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2021-03-09 16:30:50 UTC

She calls me and lets me know when im probably getting a babe or when one is going into care...

2021-03-09 16:31:37 UTC

No... exposing them further is more dangerousπŸ˜‘ Unfortunately...

2021-03-09 16:37:24 UTC

So you can see.. where I dislike dealing with and have a low tolerance for other trivial dumb shit after work!! Lol...

2021-03-09 16:40:47 UTC

Last year we had one of our babies die in care... right around this time... it was awful... and they did a story on that babe on the news in Columbus... the babes heart finally just gave out😭 but they were loved by their foster family till the end❀

2021-03-09 16:44:07 UTC

We should ALL go get an account and do shirts! Every one of us. Lol

2021-03-09 18:01:22 UTC

I know addicted babies have it rough inhope they all can recover I seen a 1 pound Crack baby grow up you can tell her mom was on something it stunted her growth and a little of her brain function

2021-03-09 18:07:23 UTC

My foster son was born addicted to crack we left in bad term but he grew up fine and got a football scholarship to Tiffin University,

2021-03-09 18:08:53 UTC

I worked 70 hours a week and raised to teenage boys before I git remarried

2021-03-09 18:14:13 UTC


2021-03-09 18:19:54 UTC

I dunno out of 5 kids I lost contact with 2 ,and have a good relationship with 3 ,and 9 grand kids ,but realize my youngest son is 10 lol

2021-03-09 18:20:49 UTC

Lol, my son is 5...got ya beat...I'm 54

2021-03-09 18:20:57 UTC


2021-03-09 18:21:12 UTC

Daddy can still lick it

2021-03-09 18:21:12 UTC

I'm 64

2021-03-09 18:21:26 UTC

I mean kick it not lick it

2021-03-09 18:21:34 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2021-03-09 18:21:44 UTC

Damn spell check

2021-03-09 18:23:26 UTC

Laughing so crazy I hot tears coming out. People looking at me crazy

2021-03-09 18:35:24 UTC

I was like😳 ROFL!!

2021-03-09 18:52:14 UTC

You know you can edit.. lolπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈjs... haha!

2021-03-09 19:23:58 UTC

Editing sux let it roll everyone will or might figure it out

2021-03-09 19:55:11 UTC


2021-03-09 19:55:30 UTC

Looks like oath keepers are having issues with comms too

2021-03-09 19:56:28 UTC

Lol they getting beat up by technology

2021-03-09 19:56:44 UTC

Same as us

2021-03-09 19:58:21 UTC

I got 2 network connections at home and plenty of room for climat controlled server storage

2021-03-09 19:59:00 UTC

Maybe the General should look at running our own server

2021-03-09 20:15:44 UTC

Letting it roll.... lets everyone have a good laugh and there is nothing wrong with that!!

2021-03-09 20:38:19 UTC

Favorite song lol


2021-03-09 20:38:20 UTC

Amen on that

2021-03-09 22:38:13 UTC

Capt Bigdog there will be another gentleman from ohio joining this chat requesting a interview today or tonight at some point

2021-03-09 22:39:12 UTC

His name is Ryan dula

2021-03-09 23:19:02 UTC


2021-03-09 23:19:54 UTC


2021-03-09 23:23:35 UTC


2021-03-09 23:28:09 UTC

The whole problem is they’re not afraid!! They think their lawyers are going to help!!!
They just don’t know do they??οΏΌ

2021-03-10 00:27:36 UTC

Welcome brother

2021-03-10 00:28:03 UTC

Thank you for the welcomes.

2021-03-10 00:36:07 UTC

Welcome Dula, if that’s your real name, it would be advisable to use a Callsign or nickname. If you decide on something, edit your profile and put your Callsign in where it asks for Nickname.

2021-03-10 00:37:36 UTC

Copy that I changed it

2021-03-10 00:37:50 UTC

I spoke to him about that.. I wasn't sure since he hasn't been cleared hot yet u wanted him to but .lol there it is he changed it hahhahahah

2021-03-10 00:40:13 UTC

Fyi, I am currently on FCC for a prayer time. If anyone has a prayer need, or wants to join in the spirit, please join in

2021-03-10 00:53:07 UTC

Going to be another late night

2021-03-10 00:53:27 UTC

Trying to hurry and get this drilling done before Friday

2021-03-10 00:54:05 UTC

If we can hurry and get it done we can come home and still get our usual 80 hours a week

2021-03-10 00:54:23 UTC

40 regular time and 40 overtime

2021-03-10 00:54:47 UTC

I got one more site to drill and we are done in burkesville

2021-03-10 01:24:30 UTC

@LCpl Rebelchick GSF III% please send me a friend request.

