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We're having a meeting tonight at 8pm on Mumble if you've set it up yet.

Hey man. We IN guys are having a meeting tonight at 8pm EST if you would like to join and talk about the upcoming get together in Michigan.

Meeting has been moved to 9 so Adam can attend

Sorry for any inconvenience

I'm doubtful that we would be in attendance to the meetup but we have a new guy so I'm not sure about him.

Supposed to have another new one that hasn't been accepted yet

Yep they're the ones I wanted to hear about it

Yeah he seems like a good guy, I did his interview this week

Has potential. He's still a small and young guy

Yes he doesn't seem retarded actually hahah

He told me hes known Billy since he was 3 and that Billy got him into politics and Catholicism

I probably got them confused

What date is that event for again?

Just in case you're not able to make it

@Robert IN Welcome! Us Indiana guys are having a meeting tonight at 9pm if you're able to get Mumble set up in time. No problem if not

Sorry I thought I messaged you. Meeting has been moved to 9 so Adam can attend

I'm getting on Mumble now

Meeting going on now

It's great. I'm excited for what's to come. We're all either out or on the verge of being out of stickers but have a banner so we're trying to find a good place that works for everyone in the meantime before getting our promat package or stocking up in December

I will be there.

Will you have reliable transportation to Indianapolis or nearby city for December 3rd?

Any idea of the likelihood that you will be passing through Indianapolis?

Just an idea I had that I wanted to run past you and see if it would be allowed. I was thinking of using roofing tar of some sort to cover the George Floyd BLM mural in Lafayette, IN - Previously visited by PF twice, defaced 5 times overall. White PF stenciling on or beside black tar would look sharp and be a big message. We have two guys in Lafayette now so it would be done fairly easily.

Last month the city had some sort of celebration of the mural and have repeatedly had priests bowing and lighting candles there.

The last time we visited the site, we tossed a gallon of paint on it, quickly used a rollerbrush to spread across the wall, then did several stencils before being seen and confronted. Firefighters arrived in time to spray our work off completely.

The point of tar would be to make cleanup much more difficult, possibly impossible, perhaps forcing a removal of the thing. I've heard from others that the stuff would be insanely hard to remove.

After the last visit, the city placed a coat of anti-graffiti clear coat over the thing so additional paint layers are easier to remove.

Shouldn't be, but I wanted to know if something like this would be permitted if we can do it quickly and effectively.

I've always ridden with Ryan but even though I'll miss them it's probably a better idea that I join your caravan since all my guys will be there.

Just let me know a time and place.

As soon as I say this I see someone said your van is basically full lol. I'm perfectly fine with going in Ryan's group, I know they have room.

So just let me know if you're full on room or not, no issue if so

This is what I'd use. It's rubberized roofing cement. Sling a good amount onto wall using a large size trawl, spread out over area, bam. Extremely hard to remove once it seals to the surface. I would do a bit of practice before going out for the action. I would also research as much as I could about local laws to know the worst of what to expect if caught.

But besides that, I've had an order pending from the print shop for a couple months, is it possible to receive that at the December event or does it have to be mailed out?

I'm going to ride with Ryan for the event, no big deal. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving brother

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

:pfflag: :truck: Travel Clothing: All travel clothing items must be politically neutral, prioritize dull colors, absence of revealing marks or identifying features such as company logos, college icons, or city references. Multiple layers for weather changes and shedding of articles for en route activism. Medical masks are encouraged during stops. Dress code items are not to be worn in transit, nor are any organizational patches.

Average temperatures along the travel route will range from 40 degrees to 70 degrees. Bring appropriate layers for all situations.

- :billed_cap: Hat. (Cap, booney, etc.)
- :dark_sunglasses: Sunglasses.
- :mask: Medical style mask. (Ear loops.)
- :shirt: Compliant shirt, pants/shorts, shoes. (No open toed shoes.)

