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2017-02-05 22:08:48 UTC

I though we were going to eliminate this stuff?


2017-02-05 22:09:03 UTC


2017-02-05 22:09:06 UTC

the best thing we could do

2017-02-05 22:09:11 UTC

is set up a fake activism website

2017-02-05 22:09:15 UTC

and spread it around

2017-02-05 22:09:18 UTC

and farm IPs

2017-02-05 22:09:20 UTC

and names

2017-02-05 22:09:23 UTC


2017-02-05 22:09:25 UTC

This is not the place for false flags

2017-02-05 22:09:46 UTC

>reddit 😂

2017-02-05 22:10:03 UTC


2017-02-05 22:10:18 UTC

We cant have a website this popular showing us being racist.

2017-02-05 22:10:32 UTC

dear g-d don't be racist

2017-02-05 22:10:45 UTC

<:AnimeThump:219459186629541889> FUCKING RACISTS

2017-02-05 22:10:46 UTC


2017-02-05 22:10:51 UTC

top kek

2017-02-05 22:11:11 UTC


2017-02-05 22:11:20 UTC

Hey Lads

2017-02-05 22:11:21 UTC

As a white male I dont really care but if we want to spread we cant have it.

2017-02-05 22:11:22 UTC


2017-02-05 22:11:22 UTC


2017-02-05 22:11:24 UTC

Our main purpose is as a token resistance to antifa in order to show that theirs is not the only available side and maintain public morale. Our image when we act in public must be immaculate. Even in protests. ESPECIALLY IN PROTESTS.

2017-02-05 22:11:29 UTC

where did you get that @DoctorPiss

2017-02-05 22:11:43 UTC

made myself

2017-02-05 22:11:55 UTC

trying to show why worrying too hard about organization and central leadership is dumb

2017-02-05 22:12:15 UTC

this is like the chanology raid except less faggoty

2017-02-05 22:12:25 UTC

a lot of people, with different backgrounds, different 'crews' of people

2017-02-05 22:12:31 UTC


2017-02-05 22:12:35 UTC

going after AnarchoCOmmies because fuck these guys

2017-02-05 22:12:36 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe Shit man you really got to remove your account from that mod and make a new one. I'm not sure how that would have even worked in the first place.

2017-02-05 22:12:36 UTC

indeed. We just have to get local groups off the ground. From that point on we can be almost independent.

2017-02-05 22:12:38 UTC

With heirarchy comes pushing people oout

2017-02-05 22:13:06 UTC

Haupsturmfuhrer is interested in things like civil service and protecting innocents at protests

2017-02-05 22:13:06 UTC

I'm planing on creating a British Branch of Anticom, any Anons care to help out?

2017-02-05 22:13:07 UTC


2017-02-05 22:13:07 UTC

is there anyway we can weaponize the memes?

2017-02-05 22:13:31 UTC

@MONARCH Pass me colors you'd want and I can make an insignia for you.

2017-02-05 22:13:42 UTC

@DoctorPiss this. As much as we want to fight, public relations must be our top priority

2017-02-05 22:13:51 UTC

So far we have American, German, and Swedish insignias figured out (not symbols on the last 2)

2017-02-05 22:14:00 UTC

yes, and you guys are going to do fantastic at that

2017-02-05 22:14:05 UTC

anti-communist movement = god

2017-02-05 22:14:06 UTC


2017-02-05 22:14:16 UTC

@MONARCH are you talking about Brits going over to the US? I'm thinking of doing that

2017-02-05 22:14:33 UTC

i'm just having a hard time explaining the concept of how ad-hoc groups of people are forming and coming together and why they are doing it

2017-02-05 22:14:41 UTC

Monarch, we can't split our efforts. America first, because antifa has already gone tumorous there.

2017-02-05 22:14:41 UTC

@DoctorPiss as long as we dont shill fascism in public.

Please don't. It will end up.

2017-02-05 22:14:45 UTC

After that, europe.

2017-02-05 22:14:57 UTC

half the appeal of fucking with Antifa is they bash "fascists" who aren't

2017-02-05 22:15:04 UTC

We need all anticommunist groups to merge into one @DoctorPiss . That way we are much more powerful

2017-02-05 22:15:04 UTC

going out and giving them what they want to bash won't help

2017-02-05 22:15:14 UTC

With all due respect, that is retarded

2017-02-05 22:15:18 UTC

@Anticom LR Yellow and Black are fine, just a British Flag instead of an American one (obviously)

2017-02-05 22:15:23 UTC

Decentralization is key

2017-02-05 22:15:24 UTC
2017-02-05 22:15:33 UTC

You want all groups to merge into one- why?

