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2017-10-31 13:32:27 UTC


2017-10-31 13:32:38 UTC

Bin you from the north east ?

2017-10-31 13:32:48 UTC

No thank god

2017-10-31 13:33:01 UTC

I'd make my leaf blower louder if possible

2017-10-31 13:33:34 UTC

Ah ok 👌 if you were IE as going to say contact me.. I’m an officer in the north east going to be trying to get to work on some projects soon

2017-10-31 13:33:37 UTC


2017-10-31 13:34:30 UTC

This week I am going to be doing some propaganda in Newport before the big Nov 4 communist rally that they have planed for there

2017-10-31 13:35:30 UTC

Do we think anything is actually going to happen on the 4th?

2017-10-31 13:35:44 UTC

Home crap the nambla thing isn't photoshopped

2017-10-31 13:36:07 UTC

I didn't think they'd actually be that literal pants on head retarded

2017-10-31 13:36:20 UTC

My fiancé lives in Austin, debating whether I should go down there for the fourth.

2017-10-31 13:37:19 UTC

They are thew at the providence Gay Pride Rally NAMBLA has a banner and a float

2017-10-31 13:37:28 UTC

This was back in June

2017-10-31 13:38:40 UTC

They say liking little kids is just a sexual preference and as long as the kid and the parents “consent” there is nothing wrong with it.....

2017-10-31 13:39:10 UTC

literally what if the child consents tho

2017-10-31 13:39:11 UTC

There are a lot of left librations that agree with that shit also ... libertarianism is cancer

2017-10-31 13:40:07 UTC

A child can’t consent it isn’t possible till the age of 18 a kid is basically property

2017-10-31 13:40:23 UTC

I know, I was just doing the lolbertarian/ancap meme

2017-10-31 13:40:41 UTC

actually in most of the country its 16 or 17

2017-10-31 13:41:03 UTC

With restrictions

2017-10-31 13:41:14 UTC

which I'm fine with, since in our ideal society we want the new generation to start getting married and having white children like they used to

2017-10-31 13:41:39 UTC

I know in RI 15 is the age of consent with perennial approval but the partner needs to be under 18

2017-10-31 13:42:04 UTC

Fucking socialists statists trying to impose their will on me and steal my indica fields and child bride, my rightful, sacred Private Property(tm).

2017-10-31 13:42:38 UTC

yeah, under 18 is fine if both of them are around the same age

2017-10-31 13:42:46 UTC

I more ore less agree with the old way once a girl reaches her first flowering she is available for marriage to start making the next generation but there has to be some restrictions

2017-10-31 13:42:47 UTC

and hopefully they're not being degenerate about it

2017-10-31 13:43:09 UTC

i.e. no underage standard fuckparty

2017-10-31 13:43:21 UTC


2017-10-31 13:44:02 UTC

And a guy becomes a man wen he proves himself and that can be any where between 15 and 19 depending

2017-10-31 13:44:11 UTC

We need to bing rights of passage back

2017-10-31 13:44:32 UTC

Like the Debutant balls and rights of manhood for boys becoming men

2017-10-31 13:45:01 UTC

Some way to prove you are now no longer a child.. hunting fighting and so on

2017-10-31 13:46:56 UTC

We should also destigmatize teen pregnancy when its with their own age

2017-10-31 13:47:22 UTC

They should feel like the best option there is getting married and raising it, instead of the current mentality that you either abort it or your life is ruined forever

2017-10-31 13:47:36 UTC

for whites, anyway

2017-10-31 13:48:14 UTC


2017-10-31 13:48:23 UTC

Abortion is murder simple

2017-10-31 13:48:35 UTC

"Only a few years ago illegitimate children were considered a shameful matter. In defiance of the existing laws I have systematically influenced the SS to consider children, irrespective of illegality or otherwise, the most beautiful, and best thing there is. The results - today my men tell me with shining eyes that an illegitimate son has been born to them. Their girls consider it an honour, not a source of shame, in spite of existing legal circumstances." - Heinrich Himmler, to Felix Kersten on Lebensborn

2017-10-31 13:48:36 UTC

I do think inner cities should have a planned parenthood on every street corner

2017-10-31 13:49:08 UTC

with full federal funding

2017-10-31 13:49:43 UTC

The country should discourage sex out of marriage but if a girl gets pregnant the community would encourage the guy do the right thing and if he doesn’t there should be harsh consequences

2017-10-31 13:50:37 UTC

>The country should discourage sex our or marriage

2017-10-31 13:50:49 UTC

We need to get the birth rates up first

2017-10-31 13:50:54 UTC

Lebensborn when?

