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2021-02-01 03:31:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-01 14:02:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sounds like he needs his pocket Constitution installed on his soft drive

2021-02-03 00:38:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good evening everybody. Checking in.

2021-02-03 00:44:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes ma’am I’m headed over to a neighbors house to see if they need their driveway plowed. The people just moved in a little bit ago and my farmer but he told me he was looking but I don’t have a phone number so if I never talk to anybody again because I pulled up in somebody’s yard unannounced,,,,,, I’ll tell you the address they’ll make a good candidate for OHSF lll%.

2021-02-06 15:22:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OHSF III% on channel and checking in.

2021-02-06 17:37:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-06 23:21:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I,I,I gotta go!!!

2021-02-09 13:31:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

On a lighter note,, I like my Patron w/Cointreau, lots of lime juice and salt 1/2 way down the glass.

2021-02-09 14:41:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That’s the problem with alt-left. In their feeble attempt to thwart the alt right fascist,,, it is they themselves who have become the fascists.
It just dawned on me this morning!!! This whole thing reminds me of the gang prison mentality. Like there’s some honor among thieves!!! There’s no way to peacefully exist in the middle. We are being forced to choose one side or the other for protection. I had a brother-in-law one time who was incarcerated for most of his adult life,,,, if you looked up ebonics in the dictionary,, there was his picture... I’m not so sure he chose well. Fortunately for us We know what not to pick up in the shower!!! So WE don’t have to choose yet and I don’t think anybody’s fucking big enough to make us! Guns up Patriots!!!

2021-02-09 18:51:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

He is one cunning stunt!!!
WWWHHHOOOOO HHAAAA HHAAAA HA. Some I do just for me!!!

2021-02-10 14:31:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-10 14:32:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning everyone

2021-02-10 14:39:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I liked your truth better!!
The rest are just semantics!!
LOL! This was supposed to go to Honey_Badger. The phone doesn’t like to wait long after you select a reply. 

2021-02-10 14:56:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you very much ma’am!!
Only begs to wonder how long it might’ve taken me to figure that out on my own😂😂😂

2021-02-10 15:07:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

 Is it CWO 2,3,4 or 5?I tried pushing the reply to you CWO Gryphon Didn’t seem to work.

2021-02-10 15:10:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes ma’am I did know that now that you mention it. but if you push it and walk away from the phone for a while,,, like to go get a cuppa coffee and come back,,, it doesn’t have a long memory.

2021-02-10 15:46:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Looking forward to March 😊

2021-02-10 15:55:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

WOOOT WOOOT!!! I can hear you from here!! LOL

2021-02-10 20:35:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don’t think any local police are dumb enough to follow that order. Feds need at least a Reno!!!

2021-02-10 20:37:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Young ones fresh out of the fight,,, hmmm that’s a little worrisome.

2021-02-10 20:51:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I always struggle with some VA laws STILL on the books.
Well,, just 1 in particular. Go ahead and collect the tax money (once in the purchase then again from the merchant) for the purchase of a radar detector then outlaw it’s use. Never got more back to back speeding tickets than that year in 1986 on 64 between Waynesboro and Richmond. On my way back and forth from Columbus, OH to Newport News, VA. Golf construction! Then, it’s like,, in Drivers Ed they actually taught Virginians proper road etiquette was “slower traffic keep left”
Christ,, I spent more time in the emergency lanes, berms and grass than on the legal portion of the road. I think it’s rubbed off here 35 years later. My favorite is that asshole in moderate traffic who occupies the leftmost passing lane passing at a rate of 1/4 mph until they get passed.. Then speeds up to 90 so you can’t get around till they catch up to the next pack. Love to work my way up beside them (long after my own exit) when they decide it’s time for them to exit. WWWHHHHOOOOPS!!

2021-02-10 21:15:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Bastards hidden in the wooded on ramps

2021-02-10 23:04:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

How fitting for a toilet bowl add. So what’s their point?

