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Klave 2016-12-23 18:18:29 [GabberHangout #general]

Oh, hello!

Klave 2016-12-23 18:19:59 [GabberHangout #general]

I discovered this Discord group by chance, since I'm subscribed to /r/new_right

Klave 2016-12-23 18:21:23 [GabberHangout #general]

I see ! 😄

Klave 2016-12-23 18:21:54 [GabberHangout #general]

Is it an American time zone group ?

Klave 2016-12-23 18:23:22 [GabberHangout #general]

So I'm your neighbour, then ! Coming from the country of wine and taxes.

Klave 2016-12-23 18:24:24 [GabberHangout #general]


Klave 2016-12-23 18:26:05 [GabberHangout #general]

What's the meaning of the kind of stylized ichtus on your icon, HFT ?

Klave 2016-12-23 18:28:12 [GabberHangout #general]

It's aesthetically pleasant and meaningful. Great work!

Klave 2016-12-23 18:29:59 [GabberHangout #general]

Very nice!

Klave 2016-12-23 18:30:30 [GabberHangout #general]

Tell me, are there intellectual discussions in this group?

Klave 2016-12-23 18:32:34 [GabberHangout #general]

That's quite interesting! What subjects were developed, lately?

Klave 2016-12-23 18:36:32 [GabberHangout #general]

It's very promising. The alt-right needs this kind of intellectual theory to become a truly influential movement.

Klave 2016-12-23 18:38:22 [GabberHangout #general]

On the subject from the last discussion, I found this article insightful :
I suppose some of you already read it.

Klave 2016-12-23 18:47:02 [GabberHangout #general]

Alright, I'll try to be there. Bon appétit, HFT!

Klave 2017-01-28 21:05:59 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

I was here too, it was the 1st time I joined. Was it representative of the usual conversation?

Klave 2017-01-28 21:09:44 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

I am French, I can describe the political situation in my country, if you're interested in it.

Klave 2017-01-28 21:10:08 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Yes, but my English is quite bad...

Klave 2017-01-28 21:38:40 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

He must find a way to change demographics, else the Democrat party will probably win the future elections

Klave 2017-01-28 21:39:22 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Increase white natality

Klave 2017-01-28 21:47:24 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

People went to America to live free from coercion

Klave 2017-01-28 21:48:50 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Quite funny, considering guns are a left-wing technology

Klave 2017-01-28 22:35:20 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Central Europe, at least, is very wary Russia

Klave 2017-01-28 22:43:33 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

No empire lasted for more than 250 years

Klave 2017-01-28 22:43:50 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Trump must become Cesar

Klave 2017-01-28 22:44:01 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Or it will be the end of the republic

Klave 2017-01-28 22:44:29 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Page 4 of the PDF

Klave 2017-01-28 22:44:46 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

In the chart

Klave 2017-01-28 22:46:40 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

It would be similar to saying that Prussia still survives, since its successor, Germany, still exists

Klave 2017-01-28 22:47:03 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

But you see the difference between Prussia and Germany.

Klave 2017-01-28 22:47:48 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Why ?

Klave 2017-01-28 22:51:35 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]


Klave 2017-01-28 22:52:21 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

In its identity, do you think the Eastern Roman Empire was more Roman or Greek?

Klave 2017-01-28 22:55:26 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

I was considering the relevance of your comparison to the Byzantine Empire, since I would consider it more like the successor of ancient Greece.

Klave 2017-01-28 22:56:08 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

Anyway, I just said "Trump must become Cesar" as a concluding thought for the discussion, as it was asked.

Klave 2017-01-28 22:57:16 [GabberHangout #official_hangout]

I must go to sleep. Good night, TheSlavPill!

Klave 2017-04-07 13:47:03 [GabberHangout #politics]

Hello, America! Frenchman here. May someone enlighten me on the recent intervention in Syria? I'm utterly confused.

Klave 2017-05-29 18:37:10 [GabberHangout #general]

I would like one too, please.

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