2017-02-05 22:15:33 UTC

@Anticom LR Easy on the globalist rhetoric there, Shlomo.

2017-02-05 22:15:41 UTC

You want us all answering to you?

2017-02-05 22:15:56 UTC

I love the idea of one umbrella group coordinating and making headway

2017-02-05 22:16:04 UTC

I mean I'm not talking about political groups like identitarian, just groups that are only for anti-communist reasons, kek

2017-02-05 22:16:06 UTC

But it's going to be a lot of different varied groups working together

2017-02-05 22:16:10 UTC

and you need to accept that

2017-02-05 22:16:33 UTC

and not everyone is going to get on board with a hierarchy of power structure

2017-02-05 22:16:42 UTC

and as someone who sees what happens with power structures

2017-02-05 22:16:43 UTC

@DoctorPiss No I agree, one centralised group with multiple Branches

2017-02-05 22:16:44 UTC

We need a figure head

2017-02-05 22:16:50 UTC

we do not need a figure head

2017-02-05 22:16:57 UTC

in fact, that will hurt more than it helps

2017-02-05 22:17:01 UTC

because the moment they slip up

2017-02-05 22:17:05 UTC

or pull a richard spencer

2017-02-05 22:17:11 UTC


2017-02-05 22:17:14 UTC

or even if they don't fuck up, some antifa chucklefuck will still go punch them

2017-02-05 22:17:24 UTC

and parade it around as a crushing defeat

2017-02-05 22:17:25 UTC

no figureheads

2017-02-05 22:17:27 UTC

agreed no almighty faggot

2017-02-05 22:17:27 UTC

Or at least one main group to rally under

2017-02-05 22:17:38 UTC

A centralized information network to exploit is good, but unlike antifa, we can't transport everyone in our organization to the same place ever time something happens. Cells separated by distance can only help each other so much

2017-02-05 22:17:39 UTC

a lot of people REALLLLLLY want to be in charge over other people

2017-02-05 22:17:39 UTC

what does our flag look like?!?!

2017-02-05 22:17:46 UTC

it's almost as if we have a lot of unironic natsocs 😄

2017-02-05 22:17:46 UTC

is in server pic?

2017-02-05 22:17:53 UTC


2017-02-05 22:17:54 UTC

Hello fellow commie haters.

2017-02-05 22:18:00 UTC

Guten Abend.

2017-02-05 22:18:04 UTC

Wie geht es dir?

2017-02-05 22:18:07 UTC

Dzień dobry!

2017-02-05 22:18:12 UTC

Mate I'm perfectly fine with that, I'm just saying that we've got plenty of anti-communist anti-leftist groups that are all pretty much nobodies. We need to go mainstream if we actually want to make a difference.

2017-02-05 22:18:17 UTC

Look at how RWSS worked

2017-02-05 22:18:19 UTC

how i picture antifa


2017-02-05 22:18:20 UTC

just look at that

2017-02-05 22:18:22 UTC

Chill out with the whole "you just want power!" thing, I don't want shit. Fuck off if you think otherwise.

2017-02-05 22:18:25 UTC

Ah, Ich spreche Englisch und Deutsch, entschuldigung.

2017-02-05 22:18:45 UTC

"I don't need power goy I just need to be in charge and people need to take orders from us"

2017-02-05 22:18:49 UTC

@Anticom LR Are you referring to me?

2017-02-05 22:18:54 UTC

We're talking about doing a more involved version of RWSS

2017-02-05 22:18:56 UTC


2017-02-05 22:18:56 UTC

I didn't mean to come across that way, sorry.

2017-02-05 22:18:58 UTC


2017-02-05 22:18:59 UTC

Ah, my bad

2017-02-05 22:19:00 UTC


2017-02-05 22:19:01 UTC


2017-02-05 22:19:01 UTC

I don't want to be in charge at all. I've literally said I don't want to do anything irl.

