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Clarke OK says I'm to be on his team.

I should be able to make it.

No clue, Brandon just messaged me the gear list and told me to coordinate carpooling with you. Thats all i know.

Since you're my shield team leader I've got to be honest with you. My financial situation is pretty bad right now and I cant afford anymore gear. I dont even have heat resistant gloves or the proper Empire Tactical hat.

I also have a bad knee that I have to be very careful with, I can hold a shield just fine but I realize I cant do any combat or "too dangerous" of things with such a sketchy knee and i realistically wont be able to stay on the shield teams forever.

Yeah this planning seems to be a little last minute again.

I see the chin straps come in pairs so im sure someone will have an extra one I could borrow. Last time I was on shields I borrowed someones gloves to hold smoke and flares with and might be able to do that again. So its mainly just the shin guards and paint for them that is my concern.

If theres any off road we can take my car, just be warned gas cost is going to be much higher. Also havent got new tires yet so if we go somewhere icy it could get sketchy. I take it Carl is not coming?

Yeah I definitely dont have all that camping gear, not even close.

ah shit, okay and feel better.

Roger that. I think we can make due with our normal camp gear unless there is a specific reason we need stuff like a shovel, saw and stove for.

I have the location, its not as far as white mountain but its not a whole lot closer either.

what time should we be leaving tomorrow?

make sure you are dressed for cold weather. might get as low as 27 at night

Thanks man. We will be meeting up with Utah and Arizona guys for drilling this weekend but that is the only practice I'll been able to get in before the Dec event since SoCal is such a small network.

We do want to leave as early as possible if we want to get there before dark though. Drive time is approx 6 hrs.

I dont think im supposed to share the location yet but ill tell you tomorrow. Brandon said he is too sick to make it so thats why he told me.

I was thinking if we left my place at 10 we should be good enough to get us there before sunset.

Can your tent fit us both?


gate code #0981

sounds good

where here

okay where’s everyone else?

roger that, we and the 2 Arizona guys are all set up

Just got home. You guys are lucky you didnt stay another night, it got extremely windy, tents were flapping all over the place and we were getting covered in a little sand storm.

Just got back. It was fun.

Anyone who didnt make it missed out, that was a fun trip. We even visited Zion national park, albeit briefly.

Hey I just saw the shieldteamrearguard chat. I already let Clarke OK know that I am unable to afford the chin straps and leg guards at this time. He said he would help me out but it looks like the leg guards wont arrive in time.

Okay I just messaged Jon UT. Hopefully someone will have an extra pair.

Not yet, It looks like because of the supply chain crisis going on a lot of people are having issues getting their gear on time.

Looks like I wont have knee pads in time for the event.

Not sure, I had told my shield team lead, Clark OK, that my budget for these things is extremely tight. He said he would help me out but then said they wouldnt arrive in time, it looks like in the rear guard shield team chat other people are having difficulty with shipping as well due to the supply chain crisis. I was thinking about checking a used sporting goods store but i dont know of any around here.

From the top of my foot to my knee is about 18 inches. The guys in the chat said that the regular size should fit most people but anyone over 6 feet tall might want to get the large size. Im just about 6 foot.

Yeah I talked to my network director, Brandon Ca, about it and hes going to try and find me a pair.

I was not. My financial situation is not looking good. I

I was not, to keep it short, my financial situation is not looking good and I cant be spending money on anything right now.

The only good news I have is that on Nov. 17th I ran 1.5 miles in 11 minutes and 29 seconds. However it was on a treadmill at the gym and with my knees as sketchy as they are im not sure if that would translate 1:1 in the real world outside on changing uneven terrain where I have to be much more careful. And since thanksgiving I have fallen out of shape slightly. I will test my sit ups today.

Hell yeah I'm down man. Just remind me again after this weekend. Maybe sometime next week or weekend. Ive been meaning to get the murrieta area.

I just did 60 sit ups and feel like i could get that number higher with more practice.

I can do 13 on a good day, and I will get that 14th soon enough. But on bad day I can only do 10 or 11. I do wide grip pull ups, I havent tried chin ups in long while.

[REDACTED] telegram username was [REDACTED]. A [REDACTED]. Just pointing that out.

TBH I should probably be more worried than I am but I really just dont care if I get doxxed. My only concerns are my family getting harassed but that seems slim and they keep enough distance away from me anyway. I'll be fine. I have an old instagram I will probably delete but thats the only social media presence ive had in recent years.

I always thought i had a very uncommon last name but when I google it, there seems to be quite a few and even many with the exact same name as me so i believe that affords me a fair amount of camouflage

Yeah there was definitely a lot of red flags with that guy i chose to ignore because i figured he was already vetted. In the car he would say shit like he doesnt listen to music but would then whistle to all the stuff we were playing. That jolly whistling really had me thinking he has a very gay mentality.