2021-03-10 01:30:06 UTC

Who is conducting the interview

2021-03-10 01:51:49 UTC

Little bit and honey badger please side porch me so I can get you the address to the RP/FTX

2021-03-10 04:00:33 UTC

Guess we’ll just have to β€œnudge the private sale laws” guess the wives, parents aunts and uncles of the dealer will be meeting everyone down at the MacDonald’s parking lot for private sales

2021-03-10 04:58:39 UTC

Hes trying to outlaw private sales

2021-03-10 04:59:58 UTC

Hell they put me in hold evertime I buy im try to get a PIN number hell I might as well get my CCW

2021-03-10 05:01:59 UTC

I just don't want it unless its national cause I've heard tell it on your driver's license and if I get stopped in a unfriendly state I don't want them asking or searching my truck

2021-03-10 10:13:42 UTC

Good morning family. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜•

2021-03-10 10:27:48 UTC

Metric crap ton of drugs in his system. He needed blood in his drug stream!


2021-03-10 10:48:08 UTC

I'll find that link for the companies we all need to be canceling and their conservative counterparts today. It's kind of buried in my bookmarks so forgive my tardiness. This article is another good example of **cancel culture, **parallel economy, and showing us that the **Chinese Scoring System is already here and in full swing, all things I ranted about the other night. We MUST put our money where or mouths are, family. We have GOT TO STOP sending or money to these losers! SWITCH BANKS if you use CHASE and tell them WHY, fervently.

I know big changes like this aren't easy. In fact, they're a total pain in the ass; but that just shows us how comfortable we are. This shift won't be easy but every one of us has stated that we would lay down our lives today for the cause - a much more difficult task than switching banks or discontinuing cable networks.

Much love. ✝


2021-03-10 10:53:02 UTC

Companies to cancel/stop using right now; all have conservative alternatives.

NETFLIX, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Disney & Disney Plus, Bank of America, Chase, PUBLIX, Target, Starbucks.....

Not an exhaustive list. I'll get one for you though. With the alternatives.


2021-03-10 11:24:56 UTC

Who is this about?

2021-03-10 11:25:20 UTC

George Floyd

2021-03-10 11:25:42 UTC

Ahhh. So if they let the cop go, rioting will definitely start

2021-03-10 11:25:55 UTC

This could set him free

2021-03-10 11:26:57 UTC

They already stayed rioting. Jury selection started Monday and the rioters have been in full swing.

2021-03-10 11:27:27 UTC

Yeah, but it'll start here soon

2021-03-10 11:27:38 UTC

Atlanta is just waiting

2021-03-10 11:28:09 UTC

Good morning all, can't play with yall today. Gotta go work for my πŸ’°πŸ€‘

2021-03-10 12:00:39 UTC

Morning β˜• everyone happy riot day

2021-03-10 14:40:49 UTC

Good morning Patriots

2021-03-10 14:43:29 UTC

Good Morning Patriots.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2021-03-10 14:47:25 UTC

Good morningπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€œπŸ€›

2021-03-10 14:52:58 UTC

Good morning...Guns Up!

2021-03-10 16:41:20 UTC

I love Salty Cracker!!

2021-03-10 16:56:19 UTC

Me too!! Lol

2021-03-10 17:00:44 UTC

Just ate ritz

2021-03-10 18:03:27 UTC

That super straight one was fucking hilariois

2021-03-10 18:49:18 UTC

NYPD denies renewal to 47-year gun carry permit holder who could now lose his guns:

2021-03-10 18:50:02 UTC
2021-03-10 18:52:40 UTC

Such a fucking joke!

2021-03-10 18:55:45 UTC

Like the walls are crawling with assassins looking for ole child sniffer... he needs meds to control the paranoia...I say we give him and half the government that advice... they need some new experimental stuff!

2021-03-10 19:15:23 UTC


2021-03-10 19:16:20 UTC

He's just scared shit less I guess! Ge knows he shouldn't be there and people don't want him there

2021-03-10 19:17:34 UTC

Your socialist capital

2021-03-10 19:22:22 UTC


2021-03-10 19:52:16 UTC

@WNDWLKR III%DEMON Stephen kings stranger things ? Lmao

2021-03-10 21:06:48 UTC

When oh great jedi master?

2021-03-10 21:07:49 UTC

Na I'm ADHD lol

2021-03-10 21:08:07 UTC

Yeah....we're fucked.

2021-03-10 21:08:58 UTC

That shit goes through and we are.

