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I’m scheduled for work. I don’t understand why I am receiving this message.

I also don’t understand why you are assuming I simply don’t wish to attend. Don’t involve me in whatever dumb inter political conflict you’re involved in

No. I’m busy.

This is retarded. My work is 100% travel. I can go out to my car if it’s that big of a deal. I have to be in Arizona on the 6th for work. I have been off for 2 months due to a sales slow down. It will take me 2 days to drive to Arizona. I just can’t make it.

That sounds made up

I’m working that weekend. I told Patrick I was was on the work schedule for that weekend. Petty politics aside, thats the truth

You know what I’m referencing

It’s the reason I’m getting questioned from texas guys about attendance

Then mark me down as working. No further discussion needed.


Thomas, I don’t want to be pitted against my friends, people that I respect in my locality. I have nothing to say about the situation with Ryan. I am scheduled for work and have been for some time. While I am concerned about the direction we are moving in, I have not stopped making banners, placing promat, doing vettings, ETC. I do not want us to re-learn lessons that were taught in the last few years. However, I have no intention of skipping out on events. I have a salary career that is 100% travel. Last time I workerd was early last month. I worked in Rhode Island where I stickered twice, did 2 banner drops with NW7, and helped with their vetting. When I am assigned to a job site, I am there for 10 days. I have to be at the site every day. We deliver a multi million dollar piece of equipment. Either I’m there all 10 days or I can get bent. This is my work schedule. I hate it and it won’t last forever. In fact, I am probably going to get fired at the beginning of January. My and my Girl are trying to have a kid, I have a mortgage, and I’m about to lose my income because of this gay zionist system. The last thing that I wanted to hear that my loyalty to the cause is in question which has never been a problem before with this job.

Corporate vaccine mandate dropped last week. I can either start the process of getting my 2 vaccines and booster shot or hit the road.

I’m trying to figure out what my life will look like next year. I want to do the 14 bit. So I need to figure out how I can support a family under these conditions

And I don’t owe this explanation to anyone else. This is personal.

Do you want a screenshot of my schedule?

I have to drive 1500 miles starting on either the 4th or 5th.

It’s more than 1500 btw

And my jobs get pushed back all the time. I am only a tentative no. If my work schedule is pushed back as it often is, I will be there. For example, philly, I was a tentative no until the day before when I got word the job was delayed. I then drove out to philly by myself in my own car to attend the meetup.

No it’s not about your tactics

If it gets pushed back, I will drive however far it is to attend the event assuming that I missed the busses and can’t ride with the group.

Maybe it’s not my business but am I absolutely wrong to assume I was contacted because of the drama?

Okay. Do you still want to know about the interviewee? Nick_OH was present at the vetting and he shares the same sentiments about the guy.

He showed up 20 minutes early. Followed all instructions precisely. He comes from NWOPB. Expresses disappointment with drug use and alcoholism that he found in that brotherhood. Discontent with system, with how the FBI is a tool used against us. He’s a family man. A working man. Wants a better future for his kids. Was very friendly. He’s not a sperg or autist. Direct descendant of Patrick Henry. Not super well-read but we felt like we were talking to a brother.

@Patrick OH Welcome

What days do you have off this week? I have a banner we can drop.

Maybe Thursday then. I need to see who is available

North Ohio. Near you.

Is anyone available to do a banner drop in northern ohio on Thursday?

Thats gotta be a 4-5 hour drive for him

Nvm I’m dumb.


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