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2017-11-09 02:45:14 UTC

shoutout to my niggas in Identity Evropa

2017-11-09 02:45:16 UTC

no you fuckin not you buddhist

2017-11-09 02:45:31 UTC

I don't mind IE members, but Nathan Damingo is one of the few people who I dislike

2017-11-09 02:45:33 UTC


I am Charles Coughlin RC, but Theologically Orthodox.

2017-11-09 02:45:48 UTC

Charles Coughlin was based.

2017-11-09 02:46:07 UTC

Huey Long was too, but he was a protestant

2017-11-09 02:46:57 UTC

I hate Proddie theology...I can respect it, to a degree, cuz I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran.

2017-11-09 02:47:14 UTC

I dislike going to Protestant churches

2017-11-09 02:47:28 UTC

Protestantism doesn't feel refined enough; feels dumbed down

2017-11-09 02:47:49 UTC

Not as esoteric or with enough of the mysteries of faith

2017-11-09 02:47:56 UTC

@John Mosby How'd you make the switch?

2017-11-09 02:48:48 UTC

Lutherans believe in the Saints, but it is essentially disavowed it on an official level.

I made the switch because I believe in Ancestor "Worship", which even "High Church" Protestantism essentially disavows.

2017-11-09 02:49:46 UTC

I believe in the "two story universe", which Proddies disavow.

2017-11-09 02:50:29 UTC

Whereas we RC's just had the Triduum of Allhallowtide - prayers to all the saints, prayers for the dead, the whole nine yards

2017-11-09 02:50:50 UTC

@Matt ✠

We believe the same.

2017-11-09 02:51:09 UTC

The Orthodox and Catholic Churches would be best united

2017-11-09 02:51:21 UTC

I am an Orthodox outcast, because I know RCs maintained the Church, before the Great Schism

2017-11-09 02:51:41 UTC

Something I found interesting. The "pagan" aspect of the veil being thin around this time is supported by the fact that prayers for the dead are especially effective during these three days

2017-11-09 02:52:35 UTC

Our Saints went to the Pagans, and spent years learning their culture and traditions, before they went out and started proselytizing.

2017-11-09 02:53:14 UTC

I mean isn't Orthodoxy just fancy paganism?

2017-11-09 02:53:28 UTC

Also, truth is truth no matter who makes the initial observation, whether you observe the occasion by dressing up as a ghost or offering Mass for your deceased grandmother

2017-11-09 02:54:01 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Orthodoxy is the completion of Paganism.

2017-11-09 02:55:09 UTC

The light pole outside of state police HQ in our area

2017-11-09 02:56:25 UTC

2017-11-09 02:56:47 UTC

Sudden change of topic - One of my favorite coworkers just checked himself into rehab for opiate addiction and I pray he can get straightened up

2017-11-09 02:56:55 UTC

Did you use tape?

2017-11-09 02:57:03 UTC


2017-11-09 02:57:11 UTC

Use tape...

2017-11-09 02:57:26 UTC

Use wheat paste.

2017-11-09 02:57:27 UTC

oh hey what a coincidence, just noticed the poster

2017-11-09 02:57:28 UTC

My brother is bad on meth, in a mental health clinic atm.

2017-11-09 02:57:38 UTC

DON'T use wheat paste.

2017-11-09 02:57:41 UTC

Easy to make, safe and strong.

2017-11-09 02:58:03 UTC

Tape is the only thing they can't stick a littering charge on u for.

2017-11-09 02:58:36 UTC

This issue affects everyone man. Even if you've never been directly involved.

I really appreciate that this is a major TWP issue.

2017-11-09 02:58:58 UTC

Tape only, by law.

2017-11-09 02:59:07 UTC

The feds just say words as far as addiction goes

2017-11-09 02:59:45 UTC

wheat paste will give them an excuse to try and find you, don't use it unless you can get away with it

2017-11-09 03:00:10 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧]

Hear, Hear!

Don't use it, period, imo

2017-11-09 03:00:11 UTC

2017-11-09 03:00:25 UTC

@John Mosby better safe than sorry, of course

2017-11-09 03:01:10 UTC

It really hurts my feelings that it's gotta be like this in America... for the longest time I was a true believer

2017-11-09 03:01:39 UTC

The Feds create addiction. We guard the poppy fields.

2017-11-09 03:01:45 UTC

F... the federal system.

So long as we are forced into it, then we MUST abide by their rules.

2017-11-09 03:02:27 UTC

There is NO reason our boys should even have to worry about the system, when it comes to flyers.

