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2020-01-21 02:41:50 UTC  

Trying to make us seem beta or small by attacking what's traditionally masculine traits like a decent dick and a relationship?

2020-01-21 02:41:56 UTC  

Because their Liberal Arts Degree on Gender Studies means they have a higher level of intelligence and can *clearly* see that guns and benis are related.

2020-01-21 02:42:12 UTC  

Like "" *it's just a big cock - oBvIoUsLy!* ""

2020-01-21 02:42:57 UTC  

See - the Feminine is Humanity

But ""guy stuff"" is obviously strictly only and in every way shape or form some translation of ""fucking or pissing""

2020-01-21 02:43:19 UTC  

I have a gun because my dick is too small to properly engage a target past arms distance

2020-01-21 02:44:24 UTC  


2020-01-21 04:04:53 UTC  

Surface level Freudian psychology, but badly understood

2020-01-21 04:06:35 UTC  

Like, Freud said that those who have a frar of weapons are sexually impotent. Like i got no doubt the dude running the barret is packing at least a 9er

2020-01-24 22:59:16 UTC  

Jerking off my clit sized dick has inspired me in the realm of target acquisition. reconnaissance? I'm your man...

2020-01-28 06:38:10 UTC  

So uhhhhh

2020-01-28 06:38:29 UTC  

What do you think about china possibly starting the zombie plague

2020-01-28 06:38:53 UTC  

They were starting to fight back and now there's a corona virus

2020-01-28 06:39:42 UTC  

see <#620723755743707136>

2020-02-05 04:58:03 UTC  

Skyy or smirnoff?

2020-02-05 04:59:52 UTC  


But I think Skyy has a really cool bottle ( full ghey )

2020-02-12 03:47:51 UTC  


2020-02-12 05:00:17 UTC  

1. Illegitimate state
2. Terrorist nation
3. Parades themselves sound as "Humanitarian" while running one of the biggest prisons, Gaza, worldwide.
4. "Greatest allies": Has repeatedly killed American soldiers.
5. Keeps the entire middle east destabilized through constant bombing and insurgent actions.

2020-02-12 05:10:10 UTC  

USS Liberty

2020-02-12 05:10:45 UTC  

We should have the right to bomb them til there's nothing left

2020-02-12 05:14:20 UTC  


2020-02-12 06:22:54 UTC  

yeah team

2020-02-15 16:11:58 UTC  

Nick Fuentes gets banned permanently from youtube.

2020-02-15 19:27:30 UTC  

lol duded a cuck anyway

2020-02-15 19:48:22 UTC  

@Trash Squid while I dont agree with all his views, he did get together young men to ask these fake conservatives hard questions about their loyalties.

2020-02-15 19:48:54 UTC  

Especially to big business, isreal, etc

2020-02-15 20:23:19 UTC  

he also hates pagans

2020-02-15 20:23:54 UTC  

and told the young men not to trust them or alley with them even if they are conservatives

2020-02-15 20:24:47 UTC  

Fuck that noise.

2020-02-15 20:28:24 UTC  

anyone willing to create that kind of division is just another obstacle for true liberty

2020-02-15 20:28:54 UTC  


2020-02-16 00:36:19 UTC  

@Trash Squid I understand that position, but I'm not going to discount some of his points because of some of his beliefs in that regard. But I can agree to the divisiveness. He is correct going after dual citizen congressmen, fake conservatives, war hawks, and of course communists.

2020-02-16 01:28:19 UTC  

Dividing the movement based on spiritual beliefs isnt helpful

2020-02-16 02:00:31 UTC  


2020-02-16 02:00:49 UTC  

But I just wanna be able to dance around my fire pit naked

2020-02-16 02:02:24 UTC  

In all seriousness, they're all playing into the hands of the big bad. Everyone is wanting to rip on one another instead of standing together regardless of views and faith.

2020-02-16 02:03:18 UTC  

It's getting old quick, example, the fudds calling us a danger to liberty.

2020-02-16 02:03:37 UTC  

Us being compared to antifa or the right

2020-02-16 02:04:57 UTC  

Regardless of your faith, provided it doesn't teach wholesale slaughter or raping of children, I ain't got an issue. Then you have cucks like nick that shits on everyone non Christian.