2017-10-31 13:50:55 UTC

I like other methods of controlling the problem worn apes 🦍 they should be given their own nation and we can each them kill each other as a sport

2017-10-31 13:51:56 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Damn phone fixed it

2017-10-31 13:52:33 UTC

We need to send them back to Liberia the nation Jefferson made to send them to back

2017-10-31 13:53:33 UTC


2017-10-31 13:54:43 UTC

I wonder if there's any possibility of allying with Nation of Islam on this. Farrakhan wants that same thing.

2017-10-31 13:56:59 UTC

yeah I posted about that earlier

2017-10-31 13:57:03 UTC


2017-10-31 13:57:21 UTC

The father was allegedly one of Cmdr. Rockwell's guys

2017-10-31 13:58:16 UTC

I need TWP propaganda

2017-10-31 13:58:21 UTC


One of my favorite writings, "More Morality, Less Moralism!" by Goebbels. I'm not a traditionalist, I'm a nazi, so I see no point in trying to maintain traditions harmful to the Europeans. Step it up and sex it up, European Kshatriyas!

2017-10-31 13:58:26 UTC

Going to make some flyers shortly

2017-10-31 13:58:31 UTC


I have posted this before but it's a really great writing.

2017-10-31 14:01:25 UTC

I can't read it because the resolution's too low. But if it's starting religious grief, I'd rather we not.

2017-10-31 14:03:12 UTC

I recommend you open it in a browser, it's like 3000x?????. And no, it's rather pointing out that compulsive traditionalism isn't beneficial to Europeans, and we need to be able to destroy our old institutions responsible for the downfall of Europe and replace them with ones capable of serving us.

2017-10-31 14:03:29 UTC

Religion is important to a strong community

2017-10-31 14:03:36 UTC

It really is.

2017-10-31 14:04:34 UTC


2017-10-31 14:05:11 UTC

I’m Asatru but I respect the Orthodox Church and if I ever came back to Christianity that is where I’d go

2017-10-31 14:08:11 UTC

It's not shitting on the Church especially, don't you worry. The article just wonderfully illustrates the point racial activists should have no attachment to traditions harmful to Europeans, and the old "familiar" things need to be destroyed and replaced with something better. But as TWP is on the whole "death to America" bandwagon, no doubt you guys get it as well.

2017-10-31 14:08:38 UTC

Yeah I'm blackpilled in that sense

2017-10-31 14:12:32 UTC

"For example in Sweden this would mean quick death of the traditional monarchy. No more air heads ruling the land only because "that's part of the culture" and "that's how it has always been". The time of monarchs, popes, conservatives, old political parties and other traditional freeloaders is up. Uon their remains we construct a new order that's based on unprejudiced observation, scientific methods and the ideal of racial health and evolution"

2017-10-31 14:12:43 UTC

And in USA, the muh constitution/Bioshock America fantasy cancer.

2017-10-31 14:15:01 UTC

@HueTheHand do you have any non cucked resources to start learning about Asatru?

2017-10-31 14:15:57 UTC

You can look at Bryan Wilton’s works

2017-10-31 14:16:02 UTC

Who here is Christian?

2017-10-31 14:16:13 UTC

I am non denominational

2017-10-31 14:16:15 UTC

And the original book or troth

2017-10-31 14:16:52 UTC

And the work of McNallen and McVan

2017-10-31 14:17:40 UTC

McVan was one of the founders of the Order with David Lane now he runs Wodensvolk gallows tree

2017-10-31 14:17:54 UTC


2017-10-31 14:18:12 UTC

I’ll PM you some links

2017-10-31 14:18:46 UTC


2017-10-31 14:21:21 UTC
2017-10-31 14:21:33 UTC

Ah ok

2017-10-31 14:22:24 UTC

Good episode

2017-10-31 14:29:35 UTC

@HueTheHand I suggest Varg Vikernes's book Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

2017-10-31 14:30:17 UTC

This bullshit article explicitly states that traditional values are what caused our current misfortune. Secular and Cosmotheist types are welcome in the channel and in the project. But the anti-Christian bullshit which claims that Christianity caused the modern situation is entirely against party principles, divisive, and unwelcome here.

