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2021-03-12 19:10:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you

2021-03-12 19:11:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good how are you

2021-03-12 19:12:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That's good

2021-03-12 19:12:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You guys saw that the house had passed part of that gun law bs

2021-03-12 19:14:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Oh just wait till they pass the rest of they bill.... totally violates the 2nd admendment

2021-03-12 19:17:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

YEAH makes me glad I'm in Texas right about now

2021-03-12 19:21:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Not to mention the new yearly tax per firearm, the insurance you will have to carry per firearm, and if you refuse or do not they claim they will come take your firearms... That's all in there too

2021-03-12 19:22:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh abbott is standing up to them right now

2021-03-12 19:25:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well he told feds they aren't taking Texas guns, the bill for sucession is in Nov ballot, getting ready to pass a bill for the state of Texas to finish the boarder wall, and he's deployed the TX National guard to the southern boarder. .

2021-03-12 19:28:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir

2021-03-12 20:40:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Very inspiring Gryphon πŸ’•

2021-03-13 19:09:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ok Cpt Big dog it worked I'm back in here ..thank you Sir!

2021-03-13 19:10:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-13 19:10:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Right up the road from my house

2021-03-13 19:11:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't know what happened I was in here yesterday and then when I went to get in here today it was gone

2021-03-13 19:13:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh I love TEXAS

2021-03-13 19:16:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

YEAH I'm in East Texas always green nice weather except for August, Sept, you know when it's hotter then the surface of the sun , but the rest of the time it's nice, it's a nice 74 degrees right now was just out side with my daughter puppies

2021-03-13 19:40:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ugh lost my phone, couldn't remember what was on it all the apps we use, it's been a real pain in the ass ... what's going on with you smokinjoe

2021-03-13 21:18:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-13 21:18:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We got puppies... UGH

2021-03-13 21:25:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No blue heeler mixed with Australian Shepherd

2021-03-13 21:27:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We named them bells and beastly

2021-03-15 00:13:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in here sorry busy cooking dinner y'all be safe

2021-03-15 00:15:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeap you too ... Spring break this coming week got to get ready to run all over the place for this kid lol

2021-03-17 00:15:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in also

2021-03-17 01:22:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

🀣 🀣 🀣

2021-03-18 06:30:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-18 08:17:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh no I didn't check, it's just insane, and he's not to smart anyways, it's not trump or Biden he need to contact the IRS and figure it out.

2021-03-18 19:27:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good for Mccarthy and now it's up to 21 states going after those communist's in DC

2021-03-19 17:50:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good afternoon everyone

2021-03-19 23:50:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in also .. starting dinner.. y'all be safe gun's up

2021-03-21 22:14:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in everyone is enjoying thirty Sunday

2021-03-23 01:59:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hope everyone is doing for and had a good Monday ... checking in
Y'all be safe guns up

2021-03-23 22:26:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well today was a shit day... And now oh no everyone watch out for those assault rifles πŸ˜†
They are killing people again 🀣

2021-03-23 22:29:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And I don't know who said it about telegram, I'm on telegram and they do not delete anti-vaxxer channels. I belong to like three on telegram, and I trust telegram more then I trust discord...

2021-03-24 03:08:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir dog soldier... The boarder is a mess right now it's insane

2021-03-24 03:13:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog soldier this whole damned world had lost its damned mind it's upside down... God will be returning soon I'm sure this shit is all biblical

2021-03-24 03:15:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I've been reading the book of enoch along with fallen angels and the origins of evil, and cross reference with the complete book of dead sea scrolls , seriously I've got questions ... I've got to find answers to ...

2021-03-24 03:25:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well I don't know what your working on but if support you ... I'm sure I like research though so

2021-03-26 09:17:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-27 22:43:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-28 03:11:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We all become criminals as far so see it, watched a video the other day a police officer or out and said they are not going to inforce those laws that they are citizens also and they are not taking guns from law abiding citizens , and he called on all other police officers in this country needed to stand with the people... And all that they can I'm sure they want us completely unarmed, and when they happens I see them bringing in the UN to try to take our guns

2021-03-28 03:25:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes it is and I don't truck or military world follow those orders , but if he signs they EO they will bring in the UN , even though they have no authority to operate on our soil either, and that might exsplain all the Chinese troops still sitting on our northern boarder... It's getting crazy to say the least Captain Sir.

