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Hello I'm back finally

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I need a link to that again even though I was lurker status

Anyone know what the closing song was in the last episode of action I wish they still listed it in the description

you forgot fatties too lol

going through trs comments I really wonder where the hell these cucks think we are going with attitudes like they have

Ive honestly never had a problem with anime but the weebs are cancer

the gas chambers are ready

dude everyone I work with has dickies shirts and pants are they scary nazies lol

you guys are good shit I cant wait to get my life set in order to dedicate it to irl full time activism I was in shelbyvill and granted not to eventful felt great

quite honestly I have to thank twp as you guys are the only group that gives me any white pills these days

Why am I here and where is the trad server


^debleat thes

cant we get a future secured before we piss about the small shit we will address in the ethno state Jesus and Odin wont mater if we are all dead

I just am waiting to be vetted😦


I a-door doors

they all fry the same


ay we vetting yet

got ya if i need a mic i need to wait for my paycheck

vett me daddy

^true original nazbol gang lol

is it ok to leave the old server or is their plans for it?

I know VA was nuked have yet to figure out whats going on with that

the vanguard server went down a while back

im not sure if it went back up now im in limbo as my old account was trashed

thank you brother

@Commander Johnson should have read siege and scratched her butt

33 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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