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2017-01-27 15:49:49 UTC

time to remove taco, whilst slav, hft and pill remove kebab

2017-01-27 15:51:08 UTC


2017-01-27 17:41:09 UTC

If he gets rid of every single illegal migrant and their families, I will vote for him the second time around. If California leaves and we end up going to war with Cali, I will try to find a way to vote for him twice! (Not sure if I mentioned this before: I have an unnatural hate for California)

2017-01-27 17:53:29 UTC

@Bloodborn I'm a Texan and I feel you. we need to do something about CA and NY. both have to go. maybe I shoudl start a "society for a peaceful separation"?

2017-01-27 19:00:04 UTC


2017-01-27 19:54:30 UTC

Meh, I just hate California, I know there are Californians that hate the people in the cities that dictate policy in the rest of the state.. so I have a solution that everyone will like...

2017-01-27 19:55:12 UTC

Areas in California that want to remain in the Union can. Areas that don't won't... and after we draw our battlelines and figure out who's a traitor and who's not... /then/ we can go in with the intent to round up traitors ^^

2017-01-27 19:55:14 UTC

California can secede.

2017-01-27 19:55:36 UTC

Treason always has the same penalty.

2017-01-27 19:55:46 UTC

Maybe North Cal can become part of Oregon.

2017-01-27 19:56:06 UTC

They probably would rather become the fabled "State of Jefferson'

2017-01-27 19:58:13 UTC

But I'm all for supporting them leaving and turning around and making them another territory... for two reasons...

2017-01-27 19:58:27 UTC

1: We could round up the traitors and execute them like the confederates were...

2017-01-27 19:59:08 UTC

2: Using the sedition act we can force the Dems to support us.

2017-01-27 20:00:27 UTC

It sounds dark.. and it sounds bleak.. but I just hate California lol

2017-01-27 20:05:09 UTC

Let me put it this way: I have the same sentiment about California as @Slav has about NATO and Kosovo.

2017-01-27 20:36:42 UTC

I feel the same way about Dearborn, Michigan and St. Paul, Minnesota.

2017-01-28 02:37:34 UTC

Ah genocide and ethnic cleansing in the name of the Allmighty

2017-01-28 02:37:36 UTC


2017-01-28 06:28:09 UTC
2017-01-28 08:21:51 UTC


2017-01-28 13:20:42 UTC

i see your flag, and i raise you : a flag


2017-01-28 14:30:31 UTC

that's a very PC flag

2017-01-28 14:30:34 UTC

very inclusive

2017-01-28 15:46:04 UTC

This is the funniest shit I've seen this week

2017-01-28 21:22:05 UTC

No, this is gay. I was watching an aerobic dance class where these women were doing a dance off and then I saw that. After I took the brief video that I meant to be a picture, I left.

2017-01-28 21:22:34 UTC


2017-01-28 21:24:08 UTC

@randellgary that flag is really inclusive. The left should love it 😜

2017-01-28 21:27:51 UTC

Maybe then it would cause them to not get their collective crotchless knickers in a twist.

2017-01-30 13:47:25 UTC

I love that it was moslems that attacked a mosque in Canada.

2017-01-30 13:48:06 UTC

I love that moslems raped a Swedish girl on a live Facebook stream here in Sweden a few weeks ago.

2017-01-30 13:48:41 UTC

I love that Trump is banning moslems for real. Lib tears πŸ˜„

2017-01-30 13:49:26 UTC

I hope to be able to take my country back!

2017-01-30 17:52:47 UTC

Fuck muzzies

2017-01-30 17:53:11 UTC

fuck muzzies with a pork chop

2017-01-30 17:53:32 UTC

did Merkel's Millions strike again?

2017-01-30 18:22:24 UTC

Dislike it πŸ˜ƒ

2017-01-30 18:26:52 UTC

@Someguy Jew cuck virtue-signaling for shekels, I presume.

2017-01-30 20:06:48 UTC


2017-01-30 20:07:00 UTC


2017-01-30 20:08:12 UTC

@randellgary well do whatever you want I want the dislikes to hold a majority to show them we don't like moslems.

2017-01-30 20:31:50 UTC

Kick starting that Muslim victimhood narrative in Canada

2017-01-30 20:52:36 UTC

Lol fuck muzzies though

2017-01-30 20:53:39 UTC

... A point that bears repeating

2017-01-30 22:20:56 UTC

Certainly he wasn't a boomer with a Mercedes trailer home

2017-01-30 22:52:59 UTC

Next we'll be banning camo as it leads to the deaths of innoce... bwahaha i almost typed innocent muslims

2017-01-30 23:15:08 UTC

There are no innocent Muslims. Muslims are Muslims, all faults in all.

2017-01-30 23:20:45 UTC

so when did 2 refugees become 1 white guy in a camo hat?

