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Hello Alan, wanted to reach out and offer any advice I can. I've not been an ND very long, but I can share some of the mistakes and successes that I've had.
You need to take stock of your guys; your relationship to them, and their current level of commitment to the org. First thing: communication. Make sure you and everyone in your NW check rocket consistently and respond to messages. Good comm is key.
Start putting some basic requirements for activism and fitness in place, but don't start out demanding too much. If some guys are used to chilling and not being very active, asking too much of them from the get-go can make them feel overworked, or even resentful (in my case two former NWs merged, I asked for too much at the start from guys who barely knew me).
Take some time to meet everyone in your NW, and get to know them. It takes some time to get to know everyone, but those bonds will be strong. You probably have 1-2 guys in mind that you are close to and trust absolutely. I made a NW2 Leadership chat for these two men, the Scribe and Quartermaster. Very helpful in considering decisions and relaying info. My QM was the local leader from the other NW we merged with, and that has been a huge asset.

Alan MI @PF-626733

Thanks for the advice @ND - James TX I really appreciate it. I've slowly implemented most of those things over the last 4 or 5 months or so. We have weekly mumble meetings with pretty good attendance, at least 5/10 guys but usually everyone or almost everyone shows up even if a couple are often late. Most guys sticker at least once a week. I have a couple that are in somewhat unique circumstances which make it hard for me to demand weekly stickering from, but the vast majority of my guys can be relied upon for consistent activism. All of my guys can be relied upon for bigger activism or demos as long as transportation is available.

I have two guys already picked out to be QM and Scribe ( @Benjamin MI and @Eric MI respectively) when we become a network. I also have two other guys which I consider competent people that tasks can be delegated to if need be.
We ironed out some goals as a cluster/soon to be network irl yesterday actually:

1. In 2022 we will drop 24 total banners, an average of two per month.
2. In 2022 we will host two hikes (one in the upper peninsula during the spring time and a second manistee river trail hike in the fall time), and we will attend @ND - Carter MO 's midwestern hike in Illinois or Missouri. Smaller groups may attend other hikes in the nation depending on their availability.
3. In 2022 we want to have two larger high risk coverups similar to our Ypsilanti BLM coverup. Ideally one in the spring or early summer and one in the late summer or early fall. More than two seems a bit too ambitious/risky especially considering that fbi agents were questioning local "boog boys" about PF immediately after our Ypsilanti BLM coverup.
4. In 2022, we would like to do a billboard coverup such as the BLM billboard cover up in Texas or the FBI billboard cover up in MO. This goal is much more of a maybe because its VERY high risk and something none of us really have any experience with. Also finding the right billboard is a goldilocks situation.
5. We will have at a minimum of 5 guys attend each demonstration in 2022, but myself, @Benjamin MI ,and @Eric MI will work our hardest to ensure 100% attendance, and we might be able to bully some nonafilliates into coming from either the AFA or a local non activist dissident right social group that Thomas is aware of.
6. In 2022 we will have over 100 instances of promat placement per quarter. Our goal is to have over 100 for this last quarter of 2021 as well. According to my calculations we're a little behind on it, but the demo was a lot more intense than expected, so I'm kind of giving my guys some slack on this one. If we reach 80 I'll be happy.
7. In 2022 we will participate in a joint network/cluster event with network 13 in northwest Ohio. It will encompass a memorial event for the Toledo war (a conflict between the states of Ohio and Michigan in the early 1800s) as well as some other more mundane activism. I have already been in communication with @ND - Ryan OH about these plans.
8. We want to work with the Indiana cluster to build them up into a network or close to it by the end of 2022.

More personal improvement related goals:
1. By the spring of 2022 we want all members (with one exception due to health complications) of the Michigan cluster to be able to complete or almost complete the network fitness standards.
There are some other goals for some of my members, but they are somewhat personal, and I don't see it as necessary to share them.

My personal goals:
1. Lose 20 more pounds by the spring of 2022.
2. Complete the network fitness standards by the spring of 2022.
Really those are the main two as it relates to PF, but I have career related goals which I won't share here.

Ok, so you've been acting ND for a while. Nice. Looks like you have a good lay of the land. Weekly activism is what I decided on as well, although I let the scribe keep up with the record keeping. I started with weekly mumble meetings, but now it's every two weeks, I felt every week was repetitive and unnecessary. When it wasn't as frequent, guys made more of an effort to show up to them. If every week works for you, even better.

Good list of goals! I also started with the goal of 2 banners per month, which was unreasonable at the time, as we had no banner stencils on hand, and had not dropped a banner in months. Now it is feasible. If you guys are already dropping banners sporadically, then good on you it should be easy to stick with 2 per month.
I really like the goals you've decided on, you seem to be very organized and driven. I've got a bit of a handicap being so close to NW1, there's always options to do stuff with them. Your NW seems to have a good foundation, and some nearby NW's to help.

What is the AFA? Also, I'm gonna look into the Toledo War, sounds interesting.

Alan MI @PF-626733

Michigan has never formally been a network, and Thomas, justifiably, wants me to be more fit before we become a network, so I think the bottleneck in becoming one was my fitness rather than the clusters activity level if that makes sense. We've only dropped 4 or 5 banners in 2021, but we finally have two sets of letter stencils now, and we have enough guys to actually make a bunch of them in mass together to drop over time. Before we could only make one every now and then.

The afa is the Asatru Folk Assembly. They're a pro white pagan group. I've become involved with them recently because of irl people that I trust recommending it. Thomas is aware of it.

I see, good job on improving yourself, and keep up with the fitness. You seem very capable, good job on all you've accomplished thus far. 2022 is going to be our year.

Alan MI @PF-626733

Most definitely, the weight loss and general fitness is my main priority. I performed better physically at the national than I did at Philly, Nashville, Chicago (march for life), or Pittsburgh, so I could see the fruit of my labors so to speak and was ecstatic about that. Just gotta keep on trucking.

I'm glad there is someone down there to keep Thomas in line ;)

Nothing like seeing the work you put in at the gym/track pay off. Good deal man. Lol, don't get me started on Big T. Seriously though, Thomas is a different breed. I'm privileged to know him

Alan MI @PF-626733

Same here, its like knowing a historical figure irl.

Btw, I think I failed to properly congratulate you, and I apologize for that. Congratulations man. I know that the network director position of net 2 likely has a higher standard placed on it than the average network directorship, so I'm certain you're more than qualified for the position. I'll be sure to look for you at the next demo and be sure to shake your hand.

Thank you brother, honestly, I never wanted to be ND. I was asked to do so, so I will fulfill the duties it requires. I do not feel qualified, but I think things are going well enough. It'll be great to meet you too.

Alan MI @PF-626733

I've maintained since I joined that if someone in Michigan steps up to the plate and can genuinely lead better than me then I will happily recede into a more regular role. Until that happens, its my duty to lead. I think we have a similar perspective. I'm glad to have men like you with the mindset in leadership

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