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2017-02-06 04:55:48 UTC

use PANTONE colors

2017-02-06 04:56:06 UTC

I can fix that tomarrow

2017-02-06 04:56:10 UTC
2017-02-06 04:56:13 UTC


2017-02-06 04:56:16 UTC


2017-02-06 04:56:26 UTC


2017-02-06 04:56:30 UTC


2017-02-06 04:57:29 UTC

>Finds the location where the meme ley lines meet
>basks in the magical springs of the ultimate crossroads
>Emerges a physical manifestation of Kek and god-tier BTFO-er of commies

2017-02-06 04:57:48 UTC

@DoctorPiss Still uploading

2017-02-06 04:57:57 UTC

Whats our plan of action to get more people into this?

2017-02-06 04:58:06 UTC
2017-02-06 04:58:18 UTC

omg kek this is great @DoctorPiss

2017-02-06 04:58:55 UTC

that's a teaser

2017-02-06 04:59:20 UTC


2017-02-06 05:00:06 UTC
2017-02-06 05:00:11 UTC

"Cause you're assholes"

2017-02-06 05:00:12 UTC


2017-02-06 05:00:21 UTC


2017-02-06 05:01:09 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN to get more people, once u get the website up, beg for some retweets from big accounts - Lauren Southern literally spoke of this in a video, Baked Alaska will shoutout, maybe pay for some twitter ads or voat ads as well

2017-02-06 05:01:18 UTC
2017-02-06 05:01:57 UTC

Final time I'm going to shill this, if you haven't already voted **vote here http://www.strawpoll.me/12279845 **

2017-02-06 05:02:18 UTC


2017-02-06 05:04:03 UTC

if you keep the same outer ring, but maybe each state can have a different image in the middle of it

2017-02-06 05:04:57 UTC

^ yeah just have the outer ring with differing flags or something in the middle for different chapters and national branches.

2017-02-06 05:06:03 UTC

I think having different emblems helps create a sense of rough autonomy, people tend to prefer being in smaller organisations that huge ones that get kind of lost - don't know how to word that better

2017-02-06 05:06:19 UTC

I like the new emblem

2017-02-06 05:06:28 UTC


2017-02-06 05:06:34 UTC

Top freedoms

2017-02-06 05:07:11 UTC

It should be decentralized and nationalistic by nature. To be the antithesis of communistic globalism and internationalism.

2017-02-06 05:07:25 UTC

Oo i like that

2017-02-06 05:08:07 UTC

Are we still trying to do all the other stuff, or is it just to people/businesses from the antifa scourge?

2017-02-06 05:08:15 UTC

*just to defend

2017-02-06 05:08:24 UTC


2017-02-06 05:08:25 UTC

what's all the other stuff?

2017-02-06 05:08:39 UTC

Like the community service etc.

2017-02-06 05:08:42 UTC

Defend people from antifa violence and all that shit, stop violent antifa protests, help out people and businesses affected by antifa

2017-02-06 05:08:42 UTC


2017-02-06 05:08:49 UTC

We should primarily work to counter Antifa. I feel that should be our main goal.

2017-02-06 05:08:49 UTC

And yea community service would be good too

2017-02-06 05:09:04 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN how far are you from Knoxville

2017-02-06 05:09:09 UTC

no reason

2017-02-06 05:09:12 UTC

I'm going to work on my own neighbor hood and rake leaves and pick up trash and such, what should I wear?

2017-02-06 05:09:32 UTC

@DoctorPiss I'm like an hour from Nashville.

2017-02-06 05:09:40 UTC

>if you keep the same outer ring, but maybe each state can have a different image in the middle of it

2017-02-06 05:09:43 UTC

My neighborhood is kinda messy atm so it might help spread it if I do work

2017-02-06 05:09:50 UTC

OK, last night there seemed like there was quite a bit on the agenda. I personally think we'll have the most momentum just defending against the Antifa scourge in the beginning. If theres a desire for more we could then keep adding stuff

2017-02-06 05:09:51 UTC

So international = this:


2017-02-06 05:09:54 UTC

ah, yeah that's the most likely location fr them to do shit

2017-02-06 05:09:58 UTC

And all other countries = the outer ring of this?


