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2018-03-08 05:24:06 UTC

Literally to defend trannies and mulatos

2018-03-08 05:24:08 UTC

absolute scum

2018-03-08 05:24:29 UTC

Agreed, but they've been doing it for a century now. Traitors are nothing new

2018-03-08 05:24:29 UTC

is weather underground some scummy leftist group?

2018-03-08 05:25:08 UTC

The proper way of dealing with traitors who side with Muslims against your Christian, European brethren, has traditionally been beheading

2018-03-08 05:25:14 UTC

In self defense

2018-03-08 05:25:36 UTC

JDL set off bombs in the past, too


2018-03-08 05:25:51 UTC

That doesn't shock me at all

2018-03-08 05:26:59 UTC

lmfao dude fuck the JDL, they used to force money from Tupac and others in the gangsta rap from the early 90's

2018-03-08 05:27:10 UTC

fuck all Jews

2018-03-08 05:27:52 UTC

We literally embarrassed them where the WU was formed.

2018-03-08 05:33:45 UTC

You guys have tattoo artists, right?

2018-03-08 05:34:02 UTC

Interested in a Swazi and Black Sun, would love to know the prices

2018-03-08 05:34:02 UTC


2018-03-08 05:34:05 UTC

really makes me think

2018-03-08 05:34:11 UTC


2018-03-08 05:34:18 UTC

Students for a Democratic Society

2018-03-08 05:34:26 UTC

became fucking Weather underground

2018-03-08 05:34:31 UTC


2018-03-08 05:35:05 UTC

Holy shit!

2018-03-08 05:35:28 UTC

Students for a Democratic Society Predecessor Student League for Industrial Democracy
Successor New Students for a Democratic Society
Formation 1960
Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan

2018-03-08 05:35:58 UTC

Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen. Weatherman organized in 1969 as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

2018-03-08 05:36:03 UTC


2018-03-08 05:37:03 UTC

so it was the "students for a democratic society" who opposed us in MI? Wasn't there and didn't read too deeply into the opfor

2018-03-08 05:37:06 UTC

No mercy

2018-03-08 05:37:32 UTC

sds was there, antifa were the main ones opposing us

2018-03-08 05:37:44 UTC

they wanted to kill us

2018-03-08 05:37:56 UTC

you can look at stills of these motherfuckers and tell

2018-03-08 05:37:59 UTC

they always do

2018-03-08 05:38:18 UTC

I don't get why they're so mad at beauty and tradition and Huggable Heimbach

2018-03-08 05:38:37 UTC

the state told them we're the enemy

2018-03-08 05:39:00 UTC

ironic i know, since 'anarchists'

2018-03-08 05:39:07 UTC

Because they're fake and gay.

2018-03-08 05:40:06 UTC


2018-03-08 05:40:33 UTC

We should start an 8chn thread to help ID them.

2018-03-08 05:40:40 UTC


2018-03-08 05:40:41 UTC

this is spiked knuckle guy and his faggot friend, im glad he wasnt so completely mind fucked to martyr himself in the name of democracy

2018-03-08 05:40:47 UTC

I got a few I can help get into

2018-03-08 05:40:51 UTC

Shieeeeet, i got a promotion.
I am now head of Georgia.

2018-03-08 05:41:06 UTC

Congratulations, comrade.

2018-03-08 05:41:20 UTC

Nice satanitc hoody faggot.
Wonder what that band is from\

2018-03-08 05:41:26 UTC


2018-03-08 05:41:38 UTC


2018-03-08 05:42:01 UTC


2018-03-08 05:42:08 UTC

been looking, can't find hoody

2018-03-08 05:42:09 UTC

We satanists now?

2018-03-08 05:42:28 UTC

nah that's what spiked knuckles guy is wearing

2018-03-08 05:42:36 UTC

Oh ok.

2018-03-08 05:42:48 UTC

i would gas myself

2018-03-08 05:42:50 UTC

The one who was facing Heimbach in that pic?

2018-03-08 05:43:07 UTC


2018-03-08 05:43:25 UTC

he came up to punch heimbach after heimbach tossed the guy

2018-03-08 05:43:35 UTC

found a really good video of it, could tell he was second guessing himself

2018-03-08 05:44:55 UTC

Do you guys think it's obvious I'm a natsoc if I got this worked on at a shop?


2018-03-08 05:46:08 UTC

tell 'em it's your boyfriends, if they fuck with it they become the bigots

2018-03-08 05:47:40 UTC


@Justin Burger (Major-GA) Is GA's new Major, as we discussed last weekend. Can he be added to the ticket system?

Congrats Justin!

Also, @Der Jäger still needs to be added to the system as Florida's new Major

2018-03-08 05:48:00 UTC

Congrats guys!

