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2017-08-27 08:06:24 UTC

@Salad Snake - CA that makes our job easier...no redpill like minority status

2017-08-27 08:06:58 UTC

@Salad Snake - CA yeah, you see (((white))) babies, but the lot are jews where you live

2017-08-27 08:23:42 UTC

lol no dox

2017-08-27 09:17:31 UTC

@Salad Snake - CA more normal whites are waking up

2017-08-27 09:17:47 UTC

10 years ago you wouldnt have white normies defending people at cville

2017-08-27 11:33:02 UTC

this is great recruitment material. it really makes you think.

2017-08-27 11:40:11 UTC

That guy is so scared the Alt Right is going to take away his brown ladyboys.

2017-08-27 12:20:46 UTC

🏎 <:wewuzkangs:283520748256231425> πŸš“

2017-08-27 12:51:04 UTC

@ReaganBattalion has been unmasked and he's a Hasidic Jew. Ben Shapiro and Kassy Dollop all wrapped up in it. Please spread.

2017-08-27 12:51:34 UTC

@everyone see above

2017-08-27 12:55:11 UTC

It's hilarious literally a bunch of shady Jews

2017-08-27 13:07:03 UTC

arent you glad that your ancestors let jews into the USA

2017-08-27 13:07:12 UTC


2017-08-27 13:07:14 UTC

now you can enjoy all this diversity and vibrancy

2017-08-27 13:07:14 UTC


2017-08-27 13:08:34 UTC


2017-08-27 13:10:13 UTC

I just made a thread on TRS what about "Charlottesville: the speeches they never wanted you to hear". Have everyone record the speech they were going to give and make it into a little special episode.

2017-08-27 13:20:08 UTC

These fucking people will pay dearly

2017-08-27 13:22:43 UTC

is the real mel gibson on twitter?

2017-08-27 13:26:43 UTC

Good question let's see

2017-08-27 13:27:59 UTC

Doesn't look like it

2017-08-27 13:36:04 UTC

@OrwellHuxley i like that idea. Running the gauntlet and waiting for several hours only to be kicked out and setup by police and ending up in a Twitter moment for 24 hrs from the night rally, would really make it all worth while imho...(although i think it was worth while anyway)

2017-08-27 13:38:30 UTC

Thx. Yeah would be a cool thing to do.

2017-08-27 13:57:05 UTC


2017-08-27 13:57:23 UTC

Streisand effect

2017-08-27 13:57:43 UTC

It is giving it major publicity

2017-08-27 14:04:02 UTC

Why did it get such a spike after 3 years?

2017-08-27 14:04:23 UTC

it got put in limited state

2017-08-27 14:04:51 UTC

first video to have that so tons of people have made videos on it

2017-08-27 14:10:18 UTC

Idk what that means

2017-08-27 14:12:17 UTC

ok so looks like the censorship is misfiring MASSIVELY?

2017-08-27 14:13:54 UTC

The giant is waking

2017-08-27 14:14:09 UTC

Every day we get more people

2017-08-27 14:14:17 UTC

its a panic reaction on their part

2017-08-27 14:14:23 UTC

It's almost like the Jew wants a racewar

2017-08-27 14:14:24 UTC

notice also the russian narrative has died

2017-08-27 14:14:31 UTC


2017-08-27 14:14:31 UTC

now its the trump = nazi narrative

2017-08-27 14:14:43 UTC

@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia it's jewtube's new censorship method - it means that the video can't be shared, ratings and comments are disabled, you can't go to the channel from the video, the video won't come up in recommended videos

2017-08-27 14:14:48 UTC

they didnt want to give us publicity before

2017-08-27 14:14:52 UTC

so they avoided talking about us

2017-08-27 14:14:57 UTC

so now that they are, they want to shut us down

2017-08-27 14:15:01 UTC

keep more people from seeing us

2017-08-27 14:15:05 UTC

The Juden always make the same misake..'never satisfied with infiltration, always the Juden push their hateful agenda'. I said these word to a prominat Jude in my town!