2017-02-06 05:10:01 UTC

altho they have a lot of fuckheads in knox

2017-02-06 05:10:05 UTC

We need to all be this kid

2017-02-06 05:10:07 UTC
2017-02-06 05:10:11 UTC


2017-02-06 05:10:17 UTC

Why was he blocking the camera?

2017-02-06 05:10:19 UTC

Hey, can someone send me the blank template for the Anticom emblem?

2017-02-06 05:10:25 UTC


2017-02-06 05:10:26 UTC

like, the one with the blank center

2017-02-06 05:10:29 UTC

Yea hold on

2017-02-06 05:10:30 UTC

yeah yellow outer circle is good

2017-02-06 05:10:38 UTC

I personally don't like the snake at all.

2017-02-06 05:10:39 UTC

With text? @Crocodillo

2017-02-06 05:10:43 UTC


2017-02-06 05:11:01 UTC


2017-02-06 05:11:05 UTC

Have we discussed tactical goals at all? Is this where we would do so?

2017-02-06 05:11:06 UTC

I want to take my shot at making a logo, although i'm new to this. Gonna practice a little bit

2017-02-06 05:11:26 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN We need at least some sort of symbol to unify us all as an organization

2017-02-06 05:11:37 UTC

I think if not a snake, at least a shield or some sort of royal animal

2017-02-06 05:11:46 UTC

Shield is very easy to draw too

2017-02-06 05:12:09 UTC

In like the sheild for it's simplicity and relevance to a group that's defending people

2017-02-06 05:12:35 UTC

easy to stencil if need be

2017-02-06 05:12:42 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 you're right. The snake we have rn is just poorly done in my opinion. I also this just a crossed out hammer and sickle really gets the message across at a glance.

2017-02-06 05:13:14 UTC

Then again a crossed out hammer and sickle might not be best for normies

2017-02-06 05:13:17 UTC

Crossed out hammer and sickle is a generic thing we could use in our organization, but if we literally use that as the symbol of our organization we wont be taken seriously

2017-02-06 05:13:30 UTC

tactical goal - make sure we can have Gavin, Milo, Spencer, Shapiro events run without being cancelled

2017-02-06 05:13:30 UTC


2017-02-06 05:14:00 UTC

I like the symbolism of the snake cause of the scales symbolism + the symbolism of negativity towards antifa in this sense, but at the same time, yeah biblical reasons

2017-02-06 05:14:03 UTC

@Cœur de Lion There arte also Trump marches coming up

2017-02-06 05:14:04 UTC

Tactical goal - protect all free speech and events from antifa

2017-02-06 05:14:24 UTC

yeah in 4 years if trump goes for reelection it's gonna be chaos

2017-02-06 05:14:32 UTC

On March 4th

2017-02-06 05:15:48 UTC

Vox Day suggested that groups focus on citizens arrests doing violent protests, which I think would be an awesome goal. I think this would be easy to do with minimal skills and organization if we had a team of guys with riot shields and a group with zipstrips

2017-02-06 05:16:09 UTC

im not tryna get a kidnapping charge

2017-02-06 05:16:11 UTC


2017-02-06 05:16:16 UTC

We're civillians, not the cops

2017-02-06 05:16:16 UTC


2017-02-06 05:16:30 UTC

Dude, antifa uses riot sheilds

2017-02-06 05:16:39 UTC

>clanking begins\

2017-02-06 05:16:50 UTC

Do they? Links

2017-02-06 05:17:01 UTC

We should just show up with similar color clothing and with a few flags and stand on guard to get involved physically.

2017-02-06 05:17:31 UTC

Who is working on the site?

2017-02-06 05:17:38 UTC

No clue

2017-02-06 05:17:42 UTC

This guy

2017-02-06 05:17:44 UTC

That's why I've said it might be a false flag

2017-02-06 05:17:47 UTC

@D3VNT You are?

