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DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:29:48 [Anticom #general]

Yea that's good

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:31:32 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:32:06 [Anticom #general]

You won't have to do because a 100 of us will inimidate them

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:32:44 [Anticom #general]

I wouldn't mind though casual Friday protest at CNN in NYC for example

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:38:51 [Anticom #general]

Looks like a penis is being rammed through its throat

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:40:30 [Anticom #general]

We also need a millionaire or billionaire to fund us

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:41:24 [Anticom #general]

Was making a kind of joke

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:41:33 [Anticom #general]

All of the left wing groups are funded by people like Soros

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:41:48 [Anticom #general]

Maybe Palmer Luckey

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:42:04 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:44:04 [Anticom #general]

Should we organize the movement to possibly random people outside of pol who want to join or should we wait until a site is up?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:44:14 [Anticom #general]

Advertise I meant

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:52:21 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:52:44 [Anticom #general]

They are going to be getting 300k rapefugees soon and their candidates all suck so they are done

DakGeth 2017-02-06 01:56:35 [Anticom #general]

So the whore was smart enough to not spit on Trump

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:06:24 [Anticom #general]

Yea but where did the penis going through the throat go?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:07:55 [Anticom #general]

yea plus the vains dude

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:27:06 [Anticom #general]

Eh I thought it was in reference to the snake poem

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:27:29 [Anticom #general]

Which turned into its own thing

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:28:39 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:29:01 [Anticom #general]

An eagle is also a symbol for an eagle

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:29:56 [Anticom #general]

Did Antifa pretty much rise greatly within the last 8 years in the USA or did I just start caring about it until recently?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:30:15 [Anticom #general]

I saw them in Europe years ago but never here

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:31:41 [Anticom #general]

@Crocodillo Yea, the dumbshit was at least smart enough not to pull that

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:31:55 [Anticom #general]

Rather she was probably told not to

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:33:59 [Anticom #general]

The March4Trump thing looks like it might be a thing in great numbers at least in DC

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:34:18 [Anticom #general]

I am currently more looking forward to the NYC one though

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:35:34 [Anticom #general]

Also, when should we start recruiting people into this? When chapters start meeting or when there is a site up? I have a feeling normies might not "get" this Discord

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:37:05 [Anticom #general]

So any suggestions for my previous question?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:38:07 [Anticom #general]

@Moonman Yea, the things saiid in here will probably push some people away to say the least ha

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:39:09 [Anticom #general]

I also didn't mean random normies, I just meant your average conservative or republican

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:41:39 [Anticom #general]

@Cœur de Lion I already have been hitting gthe gym for two months since Trump won, was meaning to look into what you said

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:42:54 [Anticom #general]

@Cœur de Lion Not for the purpose of fighting, it goes against degeneracy lol

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:43:56 [Anticom #general]

@Rush There is a Thai place next to me so I will probably do it on off days

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:46:29 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR We will ahve many more once a site and actual groups are setup, people are more willing to join once they actually see physically something there

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:48:00 [Anticom #general]

AntiCom is just giving people what should be their fucking rights in this country without being attacked

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:50:00 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR That would also include BLM heh

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:50:43 [Anticom #general]

It's also about showing that people like us exist, that what the leftists are screaming about isn't normal

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:51:32 [Anticom #general]

It isn't normal to have the threat of physical and property damage for wearing a hat of a president

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:52:21 [Anticom #general]

@Extra Crispy There hasn't really been a nationalist group to stand up to them

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:52:25 [Anticom #general]

or republicans or conservatives

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:53:07 [Anticom #general]

@ATG yup

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:53:53 [Anticom #general]

@Extra Crispy I assume you are not in communist NYC to have a gun right? Haha

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:56:57 [Anticom #general]

Yes, we definitely need rules and people who are experienced to instruct those who know this game better

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:57:39 [Anticom #general]

@ATG to be fair, the moment we protect civilians we will be labelled as Nazis anyways

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:58:36 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR How will we know who is who

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:58:45 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR We need some way to know

DakGeth 2017-02-06 02:59:34 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR Patches would be fine I guess or even USA flag bandanas

DakGeth 2017-02-06 03:00:00 [Anticom #general]

Yea, US flag bandanas would be a start

DakGeth 2017-02-06 03:00:27 [Anticom #general]

or even better, Thin Blue Line bandanas

DakGeth 2017-02-06 03:01:21 [Anticom #general]
DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:14:03 [Anticom #general]

@Cœur de Lion There arte also Trump marches coming up

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:14:32 [Anticom #general]

On March 4th

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:17:31 [Anticom #general]

Who is working on the site?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:18:09 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT Not to rush but is there anything close to being something to setup? We just need to vet

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:18:21 [Anticom #general]

And make some firm commitments and it's not safe to do it in here

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:18:34 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:22:40 [Anticom #general]

Weapon shows intent, a shield doesn't though

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:28:35 [Anticom #general]

Actually an actual group effort is to set ground rules for what we can and can't bring depending on the state

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:28:45 [Anticom #general]

