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Hey, HB. General set this up last night. We have both visual/audio meeting room and a chat/text room all in one app. Houses up to 99 members at a time. If I'm not mistaken, he wants to try to get everyone rolled over to this platform tonight. At least that's what he said last night.

I've got some stuff to do this morning, but I'll be on about 1pm to start helping people navigate the app and get set up to be on comms tonite

I wouldn't delete anything until he says directly what we will continue to use

Sure can



swipe to the right, click on voice

left side of your screen look for "voice channels" click on the name for III% Security

i dont see you in the room

sapper, join the voice channel

move to the voice channel

driller, phone or computer?

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels

click voice channel to join

find it driller?

the app itself, or the cameras?

may be your internet connection

try now


swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels
click voice channel to join

for push to talk settings:

on phone: click the top 3 dots on your screen, go to voice settings, change from Voice Activity to Push To Talk

on computer: click the little settings cog on the bottom left near your name. Go under app settings and click on Voice and Video. Scroll down to Input Mode and click on Push To Talk. Below that is a Key Binding shortcut button. Edit the button to whatever key you want to press for push to talk

try clearing your cookies

hang up and rejoin

gonna go watch some TV with the wife. GUNS UP!

Good morning, Guns up!

Yep, video works in the voice channel

Nah, I'm a mess. Haven't even brushed my beard yet

No problem, I only show you the quick stuff. I dig a lot deeper in other morning devotions.

Pshhh... my wife would castrate anyone who touches my beard lol. It's her favorite

For anyone who wants som church this morning

Yep, I see it

You have a live stream running

Typing right now. Swipe the screen to the left. You'll see the text and voice channels

Hang up from the voice channel, then log back into it again

No, swipe to the channels, click on the voice channel, then hit the red hang up button to leave the voice chat

Then click the channel again to rejoin

Don't log out of the system

Now go back to the voice channel and hit join

Once your in the voice channel, you can hit the camera button to turn on video

Make sure your microphone button is turned on as well

One sec, gonna go to my office so I can hear you guys

bottom right of the phone app, click the little discord symbol

scroll down to app settings

click on voice and video

click input mode and change to push to talk

then back up to the channel page again, and click on the voice channel

scorp, try again, but make sure your microphone is turned on

Kuntry, you are muted and your mic is off. if you are trying to say something

if you need to change the volume, tap the screen and swipe up. then click change audio output

the forum is compromised

General, transmission is broken and choppy

not receiving you

Guns up, Nightmare

nobody's talking right now

Do we have any kind of Intel on who is leading leading atlanta antifa group?

That's what I was thinking too...

I'll do some digging on that

was thinking the same thing

Good morning patriot family!

No bullseye, not compromised. We found posting from antifa that they were on the forum, but did not have access to the members side of operations. We also found that they had Generals cashapp removed and are directing the leftists to go after the website we hold our forum on to have it removed


General had it set up for 99 yesterday

he may have to adjust it

right, hes the only admin moderator that can change settings

someone please ask him to adjust the room max count please, i dont have a mic right now

turn off cameras and see if it maxes out to 99 from 25

it may not have video capacity

it changed

thats the trick

that pops up if you hit the "steam" button

its normal from the system


its just a warning stating that you are about to enter the live streaming

check to see if you hit the mute button

Gen, did you see the message from Slayer on the forum?

checking in

Checking in, not on comms tonite. Movie time with the family

Dial-in number (US): (978) 990-5370
Access code: 4561087#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: iiisfa
Join the online meeting:

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text 'Call Me' to the Dial-In number above and you will be called into the conference. Message and data rates may apply

From Illinois

had to jump off, family stuff

i'll be online later, if theres anything I can help with

any news or traction on the forum?

I own a construction company

do we need to register again to the new forum?

not letting me register. Keeps saying "Well that didn't work. Try again."

just got through

no spaces in Username

no approval yet

Your access is still pending, please try back again later.

still pending

still pending

nada for me

If you havent watched "The Chosen" yet, you should definitely make time to watch it. Download The Chosen app and watch

gives a whole new perspective into the life of Jesus

all of season 1 is on the app, you can cast it to your TV as well

we are all on FCC

i sent you a DM Traveller

Good morning


Tried it yesterday, wasn't horrible...

Poured out half of it lol

Very cool, looking forward to talking with you this evening

I had to at least try it once... just to say I did

Maybe... lol I do have a bachelor's in culinary management though. I think I've let my taste bud experience more than they should

Nah... would probably pass there. I'm no Indiana Jones...

Yea... that too. I'm good lol

@High Climber are you already in GA or still working on the move?

hes on FCC with us

belay that

looks like hes offline

its the video portion thats slows the voice channel server down

not just one person, almost everyone needs to be off of video, maybe except 2 or 3 people

the personal bandwidths begin to clash and causes "lag"

Good morning!


