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2021-01-31 01:19:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Receiving broken audio

2021-02-01 03:51:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This user was banned from the forum a couple of days ago.

2021-02-01 13:51:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Get this, WSB radio on 95.5 FM, just gave a teaser before going to a commercial break, that they would have the founder of Militia Watch, Hampton Stall on. This asswipe is instrumental in putting a target on the back of any Georgia SF member. He said Militias are not the only problem, it is also Trump voters. ?!’n?!!!!

2021-02-02 01:44:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Maybe you got the popup because of the word "Security" at the top of the screen.

2021-02-02 01:45:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not silent

2021-02-02 15:26:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

2A, thank you for that Tucker Carlson video; great way to start my morning. Marjorie is among a small handful of Congress men or women who actually listen to the people she represents and stands up for their Constitutional Rights. I am not in her district, but I back her 100%. Maybe we need to reach out to other members of Congress to express our support. I need phone numbers. Our f/cktard Senators and other representatives as well as numbers for Congress people of other states. I am working from home some days and can stay on hold as long as it takes. I hope all of you throw your support to Marjorie as well.

2021-02-02 15:43:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just got off the phone with Jody Hice's office, Representative in my district. His number is 202-224-3121. Use the link I am providing to find your Representative and Senators in Georgia.

2021-02-02 16:05:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

5 calls completed, working on my list. Happy to share a short script that I wrote if any of you would like it.

2021-02-02 16:15:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Script that I am using attached.

2021-02-02 20:48:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Who is LadyLoki?

2021-02-02 20:51:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

LadyLoki, please identify yourself.

2021-02-02 20:54:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just did, not there.

2021-02-02 21:03:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just got off the phone with Harbinger. It is her so no worries.

2021-02-02 21:09:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I tend not to make assumptions when security is paramount.

2021-02-02 21:11:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This does bring up the question. How do we remove someone if they do indeed need to be removed?

2021-02-02 23:23:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-02 23:24:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-03 04:13:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I opened the interview room to keep watch if someone came on. Please call your Senators and Representatives and let them hear from you that House Resolution HR 127 is terrible. It infringes upon our Constitutional Rights. I made 5 calls today. Also, if you live in Georgia, let them know that you support Marjorie Taylor Greene 100%. SHE represents the people, not the government. Guns Up.

2021-02-03 15:30:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm on now if you want to try it.

2021-02-03 15:33:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No proplem. I'll just be here working for Uncle Sam; doing my taxes.

2021-02-04 00:29:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Help us test it out.

2021-02-04 01:20:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Working good so far with 15 on.

2021-02-06 02:25:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-06 02:36:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Copy that Harbinger, I didn't realize you had been disconnected. Good to know that. Thank you.

2021-02-06 03:08:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good to know Harbinger, I'm thinking that China and Russia and N Korea would be in the top of a list of foreign threats. Who do you consider to be the top 5 threats?

2021-02-07 02:37:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Bullseye, is that picture from social media, or a picture of your television screen?

2021-02-07 02:39:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't trust posts. Too many are misleading.

2021-02-07 02:47:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Snopes is generally reliable in checking out TRUTH or FICTION. Check this link

2021-02-07 03:07:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@LCpl Honey_Badger ✝ , please realize that woLF may take some heat in coming months.

2021-02-07 05:33:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The site is working, however it would be a security risk for me to provide you with details about membership at this time.

2021-02-07 05:35:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We do interview every potiential member. Would you be interested in interviewing with some of our members? If so, you would be able to get some of your questions answered at that time.

2021-02-07 05:39:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Can you be online here at 8:30pm Eastern time, tomorrow evening?

2021-02-07 05:42:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Okay, so it would be 7:30pm your local time. I look forward to talking with you tomorrow. We will be able to use the voice and or video part of this platform to make the conversation easier. Would you like to try it?

2021-02-07 05:44:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Do you hear me talking?

