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Haven't gone through those, kinda busy at the moment, but it seems ok from what I skimed through.


I hear weighted vest are kinda hard on your knees. Personay I don't see much use for them. If you want some exercise advice, Kyle MO would be your best bet.

Than I'll mark you down as going

Missing attachment: 20211113_145839.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_145650.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_145727.jpg
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Missing attachment: 20211113_145839.jpg
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Navey blue and a dark red, I used imperial red and colonial blue. You can get turbo cans from Menard's.

How are things going down there?

Do you have another way of contacting Leo?

Oh no.

Awsome work Clarke

We did that a month ago. But we will do it again next year for sure.

Want to send me the photo's I'll sort through them.

Oh my, good luck with that Patrick.

Meeting in 45

push up: 53
Sit up: 63
Run: 12:58

ETA is 2AM and the roster is just Sam MN and myself. Clarke IL is a maybe at the moment.

Would Joseph Illinois stickers be ready when we get there? Sam MN is able to hand them off to him.


Well that's good.

2AM saterday morning, and Kyle is a definite no, while Clark hasn't said much to me, and I expect to be a no.

Missing attachment: 20211114_151147.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_151101.jpg

Bit late, but thanks


I'm working overtime tommarow, but I'll try to make it.

Are you sure a detour to Texas is a good idea if your trying get this job? It's nothing special, just drilles for marching and a way to get promat before 2023.

That was a while for the medic chat, and I'm working on getting my kit together, all I should need are the triangle bandages and a back pack. I have ordered the vest, just waiting on my next pay check at the moment.

I'll be good to go on the 4th for sure.

Sorry guys, I'll have to miss this meeting, things didn't go as planed at work today.

That a Carter MO question.

First aid training, life guard training, basic army first aid training. nothing of note, I was just the only guy in the midwest with a first aid kit in his car when our original medic left.

I don't believe my medical knowledge is anywhere near a primary medic role.


Ill be heading back up sunday with a load of stickers for the area, ill see if i can make a stop for you.

alright, see you there.

blue cross first aid training, and combat first aid a couple of years ago. I can splint an arm, and address bullet/stab wounds, as well as CPR.

If you need, you can just give me a place to drop them off, you still doing stuff with Leo? If so I'll give you some for him as well. And as far as time goes, I'll know Sunday.

Huh, I didn't know you responded to this message. Well this is good to see. My alternater bearings are toast, so easy fix, just goes back to the time problem. Do you need stickers? It's looking like I'll be heading up near Springfield Sunday with a shipment from Texas (hopefully)

Alright, we still good for 4? Thomas has given me the address. My place is at


If you want to meet there instead of a Walmart.

I told Thomas it would just be the two of us... as long as we tell him early tommarow that he is going it should be fine. (If he can)

Did you sticker the front of an atm?

Ah... I'll take it you were out of America is not for sails?

Same, hopefully my order is ready.

Alright, well ill see you tommarow.




If you were able to go to Texas I would need to know further in advance, at least two days. Just so people are ready for our arivel in Texas and to work out departure times.

Rhe lantern and hat lights are for the march than?

Those exact models?


Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211119-133400_Brave.jpg

You talked to Thomas about going?

Did Patrick MO tell you he was attending the Texas trip?

He tagged us to talk to you.

Which I did, and I asked if you where sure it was a good idea, of which I never got a response till the day of.

I have already confirmed the roster with Thomas. Use this time to get ready for the 4th.

I can order one if need be.

Ya, I messaged him about it and he didn't get back to me till today with a confirmation of attendance, not just asking to come along. He said you said he could go, so I thought he had been talking to you directly for some reason and thought I should double check that you didn't tell him to come with us. Anyway it's to late now to work him in to the trip.

Also, Sam had to get an oil chainge, and it took longer than expected, looks like we should probably push our eta back an houre to 3am. Sorry about this.


Alright, I'll see what lanterns they have at homedepot.

We are already on the road.

Alright, I'll tell you when we are near.

I'll be in Texas

It's looking like 2:30 at the moment.

I have no idea at the moment

For the fourth, you can head to me, than we head to carter, or you can go to carter directly. Carter got a bus.

Also, Sam and u have the stickers, had to leave early because of Clark IL job.



This is our projected route, do any of those places seem near to you?

How does Joplin look?

For the fourth it's suggested to have the Thursday and Friday befor hand off.

And if you want me to drive to St.louis, I can probably head south a bit, but with Carter MO, yourself, Sean and pattraick, my car will be a little crowded, it would be best if you and Clark MO just drive to St. Louis.

We'll be in joplolin at 10.


11570 Hwy Ff, Joplin, MO 64804

Flying J travel center (for tonight)

Alright, see you at 10: we'll probably be 10-15 minutes early, just like a having a buffer.

Not looking like we are going to be early anymore.

4 minutes

Where you is?


Is volk a word of significance?

I made it back alive. I'll check on sam and Clark though.

You make it back all righ?

Did you make it back all rite?

I remember I was supposed to DM you about something, but I have no idea what that thing was.


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