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2018-08-17 07:29:02 UTC

Creating this channel to organize a pedo-gate research project to name/shame and profile all known pedo perps

2018-08-17 07:29:05 UTC

gathering team now

2018-08-18 00:39:47 UTC
2018-08-18 00:41:04 UTC

@TAC any interest?

2018-08-18 02:35:55 UTC

i'm just waiting for somebody to start a topic

2018-08-18 03:44:30 UTC

If anyone has information they would like to share for example links etc. Please add here and I will organize and put on the Trello board for organized storage. Thanks. Please take a look at the Trello board. A lot of great information is already there.

2018-08-20 15:21:36 UTC

Gary Caradori, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Loren Schmit, Troy Boner interview, Omaha, Lawrence King, Boys Town cover up.... (Catholic Charities)/ Franklin Conspiracy Cover UP, DC, Lawrence King's residence on Embassy Row, Craig Spence, Dennis Hastert, Stephen Gobie, Barney Frank Operation Brownstone

2018-09-14 01:33:13 UTC

Sign the petition to investigate psychiatric drugs as they have been linked to homicide, suicide, depression, and violence.

2018-10-10 18:18:01 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough I’m in. Sorry for delayed response

2018-10-10 21:10:06 UTC

Stoked @TAC (yes I just said that). πŸ€“

2018-10-11 02:21:48 UTC

Lol @TAC = attack heeheeheeehehehe

2018-10-12 03:47:48 UTC

Help why babies n families

2018-10-12 03:51:55 UTC

@Deleted User lets all try to stay away FAR AWAY from Facebook. Can you look for links outside of that platform? Please?

2018-10-12 06:13:45 UTC

For families fighting for their children, FB is their only platform where they can communicate and get the word out against the predatory CPS. I know FB is not popular for us, but to these families, it is a lifeline.

2018-10-12 16:14:25 UTC

@Deleted User / @Ms. Spooky you do make a very valid point... many of them only use FB. *sigh

2018-10-28 21:48:53 UTC

2018-12-01 21:21:46 UTC

We have a huge collection on G+ already.

2019-09-15 14:59:26 UTC

the 'motherload' if u can handle it -

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