2021-02-07 05:45:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If you are on your phone, swipe right, then select III% Security Force, under VOICE CHANNELS.

2021-02-07 05:48:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Now go down to the bottom left to unmute your mic.

2021-02-07 05:52:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I see you have been able to unmute your mic, but I do not hear you. Do you hear me?

2021-02-07 05:54:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I will exit and try the connection on my phone. Be right back.

2021-02-07 06:04:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Talk to you tomorrow.

2021-02-08 01:26:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Where is everybody?

2021-02-08 01:26:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nope, same one.

2021-02-08 01:28:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Do you all know that our checkin is on Free Conference Call?

2021-02-08 01:59:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Theman, good evening.

2021-02-08 02:02:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hello Southern Snipe, Copperhead was on FCC tonight.

2021-02-08 02:41:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Said he is planning to attend GA FTX.

2021-02-09 00:52:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please bear in mind that this channel is not secure. Your comments, callsign, picture, video, could be viewed by someone who has not been interviewed yet.

2021-02-09 00:54:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not calling anybody out. Just making sure you are aware.

2021-02-09 00:55:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is the channel potential members are currently being invited to.

2021-02-09 01:00:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is where General says we are interviewing people. Checkin is being done on FCC.

2021-02-09 01:01:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checkin is on FCC

2021-02-09 01:06:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checkin is on FCC

2021-02-09 03:20:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can listen to the news. I want to hear you.

2021-02-09 03:23:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I heard you on just a couple of minutes ago. The sound appeared to be a news program.

2021-02-09 03:25:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In the left pane on the computer, where it says voice channels, select III% Security Force.

2021-02-09 03:26:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can hear you.

2021-02-09 03:29:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can hear you

2021-02-09 03:30:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can hear you

2021-02-09 03:30:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can hear her

2021-02-09 03:32:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Turn on the camera at the lower left, then I can see you

2021-02-09 03:34:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Can you hear me?

2021-02-09 03:42:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'll just read over my pocket Constitution.

2021-02-09 03:56:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

H2K, can you go to voice channel?

2021-02-09 03:58:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hello Gryphon. Have you recuperated yet?

2021-02-09 04:04:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm waiting for Patriotone to get back. He was chatting. I wanted to make sure his audio and video would work. He is in Minnesota and wants an interview.

2021-02-09 04:10:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OH NO, too late tonight.

2021-02-09 04:11:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is the second day he has been on and not interviewed.

2021-02-09 04:12:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well, there's that dedication that got you that CWO.

2021-02-09 14:45:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I have all that info and there is no name, callsign or even a comment that mentions "gamer".

2021-02-09 15:45:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just called both my Senators and left a message. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Be polite but firmly let them know how you feel about wasting our tax dollars and wasting their time in Congress; Instead they should be working on things to improve our lives.

2021-02-09 18:46:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I thought Biden signed an Executive Order that masks had to be worn at all times in Federal buildings. I've seen 2 speakers now at the podium, take off their mask to speak. Fuck Biden!

2021-02-09 21:48:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Two US Carrier Groups in South China Sea Pics: 2 US carrier groups in South China Sea launch security ops in message to China

2021-02-09 23:25:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-10 00:53:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checkin is on FCC

2021-02-10 03:45:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

PatriotOne was just voted STANDBY. He is a patriot but we felt we needed to get to know him better. Please do what you can to get to know him. Just remember Discord is NOT secure.

2021-02-10 16:35:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Can you or someone in the VA Signal, add me so I can respond to some of your needs?

2021-02-11 02:06:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

PATRIOTONE, are you available sir?

2021-02-11 02:27:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We understand you are a patriot. We discussed your membership at length this evening. Your connections with the CIA just make too many of our members uncomfortable. As a result, we have to deny your membership. Maybe you can reach out to a local group in MN. If you want to reach out to us in the future, you can do so by going to our website at and then select the contact us tab.

