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Hello Patriots...I’m new...wish me luck maneuvering my way through discord!😂❤️✌🏻💙

New to discord learning how to channel through here...God help me! ✌🏻😂

The Hivites were one group of descendants of Canaan, son of Ham, according to the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 (esp. 10:17). According to the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), the Hivites are one of the descendants of Canaan, son of Ham. (Also 1 Chronicles 1:13-15) A possible origin of the name may be in the Hebrew word chava, which means tent dweller.

Is @Nightring advertising 😂

Fashion industry is ground zero in human trafficking & modern day slavery in plain sight.

Posting these Operation Q...knowing we all are well aware that Anonymous is highly infiltrated by 🤡❤️✌🏻💙

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate's staffer resigns after old inflammatory tweets surface: report - Fox News

Just in case everybody forgot when Valarie Jarrett moved into the Obamas home. His handler!

Why does the U.S. government track those with Rh-negative factor, especially those with O- blood type, with such extraordinary monitoring techniques—worldwide?

The Living Waters-Powerful message

A year after Charlottesville, Washington braces for another white nationalist protest - CNN

Baltimore police officer suspended with pay after viral video shows him punching, tackling man - Baltimore Sun

Easing ‘one child’ policy, China pushes women to have more babies - The New York Times

An 11-year-old changed Florida’s presidential vote at the world’s largest hacking conference - BuzzFeed News

14 Pictures Of Anti-Fascist Protesters In Charlottesville Ahead Of Sunday's "Unite The Right" Rally - BuzzFeed News

All eyes n this report because we know how they operate- Speaking about wiping out Bay Area by a Russian EQ- building liquifying- calling 2018 the year of Earthquake

Her family sold her into government sanction child trafficking at 4 yrs...SRA abuse ..Illuminati CIAconnected...Washington D.C connected...

This will make you angry as hell....very important to know about CPS child services LEGALIZED CHILD TRAFFICKING

Masonic police patches

Masonic police forces

This is Vogue Magazine ideal of a child sex kitten model...the Fashion Industry is ground zero in human trafficking that everybody just ignores. It’s in plain sight! Fashion shows are not just about the fashion it’s human buyers auctions LIVE!

Don’t know if this holds any significance but Novartis is Big pharma. Novartis Which was involved in Michael Cohen deal.

Sir Richard Branson son Virgin group owns bunch tiny islands by Pedo 🌴 Island

37,757 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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