2017-10-31 14:30:28 UTC

I’ll look in to it, I was a member to the AFA till last month wen they started cucking

2017-10-31 14:31:23 UTC

@Hadrian Oh also Germania by Tatacus is good, I’ll get a bunch of links together wen I have better internet and send them to you

2017-10-31 14:33:45 UTC

Yea.. Anti-Christian or Anti-Pagan stuff that goes too hard doesnt really help. Both are open to constructive critiquing and revisionism on certain factors, but I hope we get closer to conjoining them as a phylosophy and a faith rather than divide us more.

2017-10-31 14:36:39 UTC

I'm not saying people aren't allowed to have those opinions or whatever. But they need to take place elsewhere. It's imperative that we ensure that our Party remains a comfortable and positive place for any and all sincere White Nationalists who reject degeneracy.

2017-10-31 14:37:42 UTC


2017-10-31 14:37:44 UTC

Indeed. Then again I never see too much arguing in here as much as other pages.. Even when it comes to that lol

2017-10-31 14:37:54 UTC

If you're pro-White, and ready to bog the queers, you're welcome here. ❤

2017-10-31 14:38:10 UTC


2017-10-31 14:40:43 UTC


2017-10-31 15:35:27 UTC

@Hand Banana I can confirm what @lurlina | WV said

2017-10-31 15:44:39 UTC

Was this Klutch guy vetted?

2017-10-31 15:49:05 UTC

Klutch has received some minimal vetting, indeed.

2017-10-31 15:49:54 UTC

Cool. Some were wondering. Wish we could plug leaks. Stuff was getting right to Antifa at Sville.

2017-10-31 15:49:54 UTC

Don't forget the Varangian guard

2017-10-31 15:50:30 UTC

Other pagans & christians fighting together

2017-10-31 15:51:18 UTC

Pagans defending a Christian because the other Christians were trying to assassinate him

2017-10-31 15:51:21 UTC


2017-10-31 15:53:54 UTC


2017-10-31 16:32:44 UTC

The TN goys are getting together in Knoxville, on Nov 4th, to do a banner drop against Antifa, and to see if their "revolution" actually happens here.

If anyone in East TN wants to join us, y'all are more than welcome.

2017-10-31 16:35:00 UTC

I looked at the website and didn't see one scheduled for November 4th

2017-10-31 16:47:23 UTC

So I got banned for 30 days. This seems dumb but would someone write that on my wall?

2017-10-31 16:47:36 UTC


2017-10-31 16:47:44 UTC


2017-10-31 16:50:23 UTC

Hehe at lest they haven’t deleted your account yet

2017-10-31 16:50:41 UTC

Would someone explain to me how TWP is hate speech?

2017-10-31 16:50:48 UTC

The faith, family and folk filter seems to be getting hit.

2017-10-31 16:50:56 UTC

Be careful.

2017-10-31 16:51:01 UTC

Heimbach's vocal representation of the movement have been very PC compared to what we've been accused of.

2017-10-31 16:51:25 UTC

Most of the actual hate speech is by the toothless neckbeards REEEEEEEing about Jews and Blacks.

2017-10-31 16:51:31 UTC


2017-10-31 16:51:37 UTC

Heimbach is a true leader.

2017-10-31 16:51:41 UTC

Hate speech is not a thing.

2017-10-31 16:51:55 UTC

Which no one seems to have noticed yet that Heimbach and other leaders in The Alt Right are avoiding in favor of more intellectual arguments.

2017-10-31 16:53:04 UTC

Heimbach has always been the biggest Nice Guy National Socialist. But if you believe whites have a right to exist, to the jews and reds it equals to wanting to drown and oven 12,000,000 jewish toddlers. No way around it.

2017-10-31 16:53:36 UTC

If you're a member of The Traditionalist Worker Party, and you're not following the example of conduct that Heimbach has set, then you don't understand Nationalist Socialist Values.