2021-02-11 02:43:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

PATRIOTONE, I want you to know that I did point out that you would have to be crazy to tell us all that stuff about chasing money for the CIA, if you intended to cause our group harm. We vote on things, and I could not convince enough of them to approve you. I'm sorry. I do hope that you can find a local group that you can participate with. I will need to Block you from our Discord channel. Good luck and Guns Up.

2021-02-11 02:59:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

PATRIOTONE has been blocked.

2021-02-11 18:06:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I agree.

2021-02-11 18:10:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

How can he show that he may be True and Trustworthy? We have no communication with him.

2021-02-11 18:37:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Chris Hill and 3% Security Force was just mention, by name, in the impeachment trial.

2021-02-11 19:20:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I am listening to the impeachment live on PBS at

2021-02-11 21:21:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Chris mention at impeachment

2021-02-11 21:23:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sorry, I couldn't see where I was pointing the camera but you can clearly hear the audio.

2021-02-11 21:26:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't understand how you were able to delete it if you were not the person who posted it. Please explain.

2021-02-11 21:34:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh, okay, taken down. That has a different meaning. Thank you sir. I have registered complaints also.

2021-02-11 21:56:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-12 03:29:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't understand. Can you expound upon your comment

2021-02-13 01:39:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Get Discord for any device:

2021-02-13 02:08:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Soldier click III% Security Force in left panel.

2021-02-13 02:09:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Then below that, click video and it will connect us.

2021-02-13 02:09:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You will be able to mute the mic or unmute the mic.

2021-02-13 02:15:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-14 00:24:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Soldier, is your man going to be on for interview tonight sir?

2021-02-14 02:17:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Get what made?

2021-02-14 04:20:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We're celebration President Trump's acquittal in the impeachment trial today. Have one on me.

2021-02-14 04:23:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I called our 2 Georgia Senators 3 times this week to let them know that I also thought it was a complete was of our tax dollars. Of course they both voted to convict.

2021-02-14 14:11:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@jasper, have you previously interviewed? If so, what's your callsign sir?

2021-02-14 14:21:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please explain.

2021-02-14 14:23:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I still see @jasper , and I think it's Copperhead in Alabama, just not positive.

2021-02-14 14:27:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Security is the reason I was trying to get a response from @jasper . His status is showing "Idle" at the moment.

2021-02-14 14:29:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No, Copperhead is "mature" and retired.

2021-02-15 01:58:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I just got dumped out of meet. Cannot get back in.

2021-02-15 02:29:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I had to restart my phone in order to finally get back in.

2021-02-16 01:36:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Works on both Apple and Android.

2021-02-16 23:25:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I guess they consider a pocket Constitution to be propaganda.

2021-02-17 01:15:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You are talking about a pinhole camera. Mostly only good for closer views.

2021-02-17 17:59:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Rush’s wife announced his death on radio. The loss of a giant Patriot.

2021-02-17 20:09:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Rush's wife Katheryn makes the announcement.

2021-02-17 20:16:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

A sad day for us conservatives. I hope you will join me in a special prayer for him and his loved ones.

2021-02-17 20:18:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If there is some other way that we can show our support, your ideas are welcome.

2021-02-17 23:09:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In what world do you think that would actually happen?

2021-02-18 01:46:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm sorry, it's not great. 2 people dropped off so you may be able to get back on now.

2021-02-19 17:25:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I have sent her some money and I also sent her a brief email letting her know that she has my support. I would encourage you all to do the same.

2021-02-19 17:36:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If you go to the media, I suggest you remain anonymous.

2021-02-19 17:39:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

BLM did not deny responsibility, did they?

2021-02-20 01:38:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

FCC dumped me. Tried twice now to get back on but could not.

2021-02-20 01:46:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Finally got back on after restarting my phone.