2017-08-27 14:15:55 UTC


2017-08-27 14:16:40 UTC

But that doesn't make sense

2017-08-27 14:16:41 UTC

their culture/genes don't allow anything else. Its like asking whites to be happy living in a resource-rich land and not building a strong civ

2017-08-27 14:16:56 UTC

If that censorship was working you'd be getting no views

2017-08-27 14:17:04 UTC

Not a spike of them

2017-08-27 14:17:19 UTC

individuals might disagree/ act differently, but group behavior is pretty predictable

2017-08-27 14:17:49 UTC

exactly it's the streisand effect as lupus put it

2017-08-27 14:19:32 UTC

lol that one hurt

2017-08-27 14:19:55 UTC

You guys seen the narrative of that guy who 'shot' at the nigger

2017-08-27 14:20:46 UTC

On my 18th birthday i saet a goal ns society by 2020

2017-08-27 14:21:06 UTC

myabe I was 2 years optimistic

2017-08-27 14:23:05 UTC

I think it'll be a while till something really happens

2017-08-27 14:23:46 UTC

lol by 2020

2017-08-27 14:23:49 UTC

who the fuck are you kidding man

2017-08-27 14:24:39 UTC

it will take a generation

2017-08-27 14:30:07 UTC

@mosheberg88 I thought you weren't NatSoc

2017-08-27 14:30:11 UTC

I thought you were better than that

2017-08-27 14:30:13 UTC

Such a shame

2017-08-27 14:30:45 UTC

Steve, im drinking, but you must be on drugs if you think there is something better than NS

2017-08-27 14:31:02 UTC


2017-08-27 14:31:02 UTC

How could you know if there's any better if you don't even know what it is?

2017-08-27 14:31:21 UTC

No one group of NS can define NS

2017-08-27 14:31:24 UTC

I've tried

2017-08-27 14:31:37 UTC

Hyper milatrism , a society totally dedicated to racial impremant struggle and wearfighting

2017-08-27 14:31:56 UTC

Yes, this is what i want.

2017-08-27 14:32:03 UTC

You could create a society like that without calling it NS, what you really want is Hitlerism

2017-08-27 14:32:18 UTC

That's what Nazi Germany was, it was Hitlerism

2017-08-27 14:32:28 UTC

NS died after Long Knives

2017-08-27 14:32:44 UTC

Steve, sorry M8 to ask, but are you a Jew or a Strassersist?

2017-08-27 14:32:59 UTC

shut up and rebute what I'm saying, fuckwit

2017-08-27 14:33:05 UTC

Enough with the jew talk

2017-08-27 14:33:13 UTC


2017-08-27 14:33:19 UTC

I prefer ethnic Fascism

2017-08-27 14:33:32 UTC

This is why I don't take NS seriously, you always try to bully people into agreeing with you by suggesting they are jewish

2017-08-27 14:33:59 UTC

NS died after the SA was replaced by the SS - Hitler's protection squad. NS is not "hyper militarism"

2017-08-27 14:34:16 UTC

The left bully people into agreeing with them, it has worked, its called bio9logy. aka dominace heirachy

2017-08-27 14:34:21 UTC

NS is about taking away class and replacing it with ethnic and racial solidarity.

2017-08-27 14:34:28 UTC

Hyper-militarism was Hitlerist autarky, which means you would like your preferred country to just take other people's territory whilse claiming neo-cons are losers.

2017-08-27 14:34:42 UTC


2017-08-27 14:34:54 UTC

Jesus christ

2017-08-27 14:34:57 UTC

the SA were a week cancer that would have infected the volok with pooopdick. The Fuhrere was wise to exorcise that cancer

2017-08-27 14:35:05 UTC

There was hierarchy and class in NS, it was just rebranded

2017-08-27 14:35:08 UTC

NS's hyper militarism was the result of the time period it was in, the necessity of a total war economy

2017-08-27 14:35:14 UTC

The aristocracy was interwoven into the nazi party

2017-08-27 14:35:17 UTC

and the need to defend itself vs the USSR

2017-08-27 14:35:26 UTC

lol defend itself

2017-08-27 14:35:31 UTC

Hitler was a cunt

2017-08-27 14:35:41 UTC

NS is not about taking away class at all

2017-08-27 14:35:44 UTC

NSJW, we may say thing like no class, lol. But that is just BS to manipulate ythe week.