2017-01-30 23:20:58 UTC

I'm curious Lugenpresse, just answer that one

2017-01-30 23:30:34 UTC

who the fuck believes that shite

2017-01-30 23:30:36 UTC

oh right

2017-01-30 23:30:37 UTC


2017-01-30 23:30:49 UTC

probably some swedish people too

2017-01-30 23:33:04 UTC

@Jossi Rokakaka fruit?

2017-01-30 23:36:57 UTC

does the fact that shooter was white makes you concerned?

2017-01-30 23:37:09 UTC

and if yes, why?

2017-01-31 00:15:43 UTC

@The Enlightened Shepherd Nope. Remove Kebabs.

2017-02-05 20:12:32 UTC

Twatter has found ingenious ways to fuck with people

2017-02-05 20:13:01 UTC

Yea I saw that yesterday. Fuck Shitter and it's time to promote Gab

2017-02-05 20:14:26 UTC


2017-02-05 20:15:45 UTC

twiiter is for fags

2017-02-05 20:16:21 UTC

twitter is for peopel trying to sell you something, and plebs too stupid to know they are being manipulated into buying stuff

2017-02-05 20:21:40 UTC

Only reason I still have a Twitter account is to show Trump support.

2017-02-05 20:22:11 UTC

the only reason i have one it to promote my books. other than that, not worth logging on

2017-02-05 20:23:03 UTC

Yeah- it's become a beacon for insanity. Some of the shit posted by progs make me wish the purge were a real life event

2017-02-05 20:24:34 UTC

well maybe we can scare the antifas into thinking it is. then when they think we're not going to attack.... 10,000,000 Chevy trucks show up in california with guns, we get out of the bed and start to regulate

2017-02-05 20:26:29 UTC

There's a reason those fucks don't pull that shit in Alabama.

2017-02-05 23:24:59 UTC
2017-02-05 23:26:30 UTC

ello m8

2017-02-07 03:26:12 UTC


2017-02-07 03:26:26 UTC

funniest shit i've read today

2017-02-07 03:26:53 UTC

Lol ayy, pure gold

2017-02-07 17:52:51 UTC

So, BB compares Trump to Andrew Jackson... Trump hang an image of Andrew Jackson up... I wonder if he'll deal with sanctuary states like Andrew Jackson handled the Nullification crisis... Threatening to invade the states and hanging the governors?

2017-02-07 17:53:45 UTC

If Trump ends up doing the things Andrew Jackson did... I'll be a very happy man.

2017-02-07 17:54:47 UTC

Dismantle the central banking system... Mexican Removal act....

2017-02-07 17:55:26 UTC

Although, I seriously doubt a populist would do unpopular things.

2017-02-17 08:10:15 UTC

Nice! Comments are favorable too

2017-03-10 14:35:17 UTC

Rebel Media fired Lauren Southern (allegedly)

2017-03-10 14:35:30 UTC

What? Why?

2017-03-10 14:35:39 UTC

And Cuckovich agrees with it on twitter it seems.

2017-03-10 14:35:43 UTC

For defending Richard Spencer.

2017-03-10 14:35:52 UTC

Aka, saying he doesn't deserve to get beaten up.

2017-03-10 14:45:15 UTC

I'll be watching this, I haven't been paying much attention to politics recently (been laser-focused on life, handling exams, and arranging dates) but I should be able to get back into this soon.

2017-03-10 15:07:37 UTC

Fucking Hell, what a shame. Then again, she'll be fine without those cunts.

2017-03-10 16:39:34 UTC

@Mother since white supremacy is alive & well in Ghana and perhaps all of Africa, maybe that African-American should try North Sentinel island. There's no white supremacy there as it's isolated & the Negrito natives attacks anyone who dares enter the island.

2017-03-10 16:44:10 UTC

Lauren Southern was let go from Rebel media for defeating Richard Spencer? Defeating him on what or from who?

The problem with the Right is that they punch right, yet say don't punch to right. The Regressive Left has allied themselves with radical Islam, while the Right disavows each other over JQs & people who don't live up to their "holier than thou Christian lifestyle".

2017-03-10 17:53:31 UTC

He deleted the tweet now. God damn that guy is pathetic.

2017-03-10 17:53:37 UTC

Don't forget to buy his book though.

2017-03-10 21:00:06 UTC

@Slav she has a video up on her personal youtube channel saying she wanted to do something independent. i checked out /pol/ and the incels were saying their waifu was 1. a jew 2. a coalburner and 3. /ourgirl/

2017-03-15 18:14:32 UTC

How hard can it possibly be for these people to refrain from cucking and simply ignore things? If the "alt-lite" is anti-spencer, they should just ignore him and forget he even exists. I can't name once instance where cucking has gotten anyone anything

2017-03-15 18:16:49 UTC

We have several ways to explain this phenomenon. It's just frustrating to watch the right constantly cannibalize it's own while the left is running around shitting on everything uncontested

2017-03-15 20:28:00 UTC

I agree

2017-03-15 20:31:34 UTC

Watch Red Ice tv for live election coverage of the Netherlands.