2017-10-31 16:54:07 UTC

You don't get to act however you see fit.

2017-10-31 16:54:27 UTC

You follow the rules of conduct and the example set fort by your superiors.

2017-10-31 16:54:55 UTC


2017-10-31 16:55:24 UTC

If you're running around screaming "Niggers and Kikes!" you might as well be a member of ANTIFA because you're hurting our movement with your degenerate behaviour.

2017-10-31 16:56:05 UTC

Do you think Richard Spencer is pro-Israel? REALLY? Of course not. But he uses the argument of admiring their success as an Ethnostate because he's intelligent enough to build an argument with a concrete foundation.

2017-10-31 16:56:33 UTC

NO one would be listening to him if he was screaming Kikes every time a Bloomberg reporter coughed.

2017-10-31 16:56:51 UTC

What argument regarding naming the jews are you exactly making?

2017-10-31 16:57:17 UTC

Enoc and Cantwell yell niggers and kikes all the time and people listen to them

2017-10-31 16:57:28 UTC

I'm arguing that you follow Heimbach and Spencer's strategy of naming the Jew with some degree of intellectual merit and class.

2017-10-31 16:57:30 UTC

I wish it was "faith, family and freedom". Folk & family are too similar, and I'd rather be living in multicultural America than communist homogeneous Russia. But the best would be homogeneous America

2017-10-31 16:57:33 UTC

Spencer's Israel arguments are fucking retarded, but luckily no one in TWP has claimed Israel is even remotely an example to follow, no matter how "clever" "4d" chess it would be.

2017-10-31 16:58:09 UTC

I think Heimbach's jew naming is alright. Does Spencer even name the jew, really?

2017-10-31 16:58:17 UTC

@Klutch big difference between folk and family, your family is your blood relatives and Folk is your people and traditions

2017-10-31 16:58:20 UTC

I know he once referred to journalists as golems or something like that.

2017-10-31 16:58:24 UTC

Cantwell is shit-throwing mongrel. Mike Enoch is likeable at the very least.

2017-10-31 16:58:51 UTC

Spencer's Cville optics were top cringe as well.

2017-10-31 16:59:02 UTC

Spencer absolutely names the Jew, but often in a dog-whistling method. Heimbach is more direct, but never comes off as hateful, just factual.

2017-10-31 16:59:06 UTC

Yeah his we support the cops shit

2017-10-31 16:59:20 UTC

Why is using Israel as justification a bad argument?

2017-10-31 17:00:14 UTC

Because Israel is worst example of ethnonationalist state, enemies with all nationalists, funds the enemies of nationalists and meddles in every country of the world to bring shekels and power to the kikes.

2017-10-31 17:00:35 UTC

Supporting the cops is smart. ANTIFA and The Left are OVERWHELMINGLY Anti-Law enforecement. Fascism needs the police, trust me. Did you notice at Shelbyville the responses that Law Enforecement Officers gave when you thanked them and were polite to them? They know that The Left hates them, and they're looking for an excuse to treat us like the good guys, because that's exactly what they want to do.

2017-10-31 17:00:37 UTC

0/5 state would NOT emulate. Especially when we have actual examples of functioning ethnonationalist states.

2017-10-31 17:00:47 UTC

Such as Japan?

2017-10-31 17:01:12 UTC

>Supporting the cops is smart.
...aaaand dropped. Cops will not side with you until we hold the State. Thinking they're your buddies is extremely naive.

2017-10-31 17:01:20 UTC

Japan is a much better option then the Jews

2017-10-31 17:01:27 UTC

I'm not saying we emulate Israel. But using them as justification for normies has been effective for me. "Israel is for Jews, Japan for Japanese, why don't whites deserve equality?"

2017-10-31 17:01:30 UTC

I was thinking more like NS germany.

2017-10-31 17:01:34 UTC

The idea of using Israel as an argument is to deflect anti-semitism. It's a temporary solution but it's a sound tactic and it has its uses.

2017-10-31 17:01:45 UTC

Yeah good luck getting normies to support the 4th Reich

2017-10-31 17:02:20 UTC

You don't have to think that they're your friends, but treating them with respect goes a long way because it's more than what The Left is doing. Tell me I'm wrong, I'm not.