2017-08-27 14:35:47 UTC

NS is class collaborationist

2017-08-27 14:36:00 UTC

Yeah but it doesn't mean we have to shit on each other. "Rich woman, give to the poor, not because it's your duty but because we are German" or something to that extent

2017-08-27 14:36:01 UTC

That's larper talk

2017-08-27 14:36:27 UTC

Germany was right to worry about soiviet invasion

2017-08-27 14:36:30 UTC

Truth is you all will never be able to coherently define what NS/Hitlerism is without overt disagreement

2017-08-27 14:36:31 UTC

anyway the war is over and they lost

2017-08-27 14:36:39 UTC

and the world is not the same

2017-08-27 14:36:42 UTC

Just give it up

2017-08-27 14:36:47 UTC

It's a dead ideology

2017-08-27 14:36:49 UTC

so the exact details of NS won't work the way it did then

2017-08-27 14:37:04 UTC

It's a dead idea from 1930s Germany that failed.

2017-08-27 14:37:05 UTC

shut up faggot

2017-08-27 14:37:07 UTC

no one cares

2017-08-27 14:37:08 UTC

No movement can define itsefl without disagreement. Thats why the heirachy must impose the view on all.

2017-08-27 14:37:08 UTC

its good for internet memes

2017-08-27 14:37:09 UTC


2017-08-27 14:37:10 UTC

There's a fuckload of hurt feelings and triggering going on

2017-08-27 14:37:27 UTC

All I do is counter-signal NS and look how many come from the woodwork

2017-08-27 14:37:30 UTC

@mosheberg88 you can't enforce heirarchy without people agreeing in the first place

2017-08-27 14:37:39 UTC

Boo-hoo stop liking something i don't like

2017-08-27 14:37:48 UTC

i essentially agree with it though

2017-08-27 14:37:58 UTC

nothing else other than white supremacy will work

2017-08-27 14:38:05 UTC

TBH, i dont care either way. I could call it communism and use the red flag. As long as i have domiance and my kin selecte group win at the expense of others

2017-08-27 14:38:06 UTC

no democracy will fix that

2017-08-27 14:38:14 UTC

You asked for people to explain NS and then complain when they start explaining it

2017-08-27 14:38:17 UTC

"All I do is counter signal NS and look like a fag"* iftfy

2017-08-27 14:38:34 UTC

Got a problem with that?

2017-08-27 14:38:40 UTC


2017-08-27 14:38:43 UTC

Obviously you care whilst projecting that I do

2017-08-27 14:38:54 UTC

TBH im sitting with a bit glass of Cherry Brandy in my hottub with a huge grin on my face

2017-08-27 14:38:57 UTC

It's always ad-hominem

2017-08-27 14:38:59 UTC

You talk like a fag and your shit's retarded

2017-08-27 14:39:00 UTC

XD you have beliefs TRIGGERED

2017-08-27 14:39:00 UTC

pathetic NS

2017-08-27 14:39:00 UTC

Im not upset.

2017-08-27 14:39:05 UTC

What do you suggest, Steve?

2017-08-27 14:39:07 UTC

Again, not an argument

2017-08-27 14:39:16 UTC

Steve, are you A SKEPTIC?

2017-08-27 14:39:20 UTC

I suggest try not to ressurrect a dead ideology

2017-08-27 14:39:26 UTC

More specifically

2017-08-27 14:39:30 UTC

Steve, since you so smart. Can you give me a unified field theory.

2017-08-27 14:39:30 UTC

lol, I'm not a nazi so I have to be a skeptic?

2017-08-27 14:39:33 UTC

Ideologically, what do you suggest?

2017-08-27 14:39:33 UTC

Calling us triggered when you say we're pathetic

2017-08-27 14:39:35 UTC

how stupid can you get?

2017-08-27 14:39:38 UTC

lol antifags trying to shill /pol/

2017-08-27 14:39:41 UTC

Someone's projecting

2017-08-27 14:40:09 UTC

@NSJW they try to throw shit at a pig

2017-08-27 14:40:13 UTC


2017-08-27 14:40:14 UTC

You think it's the perfect ideology so I must be some kind of leftist shill for disagreeing with it

2017-08-27 14:40:16 UTC

I don't want you to like something I don't like

2017-08-27 14:40:16 UTC


2017-08-27 14:40:31 UTC

Muh NS is dead

2017-08-27 14:40:33 UTC

Seriously question, what would prefer in an economic and governmental system?

