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I'll be heading home after the festivities

Hey Walter I forgot when the Thanksgiving get together is cause I don't write anything down. Is it on Saturday the 20th?

I thought so. Thanks for confirming

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Why do we avoid doing promat indoors?

I hate to do it. My master systems warning light is blinking on my car. The soonest a mechanic can see it is too late for me to make it to Washington. I've been playing with other ideas on how to get there but I think I just have to miss the Thanksgiving get together. If you tell me what my portion of the expenses are I'll make sure it makes it to you.

Maybe. It's so far out. How goes the stencils? I want to rope some new guys with banners.

That's a good document.

Checking in

Doing great myself

Needs accompanying cattle prods for the wildlife @ND - John WA

Yes let me upload it

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I shined mine over the weekend. Just in time to get them all muddy at work yesterday

@ND - John WA you mean you don't have a boot dryer?

Your boot dryer broke? Shitty, I been using the same cheap one for over 10 years


Hey John. If you guys end up packing up before the demo could you grab my stuff?

Where you at yo?

He didn't have access to rocket chat

He was in a network 8 telegram

It's locked

It's locked instead of removed for access to his messages

He found out about the meeting from the telegram where he was not removed. He said as much

I want this guy bad

Was Vincent not in the Telegram group when you posted the meeting reminder? I thought that's what happened.

Well... Shit

That's not good news

So there's another one in the org? Or he just got lucky checking mumble periodically for a large meeting to heckle?

Well that narrows it down

Not yet. Alexander wants us to do more with them

I honestly don't know how to go about a thing like this

Deception isn't in my nature. I can't even come to terms with it. I'm just confused how a white man could be exposed to us and our ideas, then walk away as our enemy.

... now I understand. He's a different species.

I hate the chameleons

Where is Leo? I don't see him on telegram


Missing attachment: images.jpeg

"heh, these guys don't even know I like penis in butt"

I didn't know the proud boys were massive homos that agree with communists.

No. I don't really talk to Norman on rocketchat either.

I'm pretty quiet unless I meet someone multiple times in person

I won't be able to.

Welcome @James OR pleased to have you with us

Activism yo

Howdy there James pleased to meet you. So what got you to join up and have you been a part of an activist org before?

Howdy there Vincent. 2 things, first I need perms for my Mobile device on the new mumble. 2nd, the updated mumble guide has you listed as NQ Vincent NY on step 8.

Aye aye

There's a few guys in the lobby on mumble who could use perms

Welcome @Frank SC

Hey thanks Brandon, love the support. Not really a big deal because of where I live and the limited information he provided. That's not even my actual address. He must be looking at old records. Sadly he didn't know where I work so I have to keep my job... T.T

I'm doing fine. The Jew got my address wrong, and doesn't know where I work. I also live in a place where if people knew, very little would change. The guy 3 doors down chops wood in the summer listening to Johnny Rebel LOUDLY and only the hippies seem to mind.

Thanks for the support.


From a new source this time

As many of you know I was doxxed late last night by a self admitted jewish faggot. I just wanted to say, far from being discouraged. I am doubling down. Nothing significant about our lives will change because of this. Even if it did, it wouldn't matter. We will adapt and grow. We all knew when we joined Patriot Front that one day we'd pay a price. No one thought it was ironic humor. No one thought the forces of unspeakable evil would just turn over the liberty of it's mortal foe and favored slaves without a fight. That fight has far from even begun and already the systems adherents struggle against us. Even going so far as to be false for months, putting up promat and acting as our photographer directly benefiting our organization in some vain attempt to scare revolutionaries away from the concept of personal sacrifice. That's the difference between us and them. We're revolutionary, and they eat at the trough. We don't fear them at all. That's why we're going to win. And when we do, subhumans like him are going to have a tough time getting their fix on cartoon animal porn. Just sayin.

Hey man. How are you? I reported everything. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help

I wish I could say I'm not embarrassed to have lost 2 trucks and saved the third, but I am. The plan will have to change. They didn't have the balls to go for the third truck when they saw we wouldn't turn tail, but that won't always be true. If just 1 of the 8 communists there had lead the pack I have no doubt they'd have gotten the last truck and US. We aught to count ourselves lucky that the altercation wasn't caught on video as well. I'm working on a small list of solutions to present before the next event involving drivers that will have prevented this thing from happening altogether.

Thanks man.

Clark... You're not gonna quit are you?


Clark. If you quit publicly before the enemy. You'll have damaged the movement more then Vincent ever could have.

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