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I am not, provided there are suitable roadways upon which to travel home.

A lot of people will say racist things when they’re comfortable

So they followed in downtown?

They said three members were spotted with a long stencil

Did I miss anything important

Saw a rtt sticker on uw campus

What's up?

Howdy partner

I have been keeping busy with John and the local guys. We are trying to make good content for the action reports.

Why did you join?

What color are the boots

The mumble meetings? Yes we usually brainstorm and plan the next week’s activities.

@ND - John WA Sold out everywhere

Basically the same. I wanted to do something and patriot front seemed like the most logical choice.

Dude didn’t know how to join

Are pits z87 rated

What time are we meeting up Saturday

What is the plan for womenfolk


Doing well, getting excited for our network’s thanksgiving dinner this Saturday


Kind of early

This is more of a giant activism day than a community building thanksgiving dinner

It’s inferred in the supplies list and the 930 start time

What time is the meal?

My wife’s not really interested in doing all that so it’ll just be me

It’s too long and she doesn’t want to be dropped off for hours with people she’s never met

We should just do activism at different times imo

Like do community family stuff without turning it into a guy’s trip

Have social family events and activism separate

But I get you have all this stuff planned for this time, we were just under the impression it was more of hang out maybe make banners and spar out back

Maybe drop a banner real quick

Well some other time we should do something where we don’t hike in late November and do all the extra stuff

Cuz she was looking forward to meeting people

Oh right on well let’s keep that more low key


And you have some good new guys that get shit done

If she’s coming we’re not gonna be there at 930

Yeah and if you want some supplies earlier you or Clarke can pick them up on the way

I’m home around 315


Good way to build up your trust and familiarity

I thought you were new

Missing attachment: image.png

What’d you do


Banners stencils canvas paint anything else

Missing attachment: IMG_4808.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_4809.JPG
Missing attachment: IMG_4811.JPG


Bump Cap Insert Hat Liner Baseball Cap Liner Linerz Protective Hat Inserts (LINERZ18HS 1/8" Foam + Hard Shell) Black

I can help you plan this weekend if you like

Maybe do something bigger than normal

What’s the plan for vetting mr peninsula?

I was thinking hit some blm stuff on account of what just happened in WI

Or maybe a good slogan on a banner

United we stand? Idk

Little Si is a good short hike, very busy though

Let me know if you need an extra guy for vetting

I do

28? Let me double check

I’m counting 18, did anybody else take some?

Well there you go

Not in Oregon

And now posters are an option

Aren’t Clarke and Jack helping you

Have you heard from Jack?

@Vincent WA Mostly open, wondering about in-person interviews though

In person vetting

For the WA applicant?

Right on

Got a reminder email on the 19th, still good to go 2 large SUVs


What are your favorite rusto colors?

Cuz I have a mixed bag

I might need to do an order to a store to get a sufficient quantity



I can get off early if we happen to work a full day

Idk that I ever have worked a full day before thanksgiving

Clarke’s interview is at 2 so might cut it too close for him



So 6 down, 4 to go?

Rumor is we’re off at 1

I said I gotta leave at 130 if we don’t get off early


i got brushes a scraper and the adhesive

i got the poster box, havent cracked it open yet

just got my >10 hours of sleep

happy thanksgivin

Right on

Does anyone know anything about Champion Power Equipment?


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