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Everything is covered, but you're welcome to bring whatever you'd like

Water is lame. Only hydrofags guzzle gallons of water. It needs to be at least enhanced with electrolytes. Jesus hated it so much he turned it into wine.

@all who is staying the night for Thanksgiving?





I had 3 other bridges I was going to hit, but there was so much rain this weekend that the rivers had come up too high to get them.

Ima be 5 mins late.

Oh that’s easy

A shepherds retreat: 38423 State Route 530 NE, Arlington, WA

Send John the details

stencil miller river

Skykomish. It’s in file name

The owner of the airbnb lives down the road. I don’t want to do any photography or activism on the premises. If someone were to figure out the location based on a picture they could. The weather might be shit, but I know lots of places nearby we could go and spar, paint banners etc with great views for photos that would be safe.

Look up “shepherds retreat Arlington” on google. It’s a sheep ranch. The place has lots of photos of the property online with prominent landmarks. if we traveled 20 minutes up the mountain we’d be secluded and they wouldn’t have to edit photos

Don’t ever feel pressured or obliged to host anything at your place of residence. It is explicitly advised against in the guide.

It would be nice to have multiple sets of the stencils, but I’m kind of tired of throwing up $40 banners just to have them snatched in 30 minutes. I think it’s time we got more creative with how/where we deploy them, like the boys in MO did. I got a high quality fall arrest harness and am going to look into learning how to climb structures using rope.

I think that would be perfect. We just have to find a place to practice

Mercer would be dangerous because of traffic, but hard for opposition to cover

most of that went up during BLM protests

when that section of I5 closed

excuse me *riots

It might be better to paint them with latex or something first so they can’t be easily cleaned and reused

They make knock offs for $30 on amazon

If they aren't polarized. Although the new ones might be polarized with a z87. It says on their website.

Where is that?

Don’t steal politicians signs

Don’t waste the 4x. Get some latex based paint

Looks like Frederick OR is out

Dinner will be in the evening. Roll up whenever you want Saturday

Earlier better if we want to go out during the day.

Car problems

Sorry to hear that. No worries. We'll miss having you.

It's going to be very wet and there will probably be snow

It's an easy hike. My only reluctance is being really far away from the gals and something happening.

She can’t just hang out with the other women?

Ok so no hikes

I'm not bringing my boots since we aren't hiking.

Not if we go to where I want to spar. I don't want to tear up their lawn. The owners are down the street and I'm trying to get on their good side to have a connection when I move up there



Portland REFUNDS the police: Department gets an extra $5.2M as city faces greatest cop shortage in decades and record number of homicides after slashing $15M from the budget over Defund the Police movement

Missing attachment: C220CFA2-673F-4591-829A-4D65FB80012A.jpeg



All checked in. Let me know yours guys ETA.

Lots of burgers for dinner

Will you want dinner?

We’ll have burgers ready



@Walter ID you still coming tonight?

Haven’t heard from Walter.

If you have a small Bluetooth speaker bring it tomorrow please

The gate code is 3842. Hold each button for 1s to make sure it registers. Farmhouse is on lift. Park next to my car

The gate code is [REDACTED]. Hold each button for 1s to make sure it registers. Farmhouse is on lift. Park next to my car

Left* yes

You’ll see my whip




Missing attachment: D0562148-4577-4815-B8F9-B900E13116A5.jpeg
Missing attachment: E3BE6E51-93B8-453D-9D76-60926E17458A.jpeg


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Where do you get those non pf stickers?

The good night antifa scum and crossed out pride flag

Ah man you gotta send me some of those. I’ll give John some 3D printed stencils to give you at the demo if you’ll make m some

Hey man, any chance you can split those big stencil files for me into quads?

Hell yea. I’ll plaster Capitol Hill with those in Seattle. Trannys will come unglued

I didn’t

That’s perfect

Should make the tranny flag crossed out with “you will never be a woman”

rowdy. Thanks bro. I’ll work on printing you a full set of the 3D stencils. Might not get them all, but I will definitely get you the choice cuts





I'll be in Oregon Weds - Sun night

I'll make him a few. I want to see guys going out and actually using them before I put in the time and materials of making them a set.

Anyone heard from @David WA?

Hey what are you using to break up the images? I'm using lithophane like you suggested for modeling. Are you just cutting it up in photoshop and uploading to lithophane?

Want to learn myself so I don't have to keep pestering you

There have been a lot of author's that have written about mindfulness

James Allen wrote "As A Man Thinketh" and many others. He's one of the more famous

Marcus Aurelius wrote about mindfulness in "Meditations"

David's a thinker. He'd probably like Meditations since Marcus was a Roman emperor

Seneca was another famous Roman that wrote a lot about stoicism

Well, if he doesn't like feeling that way, he has the power to change it, but it's up to him to make the changes

Well said. He should also spend less time worrying about what isn't "going right" and focus on what is. It could be as simple as being grateful for air

Epictetus, a famous Greek philosopher, was born a slave, but he devoted his life to focusing on what he had control over (himself) and making the best of everything

Everything Marcus wrote was directed at himself. He never intended for his book to be published. He would be furious if he was alive.

For sure. I'm grateful that whomever found it after he died did not fulfill his wish to have it burned

He would. For he said so himself “Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny, for what could more aptly fit your needs?”

David will be fine. Org is good for him. Being involved in group activities and socializing will get him out of his shell.

Got blender set up. Went through that video and one more in his series on using the program.

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