2021-02-11 15:22:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The worst part is,, Senate already split 50/50 but actually 51/50 in case of tie only. So these are NOT principled people. They literally don’t have to worry about reelection. They might as well all be named Teddy “murder the pregnant bitch” Kennedy!!
They couldn’t even be bothered to hide for a minute. In other words they could’ve all voted for against the impeachment process and we’d still be going through it. Real question!!! How come Dem’s never eat their own young???

2021-02-11 15:25:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-11 15:30:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Another question (not a good one cuz no matter),,, which theft worse? Presidency or Senate?

2021-02-11 22:34:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

What is doxxed?

2021-02-11 22:37:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Holy shit!!! With the shit that rolls of me,,, can you imagine if I had a Twitter account??

2021-02-11 22:41:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I must not have a high enough profile. I’d probably never even know. I haven’t even been on Facebook for a couple of weeks. That was just to look!

2021-02-11 22:50:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Christ,,, I need another beer!

2021-02-12 03:37:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

General, I know you are working on the site. Just letting you know that my access was denied. C U 2morrow!

2021-02-13 20:28:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Christ!! I never thought of it that way!!! I never made it past the dog f”%#*ng [email protected]&$tard

2021-02-13 20:30:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I’m just giddy with anticipation.
Was it something I said? Or is someone else getting all the fun.

2021-02-13 20:42:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We good?? Sometimes you guys are hard to figure.

2021-02-13 20:49:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Christ I couldn’t tell maybe you guys misunderstood me.
Like I said I was just giddy with the anticipation that you were directing that towards me but it was killing me that I couldn’t tell. Thank you. Deadwood. warm and fuzzy

2021-02-13 20:54:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

WWWHHHOOOOO HHAAAA HHAAAA HA! Yep About the f-tard thing. I was adding humor (for me) in response to the pedophile thing.

2021-02-14 14:15:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

PPPRICELESS!!! That piece of sh*% reporter reminds me of one of my favorite riddles.
Word used to describe women ending in U N T. (clue... not derogatory) I couldn’t figure it out... don’t feel bad. Aunt

2021-02-14 14:19:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Was suppose to be reply to Honey_Badger Defense interview but I type to slow

2021-02-14 15:31:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just requested to join!!!
Shhhh,,, they don’t know do they?? I’ll do my best!!

2021-02-14 16:13:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Out of one side of his mouth,, and a gentle right handed stroking massage with a request for more money from the other!!

2021-02-14 16:40:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I bet he couldn’t find his ass in the dark if all five fingers on both hands were flashlights!!
That being said;; I have no idea what his advisors are made up of and or if he has chosen different military leaders in his team. I’m not sure what I think of anybody who could do a job like that for two polar opposite people and or set of principles!!! Conservative values one day—— locations for dog f&[email protected]:ng the next!!! Couldn’t do it!!!
I don’t care if I’m two years away from a seven digit retirement account!!! Couldn’t sleep at night if I sold out my values!

2021-02-14 17:20:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Am I supposed to link to Discord chat sir?

2021-02-14 19:27:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lima Charlie sir

2021-02-15 13:07:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep, solved all of the world’s problems..... They just don’t know yet!!! 😳😳😳

2021-02-16 13:37:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Morning ma’am’s and sir’s!
The snow comes with super cold also!!

2021-02-16 14:09:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The walk of shame!!!

2021-02-16 14:10:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-17 00:01:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Try checking your trash and your junk bins

2021-02-17 00:04:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep #beenadickheadarnold

2021-02-17 00:07:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I think I was trying to tell Driller to look for the stuff in his trash and junk boxes if it’s not in his regular mail box.

2021-02-18 17:35:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh she need something!!! Hateful Eight comes to mind!!!

2021-02-18 18:26:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  
2021-02-19 03:12:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

What did you misspell?? I saw nothing... After tonight,,, you are my hero!!!

2021-02-19 03:14:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-19 03:22:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I got just one thing on the vaccination!!! Coming in a minute

2021-02-19 03:23:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Remove from what

2021-02-19 03:27:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I’m looking around. Something is strange.

