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If you were to change the national anthem, what song would you replace it with?

Maple leaf forever lmfao

You do an exceptional job

I legite thought it was funny tho

Thats me tho

East coast? Im middeastish


Southern Southern indiana

Where at?

Oh shit. Im on the opposite side of the corn and meth state

Im like right in the tip in a bum fuk shitty called Princeton

Im 15 minutes away from Illinois lmao

Ik literally nothing about that state lol

I really used to love this country. Its kinda pushing it

Im convinced war is the only solution at this point

What? I was talking about getting oil

Skin color

How hard would it be to start a wolf pack and become the alpha?


We're not feds

Can you speak into this mic a little clearer tho hahahahaha

Loads cap gun with Russian roulette inteny


Good chance im not gonna survive long

What you're saying is everyone here has a peebob?

Crucify me tho


Dude or chick?

Shit bro, you got extra? I used my last ones at that bbq

Shit. Gonna have to shoit a dog to boost morale

It goes back to japan, or it gets the nuke agai

Lets skin the furries


We don need em villagers

One wooden ho for two emeralds?

We gotta nuke the weebs again

Guinness good af

Hey, fellow criminals, got any dogs around?

Im watching how cigarettes are made

Keep ya head up, bro. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here man

Im too far inland to get yeeted ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Imma skate to the coast and air board

Turbo boost when i fart

I'll raid the makeup stores just to make skin colored minions

Bro, steal crocs

Istg i saw a video for steel toe crocs last night

Rob the D I C K

Hol up

The only girl i talk to lives in kentucky

I talk to like three people dude

Oh thank God

Loneliness is big gey

Southerners are like literally anti gay

Thats a pressur cooker homie

Commies don't taste good. Malnutrition taints the meat

Awwwwww, like an (((oven)))

Wolf pack hoo rah

I wat ged one dragon ball z movie as a kid. It was lit.

Come stay with me. You can sit in my room, but you gotta be quiet so my mom doesn't hear

Furries make great vlad-esque lawn decorations

My mom doesn't buy tendies ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Gibs me dat okers

Sauerkraut is horeid


I too hate commie lovers

That sounds fun af tbh

My body count

Im probably going to be crucified for this, but im a poor and need a rather decent rifle for cheap. Can you help me out?

I actually like the idea of making my own.

@jaguarknight i get a lot of shit for it lmao

What is the best route to go about building one without getting my foggo shot

That brings warmth to my soul

If i had tools, id mill my own. Unfortunately, id fuck that shit up bad with what i have

Don worry about now, worry about down da road

Anyone have some good links to these?

It'd be muuuuch appropriated


Where would i find a mosin? The local gun stores don't have em

I've never seen camo

I hate me too

I don't want to sound gay, but the small timw I've been here, I've come to the conclusion that this group will probably keep me safe from myself until at least the big moo

Oh thank gof

What a god tier place to be

I may be straight, but you've caught my attention

Smol gey

Why my pp hard

I was gonna compete, but I've already lost

Whats this bullshit about me being wrath?

Talk shit, get a massive fucking flood

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