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I sent you both links.

Chin strap clicks onto your hat and bump cap. Knee pads are sanded and spray painted.

Oooohhhhh. Sorry I'm a dumbass

Don't have a gear list yet. I'll send it once I get it.

Hell yes.

I am.

Very nice man. Happy for you.

I will be there this weekend and the 4th.

Going to hang out with mine on Wednesday.

Can someone reccomend a good dal boot?

Can someone reccomend a good combat boot? Preferably 8 inches tall. I'd like the ankle support.

If you're a thicc boi those pads are toight.

Like peanut butter oatmeal.

I'm not 100 percent sure when I get off on Friday. I'll make sure to pack a bag tomorrow night and carry it in my truck.

Do we know the forecast?

That's alright. We'll play it by ear. So what all are you needing?

I'll bring you a pair of gloves you can have. And if I need to get you some pads I can also do that.

Woke up with a sore throat clogged nose and couldn't taste anything. Freaked out about covid and took temp. No fever. Took a Claritin. It helped with nose and throat. I think it's allergies but what do you guys think?

I still can't taste anything. I don't want to spread coof to yall 2 weeks out from an action.

I can spit in your drink I guess if you ask nicely.

I suppose that's a much more reasonable option.

I should have.

Got 5 cans of paint and some sand paper sheets.

The pads won't be here in time unfortunately. But the gloves I have.

I think just standard camping gear. Plus the shield team ppe

Missing attachment: 2d6c9fc4-2cf6-4a8a-8c32-90905d5c3d85.jpg

I'm having John bring some kit. That paint and sand paper. And someone can use my pads for the weekend as well.

@ND - William OK Idk about that one but I'm very pissed I'm missing this one.

Yes he is.

Fine. Congested nose and no smell or taste. Occasional sore throat.

Actively working on it.

Did you find a pair of pads?

You have the pads and chin straps?

You have the pads and chin strap?

John and I will be using the same mic

If you search pyramex chin strap on Amazon then there should be a Amazon primeable option.


They are still showing as in stock.

Do you have all the pads and chin straps?

I see yall boys getting lobby cucked

Can someone post link to winter jacket?

Is there an acceptable alternative? It won't get here in time unless I drop the Cash on N.D.A

Found one.

Got Friday off so I'm good to leave Thursday night.

Marshall OK is having some pretty serious personal issues and it looks like he won't make it. I'll be down one guy on my shield team.

His law issues earlier this month and he's having to put his dog down.

He had a misunderstanding with the police that's since been resolved but was putting the screws on him mentally.

Alright. Just making sure we have a plan.


Are we hiking in or camping out of the vehicles?

They're a pain in the ass.

Missing attachment: 79d9729e-40ab-48fb-9405-f1e0eeffe248.jpg
Missing attachment: 5a04ef31-e8b4-4ffe-bab4-6a119492fb7c.jpg

I have a 2 big man or 3 small man tent I'm bringing.

Missing attachment: 504790e6-715a-4781-a8ef-dba691d83859.jpg

Do we wanna bring some baofengs for convoy comms?

@ND - Carter MO I have 2.

And I'm bringing an antenna for Donald's.

Nw4 tent party.

He's unresponsive to the messages ive sent him.

Hey man I need you to reach out to Jesse will or Thomas about this weekend.

I'm already having to swap people out of My shield team.

It's the biggest action of the year dude.

I'm blowing him up on threema and here

I have 2 loose ones in my truck.

They're thin though

Anyone got a spare beanie?

I got 2 spare pair

Eta to wills house is 718

Vanguard front rank.

Front of the front.

In Tennessee

In Tennessee

Stopped for gas. 11 hours left.

Clarke's rig is passing through Nashville

We're 5.5 hours from out first stop.


About 3 hours out.

Missing attachment: IMG_20211206_142644_243.jpg


I'm on my last leg. 2.75 hours left.

Brothers are home to a wonderful home cooked meal.

He didn't. No biggie.

2.75 hours left till home.

Thank you so much. That means the world to me.

You guys did great. It was an honor to lead you fine men.

3 slashed tires and a painted window

Nah they got 3 tires and not 4.

I had a full sized spare so I bought 2. Little over 400 after supplies to change it.

Yeah. Some stuff is still there but it is just light overspray.

A. 411. B. 0.

Personal. 411 dollars. Insurance won't. No police report was filed.

A. 411
C. $411

I'll Lessard the guy in Virginia.


Theyre going to do a lost and found here soon

No worries.

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