2017-10-31 17:02:46 UTC

Most normies are lost al ready we are National Socialists just the name National Socialist turns them off

2017-10-31 17:02:51 UTC

There's literally nothing wrong with antisemitism. Holding Israel up as an example of what to emulate validates antisemitism whining and its really lying, no one of us wants to emulate it and we hate it, as do all sane nationalists.

2017-10-31 17:03:19 UTC

If we were after as wide normie appeal as possible, we could just join GOP or something.

2017-10-31 17:04:26 UTC

Hitler's rise to power was not as in your face as some of you may believe. He won because he was intelligent and he played the field as a likeable populist.

2017-10-31 17:04:35 UTC

Kombat, I didn't suggest we emulate Israel. I said we should use them as justification. No one can say why Jews deserve their own ethnostate but whites don't

2017-10-31 17:04:47 UTC

>Tell me I'm wrong, I'm not.
You don't have to go out of your way to be a dick, just keep in mind that antifas are a fucking joke, its the cops who hold the ultimate power to outlaw your movements and imprison your comrades. The more powerful you become, the more they will crack down on you, look at Europe.

2017-10-31 17:05:28 UTC

Cops enforce the law, they don't hold the power to outlaw your movement. That would be the legislators at local, state, and federal government.

2017-10-31 17:05:34 UTC

Also. I've been to Israel. It's a pretty successful country. Probably due to the fact they get billions in "aid" from white goyim, but still, it was a nice country. Antisemitism is unpalatable to the masses and it's not helpful in achieving our goals

2017-10-31 17:05:37 UTC

" When National Socialism desired to hold meetings in certain parts and the labour unions declared that their members would resist, then it was not these blackmailers that were arrested and gaoled. No. Our meetings were forbidden by the police. Yes, this organ of the law had the unspeakable impudence to advise us in writing to this effect in innumerable instances. To avoid such eventualities, it was necessary to see to it that every attempt to disturb a meeting was nipped in the bud. Another feature to be taken into account in this respect is that all meetings which rely on police protection must necessarily bring discredit to their promoters in the eyes of the general public. Meetings that are only possible with the protective assistance of a strong force of police convert nobody; because in order to win over the lower strata of the people there must be a visible show of strength on one's own side. In the same way that a man of courage will win a woman's affection more easily than a coward, so a heroic movement will be more successful in winning over the hearts of a people than a weak movement which relies on police support for its very existence.

2017-10-31 17:05:41 UTC

It is for this latter reason in particular that our young movement was to be charged with the responsibility of assuring its own existence, defending itself; and conducting its own work of smashing the Red opposition. "

- Adolf Hitler on Charlotteville

2017-10-31 17:05:55 UTC


2017-10-31 17:06:48 UTC

Oh they don't know who put it there huh? 🤔

2017-10-31 17:06:50 UTC

Make it viral. We are cleared of all charges of being the violent ones. We intentionally didn't go to Murfreesboro. Good thing. It helped smash the narrative.

2017-10-31 17:06:54 UTC

I see a spike strip there to pop tires

2017-10-31 17:07:09 UTC

I'm 30 day banned.

2017-10-31 17:07:10 UTC

@Verl0h Fine, "the system" then. But antifascists are literally a joke, they can't do shit, they're no threat. They have no power to crush you, the pigs do. Without the cops there'd be nothing to stop us from doing what is right. Not telling you to shoot cops, but just keep in mind some ragtag bunch of communists is not your main enemy.

2017-10-31 17:07:15 UTC

Same as me breh

2017-10-31 17:07:30 UTC

I am thankful, truly and deeply thankful for every single one of you and every single thing that each and every one of you bring to the movement, and I'm not trying to counter-signal anyone. I'm simply saying that in Nationalist Socialism, in Fascism, you follow the examples of your leader(s). I'm only reminding us that we should adhere to that principle. I apologize if I was overly aggressive.

2017-10-31 17:07:45 UTC

I mean we do.

2017-10-31 17:07:47 UTC


2017-10-31 17:08:30 UTC

All's cool. I've just been even more allergic than usual to opticscucking and neo nazi whining during the last few days.