Good morning!

Heelllooooo Patriots!

check your DMs

8:30 interviews start

Send me the info

I'm reading, I'm also doing some research

when they have them

Yes, IMI is israeli

i have a couple extra


oh, typed too fast

hmm.. the site owner just changed to a new card processor recently. When did you try it?

email him directly from the Contact Us page and let him know that the service wont accept your card. Ask if he will accept another form of payment such as Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle

Good morning

If they can use the site, so can we

Share share share the link so we can make money for the group before they try their cancel culture B.S. on us

Some of the different shirts have different colors to choose from

Good morning

Family, I'm going to change my callsign. I have nothing to hide. If they want to find me, bring it. They will know who I am by my actions and determination to fight for what's right.

Sgt. Dawson GSF III%

Additionally, if anyone has a personal prayer request, please send me a direct message. It can remain unspoken, if you'd like. I'll be on FCC at 1930 Tuesday evening. I would love to have others on with me in agreement.

Atlanta Antifa blocked me

Contact me on the side porch if you are able or willing to help with a donation

Old one for hoodies

They took down my campaign lol

They won't tell me.. it was supposed to be a 21 day campaign to sell the shirts. They took it down 2 days into it


They didn't cancel my account though, so I'm gonna start a new campaign lol

Good morning!

@mike1976 what area do you live in?

Has anyone set up a meet and greet with you yet?

Ok, let me see what I can put together

@BIGDOG do we have any others that have interviewed but not had a meet and greet in Ga?

Yep, strategic move

No, Dallas, Ga

Morning LT

Donations can be made to:

Venmo : @bigandtallsvcs

CashApp : $BigandTallSvcs

Will do!

Fyi, I am currently on FCC for a prayer time. If anyone has a prayer need, or wants to join in the spirit, please join in

Good morning!

Sent you a message on signal

Morning family! Sorry I've been a little distant. Been busy with work and life

Good morning!

New site, go check it out

Register on the forum, post videos on MilitiaTube

I have a telegram channel for III% Security Force

Come and get em!

You should come up here to Villa Rica. Georgia Arms has plenty

Just went 3 days ago, they have restocked almost everything

Yea, it's near an industrial center, lots of trucks pass through there

Telegram Channel : Antifa Unmasked


The longer we keep orders coming in, the longer the campaign stays up. I'm taking all of the proceeds and starting an account for the 3SF

To help with future endeavors

I'll see what I can come up with

πŸ‘ I'll work on it tomorrow morning after my morning devotional

Good morning

Better quality shirt

Bonfire campaign removed for "inappropriate content". I'm fighting back. I'll let you know what they say

Screen printed

I'm fighting back


Use coin while driving

Yea, trade it for crypto, then sell it

The 3% symbolism is a moniker. It's a movement. There are different 3% groups, each one lead and directed differently. This one is lead by our General. We have a different set of ideals than others, but also have some of the same principles.

@CoupdeFoudre will you be on tonite for an interview?

H2k, have them join voice channel

Whereabouts are you guys in Alabama?

For anyone not on comms tonite, we are dropping the Easter baskets off to the children at the home tomorrow morning!

Our next charitable event will be "Blessing Bags" for our homeless vets.

These small tokens will contain hygienic items, tokens of inspiration, and various other uplifting items.

Once the bags are out together we will coordinate a distribution.

Anyone interested in being part of the next event, please feel free to message me.

🌴 amen brother

Goodnight team! Happy Palm Sunday. Gonna finish the rest of the night with the wife

Easter baskets have been delivered!

Guns up!

I'll be on after dinner, just got home

A little range time

I made a new zello channel... not sure yet from General if we are going to use it

Must be doing something right then lol

Good morning! GUNS UP!

I sent him a new invite

Or you can text him a new link

Jerks... wouldn't even respond back to me

We "can" just a matter of going to Virginia

The stone has been moved. Our king has risen! Happy day of resurrection! Can't wait for him to come back!

Good morning

Good morning, Guns Up! Let's make this week a week of action. We've been on our asses too long, it's time to get back up and start swinging again. Who's ready to get involved?

Get on the forum! New stuff added!

Good morning Patriots

Already set it up for us. It's in pending status currently. As soon as it clears I will be able to share it with everyone

!!!! Attention: We, the III% Security Force, is hereby known in the state of Georgia as a Non-profit 501c3 organization, known as "Three Percent Security Force, Inc."

To the public we are a company that provides military style survival training and disaster preparation training. We need all hands on deck to find and recruit new members. We also need to get the word out to garner charitable contributions and donations. My business, Big and Tall Services LLC will be making the first donation to the company. Along with the personal financial contributions I have made personally for start up costs.

I got the ball rolling, now I need your help to make this thing grow. We can do it, as long as everyone chips in to do their part.

It's for the entire group, just based here in Ga

Guns up Gryph! Goodnight

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