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No they are coming though

Be sure to bring all your banners with you today

Will see you all soon bros, big day 💪


Stay tuned we'll see who can see you

Commencing with Promat

On my way back

On my way back

On our way

You guys leave already?

Good job bro!

We had an interaction

Nothing serious though

Ask Victor about it

Well done to all bros!!! Fitness and Sparring Training, Two Banner Drops on Storrow, and mass promatting of Boston in 4 unique locations. My praises ⚡💪

On to next weekend

What time in Boston?

Was it good?

How'd it go?

Butt fockin

We will also take a tour of the I-95 bridges to grab the 8 flags on each bridge, we saw at least four bridges with 8 each so we get those and we'll have 32 more

@Tyler CT Jason NY will be in Boston tomorrow

Let's get some guys out to see him and sticker with him

Also Also!!! @Victor MA Is available after 3:30 PM Wednesday for someone to go help him make the banners for this coming weekend

Let's get guys over to him

Only need a few, at the very least I will go and it'll be just the two of us all night, so if we get 4 total we can get it done right quick

Your Bdrop

How'd it fair?

And also your promatting

I would expect 6 PM or later, most people are working or in school during the week

lol yea careful, they say you never come out the way you went in

Welcome to the birthplace of the revolution mf

That semper liberi is lookin mighty fine :triumph:

Ordered meself corcoran marauders

Gonna be my December boots

Yeye :thumbsup:

Hell yea, on to next weekend bro

Yes, actually Jason NY will be in Boston 6 PM, you wanna go meet up with him and sticker?

I can grab Jim's stuff

And sauce you stickers

Welcome to society :alien:

@Tyler CT Phil and I will be meeting Jason NY in Boston tonight to sticker with him.

We will need to mumble with Josh NH to go over some plans for this weekend.
We will also need to see who can get over to Victor MA Wednesday evening, 4 - 5 PM, to make three new banners

Better be the weddin dress

@Tyler CT I have put $20 into the fund for the month
@Mike RI Has put $10 in the fund for the month

@all Also!!! There will be an out-of-network Org member in Boston today. Anyone available to go meet up with him? DM me please

There is a third camping spot that sounds better. He will need to explain that to us

Haha nope

Will probably not be able to make it back in time for one tonight. I'll be in Boston with Jason NY

Doesn't seem like it

Do you have a place in Boston you want to meet? Or you want me to give you one?

He can tell us about that new camping spot then he'll go, then we'll outline what we're gonna do. Do we have attendance for this weekend?

Yes hopefully the numbers rack up but those are a good start

The new one he suggested is good if we hike onto the island and use the deeper woods there for camping

Yes I can do that

Meet us at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Boston Commons, drive around to find parking. Preferably on the street cause it's cheaper

But there are garages too if you don't care for paying

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston Commons, 6 PM

Just promat, we won't go into posters or stenciling

See you then bro

Progressive Ave yes?

I will leave at 4:30 PM to pick you up by 5:10 PM, where we'll leave for Boston Commons to meet Jason NY by 6 PM at Soldiers and Sailors

We will sticker with for a bit then get dinner

Can't wait bro

Yes to all of that. Canned Tuna is very inexpensive

Josh could you get us aerials of the other two camping spots

Keep me updated bro

That second is pretty good space, what're you thinkin instead Tyler?

On my way to the monument. Be there at 6

Traffic is keeping me bro

Gonna be at the Commons in a few

Gonna be seeing Jason soon

You might as well stay home bro it's aight

Walking to the monument now

You here?

I'll come to you

Just Promatted around Chinatown with Jason NY and his affiliate, good time, good work, he'll have the pics up

Or dropping to the floor suddenly at an african man's rap concert

Yes I will submit all my footage today

Let us get the rough doc put together for this weekend tonight too

We won't need Josh in attendance we do have everything

Still good for 7?

@Thomas have you checked your PO box recently? And if so did you receive my money order?

Yo Phil I'm promatting BSU right now. I might as well come see you early. Let me know

Thank you

Can you Threema Phil and let him know "Henry is in Bridgewater right now. If you're available early for promat Resupply DM him soon."

Roger that brother man

Awesome I'll be supplying him right quick

Just Promatted
Middleborough Center, MA
Halifax, MA
Bridgewater State University, MA

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