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@everyone Hey everybody!

@K Martin I was here before it got got. I'm the CEO of Vanguard America.

Okay neat

When am I getting back into this shit?

I've already been vetted.



"National Council of LA RAZA" literally translates to "The Race" which is a pro Mexican commie group.

La raza supports and is supported by all cartels.

We need to literally kill them all

We need a war to start soon

Yeah like 3

He posted some of their shit on Facebook and social media.

He's just a dipshit

Hey faggots

Hey fuckers.

Would any of you like to buy this?



That includes shipping.

Yes. It's hand made.

I didn't forge the head. I actually bought it from Bulgaria lol it was hand forged there.

I don't have the tools yet to forge iron or steel.

I also have this guy im working on.


All my axe heads are antiques which I refurbish and set myself.

No, I fucking hate wood. Wood is for niggers.

I would rather work with steel.

Fucking faggots.

Whose the jews I hang out with?

Exactly. Dipshit

I don't hang out with jews.

I would rather cut my own guts out.

@Akashic Wrecker @The Final Bowlution fuck you. Darts is the game. Or billiards.

@The Final Bowlution A working mans game!

@The Final Bowlution you are as refined as a polished turd.

@Sammy Woodchipperz what you call cognac is nothing more than grog from an old ships waste hold.

Why should I care about that shit?

Who the fuck even is baked Alaska and why should I care? Is he just another e-celeb who runs his cock sucker constantly.

Who is Nehlen?

And why should I care?

No, I just don't fucking care about cosmopolitan aristocrats who think their running mouths give them clout.

Bitch I will fuck you up<:mamzered:396924250767884288>

Or more like "They will lose regardless" I'll post the entire video

Stand by

I don't feel well, mentally.

@Akashic Wrecker What's wrong with me?

@Akashic Wrecker thanks man. Don't be a fag.

I will.

No homo

Drop the T and the R and just give me the rum

I'm 90 minutes from Cinci

I asked if he would like to meet up next month when I might be going to Russia and he said he doesn't meet people.

Alright. God damn.

It looks fun though

Nah it's late and I'm tired.

Goodnight niggers.

Oh, thanks lol

Well, my 2 cents are stop being a bunch of peter puffing faggots.

Never heard of it

That guy looks like a fucking turd.

What's up?

@here If you don't have a nice man beard, you're wrong.

My wife takes pictures of me while I'm asleep

Fuck no.

I'm not some fucking block headed tool bag.

I refuse.

You can't make me.

Fresh meme straight from me.

Just made it

2 hours of shooting. Only hurt 6 people. What a fucking loser.

Yeah no shit.

That dude looks like a dunce.

@Sir88 No. It's because I needed a new national server and didn't want to make another one.

It's not because you're a bowlhead.

@Akashic Wrecker I know about breivik I just doubt it's really him.

The fuck is this shit?

Blitz, calm your fucking tits dude.

I don't defend race mixing or fucking drug addicts.

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