We need people who know what they are talking about

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:28:51 [Anticom #general]

Who have experience rather than imagining things

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:35:24 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT Which is why there needs to be group leaders and chapter leaders telling people what they can and cannot do as well as bring

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:35:42 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT In terms of legal advice I mean

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:36:06 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT Yea we do, if one of the members in a chapter goes off rails and brings weapons that makes us all look bad

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:36:15 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT It is difficult for some people

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:38:04 [Anticom #general]

The best name suggestion I thought btw was Sons of Jackson

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:38:25 [Anticom #general]

The name is good but Sons of Jackson is great

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:38:48 [Anticom #general]

Yea one of the original names suggested

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:39:26 [Anticom #general]

Yea, that's fine, not advocating any name change, just throught it was good

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:45:38 [Anticom #general]

@Cœur de Lion So I guess we should hope BLM doesn't show up too? lol

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:46:27 [Anticom #general]

USA is a huge country, will take many years but leftists are giving them a path

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:50:32 [Anticom #general]

What about chicken tendies?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:50:39 [Anticom #general]

Can we throw chicken tendies at them?

DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:50:42 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-06 05:53:42 [Anticom #general]

@CaduceusImperium Yea obviously nothing concrete in here, there are about a million ideas for a ton of different things so not a huge issue

DakGeth 2017-02-07 01:09:23 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:35:10 [Anticom #general]

@jello Not when people bring /pol/ shit they won't

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:36:48 [Anticom #general]

@jello You do realize that normie supporters might come to the discord and see nazi and dindu shit and immediately turn away from that right?

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:37:03 [Anticom #general]

There is a link off the FB

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:37:19 [Anticom #general]

I'm saying to not leak /pol/ into meetings

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:37:55 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:37:58 [Anticom #general]

I agree

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:38:45 [Anticom #general]

So that's why you turn away people who are too immature to take this seriously and owuld rather abolish the image of this group with a heil hitler salute

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:39:02 [Anticom #general]

All you need is one idiot

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:42:00 [Anticom #general]

Also insane vetting will need to be required

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:42:15 [Anticom #general]

From the organizers of the group down to the local chapters

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:46:21 [Anticom #general]

@jello That's fine but for all you know you could be talking to an antifa member, this entire group could be set up by one, etc. This shit should be determined first thing

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:47:52 [Anticom #general]

We should call ourselves abolishionists because the left promotes slavery through the introduction of illegal aliens and other foreign invaders for unreasnoably low wages

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:48:50 [Anticom #general]

What fucking retards, they are crying for more illegals so people can pay them nothing and to live in shit conditions. Sound familiar? They are literally advocating for slavery.

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:50:11 [Anticom #general]

There are Trump marches occuring on March 4th btw

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:50:37 [Anticom #general]

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:50:54 [Anticom #general]

DC for now, trying to get NYC

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:51:00 [Anticom #general]

NYC would be amazing

DakGeth 2017-02-07 03:51:07 [Anticom #general]

the amount of screeching would be fucking insane

DakGeth 2017-02-07 22:41:16 [Anticom #general]

Wtf, why was discord only showing 10 people in here for several minutes?

DakGeth 2017-02-07 22:42:33 [Anticom #general]

Oh, I thought the room was purged or something

DakGeth 2017-02-07 22:55:16 [Anticom #general]

fractals are things

DakGeth 2017-02-08 01:49:44 [Anticom #general]

What type of food is going to be allowed at the meetups?

DakGeth 2017-02-08 01:50:32 [Anticom #general]

@DoctorPiss Ha good point

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:15:28 [Anticom #general]

Yea obviously don't do an article

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:15:34 [Anticom #general]

At this point, what dumb shit

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:16:13 [Anticom #general]

@troe I think it should have been closed days ago and then have one very filtered one when the site launches

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:17:41 [Anticom #general]

For some reason it's not, seems liek a smart thing to do

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:17:47 [Anticom #general]

Doesn't I meant

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:20:21 [Anticom #general]

@🅱arD Great but this discord is still open, linked on FB/twitter, probably some from Antifa, saying stupid shit

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:21:48 [Anticom #general]

I'm more concerned that it a couple days past Sunday and /pol/ is still leaking in a public discord

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:22:06 [Anticom #general]

For what is aiming to be a tangible group

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:23:44 [Anticom #general]

@🅱arD It doesn't help when people joining here have 14/88 shit in their names and are spamming it

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:24:48 [Anticom #general]

@troe No one should care if you are or anyone else is but for the purpose this group, common sense dictates you put that shit away

DakGeth 2017-02-08 05:25:10 [Anticom #general]

@troe Not directed to you, in general

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:39:46 [Anticom #general]

Gross disgusting shit

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:39:54 [Anticom #general]

That video alone should make people pissed off

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:40:45 [Anticom #general]

If the group ever gets big enough we should form splinter protest groups in front of CNN, Netflix for anti-white garbage

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:41:39 [Anticom #general]

I wish there would be communist imprisonment camps

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:42:10 [Anticom #general]

Unfortunately our republic does not allow for actual action to take place as seen through a simple fucking executive order

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:42:27 [Anticom #general]

When the system is filled with traitors, your checks and balances become one sided

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:44:25 [Anticom #general]

So you are selling "I want my car scratched and be followed" shirts? lol

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:46:14 [Anticom #general]

Explain what a picture is?