2017-10-31 17:08:55 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ What were you 30 day banned for? I'm noticing a lot of our people are as of this morninh

2017-10-31 17:09:05 UTC


2017-10-31 17:09:23 UTC

As for Cops, idk. We'll see. I'm a private security contractor right now, but I'm going to be entering into law-enforcement at the beginning of the year. And I'm telling you goys this because no, it doesn't mean I'm a fed. We need people on the inside.

2017-10-31 17:10:50 UTC


2017-10-31 17:11:18 UTC

I've been wondering for a long time how to get Law Enforecement and Statists on our side.

2017-10-31 17:12:16 UTC

There's an IM essay which touches on how to negotiate with the police, I'll see if I can find it

2017-10-31 17:12:24 UTC

I work Executive protection so I interact with cops a lot I sat only 10-15% of them are good people the rest are thugs

2017-10-31 17:12:33 UTC

basically, trying to recruit them is a waste of time, so you have to find other means

2017-10-31 17:12:57 UTC

Its the cops job to maintain the status quo, we're out there to disrupt it. Shouldn't be too big a surprise if they don't fall in love.

2017-10-31 17:13:09 UTC

Idealogically speaking, Nationalists Statists don't have that much to say against our movement. We just need to convince them of that. The State isn't the enemy of Nationalist Socialism, it is a tool of Nationalist Socialism. However, The pre-NatSoc State is still dangerous. But, I do believe that White Populism is gaining ground due to Trump. Not a big Trump fan, but he IS serving his purpose.

2017-10-31 17:13:37 UTC

Most cops I work with now are ex military that think they are still in Iraq and treat the American people like haji scum

2017-10-31 17:13:43 UTC

@Kombat-Unit EXACTLY! That's why the cops are important. We need them AFTER we change the status quo. But I agree that until then, they're a potential threat.

2017-10-31 17:14:12 UTC

Afterward? The same institution that threatened us now continues to secure our power.

2017-10-31 17:14:42 UTC

Or people that wanted to be on the military bit were to chicken shit to join so they become cops and are bullies using there power as a power Trip

2017-10-31 17:15:10 UTC

A lot of people believe that stereotype.

2017-10-31 17:15:49 UTC

It's not really mutually exclusive opposing the police force in service to the System and supporting NS police in future.

2017-10-31 17:16:10 UTC

I’m not getting this from a “stereotype” I’m getting this form the cops I have to deal with doing Executive protection work

2017-10-31 17:16:18 UTC

But honestly, you'd have to be pretty chicken-shit to be afraid of a cop. Anyone is an authority position can tell whether or not you're intimidated. If you are, it makes them think they're a reason behind it. The best thing you can do with Police, Military, or anyone else with power over you is to be strong, confident, and friendly (not overly so)

2017-10-31 17:16:58 UTC

@HueTheHand Is it mostly the younger fags?

2017-10-31 17:17:10 UTC

Oh yah you be respectful wile dealing with them but you don’t have to like them

2017-10-31 17:17:22 UTC

If you oppose the Jew-system, the cops are NOT your friends. You don't have to be a dick to them, but you cannot give them an inch or they will walk all over you. Just the cops knowing you're not a pushover can be a difference between being able to hold a demo or not. Sometimes when shit hits the fan, the cops will try to detain people for no reason even if they don't intend to prosecute them. If you are not entitled and assertive they will walk over you, you can't give them an inch. Cop block mentality is what the leftists have and it is why they are left alone for the most part. The last two big court cases over here fell apart only because not a single person let out a peep.

2017-10-31 17:17:49 UTC

Exactly. You don't have to like anyone, but you need to conduct yourself like an absolute gentlemen at all times when representing the Party especially.

2017-10-31 17:17:53 UTC


2017-10-31 17:18:09 UTC

@Verl0h 20-35 year olds so yeah in my part of the country most cops are young and mostly combat vets or mall ninjas on power trips

2017-10-31 17:18:56 UTC

Post-9/11 Vets are the ones to watch for. Before that, they're mostly just tired old guys who wanted to make a career out of neighborhood watch.

