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I'm newbie here so forgive if I'm posting old news

True Lies is under attack? Q was compromised?

True lies says Discord servers are getting pounded

True Lies is switched to new srvr πŸ‘

@RPhMT215 quite a bit of the trafficking IS through our immigration channels, so that's (sadly) normal/expected. I have met multiple DHS agents who were embarrassed and very tight-lipped about what they did for work...until I said enough to let them know I'm "aware" - their hands were tied tight during Obummer's administration.

@MAGAMary can you lead me to that organization video?

@SirW00f I've been quite happy in carrying on my epithets against a man who deserves it. πŸ€“And quite as happy against women who deserve it. We have a biological place in society. Can't have one without the other, so all this PC crap about hate crimes is just overboiled water, or another smoke screen "tool" used to divide the people (possibly even in here) that will take it personally. Excuse my "language" but in our family, we have been calling out man-hating feminism for what it is: the pussification of America. Well, that's what the hubby calls it. I PCed it to A certain amount of banter between the TWO genders is normal and healthy. When it goes beyond, it's just stupid.

@urbanmoving welcome...go to dtube and get working. Browse the the other chats to see where your above input could be helpful. πŸ™

I'm new to all this platform and various Apps. Clueless. I just know that's where all the good guys are headed.

My voice channel on here got squashed too so I'm missing all the live feed

@phimonic thank you - the apparent anti-Semitic can really backfire in a group like this.

Maybe the mod for this group could clean out the excessively anti-Semitic memes and leave the ones related to what we are all here for. Truth.

Yes. Zionist movement has gone extreme. Used to be conservative but bizarrely extremist now.

@Dustin Nemos thank you... you're going to have to school me on the appπŸ€“πŸ˜‚

@SRVN gotta love the shout out^

@Romans 6 you can DM me - I'm very educated in your area

Zionism was originally started as a political movement toward the formation of Israel as a homeland for Jews - where they came from. It has splintered into other areas of cultural, religious, etc sub groups basically. And there's the extremist part that has changed the "face" of Zionist movement.

Funny @Dustin Nemos but a tad scary as well. You know how deep they are. Head on a swivel now.

@Dustin Nemos those bans are you being over the target! πŸ‘

@Dustin Nemos the pinned post for dT/steemit gets us in but I see others are also unable to get a login and password to actually subscribe to your channel and we need to get you subscribers.

@urbanmoving that means we're over the target. We need to keep pushing the narrative however possible

@SRVN that "bridge" is also where the Russian spy and ES are going to be exchanged

@Drizzt patience on that one. We are all in that boat. It took me forever to get an actual username to even work so I just got my code today😫 anyway, they're swamped and that's good for now for them.

@DeplorableLinda... are you here?

@deplorablelinda I think this will be your favorite

@GeorGinaM hah - I was just thinking about praying on each discovery in here and other boards and then saw your comment come through on my notifications. πŸ™πŸ™

@Sweet Tea that was why I suggested the eagle for the logoπŸ™ the "look busy" meme is hilarious!!

The difference between the two above FedEx memes is huge. Obviously the second is better and as @Respectable Adult is also pointing out, we need to know our audience still, at this point. Keep in mind , using this FedEx meme as an example: if it is misplaced, it can totally backfire! It could potentially hurt the subject (FedEx) if used in wrong group. Keep your strategizing hats on - ask here first if you aren't sure.

@Tina heck NO!! I'm already so sucked in here...I've failed even my business page on FB

And furthermore @Tina and anyone else in this particular topic: the screenshots have been going on for a LONG time. I remember a couple years ago as I'd scroll, I'd see my screen act as though I was taking screenshots. I kept turning off phone and it never stopped. Watch while you scroll. It's part of the AI built into their "algorithms "

@Truth warrior I got so distracted by everything on the way to type: who gets to get married at City Hall after MIDNIGHT?!? And the uniform was sanctioned by schill Sheriff Israel as a way to get a different set of votes to replace all the votes he's lost in the last few interviews.

And from a body language perspective, that cop is 17 years older and OWNS that 33 year old boy he's holding very tightly. Just keep looking at it. If you cam

I'm on it very seldom - and that was recently to check Deplorables group and invite a friend here

@Harpazogirl please post in appropriate chat room (we have one for prayer). Need to keep these boards as clean as possible. Appreciate the prayer though!

@texan man please post in general or off-topic. Need to keep this to documents.

(The video - I am sweeping)

@Sweet Tea maybe 3 prayers per day (MAYBE led on voice chat- I know that can present issues though). I think having an early morning, afternoon and late evening prayer would be a boost to anyone working here at whatever hours we are here. And maybe some "emergency" prayers in between for any incidents. We need to be praying on everyone, and extensively on our researchers, leaders (both inside and outside of GAB) and of course on the TRUTH being revealed!

@jac6969 here's the General room. Tons to see! And there are pinned messages in some of the rooms as well.

@Redstone sound isn't working on cell phone but is working on tablet.

@StormFag that q post about actors should have been biggest alarm ever. Gives me chills. And makes me wonder about the "picnic table" photo post

@A.C. Cripteau#2650 I think they clicked it. Didn't see any new apps installed though - not enough room on device. Worth having them master reset?

@A.C. Cripteau That's what I think. Almost wonder if it's even worth it - device info would've bee copied already? There's not much on it other than accounts like gmail and a few photos. Most sensitive info would be any keys - but just keys to accounts visited on that device. Biggest is gmail. I'm not a techie but sort of get it.

