that he was an addict, even if it was given to him by his doctor, he became dependent on drug cocktails, hence it is unfortunate he became addicted

2018-02-04 01:14:19 UTC

oh I see

2018-02-04 01:14:26 UTC

@neat star wars references are a must doe

2018-02-04 01:14:27 UTC

Lol jesus

2018-02-04 01:14:30 UTC


2018-02-04 01:14:32 UTC

thanks a lot confucious

2018-02-04 01:14:39 UTC


2018-02-04 01:14:41 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ leave him the fuck alone man

2018-02-04 01:14:42 UTC

for straightening me out on this matter

2018-02-04 01:14:48 UTC

fuck off patrick he's a fucking race traitor

2018-02-04 01:14:51 UTC

hes a christian too

2018-02-04 01:14:53 UTC

complete enemy

2018-02-04 01:14:59 UTC


2018-02-04 01:15:10 UTC

you cannot contain blitz

2018-02-04 01:15:22 UTC

i wish you'd cage me up, neat ❤

2018-02-04 01:15:24 UTC

if anyone would be mad at @Slayerworth Cuckington III for defending NS, it would be me, since i was the one who got the most mad about it, but im not, i dont care

2018-02-04 01:15:38 UTC

he didnt do anything to me

2018-02-04 01:15:39 UTC

or you

2018-02-04 01:15:45 UTC

defending a race traitor whom defends the actual race traitor is racial treason, patrick

2018-02-04 01:15:52 UTC

he just stated an opinion and is being calm about it

2018-02-04 01:15:59 UTC

he tried to get me kicked out of the movement though!

2018-02-04 01:16:00 UTC


2018-02-04 01:16:09 UTC

I went downstairs to get tendies and I come back to this

2018-02-04 01:16:15 UTC


2018-02-04 01:16:20 UTC

join the fun but i think its dying out now cos i need to go get a drank

2018-02-04 01:16:21 UTC

Blitz, you're so fucking crazy, you're kicking yourself out of this shit.

2018-02-04 01:16:26 UTC

What if I defend a guy who defends a guy who race mixes

2018-02-04 01:16:29 UTC

that's purity spiralling about physical and semantical things at the same time this is where you stop making sense

2018-02-04 01:16:34 UTC

dillon i was kidding, fuck the movement

2018-02-04 01:16:46 UTC

Well fuck the jews.

2018-02-04 01:16:46 UTC

No such thing as too much purity spiraling

2018-02-04 01:16:53 UTC

@neat neat please dont be a race traitor

2018-02-04 01:17:01 UTC

just chill

2018-02-04 01:17:06 UTC


2018-02-04 01:17:10 UTC

if you dont conquer the wombs of lesser races and cuck their men youre doing it wrong

2018-02-04 01:17:12 UTC

He drank the milk from a black cow

2018-02-04 01:17:15 UTC

He already is

2018-02-04 01:17:15 UTC

I'm a better Nazi than you are, Paddy.

2018-02-04 01:17:18 UTC

I won't let you stay at my place @⚡Blitz⚡ if you dont let it die

2018-02-04 01:17:21 UTC


2018-02-04 01:17:36 UTC

i was the most pissed off person here, and im chilling my tits so lets all chill out tits

2018-02-04 01:17:37 UTC

@erz1871 das rite

2018-02-04 01:17:44 UTC

You cannot stop Blitz but you can try to redirect him

2018-02-04 01:17:50 UTC

I don't like chilly tits

2018-02-04 01:17:56 UTC

I like them nice and warm

2018-02-04 01:17:56 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ and you know ill cave in and let you anyways

2018-02-04 01:18:00 UTC


2018-02-04 01:18:02 UTC

Using them as pillows is the best

2018-02-04 01:18:06 UTC

Unstoppable force 😩

2018-02-04 01:18:09 UTC


2018-02-04 01:18:09 UTC

this is retarded

2018-02-04 01:18:13 UTC

I'm off

2018-02-04 01:18:20 UTC

Titty pillows are not retarded

2018-02-04 01:18:28 UTC

@Vic_Mackey Brother, I have a serious report that you must hear

2018-02-04 01:18:43 UTC


2018-02-04 01:18:48 UTC

Everyone in here besides Brother Varg and Brother Neat and myself are race traitors

2018-02-04 01:18:54 UTC

I'm a werenigger

2018-02-04 01:18:59 UTC

wow honored

2018-02-04 01:19:19 UTC

>grouping me in with neat

2018-02-04 01:19:34 UTC


2018-02-04 01:19:36 UTC

yeah you'd never defend anyone because you're such a downer cunt @neat

2018-02-04 01:19:38 UTC

mfw he doesn't realize I'm pro niggers stink and am subverting this group for an eventual NS coup

2018-02-04 01:19:45 UTC


2018-02-04 01:19:48 UTC


2018-02-04 01:19:58 UTC

I support you, Blitz

2018-02-04 01:20:02 UTC

@O.Staaf your swedish nationality is indicative of your support for sweden's racial treason

2018-02-04 01:20:07 UTC


2018-02-04 01:20:30 UTC


2018-02-04 01:20:33 UTC

I have no citizenship, my race is my nation and I am the son of the Lords of Hyperborea.