2021-02-19 16:13:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-19 16:16:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is not a monetary endorsement but it’s the same kind of endorsement that they tried to impeach Trump for.

2021-02-19 16:17:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In other words to people that are like minded it’s a complete endorsement

2021-02-19 16:24:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

BLM and other like-minded individuals went to Boston and cut off the head of the CC statue. #norepercussions

2021-02-19 16:26:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-19 16:30:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Agreed! The point being they get a free pass and we get jailed!
It is a horrendous double standard and for the life of me I can’t figure out how we got to be in this place! The powers have cameras everywhere. The powers already know exactly who did it. This is what I do not understand and how we got to be in this place. 

2021-02-20 03:44:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Now that I’m not worried about the tenderness of the meat,,, I going for the biggest “bull buck blue gum” I can get!!!

2021-02-20 05:35:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Tucker Carlson tonight!! Systemic racism bulldung

2021-02-20 05:40:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Geeez Blood boils watching it!!! You wouldn’t think they’d want us out there running around with nothing left to lose!!!

2021-02-20 22:16:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They all are!!
The communists infiltrated our institutions of higher kool-aid drinking. I can’t figure out why conservative parents would ever send their “young skulls full of mush” off to one of these places for indoctrination. Once your kid goes to one of these places...
They’re done!!!!!
Unless of course you threaten to disown them before they go!!!
Like I did Bad Raccoon!
Horrible Dad!!

2021-02-20 22:18:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Did I say that out loud???

2021-02-21 15:44:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Wouldn’t that be special if Mr. “schlong Berg” replied back “ and who do you suppose taught him how to do that”

2021-02-21 19:14:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh feet,, don’t fail me now!!!

2021-02-21 19:30:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hell,,, we should ban cars!!! Cars kill more people than guns!!!
Oh wait,,, we can’t do that!!! We need our cars! Besides what are we going to use for weapons against the criminals when all the guns are gone!!!

2021-02-21 19:34:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Come one come all!!! Free ice cream giveaway!!!
SIGH,,, I better go!!! SIGH

2021-02-21 19:51:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]
The really good stuff starts at 9 min 53 seconds

2021-02-21 19:56:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Went to see her speak.
Bought the book!!

2021-02-22 13:28:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-22 18:09:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 18:09:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 18:10:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

These are on my FCC channel as if I had a message.

2021-02-22 18:13:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Don’t really know I had a red two on my FCC app on the front of my phone in my or on my home screen when I touched FCC the second picture you see was there the one marked history. But it also said there was a message so I clicked on it and it showed me what looks like a voice message but it won’t let me listen to it unless I (more to follow)

2021-02-22 18:14:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 18:14:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is what pops up if I try to listen to the message

2021-02-22 18:15:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It may just be BS to try to get me to upgrade

2021-02-22 18:18:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Me too but I didn’t want to dump it until I shared it.
Dumping now

2021-02-22 18:20:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

no I didn’t call it and I just cleared all of the history

2021-02-22 18:21:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Wiped and finished with wet wipes!!!

2021-02-22 18:26:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I wish there were a reverse hack or virus that would just follow its sender back and smoke the senders whole system!!!
This thought process started years ago when I wanted this for speed detection devices!!!

2021-02-22 18:42:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

My boss starts off by thanking them for giving him a new car to warranty since he is living under a bridge!!

2021-02-22 18:43:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They hang up instantly

2021-02-22 22:17:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Have you watched this whole video? Deep shit!! Have many issues with but need to watch again to make more questions for them to answer.
I believe the problems they mention are the real problems!!
I just struggle with their solutions!!

2021-02-23 03:05:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

All good sir!!! We have plenty of time. The woman was getting after me anyway.

2021-02-23 03:06:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guns up Brother!! Yep!! God Bless!!

2021-02-23 04:26:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-23 16:50:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-23 16:56:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Had a bunch of verbiage typed up to go with the latter but the dog eating fucker fucked me again.

2021-02-23 16:57:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That one who lives in my phone!!!