2021-03-28 04:08:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh I understand that but he's talking about getting it through by executive order. Whack is completely unconstitutional. But what they hell do they care everything they is happening right now is basically socialism on ours way to communism

2021-03-28 20:47:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-28 20:47:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Out Side Oklahoma prison when an inmate was shot for taking gaurd hostage

2021-03-28 20:48:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Blm with there bullshit agenda

2021-03-29 22:35:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-29 22:35:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-29 22:35:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-29 22:36:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-03-30 22:59:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I think they will try, what I would that will be they will let him do the executive order on gun bans, Are police and military will not compensate weapons they will bring in the UN in China as peacekeepers to do it for them

2021-03-30 23:15:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh darlin I know what you were talking about, I was just giving you what I thank is going to happen, If that communist Joe Biden signs and executive order basically making firearms illegal in the United States, I don't see our military or police departments being the ones to compensate them, I'm saying that the administration will call in the UN and China under the disguise of peacekeepers to take our guns and that's how China will come in to the United States

2021-03-30 23:18:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

There are and have been for mths a confirmed 54,000 Chinese troops on our northern boarder darlin... They are going to try and probably under the illusion as peacekeepers

2021-03-30 23:20:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I know darlin that is what I'm saying... Shady ass shit going on

2021-04-01 02:11:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

My right with the transgender bull-shit, done any of you remember what Obama did to our military this is just Obama 2.0 on steroids, Trump wasn't supposed to win this shit would of been under killery if Trump didn't beat her.. so now they are not accelerating this shit because it all should have been done under her fucking ass.... We are fucked
Other then they got y'all are doing well

2021-04-01 23:14:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Check it out kids... Our General blood agent...

2021-04-01 23:19:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

To her this is happening in Mo. And now Ga. Still it's a start ....

2021-04-01 23:20:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ooppps Sorry crap typos too bad this is happening in Mo. And not Ga. But it is a start... every state should do this

2021-04-02 00:20:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was on comms on this dang app but got a one call so checking in

2021-04-02 01:55:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That is what I thought when I saw it to

2021-04-02 12:12:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning Gryphon

2021-04-02 13:26:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning darlin 🌞

2021-04-03 00:33:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well well well look who's back ...geesh idiot....

2021-04-03 00:59:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nope that is a brand new article from a few days ago, he he must of got out of jail

2021-04-04 21:05:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Happy Easter my sister's and brother's!!!

2021-04-05 14:03:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning.

2021-04-05 15:59:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes Sir

2021-04-05 16:01:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well with China acting crazy and the crap doing on in Ukraine with Russia it's going to get insane pretty sure

2021-04-05 16:01:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Me too

2021-04-05 16:07:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeah it all sucks... Embrace the suck . Cause it looks like it's here to stay

2021-04-05 16:09:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It all looks extremely biblical to me, and at this point there is no way around it

2021-04-05 16:11:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir I'm aware.... Ugh

2021-04-05 16:24:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guns up Sir, have a good day... Got a sick kid to deal with...

2021-04-05 16:26:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you, Sir. Gun's up!

2021-04-07 17:42:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Buckle up kids....

2021-04-09 22:49:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's just funny

2021-04-10 19:18:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-13 02:41:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

National guard being deployed in Minnesota

2021-04-16 01:20:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm in Texas what part of Texas are you in?

2021-04-16 01:21:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm just out side jacksonville it's storming pretty good here too

2021-04-16 01:25:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-16 01:29:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-16 05:32:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That Was my thought too Bastion

2021-04-16 05:38:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Right but I thank everyone seriously knew that the second The communist regime took off they were doing after guns and whatever freedom we think we still have and this is the way to do it....

2021-04-16 08:03:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning Wray

2021-04-16 08:04:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

What won't be easy?

2021-04-16 08:05:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

"At least eight killed and multiple others injured in shooting at FedEx facility near Indianapolis International Airport" https://twitter.com/i/events/1382906192217792515?s=09

2021-04-16 08:06:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well b they i trust abbott but it looks like constitutional carry might just pass here in Texas

2021-04-16 08:07:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Omg sorry typonesse
I do not trust abbott but it looks like constitutional carry just might pass

2021-04-16 08:07:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Here in Texas

2021-04-16 08:08:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And I'm not really that far from you

2021-04-16 08:27:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-16 08:27:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And it doesn't look like we are out of this Storm crap yet this morning... Ugh I'm going to bed

2021-04-16 17:39:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just in san Antonio TX officer involved shooting...ugh

2021-04-16 17:42:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

LMAO you didn't see the other night on hannity, Rivera called Dan a Punk lmao, and Dan bongino litterly said lube I bet you wouldn't say that to me face....