:pfflag: :betsy: Activism Dress Code: Activism dress code is only to be worn on command. Its contents are to remain neatly stored, clean, and undamaged during travel. Place your User ID or Alias on the tags or otherwise within your shirt, coat, hat, and other dress code items of interest so they remain in your possession.

Temperatures at the location are expected to be low. Expect long periods of exposure to wind and cold. Hydration is key in the days leading up to the action, and the time of the action itself.

- :pfflag: Cap w/ Chevron Patch.
- :man_construction_worker_tone1: Bump cap insert.
- :dark_sunglasses: Sunglasses (Aviators Preference)
- :white_large_square: Blank white mask.
- Dress Code Jacket
- :jeans: Khaki or tan colored pants.
- :hiking_boot: Appropriate boots. (Expect lots of movement)
- "Tactical" or work gloves. Strongly encouraged for protection from the heat of flares, smoke devices, better grip on flags and shields. (No hard knuckle.) (Preference tan/coyote.)

:pfflag: :school_satchel: Additional Items: Optional or non-necessary items will be marked with an asterisk.

- :tent: Camping supplies. Tent, sleeping bag. `(Confirm with your travel lead if/where you will be camping. Coordinate with tents to ensure efficient use.)

- :money_with_wings: [$25] Cash for event payment. Note: This total does not include your travel fees. Confirm with your travel lead to find your precise total.
- :potable_water: Reusable canteen(s) of at least one liter.
- Personal sanitation kit. (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)
- :betsy: :pfflag: ANY & ALL organizational flags in possession, or in possession of locals.
- Additional bottled water. (Kept on person.)
- Water Bottle Belt Holder.
- Money for purchases during travel, or purchase of workshop materials at the event. (Cash Only)(This amount is subject to personal preference and travel specifics, confirm with travel lead.) ^

- IMPORTANT: Cash contributions for...
- Legal Fund, which will go towards ensuring the safety and freedom of activists currently under threat, and repaying those who have already kept our members from dire harm on numerous occasions. Contributions could make the difference between the continued work and efforts of an activist, or dangerous injuries at the hands of state oppression.

- Purchase of promotional materials (stickers, flyers), patches (official/unofficial), stencils, posters, etc. This will be the last time, potentially, for some time to resupply in person. You may be more specific with the items you receive, and there are no shipping fees or wait times. Communicate with your locals, or NW and ensure you are getting what you need to sustain activity.

Additional Notes:
- Our travel distances will vary widely, but expect to engage in stops or activities in travel dress code regardless.
- Pack as light as you can in terms of gear and clothing to avoid space issues. Keep everything well organized.
- Do not skimp out on water or hydration. Your party may be unable or unlikely to make stops for resupply beyond a certain point.
- If you haven't gotten really comfortable with the outdoors thus far this season, get to it. Walks and runs are suggested.
- Event fees are subject to change. Confirm with your travel lead to ensure you have the correct information.
- If you need additional links or suggestions for any of the items listed above, please ask so.
- Long hair is to be tied into a knot at the base of the neck when activism dress code is worn.

Are you still attending the event?

Sorry I'm just now seeing this, I thought everything was taken care of by Carter.

What's going on now?

Missing attachment: 20211203_145652.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_143148.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_151142.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_145157.jpg

— with @ND - Ryan OH & @PF-587479

Do not go to that second address.

We can't leave you stranded out there no matter what's happened, but I have several big issues. The first being that there has been absolutely zero communication with any of us except Billy since you've been a part of the Indiana team, at least as far as I know, and you've been here for quite a long while. I was told on October 11 that you were kicked out of Billy's place and were most likely going back to Tennessee. Now almost two months later, I as the cluster leader of Indiana, hours into the trip to the march, find out that you actually are still with us, and are trying to get there. The next time I hear anything about you is when I'm entering Ohio that you need a way back to Indiana. So not only is there this ridiculously large amount of time of zero communication or activism, but no effort was made to meet with any fellow network members at the event. When you found out that the bus you got there on was destroyed, did it not cross your mind to contact other Indiana guys that were around to be your only way home?

