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Where is it gonna be at roughly so I know where to go? Which region?

I moved to the Southern part of Arkansas near Magnolia.

And I will try reaching out to someone.

It looks like I'll be the only one in Arkansas.

Pretty good man! And yes I'll be in Arkansas here shortly. Got my camper and all power hooked up some basically good to go.

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I think I'm gonna start putting...

"White Cities = Safe Cities".

A little more info than that?

I'll be "Mark AR" soon.

Oh cool thanks!

I tried searching and the search function didn't pick em up.


Roger that

Can you change my name to Mark AR?

I'll be in Arkansas for the winter brother o/

Near Magnolia.

I'll be in Arkansas for the winter brother. Near Magnolia. o/

Ill come with you guys on the trip out east

I'll be down in Arkansas all winter. Ill come out East with you guys in December. o/

A fire extinguisher at 3am + "White Cities = Safe Cities" stencil would be nice.

Honestly I'd be in Northwest Arkansas too as that's where I want to be... But a guy u know lives in an area with a bunch of land and I could park my camper here for free.

Yeah I hear you I got a crew in the south at the moment.

I don't like seeing Nogs everywhere but I notice one difference between southern Blacks and northerns. The southerns know to keep in line it seems like more and they know their place.

I'll probably end up moving up there later. I never wanted to be in the south in Arkansas.

I'm just here cause it's a spot to park my camper and I'm with full NS down here on some land.

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Can I ride with you in that bus?

Right that's good thankfully. I hope I'm around country bumpkin niggers.

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Arkansas is just for the winter and I'll be back up north to south Dakota.

I'm gonna start a business and hire some NS dudes to do the regular work.

Yeah the ideological fight in the white ethnic areas are what matters most. Working to secure an ethnostate. nigger filled areas is about useless.

I throw up all kinds of stickers to wake up our people. I've mastered some specific techniques that do a great job. Got thousands of QR scans.

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Of course though Thomas never gives a fuck about anything that I do. Even though I've helped wake up thousands of people to this.

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Holy shit. Lol.

Europa Blu rays for free for you. 25 for $175

I have no idea who I'm travelling with but I can go with you guys.






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Sure What Vehicle are we taking? We can take my Dually too.

I'm basically in El Dorado or Magnolia. In between

My Dually can hold 5 including myself.

Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab.

Brand New Injectors
New Alternator
New Tires
Diesel Auxillary Tank (No stops necessary).
Runs like a champ.

Roger that sounds good to me 👍🏻

If I can get a storage container before then for the pickup bed we could put our stuff in there and we could tie it all down.

I'm driving back from SD today to Arkansas.

How long of a drive will it be from little rock?

Call me on threema

What time tonight again?

I just got here to magnolia.

And I'm tired as fuck

If you wanted to meet at 5pm today I honestly don't think I'll be able to make it.

I messaged Jesse

I just got to Magnolia brother.

I am so tired. Was on the road for 13 hours...

What time are we meeting? I don't know if I can make it to be honest...

If I do make it... It's because I slept and am well rested... I'll probably have to drive alone.

Just drove 13 hours to Arkansas. Dead tired.

That's not bad

I can't even really move... I lifted before I left SD too. I need to sleep more I'd see if they can get you

17041 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Dumfries, VA 22026

17041 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Dumfries, VA 22026

10601 Riverview Rd, Fort Washington 20744



Roger that. Thank you so much brother. Anything helps.

I'll let you know.


Thank you big time brother

Anything helps.


And here I am at a nigger Walmart. All Niggers in the store. I'm the only white guy.

I'm stuck at an all nigger walmart all alone.

$540 is what it'll cost for the new tires.

He got then replaced and gave me a discount. Pro White dude.

Gave him a copy of Europa.

Absolutely brother! Totally helps!

Thank you!

One day I will pay you back brother 👍🏻

Hey brother you there?

Jesse AR blocked the chat to me. Why is that?

Hey Thomas. Some of my stuff is back at camp. I just got my truck fixed.

Hoping to grab it and get it back home.

I'm in Virgina but don't know where to go.

I need to get my stuff.

I helped you all at the last second... And this is how I'm repaid?

Bro Jesse AR blocked me.

I don't know how to get to the camp and get my stuff.

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