2021-02-23 18:52:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was actually just reading something about this earlier today I just posted above.

2021-02-23 19:25:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I never thought it for a second it’s just weird how much stuff is out there. I tried to stay with their reasoning for a minute in the way that they arrived at their idea and it just didn’t add up. Like I said I didn’t believe it anyway but I started looking up Roman numerals and one thing led to another and there I was reading about it.

2021-02-23 19:34:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Imagine if Bernie would’ve won!!!
Just tell me where to point it and when to pull that little curvy thing and I’m all good!!!

2021-02-24 13:15:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No. I think it’s by design. I’ve spent more than several minutes around the different sites trying to figure out what is the number is.

2021-02-24 22:20:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-25 13:20:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning everyone

2021-02-25 13:24:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

There may be nothing finer in life!!!
Well,,,, it’s close anyway!!

2021-02-25 13:44:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

On a lighter note.......
Started watching old Warner Brothers BUGS BUNNY RR HOUR cartoon clips!!
Now those were the good-ole-days!!

2021-02-25 13:45:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Very,, very funny sir

2021-02-25 13:50:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We are politically correct though.!!!
Just 180 degrees out from fake news. In other words our politics are correct!!! Theirs is gunna be,,, bad for their health!!

2021-02-25 13:55:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

“And that’s when I light up”
Sounds like it was founded by Zuckerberg

2021-02-25 13:55:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You had me a go!!

2021-02-25 13:58:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I think it be like a football game I’m only scared until the shooting starts! Then everything is in slow motion and focus takes over!!! I love to be in that space!!

2021-02-25 13:59:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Of course it helps to know what you’re supposed to do in any given situation!!! and that’s why I joined

2021-02-26 05:00:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The end of what I can tolerate is near!!! I don’t know how someone with a core of steel,,, by that I mean,, a person of quality with such a character that they wouldn’t sell their soul for any amount of money,,,hasn’t snapped already!!!

2021-02-26 05:10:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I will come to a GSF FTX before the end of summer! Can’t wait to train with you sir!
And I mean semireal stuff where the goal is to reach the end without being shot!! or like flag football. 2/3 of your group can go down as long as your group gets the flag,, you win the battle/war!! we already have a lot of money sunk in weaponry and ammo but it would be cool to have some kind of laser technology that allowed us to enact this for real!!
A computer keeping track of who got taken out and when!
A little better than getting shot in the face with a paintball!! Would allow everyone to concentrate on the objective with no chance of some idiot being armed by accident or otherwise!!
It’s only money!!!
Come back

2021-02-27 13:38:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not really!!! U’ve got a bigger asshole living and misrepresenting in your phone than I do. LOL!!
I can’t wait to catch mine sneaking in or out of the phone. 

2021-02-27 13:40:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

5th cup!&$))&@@
Shaking like a chicken shit’n razor blades

2021-03-01 04:04:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

People with an accent can get away with murder it is priceless my cousin from the state of Delaware sent it to me. You know, our fearless leader Joe’s Home state

2021-03-01 04:05:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I told her I was sending it everywhere,,, like visa “it’s everywhere you want to be”
I already posted it on Discord before I thought and had to erase it.
I’m getting ready to do Facebook. That’s the only reason I haven’t gotten rid of them and I’m in the mood now

2021-03-01 04:08:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I just posted it on Facebook!!! I got this huge fuzzy feeling coming over me!!!

2021-03-01 04:23:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That’s why I get the fuzzy feeling I doubt they’ll delete it just put me in jail the only reason I still keep Facebook it’s for talking to friends on messenger if they delete my account will just find another way texting maybe that EMP I keep hearing about will go off.
It’ll be like being back in high school the only way to get a hold of someone else to catch them while they were home or somewhere a message could be relayed. I.e. work or school.
We have just enough land I could plant beans and corn I already have a fruit tree it’s a pair it made fruit for three years finally almost got edible and last year it didn’t even bloom. so I had no pairs I’m guessing they do that from time to time. We have plenty of bees just ask the clover!!