2017-02-05 22:19:03 UTC

RWSS worked because it was decentralized with a clear central goal

2017-02-05 22:19:07 UTC

Half the people in here are way too powerhungry

2017-02-05 22:19:23 UTC


2017-02-05 22:19:32 UTC

Not sure why you think I'm powerhungry kek I'm just making designs for anticom.

2017-02-05 22:19:38 UTC
2017-02-05 22:19:43 UTC

then why are you advocating for central control so much lol

2017-02-05 22:19:49 UTC

@Anticom LR Not doing anything irl is the best option

2017-02-05 22:19:50 UTC

LR doesn't need to be a figurehead or have much power to perform basic administrative functions.

2017-02-05 22:20:15 UTC

I'm not advocating for central control, chill out with the whole government complex

2017-02-05 22:20:16 UTC

you only need administrative functions for things like civil service, cleaning up after protests etc

2017-02-05 22:20:24 UTC

and Haupsturm has that under control i think'

2017-02-05 22:20:36 UTC

I'm advocating for one group to rally under instead of 50 anti-communist groups in general that stand for nothing and are not mainstream at all

2017-02-05 22:20:36 UTC

Quite so

2017-02-05 22:20:39 UTC

And running the twitter and appointing mods

2017-02-05 22:20:48 UTC

Anticom doesn't need to have an autistic ranking system

2017-02-05 22:20:53 UTC


2017-02-05 22:20:55 UTC


2017-02-05 22:20:55 UTC

Just a basic chain of command is all that's needed

2017-02-05 22:21:00 UTC

@Festus Omega - TX That's a very communist way of looking at things, leaders who share equal power to civilians

2017-02-05 22:21:03 UTC

yes, remember RWSS

2017-02-05 22:21:06 UTC

this is RWSS on steroids

2017-02-05 22:21:14 UTC

I dont know why people are advocating for some military style ranking system, that sounds like mil-sim tier LARPing

2017-02-05 22:21:20 UTC

We just have national director >> regional director >> state director >> ground troops

2017-02-05 22:21:21 UTC

RWSS had a few guys who kept doing the RWSS GENERAL threads

2017-02-05 22:21:23 UTC

and kept things directed

2017-02-05 22:21:35 UTC

but from there down it was a free for all

2017-02-05 22:21:36 UTC

We don't need sergeants and lieutenants and such

2017-02-05 22:21:39 UTC

that's what encourages brilliance

2017-02-05 22:22:21 UTC

@Anticom LR Can we create a British Text Channel? I'd like to see the type of people who are willing to help out.

2017-02-05 22:22:24 UTC

We should bring back safety squads. seeing them get evicted was great

2017-02-05 22:22:46 UTC

@MONARCH Ask Pepe, I'm not a mod

2017-02-05 22:22:52 UTC

here's an example of what needs to be happening

2017-02-05 22:22:58 UTC

does anyone popular hashtags that communists and antifa uses?

2017-02-05 22:23:03 UTC

a guy is being beaten down and a UFC fighter wades in, drags him out

2017-02-05 22:23:13 UTC

doesn't fight them, but could have defended himself if needed

2017-02-05 22:23:28 UTC


2017-02-05 22:23:47 UTC

@Anticom LR Thanks for the advice

2017-02-05 22:24:06 UTC

antifa is funded by globalists who want them to get violent

2017-02-05 22:24:14 UTC

its best that we dont get violent back if all possible

2017-02-05 22:24:14 UTC

Anyone know any popular hashtags antifa and communists use?

2017-02-05 22:24:17 UTC

just a reminder

2017-02-05 22:25:04 UTC

well im a take off for a bit

2017-02-05 22:25:17 UTC

I'm in favor of incapacitating sprays and stun weapons. We will very likely be attacked.

2017-02-05 22:25:19 UTC

something about feb 17 @SwedeScania

2017-02-05 22:25:24 UTC

theyre planninga protest

2017-02-05 22:25:28 UTC


2017-02-05 22:25:35 UTC

that will ruin the immage

2017-02-05 22:25:36 UTC

you could always go to the anarchism reddit thing

2017-02-05 22:25:40 UTC

if misshandled 1 time

2017-02-05 22:25:46 UTC

what currency will anticom use?!?! bitcoin?

