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2018-02-02 11:00:17 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Sup niggers

2018-02-02 11:01:34 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Nigga I’m from the stormer

2018-02-02 11:01:52 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

I just rarely talk here

2018-02-02 11:02:28 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Also the name is from a game lol

2018-02-02 11:03:05 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

oof haven’t read siege, awd is lowkey weird

2018-02-02 11:03:21 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Tbh that copypasta is a masterpiece

2018-02-02 11:03:35 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-02 11:04:02 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

my fav

2018-02-02 11:05:06 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

2018-02-02 11:10:49 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

bottom text

2018-02-02 11:21:57 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-02 11:22:15 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-02 11:22:26 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

good shit in the vc

2018-02-02 11:22:28 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-02 11:22:40 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-02 11:23:52 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

yeah dude I’m attila, I just changed my name

2018-02-02 11:23:59 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

blitzwolf from DS

2018-02-02 11:25:39 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

@Slayerworth Cuckington III Been cool lately, also nah. I’m going to Vienna soon tho

2018-02-02 11:27:10 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

f u c c

2018-02-02 11:27:32 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

stop the censorship

2018-02-02 11:27:37 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

minority rights

2018-02-02 11:28:01 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  
2018-02-04 00:57:12 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

why did you ping everyone 5 times

2018-02-04 00:57:57 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

@O.Staaf you are under arrest my lord

2018-02-04 01:00:10 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

now I’m glad I got pinged - this is interesting

2018-02-04 01:00:32 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Islam for the white race when?

2018-02-04 01:02:20 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

purity spiralling kek

2018-02-04 01:03:48 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Niggas whomst purity spiral

2018-02-04 01:04:43 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

If we judge people by their past - there’s gonna be 4 of us lmao

2018-02-04 01:05:19 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Rip me I kissed a chinese girl once

2018-02-04 01:05:47 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Guess I better rope myself

2018-02-04 01:08:09 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

rice burners of the bowl patrol unite

2018-02-04 01:10:31 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

what about niggas whomst don’t read siege πŸ€”πŸ€”

2018-02-04 01:10:56 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-04 01:12:36 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

@neat it’s treason then

2018-02-04 01:13:28 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

@neat ffs can’t a nigga reference star wars

2018-02-04 01:14:07 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Hitler hit that yeet with PCP all day every day

2018-02-04 01:14:26 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

@neat star wars references are a must doe

2018-02-04 01:42:26 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

if you ain’t a muslim you might as well be a monocuck

2018-02-04 01:43:34 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

tbh god was killed when he had his first grape drank

2018-02-04 01:44:15 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

hitler was gay cuz he didn’t actually gas the kikes

2018-02-04 01:45:27 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

tbh the holodomor is a fraud too

2018-02-05 09:39:45 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Tbh mamzer role > every other role

2018-02-05 09:42:12 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

master trole

2018-02-05 09:42:44 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  
2018-02-05 09:43:02 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-05 09:43:29 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

well Anglin did redpill me, but DyRo is cool

2018-02-05 09:43:43 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

so idk tbh

2018-02-05 09:44:04 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Why doe

2018-02-05 09:44:22 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Atomwaffen? Lmao

2018-02-05 09:44:47 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Why would anyone compare a server to AWD

2018-02-05 09:45:12 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

ok that was pretty gay

2018-02-05 09:45:38 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

hold up doe I was a proud bowl - why am I a mamzer now

2018-02-05 09:45:44 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

even tho it’s a great honor

2018-02-05 09:46:26 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Even tho you made fun of my accent vic, I like this server

2018-02-05 09:46:49 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

N o i c e

2018-02-05 09:46:58 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  


2018-02-05 09:47:26 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

gay gook sex is the pinnacle of WNism

2018-02-05 10:22:33 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

tbh we gotta take the DS back from the weebs and bowl haters

2018-02-05 10:23:48 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Lmao doe a lot of weebs post there - some even write articles

2018-02-05 10:25:30 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

rename it to WC - weeb chipper

2018-02-05 10:28:00 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

is gay fanfiction really gay? maybe it’s actually straight πŸ€”πŸ€”

2018-02-05 10:28:21 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

makes sense

2018-02-05 10:34:41 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

**several people are typing**

2018-02-05 10:37:09 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

nothing gay in writing gay fanfiction - in fact that’s pretty straight

2018-02-05 10:43:08 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

you cannot kill the immortal idea of fanfiction

2018-02-06 11:08:01 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Woah I ain’t a gook no more, thank you bowl gods

2018-02-07 14:24:59 UTC [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]  

Just wait for Akins the scottish sperg to tell you how whiter he is than Hitler

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