2017-02-06 05:17:50 UTC


2017-02-06 05:17:52 UTC


2017-02-06 05:17:56 UTC

Is that the strategy we're going with?

2017-02-06 05:17:56 UTC

How does it look so far?

2017-02-06 05:18:00 UTC

It's just a vbulletin fucking thing

2017-02-06 05:18:08 UTC

Kek right

2017-02-06 05:18:09 UTC

@D3VNT Not to rush but is there anything close to being something to setup? We just need to vet

2017-02-06 05:18:21 UTC

And make some firm commitments and it's not safe to do it in here

2017-02-06 05:18:25 UTC

@Attila the Pun Do you have anything with antifa using riot shields? I'm actually interested I didn't know that

2017-02-06 05:18:26 UTC

Within 7 days

2017-02-06 05:18:33 UTC

I can have a full forum set up in 10 minutes

2017-02-06 05:18:34 UTC


2017-02-06 05:18:35 UTC

As a joke i present to you the Kentucky logo

2017-02-06 05:18:37 UTC

I just don't like running forums

2017-02-06 05:18:38 UTC


2017-02-06 05:18:40 UTC

fucking pain in my ass

2017-02-06 05:18:41 UTC

At which point we'll also have a separate discord and shit and a vetting process

2017-02-06 05:18:43 UTC

Just kidding. I'll work on a real logo

2017-02-06 05:18:46 UTC

you guys want a forum on antifa.rip?

2017-02-06 05:18:47 UTC

And probably use this one as a recruitment filter

2017-02-06 05:19:04 UTC

@Crocodillo Damn we're going to get a great amount of black anticoms in here soon if we have that as our logo

2017-02-06 05:19:16 UTC

I've seen them with homemade shields, I just thought it'd be effective for us in a defensive position. I'll find a link if you want

2017-02-06 05:19:19 UTC


2017-02-06 05:19:23 UTC

Yea. Logo for blacks AND kentucky. Two in one blow!

2017-02-06 05:19:29 UTC


2017-02-06 05:19:44 UTC

Nordfront use riot shields in their marches - customized and everything

2017-02-06 05:19:50 UTC


2017-02-06 05:19:53 UTC

That ain't gonna be us

2017-02-06 05:21:07 UTC

There's a reason why there's National Action, Nordfront, and then anticom shart in marts

2017-02-06 05:21:10 UTC


2017-02-06 05:21:25 UTC

No but really the concept sounds interesting

2017-02-06 05:21:36 UTC

I dont know if I want to go fullblown fucking >RIOT SHIELD though

2017-02-06 05:22:00 UTC

Actually the shield thing is probably a good idea

2017-02-06 05:22:06 UTC


2017-02-06 05:22:07 UTC

Just a wall of shields

2017-02-06 05:22:08 UTC

get a circular one, paint it over, like a SPARTAAN

2017-02-06 05:22:12 UTC


2017-02-06 05:22:13 UTC

yeah but depends, if you're outnumbered you'll have to do something, either go full fashy and bring in big guys, have shields or carry weapons

2017-02-06 05:22:16 UTC

We should be well equipped on the ground to face these people

2017-02-06 05:22:27 UTC

Lol guys we're not a militaristic group

2017-02-06 05:22:27 UTC

We will almost certainly be outnumbered.

2017-02-06 05:22:35 UTC

I don't understand the resistance to shields......They're for riots. Without them there will be no control over the situation. It'll just be a mosh pit

2017-02-06 05:22:38 UTC

ALSO: shields double as stretchers

2017-02-06 05:22:40 UTC

Weapon shows intent, a shield doesn't though

2017-02-06 05:22:44 UTC


2017-02-06 05:22:45 UTC

Niggers listen

2017-02-06 05:22:46 UTC

Show me what you are talking about when you refer to shields

2017-02-06 05:22:50 UTC

I haven't seen anything yet

2017-02-06 05:23:00 UTC

It's interesting but what is the scale you are even referring to

2017-02-06 05:23:00 UTC

clear plastic shields the police have

2017-02-06 05:23:08 UTC

Yeah but >Homemade shields

2017-02-06 05:23:13 UTC

What do you mean? Pics?