2018-02-04 01:20:42 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ whats your fuel right now

2018-02-04 01:20:47 UTC

or are you just sober on fire

2018-02-04 01:20:47 UTC

The cycle is doing you well

2018-02-04 01:20:49 UTC


2018-02-04 01:20:54 UTC

I just woke up so I'm fresh and energised

2018-02-04 01:20:56 UTC

Since I’m already a race traitor in the eyes of Blitz I’m just going to go burn rice and ride the magic carpet

2018-02-04 01:20:59 UTC


2018-02-04 01:21:03 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ bullshit

2018-02-04 01:21:03 UTC

Nah, man

2018-02-04 01:21:04 UTC

u mad cunt

2018-02-04 01:21:07 UTC

also my dick is constantly tingling

2018-02-04 01:21:12 UTC

Gotta burn the rice churches and nigger holes

2018-02-04 01:21:13 UTC

@O.Staaf nah i went to bed at like 2pm

2018-02-04 01:21:23 UTC

yeah im gonna start tagging yentas

2018-02-04 01:21:27 UTC

like my dick is tingling an infuriating amount

2018-02-04 01:21:40 UTC

I want to make my own mamzers

2018-02-04 01:21:40 UTC

i think the roids are enhancing the L-Arginine

2018-02-04 01:21:43 UTC

That only happens on acid for me

2018-02-04 01:21:45 UTC

@⚡Blitz⚡ your nation is even more cucked, my nationality isn't indicative of anything except my race

2018-02-04 01:22:01 UTC

Literally retarded @O.Staaf

2018-02-04 01:22:03 UTC

im not british im norman-hyperborean, a land outside of space and time

2018-02-04 01:22:09 UTC

Boris Johnson is based dude back of my country

2018-02-04 01:22:12 UTC

It's true

2018-02-04 01:22:20 UTC

boris johnson has declined in quality tbh

2018-02-04 01:22:31 UTC

was expecting him to say more stupid funny shit than he has done

2018-02-04 01:22:35 UTC

@trayir how the fuck is UK more based than Sweden

2018-02-04 01:22:37 UTC

it's all rotten

2018-02-04 01:22:44 UTC

No bridge to the EU was his best yet

2018-02-04 01:22:49 UTC

@trayir are you defending the UK?

2018-02-04 01:22:50 UTC

Blitz makes up for it

2018-02-04 01:22:50 UTC

it's not whiter, it's not anything

2018-02-04 01:22:55 UTC

just a police state

2018-02-04 01:22:55 UTC

>defending the UK

2018-02-04 01:22:56 UTC

race traitor

2018-02-04 01:23:13 UTC

Neat and I are the only trve NS in this fuckin server

2018-02-04 01:23:19 UTC

i'm off, this is fucked up

2018-02-04 01:23:27 UTC


2018-02-04 01:23:29 UTC

that's me

2018-02-04 01:23:33 UTC

Not defending the UK, just calling the swede a retard for claiming his nationality isn't indictive of anything

2018-02-04 01:23:44 UTC

you defended the UK by saying that I make up for it

2018-02-04 01:23:48 UTC

you are a race traitor varg

2018-02-04 01:23:53 UTC

I'm in NRM

2018-02-04 01:24:01 UTC


2018-02-04 01:24:11 UTC


2018-02-04 01:24:14 UTC

he mixes music for elementary school discos in a church

2018-02-04 01:24:21 UTC


2018-02-04 01:24:21 UTC

fuck yeah

2018-02-04 01:24:28 UTC

Getting all those kiddies on my side

2018-02-04 01:24:32 UTC

so a pedophile

2018-02-04 01:24:38 UTC

he heard that DJs get laid the entire time

2018-02-04 01:24:42 UTC


2018-02-04 01:24:47 UTC


2018-02-04 01:24:49 UTC

Gonna start an uprising against their traitor teachers

2018-02-04 01:25:07 UTC

do they menstruate a little?

2018-02-04 01:25:08 UTC

the girls

2018-02-04 01:25:15 UTC


2018-02-04 01:25:25 UTC

I know someone in here fucks animals

2018-02-04 01:25:26 UTC

Doesn't really matter, brother

2018-02-04 01:25:26 UTC

or still pre-menstruation

2018-02-04 01:25:39 UTC

I'm only in it if Allah allows it

2018-02-04 01:25:43 UTC

their cunts are so tight they bleed all over you anyways so

2018-02-04 01:25:46 UTC

so they need to menstruate

2018-02-04 01:26:30 UTC

tbh I think I'm gonna get into Islam

2018-02-04 01:26:38 UTC

Bowl Patrol: Calling out race treason to discussing underage cunnies in less than 15 seconds.

2018-02-04 01:26:39 UTC

Shit's gay, fam

2018-02-04 01:26:52 UTC

The age of consent is jewish in nature

2018-02-04 01:27:03 UTC

Us aryans ain't need no law to tell us when it's time

2018-02-04 01:27:07 UTC

I'm thinking Salifism

2018-02-04 01:27:22 UTC


2018-02-04 01:27:28 UTC

wiping your ass is a jewish thing to do

2018-02-04 01:27:37 UTC


2018-02-04 01:27:55 UTC

>defending the age of consent
literally jewish @Akashic Wrecker

2018-02-04 01:28:20 UTC

Kikes got us to start wiping our asses to encourage sodomy by making it a normal thing to touch your asshole, it's inherently jewish to wipe, and it's a stepping stone into more degeneracy

2018-02-04 01:28:31 UTC

Basshunter is Sweden's greatest gift to the world besides Swedish meatballs

2018-02-04 01:28:36 UTC


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