2018-03-08 05:49:08 UTC

Wait it's not even a band hoodie

2018-03-08 05:49:17 UTC

Still looking for Nazi buddies to spend time with next week

2018-03-08 05:49:26 UTC

He's a just a faggot who thought it looked cool

2018-03-08 05:50:32 UTC

@Fash Dragon c o m e t o c a n a d a

2018-03-08 05:50:48 UTC

Canada is gay

2018-03-08 05:50:58 UTC

And you should blame it for everything

2018-03-08 05:51:37 UTC

you're not wrong

2018-03-08 05:52:04 UTC

Knew it

2018-03-08 05:52:23 UTC

Canada has Castro's son in office

2018-03-08 05:53:12 UTC

That country is fucked

2018-03-08 05:55:12 UTC

Not true, I never had a son.

2018-03-08 05:57:06 UTC

Aaaaahh sheeiieeeiieieiet

2018-03-08 05:57:27 UTC


2018-03-08 05:59:37 UTC

@Tarnfurt are they gonna give me shit going over the border?

2018-03-08 06:01:12 UTC

I don't think so

2018-03-08 06:01:36 UTC

If you have a criminal record it will be tough

2018-03-08 06:02:33 UTC

so i guess it's not worth to bother if you do have one

2018-03-08 06:03:03 UTC

My record is clean

2018-03-08 06:03:48 UTC

@Fash Dragon What about that one time you sodomized that dog

2018-03-08 06:04:46 UTC

That was just a misdemeanor

2018-03-08 06:05:45 UTC

not in canada

2018-03-08 06:06:57 UTC

@Fash Dragon hell yeah fam come up for a visit

2018-03-08 06:07:54 UTC

@Fuhrerious there was no penetration so it's not a crime in Canada

2018-03-08 06:08:05 UTC

@Tarnfurt I'll see man. I may go to Texas

2018-03-08 06:08:13 UTC

I may just go to GAY OHIO

2018-03-08 06:09:12 UTC

heading to bed guys, Hail Victory!

2018-03-08 06:09:43 UTC

do it no balls come to out meet on the 24th faggot

2018-03-08 06:09:46 UTC

@Tarnfurt good night alt right

2018-03-08 06:09:46 UTC
2018-03-08 06:09:51 UTC

@Fevs I will

2018-03-08 06:09:54 UTC


2018-03-08 06:10:25 UTC

@Fevs I may just go to Clarksville if the twins haven't spent all their welfare money this month

2018-03-08 06:13:18 UTC


2018-03-08 06:13:35 UTC

What an absolute nigger infestation

2018-03-08 06:18:56 UTC

@Fash Dragon Heard you talking shit about the best of the midwest

2018-03-08 06:24:29 UTC

Any cases of antifa going to jail?

2018-03-08 06:25:18 UTC

24 arrested. 13 felonies.

2018-03-08 06:25:32 UTC

But actually in prison

2018-03-08 06:25:41 UTC

Like I bet all their shit is dropped

2018-03-08 06:26:09 UTC

I guess a dozen or so are still in holding

2018-03-08 06:26:14 UTC

"OH ANTIFA GOT ARRESTED" But the fucking disrupt J20 got their shit dropped

2018-03-08 06:26:27 UTC

Yeah true. This is all part of it.

2018-03-08 06:26:51 UTC

They get to run wild and then get off light or completely because the same kikes who fund them represent them.

2018-03-08 06:27:21 UTC

We need a legal team and go pro's on us.

2018-03-08 06:27:37 UTC

Or at least on a few chosen.

2018-03-08 06:27:40 UTC

They torched some Saudi's limo. Go figure, since Saudi princes are rootless cosmopolitan scum

2018-03-08 06:28:31 UTC

ADL, SPLC, the (((NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD))) defend them all.

2018-03-08 06:28:48 UTC

Literal fucking zionist imperialist bastards

2018-03-08 06:30:34 UTC

Kind of fucking odd that a bunch of pro-Kurdish and imperialist bastards defend them against the white working class.

2018-03-08 06:31:25 UTC

Those hordes of Judeo-anarchists are the fucking muscle of the imperialist Jewish empire.

2018-03-08 06:33:22 UTC

Hope they all fucking go in the pen

2018-03-08 06:34:22 UTC

Say hello to your (((Kurdish comrades))) in death


2018-03-08 06:35:15 UTC

Which side is the beheader?

2018-03-08 06:36:14 UTC

Identity Europa

2018-03-08 06:37:19 UTC

Zionism will die in dixie.

2018-03-08 06:44:50 UTC


2018-03-08 06:45:26 UTC

Are the Kurds pro-Israel?

2018-03-08 06:52:05 UTC


2018-03-08 06:52:07 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ "Israel became the first state to support the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan"

2018-03-08 06:52:28 UTC

(((however it hasn't yet recognized it as a state)))

2018-03-08 06:52:58 UTC


2018-03-08 06:54:46 UTC

In 1963–1975 Israel had military advisers train and supply the Kurdish units with firearms and field and anti-aircraft artillery.