2017-08-27 14:40:52 UTC

I actually admire parts of NS economic policy

2017-08-27 14:40:59 UTC

I just wouldn't call it NS

2017-08-27 14:41:05 UTC

Muh branding

2017-08-27 14:41:05 UTC


2017-08-27 14:41:06 UTC

I'd rebrand it completely

2017-08-27 14:41:09 UTC

Steve, what is you ideology

2017-08-27 14:41:18 UTC

Ummm, so you actually think flying swastikas is going to work this time?

2017-08-27 14:41:21 UTC

Watch out lads

2017-08-27 14:41:24 UTC

You think optics doesn't matter?

2017-08-27 14:41:25 UTC

Natonal Socialism is exactly what it's called. Social programs mixed with ethnic Nationalism. Just because Germany lost a war doesn't mean the ideology is dead or failed.

2017-08-27 14:41:29 UTC

in truth mine is simple ..............POWER!!!!!!!!

2017-08-27 14:41:43 UTC

Do you buy store brand cereal because it makes you feel like you're fighting the evil capitalists?

2017-08-27 14:41:46 UTC

Even the Soviets basically adopted NS after WW2

2017-08-27 14:41:49 UTC

Which parts don't you like?

2017-08-27 14:41:53 UTC

It wasn't just the war, it was decades of denazifications and branding the ideology as evil

2017-08-27 14:41:54 UTC

Besides the imagery?

2017-08-27 14:41:57 UTC

I will alwsy lie to my enemies, I freqency present as a jew.

2017-08-27 14:42:07 UTC

Optics to me are only camoflague

2017-08-27 14:42:19 UTC

I like capitalism @Lupus_Dei - NC

2017-08-27 14:42:24 UTC

The truth is that NS or other forms of fascism is the only way forwards

2017-08-27 14:42:41 UTC

Why argue nover bs, only plot and schme to take power

2017-08-27 14:42:41 UTC

It doesn't matter if you call it Social Nationalism or Identitarianism, it's all fundamentally the same

2017-08-27 14:42:43 UTC

>likes being bf'd by kikes

2017-08-27 14:42:56 UTC

It's the only way to make a society that we want

2017-08-27 14:42:58 UTC

Put our people before all else

2017-08-27 14:43:03 UTC

Capitalism in and of itself isn't a horrible thing, but it leaves a lot of room open for subversion by outside forces

2017-08-27 14:43:03 UTC

A white ethnostate

2017-08-27 14:43:25 UTC

I'm apprehensive about capitalism since it led to Jewish control

2017-08-27 14:43:28 UTC

The US was NS during WW2

2017-08-27 14:43:45 UTC

the method they used to make the economy boom was NS-lite

2017-08-27 14:43:52 UTC

Oh sorry didn't realise hitler ran America

2017-08-27 14:43:52 UTC


2017-08-27 14:43:54 UTC

That is true

2017-08-27 14:43:55 UTC

tell companies to build tanks instead of other goods

2017-08-27 14:43:58 UTC

Yeah I'm not a fan of capitalism, especially free trade

2017-08-27 14:43:59 UTC


2017-08-27 14:44:00 UTC

I like this

2017-08-27 14:44:17 UTC

But what I don't like is the state taking complete control of these companies

2017-08-27 14:44:21 UTC

That's Stalinism

2017-08-27 14:44:32 UTC

Until we have 100 thousand tanks and nothing else

2017-08-27 14:44:41 UTC

That is also true. I'd like to point out, though, that isn't what Hitler did

2017-08-27 14:44:41 UTC

FDR did copy what Hitlerdid with those shovel briggades or whatever

2017-08-27 14:45:16 UTC

No, Hitler made Germans think they were saving up for a new Beatle but instead were building tanks using their hard earned cash

2017-08-27 14:45:17 UTC

Lol if we controlled google and facebook, we would love capitalsim. Lets be honest about that.

