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Hey everyone

I was told I'm supposed to dm you for any further instruction in my intro message from Thomas.

Nice to meet you, I guess I'm Patrick

Wooster is a bit north west of cbus. Been to that area a few times recently to see a midwife. Based on what I saw in the downtown area, our activism there would definitely cause a stir.

Im having problems signing into the site. Do I use the same login as this one?

Nvm I got to it, a couple questions, may have more later.

On violence, it says that all forms of violence between members is prohibited, even if agreed upon. So if me and a guy have beef, and agree to fight it out, that is NOT allowed, and will result in suspension, correct?

On firearms, it says you're not allowed to use firearms I each other's presence. So that would mean, I couldn't say, go hunting with one of the boys? I understand this isn't necessarily a social organization, but I'm an avid hunter and always looking to introduce worthy men to the fold of the huntsman. As it is an activity and skill set I see as paramount to my folk developing a self sustaining and generally sustainable lifestyle

I also honestly don't have many friends, and hope to make some meaningful connections here. And outdoors activities are basically my only pass time lol

Only scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday atm. It is deer gun week but I can cut out some time. What did you have in mind?

Thanks for the welcomes guys

Any general area in mind? Just wanna be prepared if I gotta drive a ways

100% down either way. I asked for action, very moralizing for it to.come this quickly. Appreciated the little snickering test during vetting as well.


Alright cool let me know

Glad to here. The concept of a "mutual combat," is a big thing in the Proud Boys and I think it's an important idea among men.

I absolutely understand the gun rule, I just wanted clarification on the hunting thing. As it's pretty hard to construe some good ol boys popping squirrels with a 22 as militia training lmao

I'm a bit south of toledo so that'd be perfect. When were you thinking?

Shouldn't be a problem, ill set a reminder on my calender to be sure

Woah Cincy is a different story

It's about 4.5-5 hours for me

@Steven OH toledo

Is there anyone in my area going down I could carpool with? The problem is leaving the wife and kids carless all day. My car is also a bit of clunker/gas hog, and probably wouldn't like that drive.

I'm trying to figure something out. It's just a hell of a drive for me, and family only has one car.

Yea I'm a little out of your way Kentucky

Well if you got anyway in mind im open. Idk anyone yet.

How do we attend this meeting

Will it be on this platform

What's the server name for the meeting

Thank you

Says the server is full

Saays server is full can't join

Telling me server is full

Cool thank you

Please remove blue mic lmao

35 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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