2018-03-08 06:55:19 UTC

This is a kurd area they took from ISIS.
I hope many of Kurds suffered and witnessed brutal agony and pain.

ISIS is a bunch of sheepfuckering faggots but fuck Kurds more


2018-03-08 06:56:01 UTC

This is pigs that everyone will hang like pigs


2018-03-08 06:56:07 UTC

I find it funnier than hell that the kurds support antifa and has supposedly trained some of their members.

2018-03-08 06:57:05 UTC

Kurds shall be treated like roaches, we stomp the fucking roaches.

But before the roaches get fucked out. We should start the Kurdish genocide.

2018-03-08 06:57:57 UTC

Amran brorther

2018-03-08 06:59:08 UTC

They helped teach redneck revolt to make bombs

2018-03-08 06:59:14 UTC

Training antifa in Europe

2018-03-08 06:59:33 UTC

I hope the Turks let them into hell

2018-03-08 06:59:52 UTC


2018-03-08 07:03:15 UTC

PKK went around bombing innocents, kurds are just some weird sheepfucking anarchist pact on the edge of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

2018-03-08 07:28:15 UTC


2018-03-08 07:29:56 UTC

Take that shit off

2018-03-08 07:30:28 UTC

you legit had 31 rounds of armored piercing rounds aimed at shit

2018-03-08 07:30:37 UTC

that didnt need to get shot at

2018-03-08 07:30:47 UTC


2018-03-08 07:39:21 UTC

@Fevs nigga

2018-03-08 07:39:34 UTC

You made me throw my phone down the stairs

2018-03-08 07:39:39 UTC

You mother fucker

2018-03-08 07:40:57 UTC


2018-03-08 07:45:35 UTC


2018-03-08 07:54:11 UTC

^ me

2018-03-08 08:11:05 UTC

Whatever your religion is, pray for me.

2018-03-08 08:11:27 UTC


2018-03-08 08:11:34 UTC

Something happen?

2018-03-08 08:23:50 UTC

guys im learning about communist organization platforms


2018-03-08 08:23:56 UTC

this is productive shitposting wtf

2018-03-08 08:24:49 UTC

Why are they so comfortable telling you all this if you're natsoc?

2018-03-08 08:25:07 UTC

Seems like they'd just boot you.

2018-03-08 08:25:39 UTC

Have you ever talked to me

2018-03-08 08:25:47 UTC

I'm so cool they like having me around

2018-03-08 08:26:16 UTC

Yeah I mean do they know you're a racialist tho?

2018-03-08 08:26:26 UTC

A nationalist?

2018-03-08 08:26:33 UTC


2018-03-08 08:26:40 UTC


2018-03-08 08:26:57 UTC

Even big brain skepticucks kick me.

2018-03-08 08:27:01 UTC


2018-03-08 08:27:10 UTC

They know I'm a spooky racist antisemite

2018-03-08 08:27:13 UTC

I do start threatening to cut people's noses off tho.

2018-03-08 08:27:19 UTC

That may be why.

2018-03-08 08:27:44 UTC

Lol wow. Badges of honor.

2018-03-08 09:27:44 UTC

Remember that old political talk discord? i converted 3 Libertarians from it, they are in my Fashy Gaming discord.

2018-03-08 10:18:31 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I need a link to that again even though I was lurker status

2018-03-08 10:22:25 UTC


2018-03-08 11:44:42 UTC


2018-03-08 11:47:07 UTC


2018-03-08 11:47:10 UTC

I love grugposting

2018-03-08 12:54:13 UTC

Too bad jews don’t go to prison...

2018-03-08 12:56:38 UTC


2018-03-08 12:57:00 UTC


2018-03-08 13:04:12 UTC

I mean I would patronize jews leaving the US

2018-03-08 13:04:46 UTC

But of course the Christians are paying for the Jews... not like the jews would spend their own money... that’s preposterous

2018-03-08 13:04:50 UTC

Fuck jews

2018-03-08 13:04:53 UTC

I hate jews

2018-03-08 13:23:29 UTC

@ghostofthevolk did you make a new acct.?

2018-03-08 13:33:00 UTC

Tee my Facebook messages are full of me sending the picture of the guy that hit Mosby to people asking if it is their dad/brother/uncle.

2018-03-08 13:33:05 UTC


2018-03-08 13:33:31 UTC

It's confirmed not Todd Weaver.

2018-03-08 13:37:42 UTC

Off to take my last midterm

2018-03-08 13:37:48 UTC

Hail Victory

2018-03-08 13:38:45 UTC

Hail Victory!!!

