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2021-03-11 21:16:59 UTC  

I like our odds though

2021-03-11 21:31:57 UTC  

Its got to go thru senate what odds lol

2021-03-11 21:33:26 UTC  

Hiw much ammo you got lol

2021-03-11 21:34:04 UTC  

I got 2500 m885 green tip

2021-03-11 21:34:45 UTC  

Thats congress it has to be approved by senate

2021-03-11 21:35:16 UTC  

But were fucked unless democrats join the fight

2021-03-11 21:36:23 UTC  

No shit 6 Republicans side with democrats every vote and even if it ties Harris is the tue breaker

2021-03-11 21:36:45 UTC  

So we need every republican and at least 2 democrats

2021-03-11 21:43:07 UTC  

None for sale lol thats a I got period

2021-03-11 21:43:43 UTC  

I'm buying a hornady lock n load reloader

2021-03-11 21:44:16 UTC  

But check ammo seeker they got some

2021-03-11 21:45:41 UTC  

Midway has IMI 62 grain 1200 rounds like 929

2021-03-11 21:46:47 UTC

2021-03-11 21:46:59 UTC  

Wrong 949

2021-03-11 21:47:17 UTC  

But IMI is Israeli Military

2021-03-11 22:28:00 UTC  

I have some rounds from Israel

2021-03-11 23:10:27 UTC  

Guardsman dies in DC.
“While the circumstances of the Guardsman’s death remain unclear, troops in D.C. previously complained about being forced to shelter in a parking garage and about being fed inedible food, such as raw meat and food contaminated with mold, metal shavings and worms. Last week, at least 50 troops in D.C. were reportedly sickened with gastrointestinal issues following the complaints about the food.” Nat'l Guard member deployed in DC dies after medical emergency

2021-03-11 23:11:27 UTC  

Wtf metal shavings and worms was antifa catering them

2021-03-11 23:12:14 UTC  

If Georgia has National Guard troops in DC, they should be withdrawn.

2021-03-11 23:12:59 UTC  

People on death row get treated better.

2021-03-11 23:14:30 UTC  

If I was a National Guard Troop up there I would leave and face court-martial I will get treated better in jail

2021-03-11 23:17:37 UTC  

Humanitarian aid is sent to other countries. Could we get some humanitarian aid for our troops in DC?

2021-03-11 23:19:55 UTC  

When is it time to say enough is enough and take our country back

2021-03-11 23:22:44 UTC  

That is just crazy to treat troops like that after what they do for us.

2021-03-11 23:23:49 UTC  

The New York Post said there were 74 meals found with raw meat.

2021-03-11 23:36:29 UTC

2021-03-11 23:42:28 UTC  

Umm by who's standards
.. cause that is a lot of squares by todays standards🤷🏻‍♀️

2021-03-11 23:46:21 UTC  

Capt is there anyway we could get a team up there to help maybe feed them or reach out to the churches and see if they could help? Anything we could do

2021-03-12 00:03:47 UTC  

I just sent an email to MTG, and warnock and the other ass, ossoff and the troops in DC. I think everyone needs to email them to fix the issue up there. Those troops don't need to even be there

2021-03-12 00:04:47 UTC  

If people from severe states contacts their reps, maybe something will get done

2021-03-12 00:05:40 UTC  

If we could do this, it would probably be a phone calling campaign. Churches as well as our Senators and Representatives.

2021-03-12 00:05:49 UTC  

So pissed off I can't type right

2021-03-12 00:06:59 UTC  

Phone calls will be tomorrow

2021-03-12 00:08:57 UTC  

We can find politicians contacts. Could someone put together church contacts to call or email?

2021-03-12 00:23:37 UTC  

@LCpl Honey_Badger ✝ I select all they just roasting marshmallows n hanging out

2021-03-12 01:33:46 UTC  

@TrumpyBear welcome back sir.

2021-03-12 01:34:47 UTC  

Thank you sir, good to be

2021-03-12 01:44:04 UTC  

What's going on Trumpybear

2021-03-12 01:44:47 UTC  

It is great to see you back TrumpyBear!!! Guns Up !!!

2021-03-12 01:46:56 UTC  

Gunz up fellas, good to hear from ya

2021-03-12 02:09:31 UTC  

You to sir, gunz up