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Check this hilarious shit out I saw yesterday

You get Arabs

The kikes make the aryans fight each other

When are the xenos going to send in the armada to help us out? Do Hyperborians still exist, can they help us out?

The white walkers?

That would blow my mind Gray

How do you use tor on the phone?

I tried using it but it said it wasn't a real tor browser


As long as Im just going to Daily Stormer does it matter?

Can I come into the call yall are having?

Cantwell looked swol at charlottesville

Who is this?

I'm at my gf's

Why would we get shut down?

That blows

That sucks

I prefer ethnic Fascism

NS is about taking away class and replacing it with ethnic and racial solidarity.

Yeah but it doesn't mean we have to shit on each other. "Rich woman, give to the poor, not because it's your duty but because we are German" or something to that extent

You asked for people to explain NS and then complain when they start explaining it

You talk like a fag and your shit's retarded

Natonal Socialism is exactly what it's called. Social programs mixed with ethnic Nationalism. Just because Germany lost a war doesn't mean the ideology is dead or failed.

Even the Soviets basically adopted NS after WW2

It doesn't matter if you call it Social Nationalism or Identitarianism, it's all fundamentally the same

Put our people before all else

Yeah I'm not a fan of capitalism, especially free trade

FDR did copy what Hitlerdid with those shovel briggades or whatever

But if we controlled google and facebook they'd be Nationalized and not capitalistic

I don't even care what form of government we have as long as it's ethno nationalist even generally white nationalist

I just like Fascist aesthetics and the philosophy

My wrestling coach's parents were German. His dad died on the Eastern front. He told us his mom had nothing but good things to say about the Third Reich. No one went hungry, no one was homeless and everyone had a job.

That's good enough for me

I'm doing fine Rabi, sorry I don't come on too often. Got a job and all that.

There is really no point in arguing governmental systems at this stage

I agree. Basically any pro white government with social benefits is going to basically be NS

By another name

Don't the british have to put their guns in a community safe run by the local government?

What's everyone's opinion on our side wearing balaclavas to protect our identity like National Action did

I want to do activism irl but my city is small and my gf has far left friends

The alt lite is going to be redpilled by antifa lol

Alt lite or doxxing?

I thought Trump and Sessions would put the boot on them but they're doing nothing

Jews are Jews

So what was the consensus on masks?

Yeah I get that but what do people think about optics. How it looks.

I just don't want my gf to get in trouble because of me

What if we did night activism, put up posters and banners and fuck up their statues?

"Evil racist message "whites have a right to exist" found on local campus"

I don't really get why we can't attack back but whatever. It's the consensus so I'll go along with it.

What? We're getting stomped out lol wut??


Going full fash when

Damn. What happened to their knights? I guess we were the tipping point in Berkley 1. They need us.

Antifa: "Go home you Fascist nigger!"


Remember when like less than 50 hammerheads beat 200 someodd antifa and like killed a few of them? Good times.

Yeeeerah dude



We need both soldiers and intellectuals

I'm using my phone so I'm basically fucked


Looks like the US is going to war with Russia

Not soon enough

Watchu doin rabbi?

Fuck the GOP

Me: "blacks are violent"

Shitlib: "I bet you wouldn't go into a black neighborhood and say that"

I'm at work. Wish I could talk with y'all goys more.

Where's the oven

Democrats are "da" real racists


Why don't they just come out as social conservative liberals?

"I'm a liberal but I hate gays" vs "I'm a liberal but I hate niggers"

How does he know our guys aren't in the Guard or emergency workers?

Heimbach does community service. People have been saying for years we should build houses for poor white people.

Heimbach is awesome. He just looks back.


When sven started talking about leather shoes though.... Nah. It's not cucky to dress nice. I know several of our guys who wear expensive clothes.

What are clarks


Fuck kid rocl, man


Cybernazi needs more love tbh

I just like shooting guns

Not available in my country

What's the point of stetilizing a tranny?

That's badass

In the car with a group of friends

Anyone else having trouble getting on TRS?

I always want to shoot someone....a prank phonecall 😏

I think he's smart in other ways

He doesn't have a high verbal IQ

Those are the auto shotguns with mags right?

Irl ODST when?

Isn't there an international agreement to not have space militaries?

Is that the one with Tom Cruise?

Btw I heard Scientology is woke on the JQ

Why God why

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