2021-04-16 17:50:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They are saying multiple victims in this officer involved shooting here in San Antonio

2021-04-16 17:57:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They're saying this is it was a traffic stop three individuals in the vehicle, One of the passengers pulled a gun started shooting the officer was hit the officer returned fire to of the people in the vehicle are pronounced dead and the third is in the hospital, the officer involved has been on San Antonio PD for 5 years and he's on his way to the hospital right now, No other officers involved this particular officer was by himself, The captain is saying the softest is very very lucky to be alive.

2021-04-16 18:51:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-16 18:52:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes Sir, I was just repeating what they were saying on Fox News right then. As soon as links are available I'll send

2021-04-16 21:08:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This pissesme off, why release the names of people who supported this kid, other then to cause harm to them personally. This cancel culture b
Bull-shit had to stop, and I stand with Kyle to this day, this savage's world of killed him if he hadn't protected him self


2021-04-18 22:32:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-18 22:32:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-18 22:33:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And this crazy bitch up on Minnesota inciting violence... seriously

2021-04-18 22:34:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And thirty is your answer as to why there hasn't been any arrests she a senator our of california calling for this shit

2021-04-18 22:41:23 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Agreed, y'all heard about there nurse or of florida who was arrested for saying Harris needs to be killed right?

2021-04-18 22:44:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

She was sending letters to her husband in jail how ever they send letters now, and feds arrested her, now probably not the brightest thing to do, but think Back how many people including Madonna and Johnny depp calling for Trump to die. And burning down the white house...
This country is lost

2021-04-18 22:53:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If you have never been a single mom you would already know the answer to that lmao, no not credible at all...

2021-04-18 22:54:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Officer involve shooting breaking in Burnsville Minnesota

2021-04-18 22:55:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They never investigated it

2021-04-18 22:56:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-19 22:21:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The judge and closing arguments in Minnesota said because of what Maxine Waters did that basically it could be declared a mistrial. That idiot governor in Minnesota was basically begging people to understand that white people are basically genetically racist and we need to listen to the people on the streets and try and understand what they're trying to say basically cops need to go away I hope you all are ready for this crap

2021-04-19 23:52:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in, y'all be safe!

2021-04-20 17:52:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's only about 4 minutes long

2021-04-20 19:46:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They reached a verdict in the Floyd trial... Well be read in about a half HR .. not that it's going to Matter.... Here we go...

2021-04-20 19:51:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

12 hrs.... YEAP I don't think it's going to matter what it is they are still going to act like damned savage's...

2021-04-20 19:57:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yeh I'm watching Fox News on 205 πŸ“‘ Dish Network

2021-04-20 21:21:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Guilty of all charges

2021-04-21 02:56:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Soldier I just asked to join you FEDbook group...

2021-04-21 03:39:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That girl shot in Ohio, some lady released video of it easy before end or officer back up were even on site, you could hear her saying this cop just shot a 15 year old girl saying she tried too stab him, called him a liar... Just so everyone knows...

2021-04-21 03:41:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Welcome patriot 60...

2021-04-21 03:44:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-04-21 03:45:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Cpt. There's the original video for that article I shared a few minutes ago

2021-04-21 03:45:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Your always welcome DogSoldier

2021-04-21 03:56:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes Sir I did...

2021-04-21 03:59:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dawn my picture and the back picture is an upside down american flag sir

2021-04-21 04:00:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thank you sir and guns up

2021-04-21 04:12:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It was a join request to your group page Sir, the FEDbook like no you posted here earlier? @Dog Soldier KYSF III %

2021-04-21 04:14:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It ok if I knew your name I'd send you a friend request though😁

2021-04-21 04:15:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes Sir, sorry

2021-04-21 20:29:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good afternoon fam. Hope everyone is doing ok.
General , general E well be in Ga. World like to know if you would do an interview on his utube channel why he's down there?

2021-04-21 20:32:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


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