2017-02-05 22:25:52 UTC


2017-02-05 22:26:01 UTC

why would we need currency

2017-02-05 22:26:15 UTC

brb phonecall

2017-02-05 22:26:19 UTC

@bukowskii just showing up to get our assessment kicked makes this whole endeavor moot. People are already doing that.

2017-02-05 22:26:22 UTC

@Yvaen no fiat controlled by central banks!

2017-02-05 22:26:26 UTC

honestly, if you're gonna bring mace, you might as well arm up, legally you might as well be fully armed, this pepperball stuff is mental fapping

2017-02-05 22:26:42 UTC


2017-02-05 22:26:48 UTC

stingers, jej

2017-02-05 22:26:51 UTC

<@!253729492407812112> lol

2017-02-05 22:27:03 UTC
2017-02-05 22:27:05 UTC

@Festus Omega - TX Surely we should focus on aid and Community Help after riots, not creating more violence

2017-02-05 22:27:13 UTC

Of course

2017-02-05 22:27:36 UTC

do you guys listen to christopher cantwell

2017-02-05 22:27:38 UTC

hes my new favorite

2017-02-05 22:27:43 UTC

I thought aid and community service was the purpose of this group

2017-02-05 22:27:43 UTC


2017-02-05 22:27:46 UTC


2017-02-05 22:27:49 UTC


2017-02-05 22:27:55 UTC

It is, and should be @Anticom LR#9355

2017-02-05 22:27:56 UTC

@Festus Omega - TX So the idea of weapon's would create distrust within communities

2017-02-05 22:28:09 UTC

We kike now or are we going for the community approach?

2017-02-05 22:28:51 UTC

I'm just saying if it comes to it, there ways of protecting ourselves and others which have fewer negative connotations than shooting and even the fistfights that have been suggested alreafy

2017-02-05 22:28:53 UTC

is anticom a good name

2017-02-05 22:29:12 UTC

You can't have weapons it makes any crime you commit premeditated.

2017-02-05 22:29:23 UTC

If you do have a ccw no need to talk about it.

2017-02-05 22:29:27 UTC

I believe an excellent way of treating this groups policy is that of a pacifist's Vietcong, fighting for the peoples will using diversionary tactics and excellent public relations

2017-02-05 22:29:31 UTC

i about to retweet


2017-02-05 22:29:53 UTC

Doesn't matter if its self defence or not your not law enforcment

2017-02-05 22:30:40 UTC

One antifa at least has already been shot in self defense, and the shooter was let off with no charge after the police surveyed the evidence. We can get away with an aerosol.

2017-02-05 22:30:42 UTC

@Steven Having a weapon for self defense does not matter? ......................

2017-02-05 22:30:49 UTC

@Steven *you're. We're not savages, use the Queen's English.

2017-02-05 22:31:37 UTC

I just want to say that I do admire how passionate they are

2017-02-05 22:31:51 UTC

I was once arrested for beating this guy down that jumped me. I was told that if I could have ran away and didn;t its still assault. Granted the other guy was arrested also.

2017-02-05 22:31:53 UTC

@Festus Omega - TX just because we can doesn't mean we should, we must be better than our enemy

2017-02-05 22:32:04 UTC
2017-02-05 22:32:17 UTC

If you can legally carry do so.

2017-02-05 22:32:31 UTC

When you bring weapons it changes everything especialy if you use them.

2017-02-05 22:32:49 UTC

@Steven I agree, we are not terrorists

2017-02-05 22:32:50 UTC

Hi gabe

2017-02-05 22:33:24 UTC

I thought the purpose of this group was to ensure right wing events can go ahead? ie provide security etc like RWSS, everyone's talking about being pacifists, somebody mentioned just hanging around waiting for people to get beat up and give them first aid... what the fuck is the point in this?

2017-02-05 22:33:47 UTC

No shit @Steven a bullet will save a life. Just because you're limp wristed does not mean I am.

2017-02-05 22:33:51 UTC

so we just hang around the edge of a Milo protest, and put plasters on people who get beat up?

2017-02-05 22:34:01 UTC

who here <#276942891480383489> master race? 🙌

2017-02-05 22:34:06 UTC

No, we'll be preventing violence with riot control tactics, using ballistic shield formations and such @Cœur de Lion

2017-02-05 22:34:10 UTC

I wonder if the people who suggest such stupid ideas are just uninformed or are Antifa also whats with the nazi shit and homphobic slurs that I was seeing last time I was on?