2021-03-10 21:09:20 UTC


2021-03-10 21:10:22 UTC

Hell yeah

2021-03-10 21:20:13 UTC
2021-03-10 21:27:53 UTC

That piece of shit "covid" bill passed.

2021-03-10 21:28:24 UTC

I'll be on comms late. Maybe 8:15. I have ball tonight.

2021-03-10 21:37:00 UTC

I missed the FTX I gotta do a F2F now but I'm still part of this family

2021-03-10 21:38:18 UTC

I have a ball every day πŸ˜†

2021-03-10 21:44:41 UTC

Their any plans to protest in Atlanta does any know

2021-03-10 22:03:54 UTC

Piss on Atlanta corrupt city only thing good there is the varsity

2021-03-10 23:51:17 UTC

The FBI are the terrorists

2021-03-11 00:01:31 UTC

I know, can't trust em

2021-03-11 00:05:40 UTC

Hey Dog Soldier I will be heading in Friday kinda early if you want me to call you when I get in and we could meet up if you want to

2021-03-11 01:37:38 UTC

@Nuge GSF III talk to us here sir.

2021-03-11 01:38:11 UTC


2021-03-11 01:38:49 UTC

Just want to make sure you are still with us and doing okay now sir.

2021-03-11 01:39:11 UTC

Yep still here

2021-03-11 01:55:37 UTC


2021-03-11 03:28:43 UTC

Did I miss anything on coms too...but that can be side porched to me

2021-03-11 03:30:50 UTC

Good evening ma’am

2021-03-11 03:31:07 UTC


2021-03-11 03:52:41 UTC

Yes lt said you were to bring porterhouses to the ftx for everyone that is all

2021-03-11 04:00:43 UTC

Lol... I'll bring 2 for each of us!

2021-03-11 04:16:30 UTC

Nope Gryphon, you didn't miss nuttin.🀣

2021-03-11 10:54:13 UTC

Good morning. Happy Friday Eve! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜•

2021-03-11 11:14:47 UTC

Gotdayum is Anqueefa a bunch of punk ass pussies. Great video of 1st hand protest (against Twitter) experience in San Fagcisco. Takes a minute to get going but worth the watch. There's video of Anqueefa sucker punching the (black) protest organizer. Man stayed and spoke with two teeth knocked out. Good bless him.


2021-03-11 11:16:26 UTC

I really wanna just drop the fucking hammer on the Soyboy Coalition just ONE DAMN TIME and show them who's boss. I'm so fucking tired of them getting away with this shit! WHERE ARE THE PATRIOTS! The ones who will fight back...WITH FORCE.

2021-03-11 12:07:38 UTC

Good morning a Guns up!

2021-03-11 12:09:31 UTC

Good morning all.

2021-03-11 12:14:02 UTC

🀬 🀬 🀬

2021-03-11 12:14:11 UTC

Need more caffeine

2021-03-11 12:36:13 UTC


2021-03-11 13:42:39 UTC

Good morning Patriots

2021-03-11 13:49:27 UTC

Good morning!

2021-03-11 14:09:03 UTC

Good Morning folks!

2021-03-11 14:12:04 UTC

Good morning and Guns up!

2021-03-11 14:53:12 UTC

WOW! They are really going after him even though that druggy was at fault. Hard to be a cop these days

2021-03-11 15:58:46 UTC

I thought they couldn't reinstate that 3rd degree murder charge

2021-03-11 16:00:14 UTC

They stated the other day they couldn't do it but I guess they changed tge rules

2021-03-11 16:00:22 UTC

Ok I thought the Supreme Court just ruled on it

2021-03-11 16:03:55 UTC

To qualify, residents must either have lived in or been a direct descendant of a Black person who lived in Evanston between 1919 to 1969 who suffered discrimination in housing because of city ordinances, policies or practices.

2021-03-11 17:55:08 UTC

House passes gun legislation that would expand background checks


2021-03-11 18:15:57 UTC

That's bullshit

2021-03-11 19:34:25 UTC


2021-03-11 19:35:05 UTC
2021-03-11 19:36:13 UTC

House passes gun control bill expanding background checks to private transfers:

2021-03-11 19:56:25 UTC

Joe Biden's first primetime address to the nation set to air at 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST. Join Dan Ball, Natalie Harp and Chanel Rion as they break down Biden's claims.

2021-03-11 20:38:13 UTC

Ok im just going to put this out there.. WE OUY GUN THE GOVERNMENT 60 TO 1..