2017-02-06 05:23:23 UTC

How big are we talking here

2017-02-06 05:23:37 UTC

AntiCom is not intended to be a militaristic, vigilante, or anything to that effect style of group

2017-02-06 05:23:43 UTC

This shit is grade-A larping

2017-02-06 05:24:05 UTC


2017-02-06 05:24:10 UTC


2017-02-06 05:24:11 UTC

Recent influx

2017-02-06 05:24:20 UTC

We are not the fucking GIGN

2017-02-06 05:24:25 UTC

Who here has had riot training

2017-02-06 05:24:33 UTC

@D3VNT the point of this is to be a counter to antifa at protests, events and riots.

2017-02-06 05:24:33 UTC

Or any sort of organized melee training

2017-02-06 05:24:40 UTC

It's not intended to be militaristic at all, it's supposed to be peaceful - but we have to self defend ourselves somehow. That shit @Cœur de Lion looks kinda ridiculous though.

2017-02-06 05:24:40 UTC

Yes and no

2017-02-06 05:24:59 UTC

Look, most of us CC or OC right?

2017-02-06 05:24:59 UTC

It's more about making normies anti-commie and making antifa known to be the radical terrorists that they are

2017-02-06 05:25:06 UTC


2017-02-06 05:25:09 UTC

We can just CC if we can and OC if we can.

2017-02-06 05:25:10 UTC

Especially for the moment

2017-02-06 05:25:17 UTC

Fuck no don't OC are you fucking retarded?

2017-02-06 05:25:20 UTC

These guys figured out shield technology

2017-02-06 05:25:27 UTC
2017-02-06 05:25:31 UTC

Way to make yourself the threat and/or target

2017-02-06 05:25:33 UTC

<@!253729492407812112> you're right, we shouldn't doing that is actually pretty dumb and gay

2017-02-06 05:26:03 UTC

Larping-no showing up equipped to defend ourselves-yes

2017-02-06 05:26:18 UTC

Once our numbers get to lolretarded levels we can warry about overt physical manifestations

2017-02-06 05:26:28 UTC

Until then please keep the autismo larps to a minimum

2017-02-06 05:26:30 UTC

so whose buying the helicopter

2017-02-06 05:26:33 UTC


2017-02-06 05:26:46 UTC

Trudeau will fall

2017-02-06 05:26:56 UTC

I.e. Bringing to bear what antifa does. Meeting their level of equipment, if not better.

2017-02-06 05:26:58 UTC

So how are we going to be spreading our group and everything? Do we even have fucking propaganda flyers yet?

2017-02-06 05:27:01 UTC

Ok, shields employed by Antifa are off the table. What are we going to actually do?

2017-02-06 05:27:32 UTC

Build a legit good reputation

2017-02-06 05:27:35 UTC

Record, observe, meme warfare, spreading ACTUAL news and info

2017-02-06 05:27:36 UTC

Civil service

2017-02-06 05:27:39 UTC

And that ^

2017-02-06 05:27:43 UTC

Guys, the hoplon is the best and only shield for group formations

2017-02-06 05:27:48 UTC

good question, somebody was kvetching at guns, and batons - others say shields are off the table
so basically stand around, wait to get punched, then punch back lol

2017-02-06 05:27:57 UTC

Also no

2017-02-06 05:28:02 UTC

Carrying is a good idea

2017-02-06 05:28:03 UTC

I thought this was for irl action

2017-02-06 05:28:04 UTC


2017-02-06 05:28:08 UTC

Carrying open is retarded

2017-02-06 05:28:12 UTC

Armor is a good idea

2017-02-06 05:28:14 UTC

If it's concealable

2017-02-06 05:28:17 UTC

Clean the shit up after antifa smashs it, get good publicity

2017-02-06 05:28:19 UTC

And there are products for that

2017-02-06 05:28:19 UTC

get more people

2017-02-06 05:28:22 UTC

Think gray man

2017-02-06 05:28:23 UTC


2017-02-06 05:28:26 UTC

As much as I hate to use that

2017-02-06 05:28:27 UTC

We have to defend somehow honestly. Forming a human chain = obvious breakthroughs.