2021-03-01 14:31:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It was a good thing I done??

2021-03-01 14:47:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Stay tuned!!! This one’s for Little Bit!!!

2021-03-01 14:55:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]
This one’s for everybody. I think he’s onto something!!! He’s my favorite!!

2021-03-01 14:58:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I know I know,,, it sounds like I’ll be the first to go

2021-03-01 14:58:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I mean!!! He calls me out by name!

2021-03-01 15:00:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

But please hurry up and watch it before I get ordered to remove it

2021-03-01 15:01:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I literally watched new bill burr stuff every night for three months before going to bed. I think he’s my long lost brother

2021-03-01 15:05:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Word for the day “remiss”
If I didn’t do me,, I would be remiss!!

2021-03-01 15:05:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

But ultimately not court-martialed for insubordination

2021-03-01 15:12:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Or a boil right on the hole!!!
Reminds me of a funny story about my boss I’ll have to tell it to you sometime when I see you.
I actually have a couple. You’ll have to remind me about a well driller I met once and his story of Little Bit!! I believe I’ve blocked out what happened after I heard it but I think I pissed my pants laughing!

2021-03-01 15:17:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You too ma’am

2021-03-02 23:09:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just add Crown Royal

2021-03-02 23:12:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You gotta learn to be sneaky like me. Figure out where she’s keeping them while she’s gone,,, and then you can sneak and get them whenever you need’m!!

2021-03-03 00:10:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I thought I remembered seeing something I tried to block out before... Yep!!! I threw up a little in my mouth. And that was just with the one cup!!

2021-03-03 00:11:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh General,,, have I got something for you!!! 

2021-03-03 00:12:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not!!! Really upper echelon stuff

2021-03-03 00:14:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I thought this was the channel that was supposed to NOT be for,,,,
Two girls one cup stuff!!
I can’t keep it all straight

2021-03-05 12:48:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-05 12:52:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I got nuthin more to add

2021-03-05 12:59:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I signed up anyway but has anyone out there though what I wondering.

2021-03-05 13:32:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Never heard of “the blaze” before. Got paranoid for a minute. Only 1/2 cup. Pretty sure it’s me

2021-03-05 13:33:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-05 13:34:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Until shake’n like a chick’n shit’n razor blades

2021-03-05 13:39:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Brawndo,,,, yep,,, I’m sure of it!!!
THAT’S what I need!!! Bang’n my head on a tree,,, blood’s fly’n everywhere!!!

2021-03-05 13:56:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Cool!! Do you remember when Beck had the 111 hr. am slot before Rush?? Prior to his Fox News gig. Right after the election in 04 GW/Cheney vs John Kerry/Edwards,,, 1st thing,,, Beck does this thing he called the “GLOAT FEST”
I think I had the warm and fuzzies for a week after that. I was delivering in a box truck at the time. Remember wishing I had a 2000 W PA system to drive up and down through the middle of Columbus blaring the “Gloat Fest ™”

2021-03-05 15:06:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-03-05 15:08:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-05 15:22:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not if a black guy says it!!!
I mean WTF!!! Like that changes anything. But I’m weak!!! Laughing at stupid shit it’s like an addictive drug to me. So I’ll cave-in and take it however I can get it!!!

2021-03-05 15:23:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dave Chapelle gets away with murder

2021-03-05 15:26:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I’m torn between the 308 Lappula and the All in the Family dvd pack

2021-03-05 15:29:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Look what I’m getting

2021-03-05 15:40:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-05 18:48:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I wish your kind of shit would stick in my head!!! Instead,,, it’s cartoons!!!

2021-03-05 18:56:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Fuck yes it’s luck!!!
Still gives me a hard on though!!! When you make a shot like that,,, it’s in a whole different fucking ZIP Code!!! You have no idea what windage is in between you and a mile and a quarter away!!! (depending on the day of course) The rest is math!! Gravity isn’t going to change. As long as you know the distance the curvature of the earth is what it is. The only thing that can change is the wind and that’s what makes it luck!!! The beauty of it is,,, the more experience you have the better your 50-50 chance is!!!