2021-03-11 20:39:56 UTC

They are letting the puppet speak

2021-03-11 21:09:44 UTC

We have the most anti gun Attorney General in history 20 republicans cross lines and confirmed them gun control will pass you better be ready to fight

2021-03-11 21:16:52 UTC


2021-03-11 21:16:59 UTC

I like our odds though

2021-03-11 21:31:57 UTC

Its got to go thru senate what odds lol

2021-03-11 21:33:26 UTC

Hiw much ammo you got lol

2021-03-11 21:34:04 UTC

I got 2500 m885 green tip

2021-03-11 21:34:45 UTC

Thats congress it has to be approved by senate

2021-03-11 21:35:16 UTC

But were fucked unless democrats join the fight

2021-03-11 21:36:23 UTC

No shit 6 Republicans side with democrats every vote and even if it ties Harris is the tue breaker

2021-03-11 21:36:45 UTC

So we need every republican and at least 2 democrats

2021-03-11 21:43:07 UTC

None for sale lol thats a I got period

2021-03-11 21:43:43 UTC

I'm buying a hornady lock n load reloader

2021-03-11 21:44:16 UTC

But check ammo seeker they got some

2021-03-11 21:45:41 UTC

Midway has IMI 62 grain 1200 rounds like 929

2021-03-11 21:46:47 UTC


2021-03-11 21:46:59 UTC

Wrong 949

2021-03-11 21:47:17 UTC

But IMI is Israeli Military

2021-03-11 22:28:00 UTC

I have some rounds from Israel

2021-03-11 23:10:27 UTC

Guardsman dies in DC.
β€œWhile the circumstances of the Guardsman’s death remain unclear, troops in D.C. previously complained about being forced to shelter in a parking garage and about being fed inedible food, such as raw meat and food contaminated with mold, metal shavings and worms. Last week, at least 50 troops in D.C. were reportedly sickened with gastrointestinal issues following the complaints about the food.” Nat'l Guard member deployed in DC dies after medical emergency https://americanmilitarynews.com/2021/03/natl-guard-member-deployed-in-dc-dies-after-medical-emergency/

2021-03-11 23:11:27 UTC

Wtf metal shavings and worms was antifa catering them

2021-03-11 23:12:14 UTC

If Georgia has National Guard troops in DC, they should be withdrawn.

2021-03-11 23:12:59 UTC

People on death row get treated better.

2021-03-11 23:14:30 UTC

If I was a National Guard Troop up there I would leave and face court-martial I will get treated better in jail

2021-03-11 23:17:37 UTC

Humanitarian aid is sent to other countries. Could we get some humanitarian aid for our troops in DC?

2021-03-11 23:19:55 UTC

When is it time to say enough is enough and take our country back

2021-03-11 23:22:44 UTC

That is just crazy to treat troops like that after what they do for us.

2021-03-11 23:23:49 UTC

The New York Post said there were 74 meals found with raw meat.

2021-03-11 23:36:29 UTC


2021-03-11 23:42:28 UTC

Umm by who's standards
.. cause that is a lot of squares by todays standardsπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

2021-03-11 23:46:21 UTC

Capt is there anyway we could get a team up there to help maybe feed them or reach out to the churches and see if they could help? Anything we could do

2021-03-12 00:03:47 UTC

I just sent an email to MTG, and warnock and the other ass, ossoff and the troops in DC. I think everyone needs to email them to fix the issue up there. Those troops don't need to even be there

2021-03-12 00:04:47 UTC

If people from severe states contacts their reps, maybe something will get done

2021-03-12 00:05:40 UTC

If we could do this, it would probably be a phone calling campaign. Churches as well as our Senators and Representatives.

2021-03-12 00:05:49 UTC

So pissed off I can't type right

2021-03-12 00:06:59 UTC

Phone calls will be tomorrow

2021-03-12 00:08:57 UTC

We can find politicians contacts. Could someone put together church contacts to call or email?

2021-03-12 00:23:37 UTC

@LCpl Honey_Badger ✝ I select all they just roasting marshmallows n hanging out

2021-03-12 01:33:46 UTC

@TrumpyBear welcome back sir.

2021-03-12 01:34:47 UTC

Thank you sir, good to be

2021-03-12 01:44:04 UTC

What's going on Trumpybear

2021-03-12 01:44:47 UTC

It is great to see you back TrumpyBear!!! Guns Up !!!

2021-03-12 01:46:56 UTC

Gunz up fellas, good to hear from ya

2021-03-12 02:09:31 UTC

You to sir, gunz up

2021-03-12 02:37:38 UTC

Hey guys on gab pm it's fucking awesome πŸ‘Œ

2021-03-12 02:42:35 UTC
2021-03-12 02:45:54 UTC

Did everyone have a good day

2021-03-12 02:47:24 UTC

No today sucked

2021-03-12 02:47:50 UTC

I heard that

2021-03-12 02:52:41 UTC

Get in our Gab group. Pass it on.