2017-02-06 05:28:27 UTC

getting a forum going on my site

2017-02-06 05:28:29 UTC

OCfag here, your CC shit sucks

2017-02-06 05:28:32 UTC

Batons, clubs, mace, and fists.

2017-02-06 05:28:34 UTC

since i seem to be the one actually developing stuff

2017-02-06 05:28:35 UTC

Actually an actual group effort is to set ground rules for what we can and can't bring depending on the state

2017-02-06 05:28:37 UTC

PM me for link

2017-02-06 05:28:40 UTC

We have to defend somehow honestly. Forming a human chain = obvious breakthroughs.

2017-02-06 05:28:45 UTC

We need people who know what they are talking about

2017-02-06 05:28:51 UTC

Who have experience rather than imagining things

2017-02-06 05:28:56 UTC

We should be non-lethal by nature.

2017-02-06 05:28:56 UTC

Anyone got a lathe?

2017-02-06 05:29:04 UTC

We could custom make batons.

2017-02-06 05:29:11 UTC

We're not doing fucking batons

2017-02-06 05:29:13 UTC

Jesus fucking christ

2017-02-06 05:29:17 UTC

there is no non-lethel only less-than-lethal

2017-02-06 05:29:18 UTC

Weapons are on the table but simple shields already employed in riots are off the table?

2017-02-06 05:29:22 UTC

nigger fuck you, batons are cool as shit.

2017-02-06 05:29:29 UTC

Nigger neck yourself

2017-02-06 05:29:37 UTC

We are not a fucking police organization

2017-02-06 05:29:42 UTC

Good god damn this isn't fucking hard

2017-02-06 05:30:27 UTC

At the moment our plan for irl action isn't as an overt group

2017-02-06 05:30:29 UTC

It's as individuals

2017-02-06 05:30:41 UTC

Antifa brings batons and shit to fucking beat innocent people. Nigger, if we are going to be staring these people down in the streets and countering their protests we should be ready on their level.

2017-02-06 05:30:45 UTC

I'll be honest though, how do 5 of us stop 100 of them?

2017-02-06 05:30:47 UTC

Good for fucking them, let them

2017-02-06 05:30:52 UTC

so no shields?

2017-02-06 05:30:56 UTC

It shows the whole fucking world that they're the facists they claim to hate

2017-02-06 05:31:05 UTC

This is a culturual war

2017-02-06 05:31:06 UTC

Exposing these fucks to normies will me more effective than getting into fights with them

2017-02-06 05:31:08 UTC


2017-02-06 05:31:15 UTC

Culturual wars are won and lost in the PR of normalfags

2017-02-06 05:31:16 UTC

well all show up on horseback

2017-02-06 05:31:23 UTC

@Anticom LR They're pussies. They attack women and children and single men. You get a couple big guys with ***batons*** and they'll crumble.

2017-02-06 05:31:30 UTC

You wanna win a culturual war? You have to play the victim game

2017-02-06 05:31:37 UTC

We CAN NOT be the violent group

2017-02-06 05:31:42 UTC

Or even a reactionary force

2017-02-06 05:31:43 UTC

I wanna smash those fucks too but going out to fight them is just not as effective

2017-02-06 05:31:53 UTC

I don't think anyone on the left cares about the victim game

2017-02-06 05:31:57 UTC

for us

2017-02-06 05:32:00 UTC

You'd be surprised

2017-02-06 05:32:06 UTC

Berkely was actually a victory for us

2017-02-06 05:32:08 UTC

I think @tinaVey said it best: we're gonna be viewed as Nazis no matter what we do.

2017-02-06 05:32:09 UTC

One step at a time

2017-02-06 05:32:13 UTC

We likely won't have to even fight those pansies. Our presence alone would keep them in their be honest.

2017-02-06 05:32:19 UTC

Right now the most effective weapon against AntiFa is a camera

2017-02-06 05:32:21 UTC

here's something I put together


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