2021-02-20 05:10:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Didn't the Union accept the Southern States, known as the Confederate States, back into the Union, which made them all The United States? If, this indeed happened, would they not have also accepted their dead? If they don't want Confederate soldiers at Arlington, then wouldn't they need to recognize the Confederate States, even after the war was over, and allow them to have a Confederate National Cemetery? And to errect monuments in honor of those who fought for the Confederate States. As you well know, Confederate Monuments have been removed or torn down or otherwise desicrated, dishonoring the memory of brave, fallen soldiers. I hope they are not even considering for one second, the removal of Confederate Soldiers. They might as well remove the Southern States, if they do. Then, we could honor our brave, fallen soldiers, without interference.

2021-02-20 05:34:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Confederate Memorial at Arlington

2021-02-21 00:47:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good to see you made it. Are you on a phone or a computer sir?

2021-02-21 00:49:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Swipe Right, see if you have a VOICE CHANNELS listed with III% Security Force under it. If so tap on it.

2021-02-21 01:21:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You can be sure DEMS will hit hard with more Gun Control.

2021-02-21 01:30:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you sir, standby.

2021-02-21 01:38:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

ChaosSalem please go to video connection sir.

2021-02-21 03:37:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Check the message I sent to you. If you are on computer you should see a red circle at to top left corner. Click on it.

2021-02-22 01:18:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

High Climber, are you on your phone or on a computer sir?

2021-02-22 01:31:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Looks like High Climber is currently off line. We'll give him a few to get back on.

2021-02-22 01:38:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

High Climber, are you on your phone or on a computer sir?

2021-02-22 01:51:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I understand sir.

2021-02-22 19:55:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-23 19:28:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just like Romney pointed out, if he can’t get it right in his home state of California, why should we expect him to get it right for the whole country?

2021-02-23 19:32:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

More fucking Communism from Commie Biden.

2021-02-26 02:25:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Mike1798, introduce yourself sir. Are you here for an interview?

2021-02-26 15:13:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Halalula Dog Soldier, this train has come off the fucking rails.

2021-02-26 15:14:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The House is full of insane nut jobs.

2021-02-26 15:14:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The crazies have taken over.

2021-02-26 15:14:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

How else can it be said?

2021-02-26 15:16:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's unbelieveable that these "people" have been put in charge.

2021-02-26 15:17:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Do we have a definition for "Tyranical Government"?

2021-02-26 15:17:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Have we crossed that line?

2021-02-26 15:17:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Is Tyranny and Insanity the same thing?

2021-02-26 15:19:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well, we seem to have both Tyranny and Insanity at the helm of this ship that apparently has already sailed.

2021-02-26 15:23:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Time to LIGHT UP the phone banks in DC. Call all your own state's representatives and then also call all the others. I'm goinig to be busy today on the phone.

2021-02-26 17:34:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@mike1976 Mike1798, please ID yourself. Have you requested an interview? What state do you live in?

2021-02-26 17:35:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Does anybody know any particulars on Mike1798?

2021-02-26 17:36:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-26 17:41:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Mike1798 has not yet interviewed. Chat with him if you like. DO NOT consider your conversation secure.

2021-02-26 18:17:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

US airstrikes in Syria; live Pentagon press conference on CBSN, now.

2021-02-27 01:21:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-27 01:43:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lunatic, are you on phone or computer?

2021-02-27 01:45:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Swipe Right, then select III% Security Force to connect with video and audio.

2021-02-27 03:01:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm sorry, H2K that you weren't able to join us.

2021-02-28 01:13:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checkin on FCC

2021-03-01 01:55:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't see Nike123 on Discord.

2021-03-01 01:55:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not in our group anyway.

2021-03-01 02:27:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good to see you made it on Nike123

2021-03-01 02:27:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please accept my friend request.

2021-03-01 03:38:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Sent 2 emails and created a ticket. More to follow....

2021-03-01 03:41:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

For the rest of you, go to

2021-03-01 03:42:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Go to contact us. Send them an email. Tell them whatever you like about the forum being taken down.

2021-03-01 03:47:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Antifa got our forum taken down. We need to email, text, call whatever we can do to complain about it. The website was on a private server leased through

2021-03-01 03:49:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Be polite but forceful.