2021-03-12 03:05:17 UTC

Hey I can't post any thing in the group

2021-03-12 03:13:13 UTC

Hawdy yall Redrooster45 ILSF 111% checking in long time no hear how is everyone doing?

2021-03-12 03:18:33 UTC

How do I find you all

2021-03-12 03:23:36 UTC

Install the app but you have to do it through a browser

2021-03-12 04:01:46 UTC

Good night and Guns Up!

2021-03-12 04:02:57 UTC

Good night guns up GRYPHON ma'am

2021-03-12 04:03:19 UTC

How are you D

2021-03-12 04:03:51 UTC

Dog Soldier sorry stupid phone

2021-03-12 05:13:33 UTC

Report: Marine vet charged in Capitol breach previously served on Marine One presidential helicopter crew:

2021-03-12 10:33:24 UTC

Good morning & happy Friday!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€œπŸ€›β˜•

2021-03-12 10:51:59 UTC


2021-03-12 12:02:57 UTC

Morning family β˜• it's fryday πŸ‘

2021-03-12 12:40:57 UTC

Good morning..Guns Upβ˜•

2021-03-12 13:18:00 UTC

πŸ¦‚ πŸ¦‚ πŸ¦‚ πŸ¦‚

2021-03-12 13:26:39 UTC

πŸ₯Έ πŸ₯Έ πŸ₯Έ πŸ₯Έ

2021-03-12 13:57:05 UTC

Good morning Patriots

2021-03-12 13:57:31 UTC

Good morning

2021-03-12 15:00:42 UTC

Good morning Patriots how is everyone hope yall are having a blessed day guns up

2021-03-12 15:02:11 UTC

Good morning Dog soldier how are you

2021-03-12 15:13:03 UTC

Morning Patriots!! Red Rooster, good to see you're back! Guns Up!!!

2021-03-12 15:33:08 UTC

Good to see you as well Cottonmouth how are you brother guns up

2021-03-12 15:36:25 UTC

Glad to be back brothers and sisters what's new

2021-03-12 16:42:07 UTC

Hey I got on gab how do I get on channel?

2021-03-12 16:45:21 UTC

Stupid ass

2021-03-12 16:46:16 UTC


2021-03-12 16:47:22 UTC

That is a dumbass but here's some good news though or so they say

2021-03-12 16:52:56 UTC

He's still a dumbass

2021-03-12 16:53:16 UTC

Indeed he is

2021-03-12 16:59:20 UTC

In case anyone didn't read this news....if you collected unemployment last year....WAIT, TO FILE TAXES you don't need to pay for $10,000 of that unemployment

2021-03-12 18:32:54 UTC

That's insane

2021-03-12 18:33:06 UTC


2021-03-12 18:34:02 UTC


2021-03-12 18:39:44 UTC

Nope!!! Evil!!! Dumb ass implies they don’t know or understand exactly what they’re doing!!
Unfortunately the GOP owns all of those!!!
DeWine, RomneyοΏΌοΏΌ, Kasich and everyone else on the Republican side who voted to impeach Trump!!! Those are dumbasses!! They should be on the Democrat ticket and they haven’t figured it out yet!!Because they’re dumbassesοΏΌ!! The GOP make sure that no one can run against though that’s why they don’t lose their jobs!!οΏΌοΏΌ

2021-03-12 18:43:54 UTC

My bad πŸ˜†, you are correct Deadwood! Biden is just an 😈dumbass πŸ¦Ήβ€β™‚οΈ

2021-03-12 19:10:02 UTC


2021-03-12 19:10:39 UTC

Thank you

2021-03-12 19:10:59 UTC

Afternoon 51 how are you doing today

2021-03-12 19:11:32 UTC

Good how are you

2021-03-12 19:11:57 UTC

Doing ok

2021-03-12 19:12:11 UTC

That's good

2021-03-12 19:12:46 UTC

You guys saw that the house had passed part of that gun law bs

2021-03-12 19:13:31 UTC

Yes that's some horseshit 10 to 30 days wait man that's. R

2021-03-12 19:13:44 UTC


2021-03-12 19:14:30 UTC

Oh just wait till they pass the rest of they bill.... totally violates the 2nd admendment

2021-03-12 19:14:57 UTC

It was 3 days but go get one now lol 2A complete Violation

2021-03-12 19:16:47 UTC

That's fucked man but when God and guns are outlawed I too will be

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