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What do you think of me getting a weight vest?


Ill give you my test numbers tonight

It'll be late


Probably around 11-12, I'll give you my test numbers. Doing a run right after work.

I need to get me some pepper spray or something for when I'm in the bad part of town. Me and Leo found a spot to do some stenciling, but he hasnt responded in my messages for a few days so might be AWOL, but hopefully not. The nigger hasn't uploaded our sticker run from the night I wrecked my car. I'll scope out some more spots. In the meantime, you should send me what colors of paint I'm supposed to be buying and some wide nozzle tips if you know where to get them.

Imma be out here in the sleet and snow putting in work negro!

2 mile: 19:20(35/100)
Push ups: 39(60/100)
Sit ups: 47(62/100)

157/300 lmao

I should take this test every week and write down my results. Tbf I've only been regularly active for a little over a few months.

You sure you don't mean @Clarke IL?

Are you alive?

No unfortunately.

I told him to get on telegram but he never did.

Yeah. Hopefully someone sees my stuff. I'm gonna sticker the next town over tonight.

I'm really trying to get more people around here.

What's cool is people here don't really give a shit and don't rip my stickers down in this part of town. Hopefully we can get something together to hit Springfield hard like we hit KC once I find enough spots

I'll try to get my mile time down to 9 minutes or less.

My cardio is horrible so I'd better improve it I figure. Just let me know when I'm supposed to get it done by.

I am seeing more veins in my arms though so It's probably a good sign on the part of my diet and exercise

I'll do the best I can.

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Missing attachment: 20211114_214016.jpg
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Missing attachment: 20211114_214503.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_215340.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_214154.jpg

Yeah im ok. Ankle is kinda fucked. Starting to wonder if it's broken.

Next time let us know though I was worried

As far as what I need to be wearing, where can I obtain such items

As far as what I need to be wearing, where can I obtain such items

He hooked me up. Broke the bank a little bit but I got it all on the way.

It's all on the way. I assume I need to bring this for the event?

Also, I was never mailed a title so I have to wait a couple weeks for it to show up in the mail. They're not charging me any fees for storage and will use the money from salvage to go towards my balance.

Right on! Well, I intend to be here for the long term and get lots of good work done. Been stickering as much as I can as it's all I can do for right now. Thanks!

Got any plans for Thursday night? We can finish the run we started.

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I am running out of stickers. I have enough for 4 more runs. I'll need a way to get some more

Next time we all meet up, I'm sure will be during the event, I'll have to buy some direct from someone. How big a stack would I get for $10-20? I sticker a lot.

If we get some more SPFLD guys then it'd be much easier to get something like that together


What time Sunday?

If it's during work hours I'll hop on a break and we can meet up in a parking lot. I don't have a car right now as you know.

Since he came back he's been inactive again. I was trying to get a hold of him earlier this week to do something tonight but I guess I'll just hop on the bus and do something early this morning.

@Mark MO I can send you some $$ for a lantern. I'll order a light.

Nothing, and I get off work early. Was thinking about hitting downtown. Maybe not though. We could go around the northside if you want

I figured out my camera so we should be all good. I'll figure out where we're going and we'll talk about it tomorrow. What time would you be able to pick me up? I assume you have a lot of stickers left so we could use yours since I'm starting to run out.

I know you said sunday but me and leo are gonna be hanging out tomorrow if you'll be in town. Asking just in case


What timeframe will you be in town on Sunday?

Ok lmk asap. If you'll be here after 9pm we can meet if not its ok

I'll bring a small bit of mine along as well. Don't bring all of them, 10 max 5 minimum

Try to conserve your stickers, I've used way too many

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Missing attachment: 20211119_232837.jpg

Whenever. I'm off work and good to go

You still need to get in telegram though brother


Ill be there in 20 minutes

Walking up


I got a grocery bag 'cause I'm starving. Im back at the pin

Are you still pick me up along i44 on the 2nd or 3rd? Just wanting to confirm with you

If so, we'll be heading to Mark's after right?

Hat: Condor Tactical Cap (Tan, One...

Mask options: Sun UV Dust Protection Breathable...

Or balaclava, little easier to set up and wear over your ears

3 Pack Sun Dust UV Protection Face Scarf Mask for Cycling Outdoor Sports Balaclava Breathable Elastic Moisture Wicking(White)

Coat ReFire Gear Mens Army Special Ops...

For summer wear just a blank dark navy blue t shirt that fits well will work

Pants 5.11 Men's TACLITE Pro Tactical...

Boots: Tan combat boots or black boots. No tennis shoes, short boots etc. here’s a couple examples.

Also a condor jacket


Youll have to use telegram on a browser since you're on iPhone, but is the website you can rent phone numbers from with cryptocurrency, and if you want to use debit/credit, you can use TextMe app


Missing attachment: 20211121_003521.jpg

With @Leo MO

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Missing attachment: 20211121_003521.jpg
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Missing attachment: 20211121_002938.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211121_003521.jpg

Done with @Leo MO

I'm ordering a 3 pack of these, so you'll have one also


If another negro doesnt steal it


@Jack AZ Got it

Ok so we are all carpooling?

There's two I believe. One on each side of town along 44, up to you which one you wanna pick up at

Muting out, back to work



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