2017-11-09 03:02:43 UTC

@DAMJ You mean a real American patriot? Civic? Libertarian?

2017-11-09 03:03:01 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ i am sorry to hear that brother.

2017-11-09 03:03:12 UTC

2017-11-09 03:03:16 UTC

woah dude

2017-11-09 03:03:17 UTC


2017-11-09 03:03:31 UTC

I know what thats like to deal with. It kills people from the inside.

2017-11-09 03:03:40 UTC

Gotta work on the camera skills but nice work.

2017-11-09 03:04:06 UTC

lil nigga, calm yourself. no one's gonna catch you at night

2017-11-09 03:04:11 UTC

Yeah just help me wage spiritual warfare.

2017-11-09 03:04:21 UTC

I mean flag waving military joining Arab killing storm trooper...I was misled and I am sorry, so I do what I can

2017-11-09 03:04:43 UTC

listen, if you ever put up posters on a college campus, you need to dress up in a military uniform to make it look like one of the ROTC kids was responsible

2017-11-09 03:04:52 UTC

it'll be funny.

2017-11-09 03:04:56 UTC

double lol

2017-11-09 03:05:14 UTC

@Deleted User 6598bb16

Even one of our boys getting popped is way too much.

I just got arrested a few weeks ago for going chalking. Cost me 5 bills.

2017-11-09 03:05:34 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ what do u need brother?

2017-11-09 03:06:32 UTC


2017-11-09 03:06:33 UTC

U said help me i thought?

2017-11-09 03:06:47 UTC

Prayers, brother.

2017-11-09 03:06:57 UTC


2017-11-09 03:06:59 UTC

wtf happened to

2017-11-09 03:07:05 UTC


2017-11-09 03:07:05 UTC

(don't go to it lol()

2017-11-09 03:07:33 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Ya, going around with chalk, spreading "red pills".

Got popped for disorderly conduct,.

2017-11-09 03:07:41 UTC


2017-11-09 03:07:53 UTC

Got the charges dropped, but still had to pay 500

2017-11-09 03:07:57 UTC

What are some common ways to do it?

2017-11-09 03:08:07 UTC

Or phrases?

2017-11-09 03:08:09 UTC

I went ham on them...haha

2017-11-09 03:08:29 UTC

Hit a bunch of feminist statues...

2017-11-09 03:08:34 UTC

An older one

2017-11-09 03:09:09 UTC

2017-11-09 03:09:19 UTC

Chalking is 100% legal, but they can slap BS charges on u, like what happened to me.

2017-11-09 03:09:55 UTC

Wheat paste is considered a charge.

Our boys just need to use tape.

2017-11-09 03:11:56 UTC

I appreciate anyone spreading the word of the Cause. I'm just lending my word of "wisdom"...I've been popped more in 12 years for the Movement than I can count.

I am a stickler for legality, anymore.

2017-11-09 03:12:21 UTC

Great advice.

2017-11-09 03:13:05 UTC

That's how we should operate. 100% legality. We are a political Party. It's good to remind myself of that I find.

2017-11-09 03:13:34 UTC

Even though real elections for us are far off it seems.

2017-11-09 03:14:00 UTC

But where we are going, no need for them also lol.

2017-11-09 03:14:07 UTC

We will clench local elections within a year.

We have Knox County on lock...just wait.

2017-11-09 03:14:34 UTC


2017-11-09 03:14:40 UTC

Gotta love Dixie.

2017-11-09 03:14:57 UTC

I wish I could turn KY TWP lol one day.

2017-11-09 03:15:07 UTC

Where's the Battle Flag emogi??

2017-11-09 03:15:08 UTC


2017-11-09 03:15:30 UTC

We the real Redneck Revolt!

2017-11-09 03:15:36 UTC

KY and TN will be the Appalachian ethnostate

2017-11-09 03:15:49 UTC

I like it.

2017-11-09 03:16:27 UTC

Just don't worry when TN invades and make KY our limp-wristed bitch...we learn from our mistakes.

2017-11-09 03:16:35 UTC


2017-11-09 03:16:39 UTC


2017-11-09 03:16:52 UTC

Did KY and TN fight?

2017-11-09 03:16:57 UTC


2017-11-09 03:17:09 UTC

KY never officially seceded.

2017-11-09 03:17:14 UTC

Oh gay.

2017-11-09 03:17:28 UTC

We kept y'all on our flag, though.

You're welcome.

2017-11-09 03:17:34 UTC

Too central/centrist.

2017-11-09 03:17:42 UTC

Not Southern enough.

2017-11-09 03:18:06 UTC

KY has it going on.