2021-03-01 03:57:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You can say, "I used a forum hosted on one of your servers that I really liked and it has now been down for days. The forum url was Could you please check on getting it back up? Let me know if you need further information."

2021-03-01 04:01:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OMG Deadwood, that video has to go viral. That was fantastic.

2021-03-01 04:03:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Anybody with Social Media accounts should share it.

2021-03-01 04:06:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh yes, that put me in the mood too.

2021-03-01 04:08:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That video was posted to YouTube 6 days ago and already has almost Two Hundred Thousand hits. Let's make it go Viral.

2021-03-01 04:10:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I just hope it doesn't get your FB account deleted. You know how Big Tech likes to Censor.

2021-03-01 21:15:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Another 26 Thousand views since I saw it last night. It's great.

2021-03-02 02:15:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Can you edit your profile to Trucker NDSF III%

2021-03-02 02:21:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

In your profile, edit your "Nickname" to Trucker NDSF

2021-03-02 02:23:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Looks good, great to have you back sir. Now let's sideporch.

2021-03-02 18:21:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I made corrections, and added a little of my own, and sent it.

2021-03-02 18:23:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I reopened 2 tickets that they had marked "closed". It says if I reply to the ticket that it will be re-opened.

2021-03-03 00:36:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well then I think THEY should be on a list.

2021-03-03 01:35:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I got that info Driller. Is a large area affected? Do you'll need provisions? Do you need my couch for a few days?

2021-03-04 01:21:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checkin on comms if you can.

2021-03-04 03:21:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Do you have a link? What reason do they give?

2021-03-04 03:25:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Great, now edit your profile. In your profile you will see β€œNickname”. Put your callsign in there.

2021-03-04 03:28:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you sir. Now we will recognize you.

2021-03-04 05:25:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This and much more is what Antifa is learning.

2021-03-05 01:51:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

So, I took a look at this short video. It's definately staged. I mean, what group of people are going to come accross our Southern border wearing "Biden Please Let Us In" T shirts? It's total Bullship.!!

2021-03-09 01:41:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

<@!818572078689157162> welcome aboard. Talk to us brother.

2021-03-09 01:55:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Copy that LT

2021-03-09 02:37:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Very good representation. Where the Fuck is our money going????

2021-03-10 00:36:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Welcome Dula, if that’s your real name, it would be advisable to use a Callsign or nickname. If you decide on something, edit your profile and put your Callsign in where it asks for Nickname.

2021-03-10 01:24:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@LCpl Rebelchick GSF III% please send me a friend request.

2021-03-11 01:37:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Nuge GSF III talk to us here sir.

2021-03-11 01:38:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just want to make sure you are still with us and doing okay now sir.

2021-03-11 23:10:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guardsman dies in DC.
β€œWhile the circumstances of the Guardsman’s death remain unclear, troops in D.C. previously complained about being forced to shelter in a parking garage and about being fed inedible food, such as raw meat and food contaminated with mold, metal shavings and worms. Last week, at least 50 troops in D.C. were reportedly sickened with gastrointestinal issues following the complaints about the food.” Nat'l Guard member deployed in DC dies after medical emergency

2021-03-11 23:12:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If Georgia has National Guard troops in DC, they should be withdrawn.

2021-03-11 23:12:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

People on death row get treated better.

2021-03-11 23:17:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Humanitarian aid is sent to other countries. Could we get some humanitarian aid for our troops in DC?

2021-03-12 00:05:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If we could do this, it would probably be a phone calling campaign. Churches as well as our Senators and Representatives.

2021-03-12 00:08:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We can find politicians contacts. Could someone put together church contacts to call or email?

2021-03-12 01:33:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@TrumpyBear welcome back sir.

2021-03-12 19:19:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The wait could be indefinite. How do you like them apples?

2021-03-12 19:20:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It’s in the bill!!