I had no idea of the amount of Turks & Moroccans in the Netherlands. And Ergodan wants to influence the elections as there's a Turkish party, yet there's no Netherlands party in Turkey.

I hope Eastern Europe learns from this and do get on the diversity/cultural enrichment bandwagon like Western Europe has.


2017-03-15 20:33:11 UTC

well looks like the dutch cucked out

2017-03-15 20:33:13 UTC


2017-03-15 20:33:21 UTC

good luck, have fun

2017-03-16 00:01:01 UTC

It would have been really funny

2017-03-16 00:01:15 UTC

if they turk situation in nederlands had started the race war

2017-03-16 00:01:24 UTC

right when no one expected it so soon

2017-03-16 06:20:17 UTC

Dead nations:

2017-03-16 06:20:18 UTC

1. Sweden

2017-03-16 06:20:20 UTC

2. Germany

2017-03-16 06:20:23 UTC

3. Netherlands

2017-03-16 06:20:35 UTC

4. France? To be continued...

2017-03-16 07:28:32 UTC

Doubt they'll realize what they'll need to do anytime soon, but they aren't dead yet. Call me optimistic if you want.

2017-03-16 13:59:50 UTC

We shall see.

2017-03-16 19:23:22 UTC

Those countries have nationalists but they seem to be in the minority. Maybe the nationalist regions can separate if worse comes to worse, Bavaria split from incoming Deutschlan-istan

2017-04-05 02:08:38 UTC

I'm feeling a european war coming on.

2017-04-05 02:08:50 UTC

I must move to europe. my brothers need me.

2017-04-05 02:09:03 UTC

we will use prague as our staging area to retake the west

2017-04-05 02:09:11 UTC

deus vult

2017-04-07 06:56:20 UTC

Trump has brayed uset

2017-04-07 06:56:23 UTC


2017-04-07 06:56:32 UTC

let me try that one again

2017-04-07 06:56:40 UTC

Trump has betrayed us

2017-04-07 07:21:53 UTC

that he has

2017-04-07 13:47:03 UTC

Hello, America! Frenchman here. May someone enlighten me on the recent intervention in Syria? I'm utterly confused.

2017-04-07 17:54:59 UTC

@Klave The jews i.e. neoconservatives around trump have pulled him into starting a war over fake images of children being gassed (probably by Mossad). hopefully it won't escalate, but i'm thinking it might. the neocons are warmongers. we thought Trump wasn't one of them. he said no foreign wars

2017-04-07 17:55:10 UTC

but now we see the strike on Assad for no reason

2017-04-07 17:55:21 UTC

and we may end up getting pulled into a conflict with Russia

2017-04-07 17:55:48 UTC

fucking neocons

2017-04-07 18:14:53 UTC

@Klave People are freaking out that Trump may have ordered airstrikes against Syria. Now the Leftists are liking this and want to go to war. Except the airstrikes had no casualties. Now people are saying "I'm off the Trump train" and other shot like that.

2017-04-07 18:15:49 UTC

Oh, and Sweden had another vehicle terrorist attack while a lot more shootings happened as well. And Neil Gorsuch is confirmed.

2017-04-07 22:03:32 UTC

@randellgary dont' blame the innocent truck for the terroritst attack. "Not all trucks...."

2017-04-07 22:10:08 UTC

I lnow, that's why I'm pinning it on the "Sudden Jihad" Kebab cockroach that did it.

2017-04-08 18:19:19 UTC

#NotallTrucks πŸ˜€

2017-04-08 18:22:06 UTC

I'm not off the Trump train, but I'm not in the "Trump Cult-Right" who believes everything Trump does that's questionable is a 4D chess move we mere mortals don't understand

2017-04-08 18:24:43 UTC

As far as Syrian, I agree more with the perspectives of actual Syrians like Youtubers Syrian Girl 😍 and Syriana Analysis then the Deep State

2017-04-08 21:41:59 UTC
2017-04-11 00:53:46 UTC


2017-04-11 16:24:48 UTC

@EuroPeon Is it because Kushner's an old hat now?

2017-04-11 16:25:08 UTC


2017-04-11 16:26:00 UTC

I fully believe he supported the push for internventionism in syria

2017-04-11 16:27:31 UTC

Damn it, it's always either the neoconservatives or the Leftist Jews that have hard-ons for unnecessary wars.

2017-05-12 11:51:19 UTC

We can't believe what they always say, but there is body language.
Body Language: McMaster the One Behind the Syrian Bombings - https://youtu.be/1u-CyBLjoEY

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