2021-03-05 18:58:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That there are sports fans is some Zero- Sum shit!!!

2021-03-05 18:59:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh and all that shit assumes there’s no operator error!!!

2021-03-05 19:00:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I forgot for a minute you guys have that stuff going on!!! I want to know all the juicy shit!!!

2021-03-05 19:09:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir,,,I haven’t talk to you for a few. I’ve had some family stuff going on. Look forward to being on tonight. Yes sir even the wind is math but you can’t know for sure unless you got a straight line with God what the wind is doing at the other end of your shot,, and all the way there.. There’s no guarantee that the wind speed is the same where you’re sitting as it is anywhere in between. The faster the projectile the less it will be affected by the wind. Just like in auto racing,,, “no substitution for cubic inches” . With enough feet per second there wouldn’t be any windage. If I could hit somebody a mile away before I even heard the sound there would be no effect of windage no matter how hard it was blowing!!! LOL I’m no expert but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!!!

2021-03-05 19:11:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In other words at 6000 ft./s the bullet would hit the object literally before the shooter heard the sound. In case I was so long-winded you didn’t understand what I meant. Don’t feel bad happens to me all the time. WWWHHHOOOOO HHAAAA HHAAAA HA!!

2021-03-05 19:14:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OHHH, Who’s shoulder wants to be on the butt end of that bastard???

2021-03-05 21:46:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  
2021-03-06 05:28:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Driller,,if you got a truck rig they can sink 12 foot 6 X 8’s or steel pipes even bette!!! Nobody’s driving through those.  question is can you do an 18 inch auger bit or do we have to settle for 3 inches of concrete all the way around a 6 inch pipe? Actually that should be plenty at 6 feet deep!! Math to follow::: 3.14 X 6 X 6 X 72 = 4.71 c/ft minus.....
3.14 X 3 X 3 X 72 = 1.18 c/ft. =3.53 c/ft X 2 holes = 7.06 c/ft concrete mix / .6 c/ ft per bag =
12 80# bags of QuickCreate total if 6” round post in 12” hole 6’ deep

2021-03-06 13:04:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning all

2021-03-07 23:14:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-03-08 21:47:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir I remember those days they’ve been replaced with 12 ounce curls!!!
WWWHHHOOOOO HHAAAA HHAAAA HA!! And that was 20 years ago!!! in the last 10 years it’s turned into daytime 12 ounce curls!! What can I say I’m fucking good at it! Like we always say,,, if you do something for a while and you don’t get good at it,,, you should do something else!!!
See also;;; anything from Bill Burr.

2021-03-09 14:14:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Know any Wealot’s Long story. WWWHHHOOOOO HHAAAA HHAAAA HA

2021-03-09 23:28:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The whole problem is they’re not afraid!! They think their lawyers are going to help!!!
They just don’t know do they??

2021-03-10 04:00:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guess we’ll just have to “nudge the private sale laws” guess the wives, parents aunts and uncles of the dealer will be meeting everyone down at the MacDonald’s parking lot for private sales

2021-03-11 03:30:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good evening ma’am

2021-03-11 12:09:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning all.

2021-03-12 18:39:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nope!!! Evil!!! Dumb ass implies they don’t know or understand exactly what they’re doing!!
Unfortunately the GOP owns all of those!!!
DeWine, Romney, Kasich and everyone else on the Republican side who voted to impeach Trump!!! Those are dumbasses!! They should be on the Democrat ticket and they haven’t figured it out yet!!Because they’re dumbasses!! The GOP make sure that no one can run against though that’s why they don’t lose their jobs!!

2021-03-13 14:06:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sir, I’ve managed to f the dog getting on this. It won’t let me join, send me an email or sign in. Won’t let me “forgot” either. I’ve checked my junk and trash files for emails. Nothing!

