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I am having mic trouble unfortently

Hey I cant attend tonights meeting becuase on of my GFs grandparents is in the E.R. Will lyk how things turnout there

1 + whatever we do during the fitnes event, can I place a promat order this upcoming event ?

will reach out

it is my Gfs birthday, will see what I can do

I am available whenever the meeting is tomorrow

Sure thing will take inventory tomorrow, should have most things

So i may have an oppurtunity to get a full time jonlb splitting firewood for a local place and was wondering what the consensus is on log splitting for a workout/training, and if i get this job what would be recomendesd to suppliment that

Apperntly its 3 guys using a maul. One guy splits for 10min one guy brings logs over and one guys stacks the logs. Heard about this through a family friend so who knows,

my experience in the medical field relates to wilderness first aid and things of that nature, I have under my belt both the BSA/Red Cross Remote first aid course and have been the acting medic on several High Adventure scout trips, Such as Hiking on the A.T and canoeing for a week in the Adirondack state park in NY

looks like I have to miss this one unfortently,

Hey so my mother just threanted to write me out of her and my fathers will if I dont change my politcal beliefs, im not sure how to handle this, any ideas ?

will do thanks

Hey Sam, My mother just threatened to write me out of her and my fathers will if I don't change my political beliefs, and I have no idea how to handle this, My family was tight nit before 2016, I'm asking you because I asked Jason NY and he recommended asking you. Any advice on how to handle this ?

thanks going to play really well actually thanks,

So far that seems to be whats happening, becuase at dinner she was acting as if everything was normal " we eat dinner with my grandparents basically everyday" so thats what it seems lik e

thanks again for the advice

just so i dont leave you hanging, I called the bluff infront of my dads side grandparents and they were having none of it

most likely will, she is the only one with any real oposition to my ideals and PF

btw, I was told to ask about getting included in a big promat order you and the other NY guys where doing

I wanted to order through eric and he said to ask you

damn oh well

if you guys do one agian i'll happily chip in

Monday ?

first time im hearing of it

if im needed wont say no but im not about to invite myself

it would not be an issue on my end but again, if you telling me was a mistake then I'll pretend I didnt hear anything

cool cool

was my mic really not working agian ?


my wieght is still 230, managed to cut sugar out of my diet, although I did pretty miserably fail the pt test this last weekend

0 pullups, didnt finish the mile(asthma, am working on a remedy for that), 10 push ups and if I remember correctly a 30-45 second plank. needless to say im pretty mad at myself for failing so bad so im gonna go pretty hard at training until I get myself to pass the PT test

Im just going to start using my phone, i bought a new mic and it still.didnt work so

Ill download the app and get verified on before next meeting

Hey Eric do you want to inform the VA guys that i'll be hitching a ride or do you want me to reach out to SAM VA

Will do

Hows it going, Would it be ok if I hitched a ride with you guys to the December Demo ? Im going to be " visiting freinds in VA" as an excuse to go

John VA being the freind in question, I needed an excuse to be gone for the weekend

I havent asked him where, im gonna stay over his apt thursday into friday,

Happy thanksgiving everyone

thanks for the heads up

I am only going to have limited things becuase my ifak is still shipping,

It will not be, just checked, If anyone i bringing an extra kit I can pay them if I ue items from the kit but my own Ifak will not be in,

I got screwed with shipping delays

So I have been kinda hesitant to post about this because i don't know if it is really relevant , but in addition to my normal routine,-as much of the fitness test as I can get done in a day, maybe two attempts per day if circumstances allow- I also have been doing some HEMA training, for those who don't know, imagine European Ken-do, with Stiff foam or Hard plastic replicas, I plan on attending a small tournament put on by two of the "local" clubs. I forgot who posted about putting runes on their Kali sticks but I put a prayer in Latin on one of my replicas and it definitely increased focus while training. Anyway just wanted to put it out that I also train in a "martial art" just one that is probably not very practical outside of a competition setting.

if you dont mind me asking what are your favored replicas for HEMA

I do both a 2 handed German and an arming sword and shield,

and I just started with Basket hilts and bucklers

Hey where you the guy talking to me about being able to get medical supplies ?

Nice, im a amith myself so i can appricate how much having custom replicas must be. Me and my friends started with foam larp weapons and me and one friend who where ready bought ourselves hardplastic basket hilts. If i do well in the tournament i mentioned im probably gonna make myself a german long just to practice with

How nice customs replicas must be*

Hey soery about the meeting last night


1 sticker post this week

Will do

I did not give you a gaiter but yes i have everything else. I gave you a hat and patches

cool cool,

Pyramid Sets ?

Mark PA might be a better primary medic, he is more in shape and is an actice emt from what I understand.

He is kinda new so thats why he isnt in the medic channel

He told me he could get me almost any forst aid item in person because of his job.


I will check but I belive I gave you what I had.

I got back in btw

I have a few left, sub 30

1 put me down for 5$ for the toy drive

1 post and put me down for 5$ for the toy drive

Sorry for spam was in a tunnel

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