I'm a TX native.

KY is better off than my home.

2017-11-09 03:18:20 UTC

Bean invasion?

2017-11-09 03:18:34 UTC

Yerp...Although Tejanos are based as f.

2017-11-09 03:18:39 UTC

It's coming here too.

2017-11-09 03:18:59 UTC

Ridiculous towns like Sebree, so small, overran with muds thanks to Tyson.

2017-11-09 03:19:28 UTC

Texas is overran. That is the only reason I left my home.

2017-11-09 03:19:49 UTC

One day TN will rescue us again.

2017-11-09 03:20:40 UTC

If TN went to shit, I would go back to TX.

Right now, though, TX is conquered by beans.

2017-11-09 03:21:20 UTC

We need to understand this is the future if we don't win.

2017-11-09 03:21:52 UTC

"Welcome to your reeducation camp".

2017-11-09 03:23:44 UTC

Convert or die

2017-11-09 03:23:51 UTC


2017-11-09 03:23:56 UTC

Night all...Hail Victory

2017-11-09 03:24:09 UTC

Anarcho-Syndicalism is the last stand of implicit white identity

2017-11-09 03:24:13 UTC

Hail Victory.

2017-11-09 03:24:30 UTC

I LOVE syndicalism.

I came to the Movement through anarchism.

2017-11-09 03:24:35 UTC

if you're not voluntarily organizing into democratically-run workers' collectives, you're not white

2017-11-09 03:24:43 UTC

What are everyone's thoughts on NAM?

2017-11-09 03:24:48 UTC


2017-11-09 03:25:00 UTC

national anarchist movement

2017-11-09 03:25:03 UTC

What is a tribe if not a syndicate.

2017-11-09 03:25:27 UTC

@John Mosby you ever play Kaiserreich?

2017-11-09 03:25:34 UTC

I think Troy is a fag, but there are good boys in that movement.

2017-11-09 03:25:47 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧]

Nah, Im not much of a gamer

2017-11-09 03:25:52 UTC

We should convert them.

2017-11-09 03:25:55 UTC

This is now the TWP's anthem.\

2017-11-09 03:26:13 UTC

NAM is wide open for conversion.

2017-11-09 03:26:42 UTC

I have a veryu close bro, who is a "leader" in NAM (NAM doesn't have leaders, but they do...haha)

2017-11-09 03:28:48 UTC

@John Mosby if you like Syndicalism, you might enjoy the story of it, at least
Kaiserreich is an alt-history mod for HoI4, centered around the premise that Germany won the First World War, by backing down on its submarine warfare and keeping the US from entering the war
After the war, they send troops to aid the Whites in the Russian Civil War (a young Adolf Hitler is killed in the fighting)
After the defeat of the Reds, Marxism-Leninism is thoroughly discredited and humiliated

2017-11-09 03:29:02 UTC

in its place, Syndicalism becomes the leading far-left ideology

2017-11-09 03:30:01 UTC

The governments of the UK and France are overthrown and exiled to Canada and Algeria respectively, with Syndicalist unions rising in their places

2017-11-09 03:30:36 UTC

You can get Oswald Mosley as a leader of the Union of Britain, which is pretty cool

2017-11-09 03:31:09 UTC

Together with Comrade Mussolini, Comrade Mosley develops an authoritarian, nationalistic strain of syndicalism

2017-11-09 03:31:27 UTC

With how TWP is building communities we should he convincing more of these types.

2017-11-09 03:32:09 UTC

I consider myself more of an national-syndicalist, mutualist, distributist.

2017-11-09 03:32:09 UTC

At the end of the day the problem with government and the state is that it isn't in our interests and has no obligation to us, as it is.

2017-11-09 03:33:15 UTC

I dislike Mosley, because he was the founder of the EU...

His brother was WAY better.

2017-11-09 03:33:15 UTC

Also, America usually gets thrown into a three-way civil war, with Huey Long leading a reactionary nationalist movement in the South, Jack Reed leading a syndicalist movement in the North, and General MacArthur establishing a military junta to try and uphold the old government in the West

2017-11-09 03:33:43 UTC

His idea of the EU would have been a confederation of nations imo.

2017-11-09 03:33:51 UTC

I mean, Mosley had pan-European ideals, but he was hardly the founder of the EU as we know it

2017-11-09 03:33:54 UTC

EU is globalist and seeks to undermine nations.

2017-11-09 03:34:33 UTC

If Huey Long wins, he establishes a benevolent Southron dictatorship over the US and makes Every Man A King

2017-11-09 03:34:55 UTC

Also in this timeline, Codreanu takes over Romania

2017-11-09 03:34:59 UTC

If every man is the king then no one is.