2017-10-31 17:19:25 UTC

Also up here cops get a 20 year retirement so most of them do the 20 and then retire so almost all the cops are under 40

2017-10-31 17:20:15 UTC

@Kombat-Unit The Left's Anti-Cop agenda is why instutions like Fox News, OAN, The Blaze, Breitbart and other Right-Leaning groups overwhelmingly favor us over The Left. Why put that in peril?

2017-10-31 17:20:34 UTC

Most infantry guys they become cops are ok MPs and support troops that become cops are mostly assholes

2017-10-31 17:21:16 UTC

I think the quality of a cop is perhaps indirectly tied to whether or not they come from a blue-collar or white-collar family.

2017-10-31 17:21:35 UTC

I did 16 years in the army 1/2 of that as infantry so I know lots of guys that become cops or feds

2017-10-31 17:21:38 UTC

Your buddy who has been working since he was 16, played football and married his gf from college, he's alright.

2017-10-31 17:21:55 UTC

Trust fund kid who dropped out of grad school and took a job with the state, he's a fucking faggot.

2017-10-31 17:22:14 UTC

Literally what, when have any of those given positive coverage of us? And even if they did, which they didn't, it's not really worth sacrificing truth and combat readiness to get some cuckservative to pay you lipservice.

2017-10-31 17:22:22 UTC

Hey. Anyone here a doctor?

2017-10-31 17:22:40 UTC

Need some help.

2017-10-31 17:22:50 UTC

Eh I know some cops that were pore before becoming cops and they use there power as cops as anpower Trip to get what they never had as a kid

2017-10-31 17:23:37 UTC

@Kombat-Unit when you say "US" do you mean TWP or The Alt Right in general? Because most of those support at the very least our freedom to assemble and freedom of speech, and virtually all of them blame Antifa for CVille, lmao.

2017-10-31 17:24:03 UTC

Worst one I know is a nigger that grew up in the ghetto then joined the army as a MP after they he became a cop and he treats every one like he is god and they have to bow to him

2017-10-31 17:24:32 UTC

@HueTheHand Imagine a country where those problems don't exist because capitalism isn't destroying the working class, and healthcare is making sure those with childhood psych trauma are well-treated.

2017-10-31 17:24:42 UTC

Where's this pro-NS conservative coverage I keep hearing about.

2017-10-31 17:25:08 UTC

Pro-NS? Not exactly. Anti-Antifa and pro-freedom of speech is more accurate.

2017-10-31 17:25:20 UTC

I’m a NatSoc and once we have control the cops will be our people bit they aren’t right now

2017-10-31 17:25:30 UTC

It's indirect, but it's beneficial to us nonetheless.

2017-10-31 17:25:44 UTC

@HueTheHand agreed.

2017-10-31 17:27:48 UTC

Ultimately, if you want your Hitler or your Palpatine moment, popularity with the masses needs to exist to some extent. Do we need everyone? No. But we're not going to win with an army of 2k Fedoras in daddy's basement and a couple hundred ex-bikers.

2017-10-31 17:28:47 UTC

The TWP is a real alternative to traditional, working class, conservative families.

2017-10-31 17:29:48 UTC

This is our target audience, is it not? Is this not what we represent?


2017-10-31 17:30:41 UTC


Those are founding principles upon which the majority of White Americans in The West, Appalachia, and The South, and The Midwest can understand and will identify with.

2017-10-31 17:30:55 UTC

Sorry brb'd there, faggot internet crashed. But honestly, how would it be bad for us if cops learned you can't squeeze any information from us whatsoever? That should be the norm.

2017-10-31 17:31:09 UTC

@Verl0h Hear, Hear!

2017-10-31 17:31:11 UTC

You're 100% right, Kombat.

2017-10-31 17:31:30 UTC

We have to be strong and steadfast. You're 100%.

2017-10-31 17:32:02 UTC

It's really such a cliche but no one talks, everyone walks. All there is to it.

2017-10-31 17:32:03 UTC

But we're also not shouting down those same cops, we're just standing our ground. That's differentiates us from The Left's antics.

2017-10-31 17:32:18 UTC

Again, you're completely right.

2017-10-31 17:37:26 UTC

I'm more of an ACAB person, myself (due to a lot of bad experiences with LE), but some cops are convertible.