@A.C. Cripteau I wonder if gmail app on other device can be infected? When accessed by original password?

@SirW00f Thanks - that makes more sense. I'm tired and was woken to deal with the "3 minute countdown until system corrupts". Thankfully I keep my device away from them πŸ€“πŸ˜‚but geesh. All for listening to livestream truths. Lol. Libs hate us!

Lol...Yiddish might be easier than Hebrew, but a brew is easiest! That might be helpful now that I think of it🍺

No SIM cards here. It's just a tablet we let kids use for school math program but some accounts are more accessible on tablet than phone.

Is it possible that Elon was leaning wrong direction thinking of financial gains but as he started to see where they were going with AI that he changed his mind? (I *heard* he freaked out about it). If he's wh then he's going to be very tight lipped until there's a safe time for him to make visible changes.

@Dustin Nemos Good reminder: Whisenant was prosecutor in illegal immigration cases... wow. ALSO: regarding above Q post about getting organized- remember my DM about how to create an active network between all of us...

@oldpatriot#4942 I believe the room is removed? @Sweet Tea might be able to answer better (but not until morning). Sorry for the nonanswer- several changes over last couple days. The qposts can be found in general chatroom for now at least.

@oldpatriot not sure if above actually tagged you

Hello. Getting ready to leave for seevices😊

I'm unable to hear?

God is in this with us. Have FAITH and let him work his way through us. And pray for godspeedπŸ™

He said it was signed 3 days ago

My hubby is getting ready to go to the range for target practice...sorting out handful of ammo...he asked "where do we sign up?" πŸ˜‚

@TheBridge please think about the sources behind all intel. When I see NBC, I think msm narrative. It's worth reading but it's not accidentally found.

@Melrose Pug re the Russian Bot Little Golden Book...geesh, my 4 year old didn't need the book...they wrote it!! πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚ can we have our rainbow back yet?? 😁

@everyone please keep posts limited to one time. If you feel it's REALLY important everyone see it, tag @everyone and that will clear up clutter OR if reposting, please DELETE any duplicate posts made earlier. TY!!

@tommy110669 not sure if someone else mentioned it but the memes need to go into meme ideas room first and then get approved for placement in approved memes room. TY!

@natxlaw @everyone I believe that "get organized" does mean between all of us out here: people on Dustin's list, Antischool, QNN, etc...I have been saying this for a bit - we need to be networked and prepared. If the proverbial πŸ’© hits the fan, we need to be strong and circle our wagons around all of us. To quote an old song..."together we stand; divided we fall." So true. This also means situational awareness. Look out for your neighbors. I'm confident the kid who committed suicide at the wh is a definite message. Are we ready? Many of us here know and as incomprehensible as it seems, we understand how deep πŸ’© deep state really is. I could go on, but you get the gist.

@Metatron#5708 please post memes in <#416347718861193216> room. Thanks!

@Deleted User @Truth warrior please take memes to <#416347718861193216> for approval. TY

@everyone PLEASE: we need to clean our rooms, folks: even Q has instructed us to get organized πŸ€“ memes go in meme approval room. Research and theories go in research to corresponding topic. This will help our volunteers to focus their efforts and not have to weed through too much general chit chat...which is what this room is for. Also, mind your p's and Q's: we are about finding the truth and shining light into dark corners. This is not a forum for anti- anything other than fake news/lies/deep deception that has kept so many people struggling in various ways. Thank you all for cooperation and hard work!

@Truth warrior lol, yes, BUT we have to abide by some sort of clear conduct. We can't let just the really good memes stay^^ while the other (offensive and/or contrarian to GAC) get deleted. People are welcome to look at the meme channel for ideas but they are never to be our source of information. And only approved memes are to be pushed by our members. And some of our non-Americans are very sharp on what is going onπŸ™

@ZulluSan @Jettins please post to appropriate rooms. Ty

@ZulluSan last time: please post to community research

@everyone !!! You have some good research going on in here but it is sadly being missed by researchers because you keep posting it here....PLEASE POST RESEARCH RELATED POSTS IN <#420626703363342336> !!!THANK YOU

@everyone if we are getting mentioned on CBTS and they have users in here, we should get this place cleaned up!! Please!

@TruthLogicReason merely to make it more user friendly, have focus where needed, easy to find instead of tangents everywhere.

@Maga gal if that is confirmed verified (about CERN), I'd say it gets the Darwin Award...

@oldnavysniper we only see one article about it on RoseRambles: 3 scientists were incinerated and 5 miles of track blown up.

So not confirmed by my parameters

@Crystal please label which one closed. They're posted here to organize

I see now it was an old petition.

This room is for petitions that relate to our purpose. So if it does, this is the place to post. The other petition got lost in general room and someone reposted there - I didn't see that it was already expired but that's exactly why we want them posted here so more people see them. πŸ™

@BlackDouglas thank you for posting it there - I'll go have a look. I've only loosely followed it.

@thedoug11 apparently they don't have a Q warning them (scientists) read this article from 2/27/18πŸ‘€ (not sure of legitimacy of the source but still...should make you laugh...1+1= BOOM (?!)

@LemonyFresh put down the tarot cards. πŸ˜‚

Reminder for those just coming on: please post to proper rooms. Research goes to <#420626703363342336>; memes go to <#416347718861193216> ; etc. This will clear up clutter making for a friendlier and streamlined user experience for all. Thank you!

@Malikstotle community research is wide open. Ty!

I'll reply to you both @oldpatriot and @Malikstotle putting out a different fire

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