2018-03-08 14:19:44 UTC

Why would we want ice falling from the sky to win

2018-03-08 14:20:02 UTC

What would Icey precipitation achieve victory in

2018-03-08 14:32:53 UTC

All the things

2018-03-08 14:33:00 UTC

Wait, wrong account.

2018-03-08 14:33:15 UTC

All the things.

2018-03-08 14:39:11 UTC


2018-03-08 14:39:46 UTC

goddamn Anglin is pissing me off more and more

2018-03-08 14:40:07 UTC

Even bowl patrol hates him now.

2018-03-08 14:40:16 UTC

2,078 comments on that TRS forum thread and still going

2018-03-08 14:40:29 UTC

Idk who even supports him anymore

2018-03-08 14:40:30 UTC

BP hated him after the chat logs leaked

2018-03-08 14:42:12 UTC

like fuck, traitors need to hang before the enemy

2018-03-08 14:42:18 UTC


2018-03-08 14:56:03 UTC


2018-03-08 14:58:53 UTC

@everyone anyone have a mirror of the Heimbach statement about MSU? its already shoahed. need to update muh article. the video was titled, "MSU Update: Good times had by all" if so PM me

2018-03-08 15:20:09 UTC

Anglin isn't even trying to look serious right now

2018-03-08 15:23:21 UTC

I just finished reading that. Spencer is doing something good for once

2018-03-08 15:49:04 UTC

"It is better to live, even to live miserably; a living man can always get a cow. I saw fire consume the rich man's property, and death stood without his door."
Havamal 68

2018-03-08 15:50:35 UTC

I am looking to get a hold of the twins that were at the cabin after Knoxville. Are they in this discord?

2018-03-08 15:54:59 UTC

@Jack Crews

No, they don't have discord...I'll give em a call and tell em to sign up and jump into the TWP channel, though.

2018-03-08 15:59:59 UTC

Richard Spencer needs to change tactics though

2018-03-08 16:00:09 UTC

Id love a cross country tour giving speeches in towns along the way

2018-03-08 16:00:18 UTC


2018-03-08 16:00:27 UTC

keep it so stirred up ANTIFA cannot rally

2018-03-08 16:00:36 UTC

Livestream it

2018-03-08 16:00:52 UTC

Lay off the Colleges for awhile those do limited good

2018-03-08 16:01:54 UTC

We need to find large meeting spaces that don't want to kill us

2018-03-08 16:02:19 UTC

They dont have to be necessarily large IF you Livestream

2018-03-08 16:02:25 UTC

Just reasonable size

2018-03-08 16:02:31 UTC

I like this idea

2018-03-08 16:02:38 UTC

Yeah well you know what you mean

2018-03-08 16:02:45 UTC


2018-03-08 16:03:06 UTC


2018-03-08 16:03:07 UTC

Colleges are pretty much enemy territory and police are willing to let antifa block them off for attendees

2018-03-08 16:03:37 UTC

The thing is with ANTIFA is what do you do? IF we show up with weapons and ________ thats major league prison time

2018-03-08 16:03:49 UTC

If we do nothing we get beaten up

2018-03-08 16:03:56 UTC

if they use weapons on us they get nothing

2018-03-08 16:04:01 UTC

Campus security doesn't want to have happen to them what happened at evergreen

2018-03-08 16:04:09 UTC

Fight open handed?

2018-03-08 16:04:14 UTC

so how do you fight a group of people that it is ILLEGAL for you to fight them or even fight back?

2018-03-08 16:04:27 UTC

This is the problem with ANTIFA

2018-03-08 16:04:39 UTC

@John Mosby Thank you

2018-03-08 16:04:42 UTC

I tell you one way that would be funny but itd probably net an assault charge too

2018-03-08 16:04:50 UTC


2018-03-08 16:05:10 UTC

Even a water cannon is in 2018 considered a deadly weapon

2018-03-08 16:05:33 UTC

Another thing that would be funny for ANTIFA is Stink Bombs

2018-03-08 16:05:40 UTC

We get a herd of niggers, that we herd toward them

2018-03-08 16:05:41 UTC

set them off in their area

2018-03-08 16:06:10 UTC

And when the niggers see white they attack them

2018-03-08 16:06:15 UTC

The problem is and has always been with ANTIFA that any way you attack them is bound to result in a Prison Sentence

2018-03-08 16:06:47 UTC

Thus ANTIFA in a sense always wins, because the deck is stacked against us by the courts

2018-03-08 16:07:21 UTC

By the way is Greg out of jail or what happened with him

2018-03-08 16:07:42 UTC

Released with no charges, I heard

2018-03-08 16:07:59 UTC


2018-03-08 16:08:01 UTC

stink bombs are useless

2018-03-08 16:08:10 UTC

how would they even know?

2018-03-08 16:08:11 UTC

Antifa already stinks

2018-03-08 16:09:30 UTC

Ya thats another problem

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