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@all Reminder that we have a meeting at 8pm tonight

Cool beans

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Come on down to the wonderful meeting hosted by the illustrious John WA @all


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They actually had just covered up the other graffiti on that bridge a week ago. It does regularly have graffiti on it just not at that current moment.

Nice work out there boys

Absolutely beautiful shots @Logan CA I need to visit Utah again it's such a beautiful place

Yo so I will be taking the first two weeks of January off from my job. I'll be over on the coast but I could make a trek out to Eugene if you wanted to meetup on that day

Yo so I will be taking the first two weeks of January off from my job. I'll be over on the coast but I could make a trek out to Eugene if you wanted to meetup on that day, I also told Fredrick about this

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all, hope you're enjoying a bit of time with loved ones

I support a bus that we can build out into a home

Homeless nationalism

Nationalism on the road

No need to store it, I shall live in it

Becoming Alexander PNW


Yeah anyone can drive a bus

It would be so beautiful

No short busses

We're not wearing helmets

I will not be forced to wear a helmet on the short bus again


I mean, you use to have so much volume that you would take up the entire back

Socializing with your guys is important

Hey, hey, hey

They didn't take our phones until really late in the night. We'd been there for hours at that point

And the fee

To be fair, it's a learning experience man.


Oh gosh

That's a good way to get in shape

We might need to start walking to the events guys

Work on the cardio

Don't forget they were also the local diversity

Oh yeah, it was just the context. It was really late at night and he knocked on the window for it after we'd been there for a while


I love that thing so much

I have felt discouraged without it

Doing good boss @ND - John WA

If anyone needs help buying something lemme know

You can borrow mine if you need it @David WA

Oh even better


Dm on any prices

I have been looking into buses for a while

No, they aren't. I don't hate the enemy, hate is too isolating. You end up burning a hole through yourself and isolate yourself from finding anything positive in the world.


Too many people in "the movement" end up focusing on hating all of the Africans in America or the masters of finance, or whomever, They end up isolating themselves from the thing that "radicalized" all of us, a love for our country and the people within it.


It was just for general activism, but did you complete an action last week?

Did you complete an action last week?

I didn't get to write the spreadsheet out because I've been extremely busy. Leo and Fredrick both completed an action, Leo completed two. I didn't complete a normal action instead I spent last week working on recruitment and making supplies. I have an incredible amount of saved cardboard that I was turning into stencils so I can have some extra ones to give to the NorCal gents.

Yes, me and Fredrick will be leaving Southern Oregon at 6am on Thursday, we'll pickup Leo and crash at Jack's place then go to Maple Valley with him

Great, btw so you get off work at 3pm on Thursday correct? I need to know where to meetup with you to pick you up

Okay cool, that gives me time to do some activism in Eugene and Portland

You can either send the address now or on Thursday idc

How've you been David?

Nothing man, I just feel like I don't talk to you enough.

Ahh, lol. You excited for this weekend man?

Good, so other than Roman history what other interests do you have? I'm super into punk like Lawrence FL is

Oh God

I have a hard time taking Mason seriously, he's against the concept of activist orgs like this so I don't like him.

You don't @Leo OR

You have to be jabbed to leave the country

Gameplan for tomorrow: We meetup asap when your tire is fixed. We go to Eugene and Springfield, do some stickering. Go to Salem and do some stickering. Then have fun in the towns around Portland. It should be about 5pm when we're done, pickup Leo and go to Centralia and eat dinner together and maybe get a sticker post in there.

Lol they took the fbi bill board down

I'm actually kinda upset

The local college is renting that space now

That's good wording, I just hope it gets through to him.

I hope he feels inspired by our actions this weekend

Yes sir, Leo won't be available for me to pick him up until 5pm tonight. So I'm just waiting around Portland for him. After five we'll be heading up your way. Did you want me to call you on Telegram when we get to that park n ride in Centralia?

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Thank you

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All three of my actions done with @Frederick OR

There's some really great spots in Lake Oswego and Tigard for some banner drops

Me and Fredrick found them whilst we've been out here

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