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Yeah if you don't mind can you send me links to the items I will need and the painting instructions?

Stickered Pembroke, MA

Missing attachment: 20211113_202500.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_202327.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_202439.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_202242.jpg

Stickered Marshfield, MA 2/3

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Missing attachment: 20211113_211828.jpg
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Missing attachment: 20211113_211940.jpg

Thank you @Bill MA

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Just posted the pictures from the 2 posts that I screwed up last week. Totally forgot I had editing software on my phone that I can use to change the aspect ratio of photos.

I'm at the place now. It's really packed

Not sure if you guys want to change the location because the parking lot is packed.

@Marshall MA Are you guys in Peter's car?


I have 1

I can run to my house and grab 2 more when we're ready to do banner drops I just have to grommet them.

Alright thank you brother

Yeah tonight was very productive. Every weekend should go like today (plus posters of course). Standby for the incoming tweet from that BU guy that yelled at Josh and I saying he scared off a bunch of fascists.

These are the stickers from Boston today

And these are the cover ups we did. One of the videos has the BU student yelling at us.

Yeah I figured the best course of action would be to laugh it off and essentially ignore him. Definitely would be a lot easier to tell him what I want to say but of course that's not worth it.

Yeah we were masked up and it was Josh and I versus 1 scrawny homo but I figured it would draw too much attention to yell things at him although I was tempted. Had no idea if that would cause him to call the cops or something so I decided against it.

I bet the courts will overturn it but if they don't and any of you drink the corn syrup to keep your job I'm gonna be very disappointed. Also are there any exemptions or anything like that on the letter? I still haven't gotten any word at all from my job aside from one of the managers saying she doesn't think they can require vaccine cards because it's a privacy infringement (little does she know they make the rules as they go).

Henry has all of the banner footage

Yeah and some diversity hire white house staff told employers to implement the mandate anyway even after the 5th circuit court froze it.

Stickered Whitman, MA 3/3

No guarantees but I think I can make one Saturday night

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Are you talking about the NH thing? Nobody's offered to cover my shift that day so it's unlikely I'll able to make it

Missing attachment: 20211117_191855.jpg

No I have Sunday off and I tried to sign off my shift on Saturday. Nobody's taken it yet but it might be taken before Saturday

For the Thanksgiving thing the best day would be the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. I have both off. For December 2nd I'm available at 10pm. You guys don't absolutely have to wait for me I can meet you guys wherever the event is gonna be.

You can come get the banner tomorrow at 3pm sharp and I can make banners this Sunday but I have to be done by 5 at the latest. I have to go take Patriot Grandma shopping as she can't walk well enough to go on her own.

If you can't show at 3 tomorrow i can leave it in the back hallway and I'll leave the door unlocked

Alright also I get out of work at 9:30 so I won't be in Connecticut until probably 11

Promatted Walpole, MA 1/3

Missing attachment: 20211120_224649.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_224146.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_224019.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_224239.jpg

Also got rid of a bunch of "ban gasoline cars" posters

Stickered Westwood, MA 2/3

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Missing attachment: 20211120_231212.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_231129.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_232044.jpg

Stickered Norwood, MA 3/3

Blm stickers found and covered

Missing attachment: 20211120_235543.jpg
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Missing attachment: 20211120_235448.jpg

Just changed my oil and the filter o ring was some cheap Chinese garbage and ripped when I tightened the filter. Basically dumped an entire jug of 35 dollar oil onto my driveway. Environmentalists will now seethe when they drive by my house in their prius and see the giant stain in the pavement. @Phillip MA If you do anyones calipers you might as well take it to my house and bleed the fluid onto my driveway.

Alright thanks

I think I might make the banner Thursday after we're done with the meetup. Either way it will be done before this weekend. And I haven't yet ordered shin guards as I am very tight on money at the moment but I get paid Friday

Why does it matter

Preferably Thursday

Anyone have contact with DC area guys?

I'm gonna be talking to Phil about it we'll figure out a time. We discussed it in the meeting and it'll probably be late at night.

I was interrogated at work today about my vaccination status. The affirmative action manager was asking me if I'm vaccinated, and I respectfully said I delcine to answer that question. She then asked if I wanted to receive a vaccine at work, which I also declined to answer. Many other people at my work straight up wouldn't even go into the managers office to be asked the questions. Half of my coworkers were talking about how unbelievable it is that they're even asking us about our vaccination status. Never cave guys

Bump cap insert is "estimated to arrive" between Dec 2nd and 14th. Should I just buy a black bump cap? They said that would be guaranteed to show up December 2nd. I'm pissed because I ordered this stuff like 3 days ago

Stickered Randolph, Dedham and Needham, MA 3/3

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Missing attachment: 20211130_221730.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_221849.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_221641.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_221435.jpg

Hey do you have threema?

What's your id

Actually nevermind Phil said he's picking you up so it's all set

Amazing job everyone who was at the event. I've never seen anything like that in my life and I couldn't have asked for better leadership, a better shield team or a better group in general. We will be victorious. God bless America :betsy:

I can definitely make the noon to 8pm one (perhaps a bit late) and there's a good chance I can make 1am as well.

Yeah that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Perhaps we could get an apartment with a couple guys and all pitch in for rent. Would probably have to be more than 2 of us though

Stickered Foxborough, Mansfield and Attleboro, MA 3/3

7:30pm Saturday

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