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Did you happen to get any round patches in that order you got

The gut was some college bum

But we got it on video and it’s quite funny

These are the coordinates for the third location I mentioned to Henry

43°05'43"N 70°52'04"W · 8.32 ft

The camping area would be just across the street in the wildlife area

Never knew skinny jeans became PF uniform

Sounds good

@Tyler CT are you looking for woods near the spots or father north?

Because that would help me pick a spot

But given it would be on a late November weekend I wouldn’t expect many people there

The only activity is walking dogs in that field and kayaking

Which is not often regardless

Do you think you could send me that video of the guy yelling at us

Missing attachment: IMG_0030.PNG
Missing attachment: IMG_0031.PNG

In the second picture the pin is the parking rather than the campsite

That is deeper in the woods

I think you’d have to go a bit father north for that

Missing attachment: IMG_0032.PNG

The mountain isn’t big

Stickered Somersworth New Hampshire (1/3)

Missing attachment: IMG_0036.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0033.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0037.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0034.HEIC

I have both

I will try that tonight


Sounds good

I’ll bring it to this weekends event

Missing attachment: IMG_0040.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0041.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0042.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0043.JPG

Stickered Newington, New Hampshire (2/3)

@NQ - Henry MA I plan on getting UNH tomorrow

Missing attachment: IMG_0044.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0045.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0047.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0049.JPG

Stickered University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire (3/3)

Thank you

Threw a W2R one in there for fun also

@Bill MA Thank you

Missing attachment: IMG_0050.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0051.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0053.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0055.JPG

Stickered Dover, New Hampshire (4/3)

@Norman MA I mumble in the gym

Most people have music in so they don’t hear anyway

That’s the mindset

@Tyler CT are you guys talking

I can’t hear anything


My thanksgiving plans have changed a little bit and I am unsure if we are still going to vermont, but I will try to find that out as soon as possible

And I will be free all day Thursday

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Missing attachment: IMG_0061.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0062.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0064.JPG

Stickered Berwick town hall, Berwick Maine (1/3)

Whoever doesn’t bring one sleeps in a trash bag

Will I be meeting you guys at the campsite parking tomorrow


Got it

So is the campsite on the red marker?


So is the parking the red marker or the blue circle

My phone says 375 Mountain rd is neither of those

He can probably make millions from defamation lawsuits against the media


Sounds good

“We are marching in memory of a prolific child rapist”

Missing attachment: IMG_0068.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0069.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0070.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0071.JPG

Stickered Portsmouth, NH (2/3)

Was walking across a drawbridge and they almost raised it with me on jt

Missing attachment: IMG_0072.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0073.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0074.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_0076.JPG

Stickered Badger Island, Kittery, ME (3/3)

I am a bit west of Portsmouth

Where abouts are you from?

Ah, Nashganistan

Lmao very true

North Massachusetts

Unfortunately yes

Only in those places though

Portsmouth and the other cities are holding out

Portsmouth is definitely a nice city

I don’t mind the west but north of Lincoln is really in the sticks

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