2017-11-09 03:35:07 UTC

Mosley wanted an overarching European government...essentially the EU

It was way more oligarchial than even Strasser's envision of an European gov.

2017-11-09 03:35:17 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ that's the whole slogan, "Every man a King, but no man wears a crown."

2017-11-09 03:35:57 UTC

I must also warn of the curse of individualism and factionism that we are too prone to I fear. True unity does require a level of sacrifice.

2017-11-09 03:36:17 UTC

Egalitarianism is of the Devil.

2017-11-09 03:36:49 UTC

So too is materialist individualism though. NS works on both.

2017-11-09 03:37:21 UTC

I am a Monarchist...I just think that fascism and/or NS is the logical step towards such.

2017-11-09 03:37:40 UTC

Although, piss on autocracy. I believe in Folkmoot.

2017-11-09 03:37:48 UTC

Yes. In a way It's New Monarchy.

2017-11-09 03:37:59 UTC

Futurist Monarchy.

2017-11-09 03:38:02 UTC

If you will.

2017-11-09 03:39:14 UTC

I just believe fascism breeds a new monarchy.

It should be coupled with distributism and/or syndicalism (syndicalism makes more sense, in a modern perspective).

2017-11-09 03:39:51 UTC

I'll do you one better

2017-11-09 03:40:00 UTC

Fascism is monarchism for the industrial era

2017-11-09 03:44:15 UTC
2017-11-09 03:55:07 UTC

What are people's thoughts on "hick hop"?

If any music genre is pro-white, it is "hick hop"....unfortunately.

I can see our goys overtaking the scene, imo

Ok, let the lynch mob start....

2017-11-09 03:55:37 UTC

I love rap

2017-11-09 03:55:46 UTC

tfw unironically listen to rap

2017-11-09 03:55:58 UTC


Let me get ur number

2017-11-09 03:56:00 UTC

-ping niggers up in a tarp

2017-11-09 03:56:28 UTC

Who are you

2017-11-09 03:56:41 UTC


2017-11-09 03:56:53 UTC

C...tatted cracker who stayed wid u at Cross...nigga

2017-11-09 03:57:16 UTC

Ooooohhh yeeeeaaahh

2017-11-09 03:57:22 UTC

Whats guuccii dawg

2017-11-09 03:57:54 UTC

Btw @John Mosby i dont like rap, @Fevs spoke before i could finnish the meme

2017-11-09 03:59:11 UTC

I don't like rap much, but i think "hick hop" is a good avenue for recruiting...sad to say, but it is the only music genre that openly supports us at Cville.

2017-11-09 04:01:09 UTC

Nogs stole rap from us, anyway.

It use to be called flyting, then Appalachians called it "ditties".

2017-11-09 04:01:16 UTC

Rap is white man shit.

2017-11-09 04:02:36 UTC

We need a hick-hop NF album.

2017-11-09 04:03:29 UTC

Biscuits n' gravy (Rendered from the Fat of Heather Heyer's Stinking Corpse)

Maybe too death metal.

2017-11-09 04:04:55 UTC

Upchurch is having a show in Knox on Friday....we are raiding that shit.

He hates Antifa, and openly supports us.

He will either do it in person, or the new bar is getting shut down.

2017-11-09 04:07:14 UTC

Anyone here looking for a job or possibly something better than their current one?

My company has 9 openings.

2017-11-09 04:07:34 UTC

No experience required. And you dont have to reside in IL.

2017-11-09 04:07:59 UTC

What kinda work?

2017-11-09 04:08:11 UTC

You don't have to reside in IL? Is it like an online thing?

2017-11-09 04:08:36 UTC

You work 3 weeks on a boat, and have 3 weeks off.

That or 2 weeks, with 1 week off.

2017-11-09 04:08:51 UTC

What is the hourly wage?

2017-11-09 04:09:05 UTC

Ive been at it since 09. Its steady and good to get into

2017-11-09 04:09:14 UTC

$150 per day starting

2017-11-09 04:11:31 UTC

Not bad.

2017-11-09 04:11:54 UTC

Could raise kids on that wage.

2017-11-09 04:12:18 UTC

150 is good. how many hours

2017-11-09 04:13:05 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ add me back pls

2017-11-09 04:13:39 UTC

Lose accounts every other day. Current one is old af and on a 30 day.

2017-11-09 04:13:46 UTC

Or I would.