2017-02-05 22:34:12 UTC

@Cœur de Lion the point is to combat antifa, that does not require violence

2017-02-05 22:34:40 UTC

combat violent people without violence, that's sound logic

2017-02-05 22:34:58 UTC

<@!253729492407812112> half chan, or the real one?

2017-02-05 22:35:10 UTC


2017-02-05 22:35:13 UTC

we got any writefags in here

2017-02-05 22:35:15 UTC

they're going to beat you up, they're going to hit you with hammers, and flagpoles, can't stop them wih a fetaher duster

2017-02-05 22:35:18 UTC

I need to start churning out good articles

2017-02-05 22:35:23 UTC

<@!253729492407812112> oooh

2017-02-05 22:35:25 UTC

and I can do it, but I'm wound up ediitng video

2017-02-05 22:35:31 UTC

Your not combating violence your protecting anothers free speech.

2017-02-05 22:35:53 UTC


2017-02-05 22:35:58 UTC


2017-02-05 22:36:01 UTC

Has anyone here come from the donald?

2017-02-05 22:36:05 UTC


2017-02-05 22:36:08 UTC

to protect an event, from violent protesters, you're going to have to use more than colourful language

2017-02-05 22:36:09 UTC

8pol is where people ran when they couldn't handle the "seven steps of cuckolding"

2017-02-05 22:36:36 UTC

Okay, restraint in taking violent action made sense. The sudden flood of people claiming total pacifism is making me suspicious. People are already going to these protests just to be beaten. Us going alongside them will add nothing to that.

2017-02-05 22:36:37 UTC

If there just tearing up the city then let them it buids public oppinion against the left but if there is an event and you keep the protesters from shutting it down that thats differant.

2017-02-05 22:36:38 UTC

@Cœur de Lion you are rather narrow minded my friend, we don't have to be violent to end violence, you just have to turn the public again them

2017-02-05 22:36:43 UTC


2017-02-05 22:36:50 UTC

and then biker gangs will beat them

2017-02-05 22:36:51 UTC

@Cœur de Lion agreed @Steven just wants everyone to get beat and film it.

2017-02-05 22:36:52 UTC

>tfw live in NJ

2017-02-05 22:36:56 UTC

I haven't been to the donald in my life

2017-02-05 22:36:58 UTC

>getting guns is close to impossible

2017-02-05 22:36:58 UTC

the public doesn't hold biker gangs to moral criticism, they're just bikers

2017-02-05 22:36:59 UTC

What's it like?

2017-02-05 22:37:02 UTC

Just fuck my shit up

2017-02-05 22:37:12 UTC

@Darjeeling >tfw in UK

2017-02-05 22:37:25 UTC

Same lmao

2017-02-05 22:37:25 UTC

I want Trump to institute federal CCW and gun laws

2017-02-05 22:37:30 UTC

I want a gun damn it

2017-02-05 22:37:40 UTC

can this be our flag?

2017-02-05 22:37:44 UTC

I can't even get a pistol until I'm 21

2017-02-05 22:37:52 UTC

I can get an AR though :^)

2017-02-05 22:38:09 UTC

@Tonald Drump we already have one buddy just ask @Anticom LR

2017-02-05 22:38:21 UTC

we dont have a flag

2017-02-05 22:38:22 UTC


2017-02-05 22:38:29 UTC

just a symbol

2017-02-05 22:38:29 UTC


2017-02-05 22:38:33 UTC


2017-02-05 22:38:35 UTC

Well insignia, @Anticom LR

2017-02-05 22:38:40 UTC

@MONARCH aah gotcha

2017-02-05 22:38:54 UTC

@Steven keep them from doing it HOW? None of the conventional requirements for a successful civil resistance are present. If we are going to resist, we must be willing to take violent action if they come to us in kind.

2017-02-05 22:38:58 UTC

I wonder if we should ironically have a flag with our symbol

2017-02-05 22:39:03 UTC


2017-02-05 22:39:04 UTC


2017-02-05 22:39:21 UTC

There has been over 800 feloney arrests of Antifa members those convicted have ruined there lives,

2017-02-05 22:39:21 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe this makes us seem like rebels, we are very much pro America, Sweden etc etc

2017-02-05 22:39:27 UTC

We are not a country

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