I've seen guys removed from PF for not replying to a message within a couple weeks, so the fact that this has been tolerated is unacceptable.
We will get you where you need to go though.

How did you get to the event?

Okay, there's some extreme miscommunication going on. I've had several people tell me you rode on the Missouri bus

Apparently Alan MI forgot to correct the info he told me

I do want you to know nothing is usually like this planning wise

I know for certain that Billy told Thomas and I that you were both kicked out at the same time

Billy was living with his grandparents and he was unsure exactly what you were going to do if not go back

I see. I don't blame either of you for that.

I had you added to the Indiana group chat when you joined, have you not seen that?

We all greeted you and have had announcements fairly regularly

We are actually supposed to use the browser version of Rocket because the app has supposedly been disabled somewhat

Mine still works fine but I know it barely works now for a lot of guys

Have you heard of Threema?

It has some of the highest privacy of any app and gives notifications for messages. We have a group chat there and it helps with getting ahold of people that may not log into R.C. as much as they should

It's $3 on the App store, you don't have to get it right now but just something to know

Which box truck did you get back on at the car exchange?

There were three drop offs

That's where I'm losing you because there were all kinds of guys that could have pointed you to some of us if you were looking

There were 3 Indiana guys off that first drop off, another on the second, 2 on the third and many others that know us

We were there until the parking lot was almost empty

Yeah huge mistake there

When we got to camp we were there for less than 3 minutes, took our 2 tents down and were on the way home

Alright man, we'll talk more later on

@all MEETING tomorrow (Dec 9) at 9pm. We have a lot to talk about so make sure you have enough time.

Reminder @Ethan IN & @Victor IN to get Threema to stay better connected. Also a good idea to make note of your Rocket Chat logins somewhere so that you don't get locked out if you get signed out for whatever reason.

Requesting the removal of @PF-541378 when you have the chance.
It's been nearly 3 months since I received a message from him, and in the last message I received he told me he was facing several charges and had just been bailed out of jail.

@all Organization-wide meeting this Friday (Dec 10) at 9pm. Will be very important to attend.

It isn't as bad as it sounds, so I was hoping to hear from him sooner or later. I know he is a solid guy.

Long story short, his girlfriend's mother was physically abusing her, refusing to let her leave while he was outside. When someone opened up, he punched the mom to stop whatever was happening and the gf left to stay at his place.

He told me the mom was pressing charges but Marcus' mother is a lawyer so it should be over soon, but apparently not.

Do you have regular off days or an irregular schedule?

Unfortunately very true.

I'm sure you have your hands full, but I'd like to have a private call whatever night is convenient to discuss some matters of other Indiana members that you should be aware of.

If you have regular off days maybe it would work to schedule our meetings on those nights so you can be there

Nice job @Victor IN! Drop that last pic when you can

Perfect. We usually do Sunday nights for meetings, I'm just wanting to do this one early with so much going on.

Do 4-6 photos per city at a time for activism post. A lot of us will put up more than that when we're on a sticker run but that's all that's needed for a post

2 new Indiana interviewees, one is a returning member (I don't know him)

Thank you. Will look into this later today.

Org wide meeting in 20 min

Meeting happening now. Mumble server being restarted to allow more users to join

@all join meeting now in Mumble

I believe there are instructions for Mumble when you sign in here:


@Ethan IN & @Victor IN Let's have a call tonight at 8 so you can be caught up on what's going on. Please react/respond to this so I know you've seen it


I'm stuck at the store rn, have to call at 8.30 instead

Sorry, my phone died and refused to turn back on. I'll message someone to try to get you access

Could you grant @Ethan IN access to the Mumble server please?

I will send you a summary tomorrow.

Thomas is online but I'm not sure if he's done it

Sorry this has been such a mess

It'll only work if you're granted access to speak

I guess we can just talk here

Nothing is going right lol

So what happened with your wreck? That's like two wrecks in a month?

I think Victor mentioned you were looking at your phone or something.

Damn dude. Scary. How hurt were you and the car?

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