2017-11-09 04:13:55 UTC

12 hr days. 3 weeks straight followed by 3 weeks straight home, with alot of available OT

2017-11-09 04:14:13 UTC

True blue collar shit out here

2017-11-09 04:14:46 UTC

Just got back on a boat today. Been away since Feb

2017-11-09 04:15:06 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ i mean on here

2017-11-09 04:16:40 UTC


That sounds awesome.

If i didnt have my own business, I would be all over it.

I'll let some of my boys know about it, though

2017-11-09 04:17:13 UTC

Done. I need a better job but probably can't leave my young wife.

2017-11-09 04:17:56 UTC

I am making shit money.

2017-11-09 04:30:11 UTC

Its worth it when youve got all that time off. Also not a very far trip. My current new-hire group has guys from all over.

And the industry up here is majority white. Honestly its the southern towboating industry thats heavily black.

2017-11-09 04:31:30 UTC

Im gona repost daily proly. Its late now so ill do it again tomorrow during better traffic lol

2017-11-09 04:47:52 UTC

There is a job guild server too.

2017-11-09 04:47:55 UTC

For us.

2017-11-09 04:48:08 UTC

The Silver Guild.

2017-11-09 04:49:18 UTC

If anyone has shortwave, go to 3993 khz it's lit af

2017-11-09 04:51:27 UTC
2017-11-09 04:51:40 UTC

It's like racist boomers who want a white ethnostate lmao

2017-11-09 04:52:31 UTC

Lol nice.

2017-11-09 04:52:36 UTC

Our boomers.

2017-11-09 04:54:07 UTC

Yea I'm getting red pilled af on getting a ham rig now.

2017-11-09 04:54:16 UTC

Hard to censor that huh

2017-11-09 04:56:19 UTC

Now he's talking about making twitter and facebook a utility to stop censorship 😉

2017-11-09 04:58:19 UTC

Need some younger folks tho if anyone wants to do a radioshow hmu

2017-11-09 05:07:24 UTC

Whatchu need younger folks for?

2017-11-09 05:14:15 UTC

Who here wants to start a TWP skate team?

2017-11-09 05:15:54 UTC

I came to the Movement through the skate scene...there are a lot of skaters getting sick with nogs co-opting our shit.

2017-11-09 05:16:44 UTC

Cultural appropriation

2017-11-09 05:17:22 UTC

Skateboarding is a white boy sport...nogs started the cultural appropriation....time to take it back!

2017-11-09 05:18:05 UTC

I grew up on the Piss Drunx.

2017-11-09 05:20:47 UTC

We still need a TWP choir and have some OC battle hyms to write lads 👌

2017-11-09 05:21:21 UTC

Join a Church, bro.

2017-11-09 05:23:01 UTC

#TWP Church Faith affirmation

2017-11-09 05:24:13 UTC

Sorry, not trying to proselytize, but Orthodoxy is the way to Heaven...

2017-11-09 05:24:32 UTC


2017-11-09 05:25:50 UTC

Church has a choir, but the SS had a music-corps fam 😎

2017-11-09 05:27:15 UTC


Fun fact, Helmuth von Pannwitz is a Saint in our Church (Saint Glicherie).

2017-11-09 05:28:34 UTC

Sounds like a pretty based church

2017-11-09 05:28:56 UTC

We have numerous Fash Saints...a LOT of Legionary Saints.

2017-11-09 05:29:27 UTC

I have Saint George Calciu hanging on my Icon Corner right now.

2017-11-09 05:34:40 UTC

Long Live Death!

2017-11-09 05:55:39 UTC

2017-11-09 06:03:04 UTC

I, honestly, think it would be funny to have a rally(100+) and everyone wear Trump hats...just to troll.

2017-11-09 06:04:39 UTC

Im down

2017-11-09 06:04:51 UTC

Gotta be the chinese hats tho

2017-11-09 06:05:26 UTC



2017-11-09 06:25:05 UTC

2017-11-09 06:35:26 UTC


2017-11-09 06:37:26 UTC

Good evening fellow goys vanguard member reporting in from the midwest

2017-11-09 06:39:02 UTC

Honestly the soldier pic looks like Enemy-manufactured Black Propaganda lol

2017-11-09 06:39:30 UTC

Not black like racial lol

2017-11-09 06:39:31 UTC

Not black like racial lol

2017-11-09 06:44:04 UTC

I mean either one kind of

2017-11-09 06:44:30 UTC

Definitely bad optics, probably used to try to make antifa think we were going hunting

2017-11-09 06:47:17 UTC

"Glory be to Trump" the jew sympathizer that gave his daughter away to a jew.

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