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:48:20 [Anticom #general]

Instead of uniforms why don't we just use facepaint and happy colors?

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:48:33 [Anticom #general]

We could all wear facepaint bright colors

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:49:47 [Anticom #general]

No, war paint is done

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:49:59 [Anticom #general]

We are doing war paint, it's perfect

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:50:51 [Anticom #general]

War paint is cheap, has no associations with any ideology and covers your face for identity

DakGeth 2017-02-08 22:51:26 [Anticom #general]

If you want sure

DakGeth 2017-02-09 01:47:28 [Anticom #general]

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe I was at the gym dude training for our movement

DakGeth 2017-02-09 01:48:31 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-09 23:15:34 [Anticom #general]

Fucking dicksuck court traitor is not keeping ban

DakGeth 2017-02-09 23:16:36 [Anticom #general]

This is why a republic is shit if it's filled with disgusting communist shits and neocons

DakGeth 2017-02-09 23:16:40 [Anticom #general]

Nothing is done

DakGeth 2017-02-09 23:17:40 [Anticom #general]

In the Phillipines the judge would have been put into a camp by now

DakGeth 2017-02-09 23:18:34 [Anticom #general]

I hope we shift with leadership as in the Phillipines with actual camps for these shits

DakGeth 2017-02-10 01:22:58 [Anticom #general]

There are now several Trump rallies coming up in March

DakGeth 2017-02-10 01:24:00 [Anticom #general]

If you want an easy instance to advertise, we need people to be at those with signs advertising

DakGeth 2017-02-15 04:25:13 [Anticom #general]

They are really going apeshit on the Russian garbage

DakGeth 2017-02-15 04:25:41 [Anticom #general]

Enough to the point where I am paranoid that the CIA will produce bullshit

DakGeth 2017-02-15 04:28:37 [Anticom #general]

Yea haha

DakGeth 2017-02-15 04:32:00 [Anticom #general]

Yea we were trained well in /pol/

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:19:14 [Anticom #general]

Why would you want a conflict with one of the few places which has purged degenracy?

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:19:49 [Anticom #general]

Leftist journalists are banned from either talking or killed, protests are brutally cracked down on, the woman are overall rightwing relatively speaking

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:20:11 [Anticom #general]

This country on the other hand is still falling to complete shit btw

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:20:36 [Anticom #general]

Because for 50 years communists ahve infiltrated academia and media

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:21:00 [Anticom #general]

Free speech ends once you have people who literally are trying to radically change the nature of the USA

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:21:03 [Anticom #general]

and destroy it

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:21:41 [Anticom #general]

In order for Trump to have any effect he literally has to turn into a complete authoritarian by imprisoning a majority of educators, allowing full force to shut down leftwing groups

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:22:18 [Anticom #general]

I do

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:22:53 [Anticom #general]

Men in Russia come home to women who look good and can cook still btw. Americans come home to fat pigs who cry about abdul being barred from the USA and rapefugees

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:23:20 [Anticom #general]


DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:23:26 [Anticom #general]

I live in New England and there are none

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:23:41 [Anticom #general]

The good looking ones are are leftist retards

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:23:49 [Anticom #general]

Yea but I'd have to go to Austin

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:23:53 [Anticom #general]

Due to have a tech background

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:24:12 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA lol not even for a free apartment

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:24:58 [Anticom #general]

I need to find a place with tech jobs and that isn't a libtard shithole

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:25:15 [Anticom #general]

Somewhere in TN or Jacksonville I was thinking

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:25:59 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA Are there?

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:26:12 [Anticom #general]

By tech I don't mean IT, programming

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:27:12 [Anticom #general]

Yea but TN and Jacksonville have nice weather

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:29:46 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA That would be a fun job

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:30:37 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA I assume though you need to have a background in actual engineering though and low-level programming experience

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:31:17 [Anticom #general]

@Chancellor Of course, why do you think most women in NYC for example are single?

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:33:04 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA I already had enough of an experience with people from California when I had to endure them in CO

DakGeth 2017-02-19 05:34:35 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA Along with Austin

DakGeth 2017-02-22 05:44:12 [Anticom #general]

A previous friend I had served in marines as he wanted to simply kill, became a mercenary after and now is kind of retired somehow at 31

DakGeth 2017-02-22 05:45:27 [Anticom #general]

@🅱arD In the USA initially it woul dbe a small minority. We have it still VERY good in the USA. In order to get a large portion of the population fighting an incredible amount of things owuld have to fail

DakGeth 2017-02-22 05:46:11 [Anticom #general]

@🅱arD You are asking that question while most conservatives are too afraid to go out and even protest lol

DakGeth 2017-02-22 05:46:22 [Anticom #general]

Even too lazy to go out to a march

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