2021-03-13 14:39:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Said; “check messages for confirmation” when I enter the email and password it either says; (depending on whether trying to join or just sign in),,,
“This email is already taken” or. “Email or password is incorrect.”
Now it just says; “there seems to be a problem”

2021-03-13 15:00:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes ma’am, GAB.
When I read General’s “Get in the,,,,,,,group” message,,,
I wasn’t positive,, but he seemed,,,,,,, a little,,,,,,

2021-03-13 15:19:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You are doing better than me sir!!!
I’m still on the outside looking in. Like I just showed my dog a card trick!!

2021-03-13 15:30:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That’s too quick and painless of a death. I prefer the BFH!! Much better for my sleep patterns!!
Wait a minute if I’m speaking and joking and being,,, ME!!
Yep I’m sure of it,, any second,,someone’s going to tell me to delete my messages!!

2021-03-13 15:33:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yup,,, I used to be able to lift one of those!!

2021-03-13 15:57:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

There’s a few joint issues headed your direction later in life. Additionally for me,, I’m pretty sure the pressure test and subsequent firing would be the worst!! Actually worse than that,,, jokes at the Christmas parties for the next 10 years if they didn’t fire me!!!

2021-03-15 14:35:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good mid morning all

2021-03-16 11:05:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sorry to hear about your loss.

2021-03-16 11:06:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good Morning all!

2021-03-21 00:37:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-21 22:06:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It’s good to be back home and all pissed off again

2021-03-22 01:19:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guns up sir missed you guys this weekend!!!
Although it would’ve just been five or six MORE people that out worked me!!!

2021-03-22 01:30:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-22 01:32:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

(TIRED) as hell!!
I go night night now!!

2021-03-22 01:33:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-26 12:32:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

With emphasis on the Fuck Pump!! Well done Lunatic sir!!!
Every once in a while someone comes up with one that I’m going to steal!! You’re a great patriot!!

2021-03-26 12:34:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-26 12:34:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It’s a great day only two beers into it and I’m on my way to work

2021-03-26 21:50:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

On my bucket list of things to do before the end of life is just to sit outside of some assholes house who desperately needs killed,,, in a tree. As soon as he walks out the door plaster his brains all over his living room wall with a 308!!! Dental records removed! My work here is done!!!

2021-03-26 23:00:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Is your birthday today?
Mine’s tomorrow? How is it we didn’t talk about that last weekend?

2021-03-27 19:50:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Maybe they’re stirring the soup

2021-03-28 20:49:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Removal of dental records in order!!!

2021-03-28 20:54:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-03 11:29:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Morning all

2021-04-03 11:30:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Don’t call me sir,,, I play for a living!!!

2021-04-03 11:35:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please don’t talk my parts before I’ve had a chance to wipe them

2021-04-03 11:46:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-03 11:47:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Don’t PISS!! those three off already this morning

2021-04-03 11:49:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That’s my favorite staff Sergeant

2021-04-03 11:50:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Every time I forget to use punctuation it comes out wrong. But in this instance it works either way you want to take it!!!

2021-04-03 11:54:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It did happen to me earlier when I said “don’t piss those three off” I literally meant; You, Little bit and Honey badger!!! I was so hoping to get this out before anyone got a hold of it and ran.

2021-04-03 11:55:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Come on guys,,, they don’t work if I have to explain them!!!

2021-04-03 11:55:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Maybe I don’t need any more coffee

2021-04-03 12:00:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

One time in Florida about 25 years ago I was dating a girl, (sort of dating) from Wisconsin. She was TDY to Eglin Air Force Base for a few weeks. She must have just ended a relationship before I met her she said: “I’m from Wisconsin; where the men are men and the sheep know it”

2021-04-03 12:05:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lunatic I defiled myself in every night club in the whole city,,, and slept with half of it!!! Lucky to have made it out alive. Just went back for the first time last fall for a crew chief reunion.
The place is all different my favorite night clubs were all gone. We did find one; went in for about 20 minutes. I said guys we gotta go!!! This is just a sad reminder of what I used to love!!! and now,, just days gone bye.