2021-03-12 19:27:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I presume that’s to stop them instead of inviting them in.

2021-03-13 00:16:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Marjorie Taylor Greene fighting for US

2021-03-13 03:01:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

My confirmation email took hooours to arrive.

2021-03-13 05:53:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

As far as Banking customer service goes, Bank of America is one of the worst. We had a business account there and we closed it because of all the piddly little fees and such that they wanted to charge all the time. About every other month, we had issues of some kind. No more Bank of America for us.

2021-03-13 19:10:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Great!!! Always love your input.

2021-03-13 19:24:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guns Up. Look forward to your AAR this evening.

2021-03-14 00:43:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

<@!820362775401594931> will you be available on Discord this evening at 8:30pm Eastern time?

2021-03-14 00:53:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Don't know that yet sir.

2021-03-14 01:00:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please remember this channel is not secure.

2021-03-14 01:32:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

<@!820362775401594931> please sound off.

2021-03-14 02:43:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Look what I found on Twitter from Atlanta AntiFascists.

2021-03-14 02:47:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The want to Erase Trump, Erase Republicans, Erase Patriots, Erase the Constitution, Erase The United States.

2021-03-14 03:19:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Some of the AntiFashist folks on Twitter Blocked him.

2021-03-15 00:32:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@heavymetalexpress how are you this evening.

2021-03-15 00:34:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

There is no mag in that gun. Does it just shoot a laser?

2021-03-15 23:52:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

<@!820362775401594931> Hello Sam, how are you doing this evening?

2021-03-16 03:58:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The City is apparently run by idiots.

2021-03-16 03:59:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Communist idiots.

2021-03-18 23:39:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Then we'd have the Bitch's Bitch to deal with.

2021-03-19 23:51:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Copy @snowdog VASF iii% good to hear from you.

2021-03-20 04:08:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Letter sent by Marjorie Taylor Greene to General Hokanson and Secretary of Defense Austin:

2021-03-20 04:09:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Get rid of the fence in Washington DC and complete the fence on our southern border.

2021-03-21 17:02:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Looks like a fantastic platform!!!

2021-03-21 23:37:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Rabbit ALSF III% are you available at 8:30pm Eastern time?

2021-03-22 00:06:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Rabbit ALSF III% will you be available in about 20 minutes?

2021-03-22 00:27:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I just found we are not doing interviews tonight. Rabbit can you be on tomorrow evening at 8:30PM?

2021-03-22 00:39:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Is phone service bad there?

2021-03-22 00:40:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I hope that will work because we really like to use the video.

2021-03-22 00:41:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Feel free to join the the conversations.

2021-03-22 01:10:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The best to all of you as you get ready for the start of a new week. Guns Up!!!

2021-03-22 01:46:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

A little cautionary note about Discord donating to BLM.

2021-03-22 01:51:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We definately need to be sure we have another place to go.

2021-03-22 01:55:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Maybe General needs to setup our own non-profit and be on the receiving end of some donations.

2021-03-22 20:56:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@ghostowl27 Welcome to our Discord channel.

2021-03-22 21:00:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Please check PM.

2021-03-22 21:05:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Tap the 3 bars in the upper left corner to respond to my Private Message.

2021-03-22 22:06:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Another shooting in the news, Boulder,CO.

Boulder 'active shooter' reported at King Soopers grocery store, police say

Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at

2021-03-22 23:43:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Driller KYSF III% you do need to wear a mask to keep some of that out of your lungs.

2021-03-23 00:29:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@ghostowl27 are you available?

2021-03-23 00:30:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Rabbit ALSF III% are you available?

2021-03-23 00:39:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-23 02:02:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You know, I discovered something today. The population of Washington DC is greater than the entire state of Wyoming. Who would of though that a city population could be greater than a state??

2021-03-23 02:06:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was kinda thinking I could move there but I don't want to be neighbors with more Libs and Commies.

2021-03-23 02:09:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was talking about moving to Wyoming. I could be a Cowboy.

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