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Hey Lewis, if you are attending tomorrow, can you bring my shirt I left in your rental awhile back?


Going to work with John on the unlikely chance something changes on that

Photo from yesterday?

Someone who arrived early

All of this could be subpoenad. Not a suggestion in the realm of feasibility.

As far as tech measures go, the team did its job. After leaking, the offender was locked out immediately. I dont see the issue being with tech. Local leadership and phone confiscation are two pressing areas.

I believe returning to using passenger vans over cargo vehicles should be considered. This would eliminate the need for a vehicle exchange entirely - no personal cars at risk. There would be no parking lot with large conspicuous rental trucks to be found and attacked. Lodging location direct to dropoff. Vans could have dedicated drivers and be constantly moving, or be parked much more subtly in a location everyone attending the event wouldn't know.

Missing attachment: docker-compose.txt

Server was restored from backup.

Server was restored from backup.

Vehicle was rented by @Vincent TX . I was caretaking it at this time whoever was collecting information.
GMC Savannah rental. No damage at all.

Paul bragged about working at Google at a previous demo. Remember it distinctly.

I stated to Ben MD that @Vincent TX was the one who rented the vehicle and there was zero damage. I don't need to be in this channel.

14 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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