2021-04-03 12:10:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

When I moved there with my 1st wife we got an apartment in Crestview. Didn’t take long before we found a house in Niceville!!! My favorite were those little fairs they used to have. I used to get gator kebabs and shark kebabs. I couldn’t afford myself.

2021-04-03 12:11:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OK I’m behind the curve. What is STFU

2021-04-03 12:13:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No I’m pretty sure after I divorced my first wife that we went straight to pound town

2021-04-03 12:13:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

When I first moved to Crestview a live next door to an army ranger

2021-04-03 12:14:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not anymore Honey badgerI can’t even buy a wink!!!
Frumpy has taken over

2021-04-03 12:16:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was 30 when I got divorced for the first time!!!
Those were the good all days. Someone said it would take 10 years in a chair to fix what’s wrong with me. I found a better way!!! I used Andrew dice Clay...
We are all still living with that aftermath

2021-04-03 12:18:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Me too,,, but there’s that thing with,,,, licking,,,, windows like,,,,,,??? a mentally challenged person.

2021-04-03 12:19:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I forget how it goes I got a look that up

2021-04-03 12:19:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thanks for getting me started guys now I got to go get a beer

2021-04-03 12:20:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

When you guys get me started this early I don’t even eat

2021-04-03 12:23:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don’t know what sharps n/a isBut since Covid I keep this 8 ounce spray bottle In my truck. 6 ounces of Everclear 151 - 2 ounces of bottled water. Somehow,,, my hands never get sprayed anymore.

2021-04-03 12:25:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

 no, no lunatic!!! I’ve got it down to a fucking science!!! Takes less than two minutes. Do it while I’m out loading up beer for the day!!!

2021-04-03 12:26:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In all fairness to myself I only do it once a week. OK, OK three days

2021-04-03 12:29:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ask Lieutenant!!! We,, (construction company) don’t miss a beat. Ran 90 some truckloads the other day. 

2021-04-03 12:46:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Damn, I didn’t know what channel we were on!!! I hate when that happens!!!

2021-04-03 14:28:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir,,, it is!!!
I will make every effort to be on channel tonight. Harley pic to follow;;;

2021-04-03 14:39:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-04-03 14:40:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-04-03 14:40:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-04-03 14:40:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir you’ll have to wait on me though!!! She’s got a race tuner high flow air intake and of course I opened up the exhaust. The softail comes with both of the exhaust tied into one on the right side. I had them install duel exhaust. Half or more of me wishes I just would’ve boughtthe used road king for $8000.00. She’s eight years old now only has 5500 miles or less. Looking to trade even into a 25 foot camper. It would have to be in just as good of condition and no older. Someone who really wants to get rid of a camper and get a Harley!!! Or I’ll just keep it until it rots before I give someone a good deal.
I rarely end up on the good side of deals. This is one I’m going to end up on the good side of if it kills me

2021-04-03 14:48:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Tried to send a short video but it wouldn’t let me

2021-04-03 14:48:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sounds good but still only does 110 top end

2021-04-03 15:43:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The bike??? Not just no,,, but,,,

2021-04-03 15:44:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I digress!!

2021-04-03 15:45:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Day drinking!!!

2021-04-03 16:03:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Send me topo of your farm I’ll figure out if I can do it myself in a week and you rent the equipment..
Operator = 1000.00
Trackhoe = 750-1000
Dozer. = 500- 800
Done in a weekend if I don’t have to push the dirt too far. 25’ x 25’ x 6 or 8’ deep??
What’s a duck pond?

2021-04-06 02:20:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Roger That sir!! Gun’s up!!!
I’m thinking about splurging on a Porta John for the May FTX here in Ohio. Thoughts?

2021-04-07 01:42:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I finally went back and everybody’s gone. Had to mow tonight how to set some stuff up for work tomorrow blah blah blah

2021-04-11 00:20:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Deadwood checking in

2021-04-13 00:15:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lima Charlie sir

2021-04-14 02:22:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-19 01:16:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Awesome good night!!

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