2017-08-27 14:45:38 UTC

Not if kikes we're still there

2017-08-27 14:45:39 UTC

How do you figure that?

2017-08-27 14:45:44 UTC

It's what happened

2017-08-27 14:45:46 UTC

Look it up

2017-08-27 14:45:57 UTC

Steve, I knwo you are an agent provoceteur

2017-08-27 14:46:03 UTC

But if we controlled google and facebook they'd be Nationalized and not capitalistic

2017-08-27 14:46:12 UTC

No, I just don't like many aspects of Hitlerism

2017-08-27 14:46:15 UTC

.Did you ANTIFA handler tell you that

2017-08-27 14:46:19 UTC

That's something I've never really heard of

2017-08-27 14:46:19 UTC


2017-08-27 14:46:21 UTC

shut up faggot

2017-08-27 14:46:23 UTC

At least put into those terms

2017-08-27 14:46:37 UTC

It's not his antifa handler

2017-08-27 14:46:43 UTC

Does anyone know Steve, he is new to me. (if im wrong sorry)

2017-08-27 14:46:46 UTC

I understand that Hitler redirected a lot of the German industrial base toward military build-up since confrontation with the Bolsheviks was inevitable

2017-08-27 14:46:47 UTC

It's a Jewish handler

2017-08-27 14:46:48 UTC

lol dude

2017-08-27 14:46:50 UTC

No matter how shitty any of your ideas are, I'd still agree with you guys over some shitlib any day. Feels good to argue semantics

2017-08-27 14:46:50 UTC

I'm Dresden

2017-08-27 14:47:01 UTC

I've been on the Brit server for months

2017-08-27 14:47:23 UTC

The Brit server is cancer

2017-08-27 14:47:33 UTC

I speak as someone who was in it

2017-08-27 14:47:34 UTC

But as far as I know the German people maintained a high standard of living and relative economic prosperity compared to the rest of the world due to Hitler's economic policies

2017-08-27 14:47:44 UTC

<:Tipping:327540291664084992> Brit server

2017-08-27 14:47:44 UTC

Literally nothing happens on there

2017-08-27 14:47:46 UTC

YEah, the brit server is cancer. Too many NatSocs

2017-08-27 14:47:48 UTC

I don't even care what form of government we have as long as it's ethno nationalist even generally white nationalist

2017-08-27 14:47:57 UTC
2017-08-27 14:47:59 UTC
2017-08-27 14:48:07 UTC

This guy has such a boner for NatSocs

2017-08-27 14:48:13 UTC


2017-08-27 14:48:17 UTC

I just like Fascist aesthetics and the philosophy

2017-08-27 14:48:28 UTC

They are mostly teenagers judging others before allowing them into their tree houses

2017-08-27 14:48:33 UTC

Hey Elle, how'd you get on the TRS server?

2017-08-27 14:48:49 UTC


2017-08-27 14:48:55 UTC

Hi CTK, long time no see btw. I hope you are doing well.

2017-08-27 14:48:57 UTC

Third Reich aesthetics was awesome

2017-08-27 14:48:58 UTC

I find it hard to believe that we'd have the ethnostate that we want without NS

2017-08-27 14:49:02 UTC

If Steve is Dresden, he's not a shill

2017-08-27 14:49:12 UTC

Just gonna say that now

2017-08-27 14:49:16 UTC

Why call me a shill just for disagreeing with NS?

2017-08-27 14:49:16 UTC

Steve 'High Horse' Miller

2017-08-27 14:49:22 UTC

That's just pathetic

2017-08-27 14:49:39 UTC

I want what you guys want

2017-08-27 14:49:43 UTC

Muh basement dweller NS

2017-08-27 14:49:48 UTC


2017-08-27 14:49:49 UTC

^ please stop

2017-08-27 14:49:50 UTC


2017-08-27 14:49:53 UTC

My wrestling coach's parents were German. His dad died on the Eastern front. He told us his mom had nothing but good things to say about the Third Reich. No one went hungry, no one was homeless and everyone had a job.

2017-08-27 14:49:54 UTC


2017-08-27 14:49:55 UTC

It would be typicall shill behaviour to open up debates that dont matter.

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