He also brought dried fruit for snacks. Freeze dried strawberries and trailmix consisting of soy nuts and dried mango and i remember just thinking what the fuck kind of chick snacks are these. He also had cliff bars with pro feminism slogans on them for that soccer playing dyke that bitches about female athletes not getting paid as much as male athletes.

Im mad at myself for not having put all this shit together earlier.

There should be extra precautionary steps for camera men.

Travis he was pretty big, tall and fat but not too obese, he had a very thick neck but for all that he was very soft spoken and feminine. The only events I saw him at were the 2 hikes, mount rainer and mount white.

I still have my telegram transcript with him if you want it but there is nothing useful in there, just coordinating the pick up and logistical stuff like that.

yes but i believe its set to private, luckily cecil had showed me how to hide my info at the alamo event

We had to leave early so I gave your gloves to Victor IL, so i hope he got them back to you.

Just want to say that it being your first event you did great, and considering you lead our shield team, you did an excellent. It was an honor being on your team. Keep it up.

That's why I ignored it at first, i'm just saying all these little things added up should have pointed to him not being one of us. Personally, If i see products I use promoting BLM or feminist agendas i take note to try and avoid them in the future. Its as simple as if they are against me i should be against them.

what a bold mother fucker. i sincerely hope some of our autists can figure out who he is and dox him back

good. but how tf did he know there was a meeting about him going on? that raises new concerns, that could not have been coincidence unless is was still in his network rocket chat

ah. and was that commie music?

I have not wanted vengeance against an individual this much in a long time. I know he took a ton of pictures of me.

thanks brother

lol yeah seriously

Im pretty terrible with security, I just dont care that much anymore if i get doxed, i should, but i dont. Luckily cecil AR showed me how to hide my number on telegram otherwise the infiltrator would have had it since we were in communication when we had to pick him up from the airport. Hes probably got logans plates though.

wait so he knew about the "he eats bbq like a fag" comment? wouldnt that mean he is in our network chat or there is another infiltrator?

If i need to be honest, ive had suspicions about Alexander OR too. Not as many red flags but like just now, as soon as someone in mumble mentioned that vincent said theres other infiltrators, Alexander played it down to "hes just trying to create paranoia". To be clear, Ive had suspicions about everyone, but they tend to dissipate after talking and getting to know them more. Maybe i havent talked to Alexander enough yet but i have to admit something in the back of my head still always seems to be alerted every time hes around.

He also knew the name of that anti-fascist song right away.

no, im deleting my instagram rn though

yeah hes got a pic of you doing the roman salute too, mask is on though. fuck this guy.

i havent seen any maskless pics of me yet but i know he took some

my chick is freaking out and yelling at me

is that his twitter?

I told her. probably dumb on my part but yeah shes freaking out and trying to erase all her social media contact with me

which was only a few instagram likes.... but yeah shes getting paranoid

right, ive been thinking of all the shit we could have done if we knew

lol yeah im not worried personally but shes younger and wants to build a career and all that so shes pissed

shes just over reacting

well technically thomas cant really fly on planes anymore, but yeah getting doxxed isnt the end of the world. i feel bad for paul though since it sounds like he had a nice job and im assuming thats at risk now

same, i never cared about getting doxed myself, i only worried about my family getting harassed and now obviously my gf, who just stopped talking to me because she so pissed lol. Fuck i shouldn't have even told her.


11 San Diego anti-fascists are facing felony conspiracy & assault charges for the "crime" of showing up to defend their community against a far-right rally held just 3 days after the January 6 insurrection. This is a biased witch-hunt. THREAD:

i never go on twitter, theres a lot of interesting shit on here

where did you see him post the audio of the meeting?

jk i found it

dude i had no idea antifa was so big or had so much shit on us

but like you said, just makes me want to double down lol

14 pull ups

joined feb 19th.

You can check the directory to see when people joined rocket chat.

Looks like that was a "mocking" tweet. Is he the guy whos number we had?

No, I havent talked with norman CA at all really. Is he a suspect?

Im headed to the gym right now but when were you thinking? Also, we may have to interview someone in our area sometime, brandon hasnt gave me any details yet but new protocols require 3 of us to be present so it would most likely be you, me and logan.

Tomorrow should work. Where are you meeting logan? Theres actually 2 intermediates that need to be interviewed.

want to reschedule due to the rain?

Almost anytime, like i mentioned in telegram, logans days off are wednesdays and then since carl has experience with an interview id try to get him to come too. What are their general locations?

Im getting localized flash flood warnings, exciting stuff.


Sorry man, next time ill be there.

Whats the url for the guides?

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