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2017-01-12 23:25:11 UTC  

If Hitler wanted to complete his goals, and he DID enlarge his territories quite a bit

2017-01-12 23:25:33 UTC  

Shouldn't he have at first made sure that Nordic race will first prevail in Germany itself ?

2017-01-12 23:29:48 UTC  

The fact that Hitler could not prevail in aerial war in Britain should have given him the clue about how Germany will fare in prolonged technological war

2017-01-12 23:30:26 UTC  

Furthermore, Hitler naively believed he could "strike a deal" with British

2017-01-12 23:30:48 UTC  

Therefore completely missing opportnity to strike British soft underbelly in North Africa and Middle East

2017-01-12 23:33:23 UTC  

In 1939, the year where European world was reaching it's breaking point in terms of it's capability to fend off foreign challenges and internal unrest

2017-01-12 23:34:07 UTC  

Starting another European war on mere *hope* that you will win was extremely flawed reasoning

2017-01-12 23:35:29 UTC  

Especially when Poland, France and Yugoslavia were virtually the only remaining pluralistic societies on the continent itself

2017-01-13 00:04:26 UTC @Slav @TheSlavPill a based slav anon declared war on isis

2017-01-13 00:04:42 UTC  

now they're preparing the memetics

2017-01-13 00:05:43 UTC  

deus vult initiated

2017-01-13 00:12:41 UTC  

started with stefan molymeme, 4chan is given 1 week to taken down ISIS

2017-01-13 00:57:34 UTC  

I mean.. they took down buzzfeed...

2017-01-13 00:57:57 UTC  

Not sure what a bunch of shitposters will actually do to Isis XD

2017-01-13 01:11:15 UTC  

4chan overrates itself

2017-01-13 01:37:34 UTC  

Oh thank da Lord

2017-01-13 01:37:38 UTC  

I just got on gab

2017-01-13 03:32:03 UTC  

@St. Frexit Hey San

2017-01-13 04:51:13 UTC  

It depends if Kek is on our side if he is then 4chan can take down ISIS

2017-01-13 05:18:18 UTC  


2017-01-13 10:10:30 UTC  

I will post shit at isis's front door.

2017-01-13 10:10:32 UTC  

set fire.

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2017-01-13 10:10:59 UTC  

did this discord die?

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2017-01-13 14:03:14 UTC  

is gab down for any of yous?

2017-01-13 14:03:29 UTC  


2017-01-13 14:03:49 UTC  

now its back

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2017-01-13 14:14:17 UTC  

It's up on my end.

2017-01-13 15:21:48 UTC  

I think I love pol now

2017-01-13 15:37:41 UTC  

A friend of mine just told me he is having his 2nd child. I congratulated him, and reiterated the need to make many more white babies for the future race war. Forgot he wasn't that red-pilled, played it off as a half-joke. Will try to red-pill him more.

2017-01-13 15:59:18 UTC  

Better sooner rather than later. But it's your call.

2017-01-13 16:29:41 UTC  

Well we can't really start a race war now. Most white people can't even fight for their own interests

2017-01-13 17:39:52 UTC  

Hello everyone

2017-01-13 17:40:19 UTC  

As mentioned in the other channel, the official hangout will be *next* Sunday (the 22nd)