If we take an open militantly anti-cop stance, then we will only get pressed harder by them.

Here in Knoxville, we have excellent working relations with the local PD and Sheriffs. They have shutdown a lot of faggots at the pride parade we protest every year, for even slapping our signs or typical antifa behavior. They even green lighted us physically confronting them, at one rally, when they were acting especially hostile/physical (and no, it wasn't a setup).

If we start openly attacking cops (in person or on some other public platform), then we will be looked at no differently than antifa...most of the working-class families that we appeal to still believe in the "thin blue line" rhetoric.

2017-10-31 17:38:46 UTC

You're also very correct, John. Anyway, I'm out for awhile. I have to get back to securing enough wood for this Winter. My parents have me out at their estate cutting down Red Oak.

Each and every one of you stands a soldier of The West, and a hero in his own right. What you do now may not resonate in its importance to the degree in which you desire. But make no mistake, you ARE changing the paradigm. You ARE changing the world, and you're not alone. Together, we will all make Fascism a resurgent reality. We will witness and guide the rise of Nationalist Socialism once more in The West. We will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children! Remember: Strength and Honour. Blood and Soil. Hail Victory!

2017-10-31 17:40:02 UTC

I too have a ton of bad experiences with cops, only really had to fight with them during demos, reds are a complete joke as I've said. But - You don't have to dance to "FUCK THE POLICE", simply acknowledge what is true and what Adolf Hitler himself acknowledged. Cops preserve the system, not you, and so they will. Red anti-police rhetoric is notably different from ours, they whine about cops being racist, while to us they keep the anti white kike system together.

2017-10-31 17:41:03 UTC

Antifas might try to attack nationalists now and then, but only the system have the power to ruin lives, imprison activists on bullshit charges, and so forth. Surely you remember National Action.

2017-10-31 17:43:19 UTC

Ya, I can agree with most of that. They obviously care more about their paycheck than their folk, which is why they always end up being puppets.

That being said, I like the Posse Comitatus method of gaining power within the local sheriff offices, that way WE sign their paychecks. Most small town cops and sheriffs are on our side, although they just cant show it, in order to maintain their jobs. That could easily change if we take back the local sheriff office.

Perfect example is the Jim Crow South...all Southron cops were either open WNs (many Klansmen), or at the very least sympathetic.

2017-10-31 17:50:54 UTC

Bart is a perfect example of following said strategy. He managed to become the sheriff of a town in OK.

He resigned after getting doxed, but he didn't have to, by law (I wish he wouldn't have).

2017-10-31 18:03:06 UTC

They're still blaming this on gamergate

2017-10-31 18:03:24 UTC

Yes jews take the games / gaming away, that will only help us and bolster our ranks

2017-10-31 18:04:23 UTC

Sheit if the jews took away my vidya I'd be in shape by now

2017-10-31 18:13:08 UTC

I hear ya

2017-10-31 18:16:28 UTC


2017-10-31 18:16:39 UTC

Is there a way I can get stickers and stuff to post up around town?

2017-10-31 18:17:18 UTC

I fell out of it (gaming) just months before that shit dropped (Gamergate) I believe, I went to PAX East 2013 which was in the beginning of the year, at the end of March and then fell out of it shortly after... Was streaming on Twitch for a short time... (a year or 2 before going to PAX for the first time)

so yea like a year / year and a half ish before that shit (Gamergate) started according to wikipedia

2017-10-31 18:18:32 UTC

I was a big gaming nerd before getting red pilled

2017-10-31 18:19:08 UTC

then all my gaming time / obsession turned into "Truthing" and Research and Reading and Red Pilling myself

2017-10-31 18:22:55 UTC

Fourth Reich will rise because kids just couldn't stop saying "nigger" in xbox live.

2017-10-31 18:32:46 UTC


2017-10-31 18:36:32 UTC

Ww2 games just made me want to play as a German more

2017-10-31 18:40:46 UTC

I loved playing Harts of iron as the Germans

2017-10-31 18:41:39 UTC

Where I did things like an airborne invasion of England in 1940 🙂

2017-10-31 18:41:40 UTC

Never done HoI, but I enjoy EU4 as Brandenburg to Prussia and/or HRE

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