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It's spreading

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thats because there was a campaign telling people to report anything and everything... then rape reports "went up" (surprise) .. and this rise was used by the media (and politicians)

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UK's civil services gimme the spook

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the complete lack of efficiency and seeming desire to do anything but their job then make a job of creating excuses about it

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@wacka the definition of rape is being evolved by sjws and rape can only be done by cis men

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But thats the eus fault

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According to (((them)))

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I swear to god.

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These people would put their balls on the table and smash it with a hammer if it made Trump look bad.

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They already shot themselves.

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There's a new DC arc starting that I've got curious

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```The story centers around a place called Sanctuary, a mental health treatment center where heroes (and villains) in the DCU can heal from traumatic experiences.

As the story begins, there’s a mass shooting at Sanctuary and around a dozen heroes are killed by an unknown assailant. A murder investigation takes place as characters process the tragedy.```

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```King has described a treatment that uses Kryptonian technology combined with Amazonian mysticism (while Bruce Wayne provided the funding, of course).

Patients wear gold masks, keeping their identities secure, and white robes that have been featured on the covers for Heroes in Crisis. They have access to hologram suites that help them create environments and holographic people that help them work through issues.

At the end of the treatment, patients remove their masks and go through a confession process that’s meant to help them use their pain as a strength.

(During the event, several DC books will actually feature one-page confessions of well-known heroes to emphasize that even the strongest people sometimes have mental health struggles.)

Graduates of the Sanctuary treatment receive pins that have a Superman-type β€œS” logo (for β€œSanctuary”). The pin also features three hands that symbolize the Trinity and the friendship of the superhero community. (These pins will also show up in other books, on various characters.)```

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```Many heroes and villains of the DCU are either currently at Sanctuary or have visited in the past, according to King. Confirmed patients at Sanctuary during the events of Heroes in Crisis are Booster Gold, Wally West/The Flash, Roy Harper/Arsenal, and Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn is also a patient (or perhaps visiting her friend Ivy) when Heroes in Crisis takes place.

The Heroes in Crisis #1 cover also implied that some long-unseen characters, like Commander Steel, Power Girl, and Captain Atom are involved with Sanctuary somehow, maybe as patients or maybe as friends or family of patients. And King has mentioned Firestorm and Mr. Miracle as other probable patients.

Some of the trauma experienced by current patients was shown in recent stories. For example, Booster Gold went through a time travel mission in Batman that left him scarred, and in The Flash Wally West has been remembering another timeline where he had relationships with a wife and children that no longer exist```

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I like this realistic take

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I like this realistic take

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no no

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Potato Peeler.

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is the realistic take

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@R9b1t my friend did improvement of that ill ask him to grab it and throw it back atcha

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found it

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PC is still superior.

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still a good thing

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What's with the big tech voter push? Everywhere I go even Snapchat is telling me to register, I am registered but this seems..... odd

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@Grenade123 Google, youtube, and Snapchat all had push notifications about registering to vote. Like big tech wants to know my party affiliations?

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higher turnout generally means democrats win.

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Dogmatic insistence on meritocracy

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Is this CoC shite basically the entire female contribution to Linux kernel development?

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No, this is the bad coders entire contribution.

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